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Tanjung Hitam

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A tropical, somewhat Indonesian city with distinctive black beaches and more!

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Kota Baru, part 1

I have noticed I occasionally typed in Tanjung Perak instead of Tanjung Hitam, sorry.... :D.

Fun fact: Tanjung Perak is the name of my city's port.


Kota Baru is a satellite new town located east of Tanjung Hitam, with a population of 4.500. Originally a small village named Desa Leko, the need for more housing and the development of industry to the east led to the development of Kota Baru. Composed of several clusters developed by different companies, it also contains a commercial strip, some offices, as well a Carrefour supermarket.


The original village. A part of the village has been turned into office area.

Part 1, we'll start off with clusters.


Puri Amalia Indah. This was the first cluster to be developed. Initially sold as cheap, and small land, the company that built the cluster started to build homes that are still standing, though some have been renovated.


Suryajaya Residence. The second cluster to be built, a small commercial district was built to the south as a part of the cluster.


Virginia Cluster, the third and most expensive cluster to be built. The large mansion is the home of a rich businessman who bought 4 houses and demolished them so he can build the mansion. Named as such due to the homes being styled after American homes.


Griya Mentari, the latest cluster to be built(as of this update). Also pictured, to the bottom of the image is the municipal offices of Kota Baru and a part of the commercial strip.


The commercial strip, the high school, the medical clinic(puskesmas), and the elementary school. The elementary school is a remnant from the village of Desa Leko.


Hope to see you next update!


User Felano suggested I should try my hand at Photoshop(I use GIMP). I usually use photoshop to create and modify textures for BATting, but I'll give it a try. Also, since it's wet season here, maybe I should go for a wet season theme.

Felano: LANJUTKAN!!!!!!

So here we go.....


Heavy rain pouring in on oil palm plantations and rice fields north of Tanjung Hitam.


Always relevant


The rainforest is called a rainforest for a reason.


Even the university bows down to the wrath of the rainy season.


So long and see you next update!


So for this update, we'll work our way from the northern tip of the city and work our way south where we meet up with suburbs split by the authoritive border between Tanjung Perak Utara and Tanjung Perak Selatan.


Huston: Those are conventional ACB terminals there that I added in some AC team planes, honestly I don't see how is it interesting. The shape? The size? The planes I use? That fuel tanks?


utara = north

selatan = south


The university(Universitas Tanjung Perak) and the neighborhood of Dago. It is bounded by farms and plantations to the north and Ministry of Forestry owned forests to the east and west sides, due to the steep and hilly terrain. Most of the area used to be rice paddies, as a matter of fact, to the southeast you can spot a rice paddy.


*Relevant southern part of Dago


Travelling further south along the hill leads you to Lembah Labu. Nothing really interesting, other than the near-constant(but minor) flooding of the area around the local school during wet season, prompting traffic jams and so on.


Travelling east, we see the northernmost point of Lebak conjoin with the southern parts of Keputih, Taman Sacharosa, western parts of Airlangga and the eastern parts of Lembah Labu. You know where Lebak is, due to the higher wealth houses in it.


*Also a part of Lebak.


A part of the CBD and the rich neighborhood of Sentosa. Also contains State High School 2 Tanjung Perak and At-Taqwa Mosque. The mosque's location is quite ironic, as the neighborhood is mostly Christian Chinese. When it was built the area was mosly rural farmland, now that the new city attracted rich people who happened to be Chinese.


Seperated from the downtown by an avenue is the low-wealth suburb of Airlangga. Nothing intresting to mention here.


The downtown. MASSIVE thanks to Gn_Leugim for adding something else to the 250 job CO$$$ Euro tileset category. To the right of the picture is Rumah Sakit Tanjung Perak, a semi-teaching hospital used by Universitas Tanjung Perak medical students.


Kampung Melayu to the north and parts of Mentari to the south, also pictured, the bridge leading to industries in the east bank and the airport.


Last but not least, here's the northern section of Mentari. Also contains a farming market for all that freshness you only get by having your maid do the shopping for you. Speaking of rich people...... well let's just finish it here.


Well, that's all for now, comments BELOW!


I found the SCAG pack but haven't downloaded the lot editor, so only Lion air for now ;)

Here's what it looks like now;



Lion Air flight JT874 from Jakarta and flight JT349 to Medan are parked at the gates, the flight from Jakarta has just arrived after a 30 min due to flooding in Jakarta. Picture is taken around 12:03 pm midday, where the gate slots are cheaper due to a higher demand for nighttime and morning flights.


Been quite a long time since last update but I'll give this CJ an update so 'there's something'

Let's start with Tanjung Perak Airport.


Garuda Indonesia: Jakarta, Surabaya

Lion Air: Medan, Palembang, Jakarta, Surabaya

Lion Air (operated by Wings Air): Pekanbaru, Padang

Nusantara Buana Air: Medan

*airlines not depicted in pictures, as nobody has made a BAT of them airlines and SCAG doesn't allow me to use their models and textures so I can re-skin them, 3dsMAX won't install in my machine anyway(?)


*The small 4-gate terminal is sufficient enough for the 12 flights heading out of Tanjung Perak daily, there's still enough space in case the airport needs expansion.


The northern...


and southern ends of the runway are lined by an oil palm plantation the city leases to Sinarmas Group(owned by Asia Pulp & paper)


The area containing a high volume of distillation tanks is owned by Sinarmas for refining palm oil. Also pictured: PLTG Kali Simanjuntak.


That's all for now, for good measure I see your teasers, now I raise you mine!



As requested by Mastof...


2 of the 3 oil rigs located around 20 km off the western coast of Tanjung Perak. Oil here is shipped to the Pulau Bulus oil refinery, where it is refined and processed into subsidised 88 octane fuel and subsidised LPG for use in Sumatra, though some are exported to Java during times of need.


Mods used:

Fukuda Chapapotex oil rig

PEG Hawaiian Holiday water mod


We'll start off with Pulau Bulus, located a bridge away from downtown(Pusat) Tanjung Perak.


Home to some manufacturing industries and PLTU Tanjung Perak(not pictured). Also home to 1.400 middle class people who call this island home. Located just a bridge away from Tanjung Perak, the island has its own elementary school, but teenagers in junior high and high school need to travel to Tanjung Perak to go to one of the two high schools avaluable.

Moving on to the next island....


The factories of PT Filma, producing cooking oil and shortening from oil palms and low-grade coconuts grown around the region.


The island is also home to the city's local football club, PSBT Tanjung Perak. It's also home to a rice packing factory, a fertiliser factory as well as....




Yep, that's all for now!

Mods used: RNP Oil Refineries

NBVC Oil Port


Tired of skyscrapers and boring suburbs? Tired of uninspiring cornfields? Want something quintessentially tropical? Then this might be the update for you!

This is the village itself. A lot of the people here aren't farmers, they either find jobs in local shops or the factories(we'll cover that later). The village has a population of around 2.000 people.


The village itself.


A small community just south of the village and the rice fields surrounding it. Quite a departure from the usual cornfields and wheat-fields you commonly find in CJ's.


Coconut plantations line the coast west of Desa Manunggal. Most of the coconuts here are processed coconut oil, while the ones deemed of better quality are either exported fresh or sold in local markets.


Oil palm plantations mingle with coconuts. The oil palm kernels are processed in a factory located in an island just north of Desa Manunggal(we'll get to that later) and shipped as bulk freight to Jakarta where it will be exported to other countries.

That's all for now!


Mods used:

GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Trees mod

MAS71 Rice Fields



Adjiebroto: Thanks, but



Let me just introduce the neighborhoods and suburbs of Tanjung Hitam Selatan(South Tanjung Hitam). Tanjung Hitam is divided into two main administrative areas(Selatan/South and Utara/North) on different city tiles.


This is Lebak Selatan, an upper-middle class area situated just north of the ever growing CBD. It features Taman Lebak, one of the few parks available in Tanjung Hitam Selatan. Its home to business owners, high level managers as well as doctors.


This is the southern part Mentari. Situated northeast of the CBD, the areas closest to the CBD is high wealth, though the neighborhood overall is mostly lower-middle class.


This is Bukit Halim(Halim Hill), aptly named in relation with the neighbourhood situated on a hill just west of Lebak. It is home to Radio Republik Indonesia(RRI) and Radio Seputar Indonesia(Sindo Radio), which share the same beacon tower, as well as Rumah Sakit Umum Lebak. It is a mixed neighborhood, as it has a little bit of everything in it.


Going out further west, we find the sea, mangroves and Krembangan. Nothing really intresting about this area other than the area being a mostly working class and lower-middle class area.



This is Gading. A generic, non-descript dense lower-middle class suburb with some pockets of wealth, it is home to industrial workers, people working office jobs and so on.


Also, here's a teaser of what's to come!



Raynev1: Thanks!

16minuteman: I used black beaches as the soil in mangroves are black.



So, let's just start with a small introduction. No this, no that, no country bla bla bla bla bla,......, because I like keeping things simple.

Starting off with simple facts...

Location(red arrow):


Main Industries: Crude oil port, oil palm, food, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, logging.

Population(as of 28/11/2012): 49.039

From here I'll start with the up-and-coming CBD(black beach at the bottom of the picture).


Mods that I am using in this CJ:

SMP Black Sand Beach Mod

PEG Hawaiian Holiday water mod

GDV Mayor Mode Trees Mod

Extra Cheats.dll

Heblem Yucatan Tree Mod(uses jeronij Trees vol 02)

Most of the CBD is plopped but no demand mods used so yeah....


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