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About this City Journal

Discontinued! --- Entirely new CJ coming soon!

Entries in this City Journal


Sad news..

Well to tell you an accouncement, I've decided to discontinue Cities United since it's been a bit repititive with all of the different building styles and other things that i don't want to mention.  Well, I thank all of you for those comments and viewers out there from those 53 updates in total.  But now, I'm interested in other styles and stick to one theme only without shifting one place to another.

But, the good news is that I'm creating a new CJ in the near future.


Mini Update 1!

Well due to the fact I did take some pictures recently, most of them looked like that they make acceptable shots to even host it here.  So instead of going back to SimCity4.  I decided to create a mini update which will give you an idea where I'm currently at.  Currently, I'll need time to finish "Talcoma" or a large island separated from the main land to be fully populated for my next huge update.  So keep an eye for the next update.2.gif

Here's a few teasers....

Talcoma - Conjuction to Hudsion south



Husdion North


Sorry for the mini update.  But I'm rather running out of time. 3.gif2.gif


Well this was originally for a competition held in SC4devotion.  So I decided, why not post some pictures here instead?  Well, there you have it, so enjoy the pictures as it will speak of themselves.  For those who viewed Volume 1, this is the very first time I've shown raw nature before.









Don't forget to a leave comment or two!

Well here's the new update.  But this time, I done something special to the pictures which gives it most out of it.  Anyways, it would be helpful if any knows how to do animations since I can give more than just pictures.  I've tried Windows Movie Maker but too lazy too make a YouTube account.


Smart and Mini car dealer combined together. 


Arshsm's regional hospital is the finest in healthcare in Arsham.


Also, did I mention that Arsham has a parliament?


Some random night shot of Central Arsham.


Park Inn of Arsham.


And there's has to be shot of a train passing by, right?


 Don't forget to leave a comment or two!

(Edited for spelling mistakes.)


Cast your votes 1!

Well, I'm almost finished with the Central European region.  Since I really don't know what to do next.  What should I do?  The options are listed below.

A.  Expand the Central European region.

B.  Mexico

C.  Old West

D.  Return to the Middle East

E.  Model some buildings to go with ____ theme city.

F.  Use the Lot Editor to create more varations of a building.

G. Whatever region that I didn't mention expect Mars.


This is used for the creation of more updates.  This is just temporary and will be delete once one of the options listed above has enough votes.  Maybe about ten (10) vote would do.


Welcome to South Arsham!  Mainly, this part of Arsham has mostly a German influence due to 16th century colonization.  So don't be too surprised if most citizens around here speak German (and English for sure!19.gif).

Riding along the rails..



Downtown South Arsham....




Crossroads to a nearby "checkpoint".


The "checkpoint" usually is a very small commerical aera that sells food and drinks.  Sometimes a hotel might be around checkpoints, but that's a bit uncommon.


A bridge leading to uncharted land.


Don't forget to leave a comment or two while leaving!

You're now able to rate!


Well, for those who like Amsterdam and a twist of Polish flavor.  You'll love this for sure.  Mainly, the city planning came from when I was visiting to another country and had to go to Ukraine for a stop.  And when I was just about to land, the scenery of pleasant and very fresh as I never felt before or seen. Anyways,, here's:


The home of the fertile land

and the,

new beginnings.

Welcome to Arsham!


The Old Ye Inn and Pub is one of the first points of interests when Arsham was officially founded.


Just some medium-sized factories on the outskirts of Arsham.


Just a little farming village located in the outskirts of Arsham.


Last but not least, an old picture of the Arsham Local Ranch in WW2 and still standing amazingly.


Don't forget to leave a comment or two while you're leaving!


Well I decided to take another shot at the grime European style.  But this time,  most are the buildings are from either Germany or Poland.  Most likely, its Poland which you'll get that feel instead.

Welcome to Prinkate!

The middle class and lower class together.

A loose

communist sector of main Prinkate.

The CBD separating from the residential aera.


The Communist Palace of Prinkate


The tower of Prinkate is the first skyscraper of Prinkate.  It mainly serves residential uses.


 Numerous of Wall to Walls (W2W) which are normally found around here.


The right: The Tower of Prinkate

The Middle: Prinkate Cathedral

The left:

The Communist Palace of Prinkate


Just a normal day in Prinkate, noisy but productive.


Join us next time in Prinkate! Don't forget to post a comment while leaving!

I finally managed to get an update going, so enjoy the update and please comment on the "city's guest book" while you're about to leave Ahu Dust.

Welcome to Ahu Dust!

The home of the oasis and the wealthy!

Welcome to Ahu Dust! I'll be your tour guide for the time being and don't fall asleep!

You're just at central business district.  All people go here for shopping or working overnight in the offices.


Another shot of the C.B.D.



The small-sized mansions are usually common in Ahu Dust.


Another close-up of the C.B.D.


Warehouses and some other factories.


Well that's all for today! Come back soon and visit more places with us!



Volume 2 created!

Hello everyone! I've just created Volume II for Cities United.  That's where all the new updates will be, see you there!

I might add some updates to Volume 1 if demand is high enough.



Cities United Volume II

For those who doesn't know what Cities United is.  Its a journal which has major cities are incorporated into regions such as Dubai, New York City, Paris, Russia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.

The regions are just like countries, territories, or whatever you might call it. So far, this City Journal has the following:




Hong Kong


Currently In Use



America / Northeastern





Future Inspirations


Sweden / Netherlands

Great Britain

Spain / Mexico

Old American West


Really, there is no need for a flag unless when a new region is introduced or hasn't been implement yet.  And the flags will either be real world flags or made-up flags in some cases.  Sometimes I might include real world history events or made-up events just so a chain-event will happen.

Since I don't usually update that much anymore due to extra activities, I usually update or create an entry in about a week or whenever possible.

In conclusion, this introduction gives you an idea on how things are going to work.



Quality of the pictures isn't as good as it always was. 

This is a "take it or leave it".

Welcome to Kuwait East!

Kuwait East is still part of main Kuwait, just the city is too big due to rapid expandsion.

Thus, more parcels or sections of land was used.

Stats of Kuwait:

Population:  About 700,000 and growing

Main export:  Oil

Main import:  Paper products / Wood

President:  Al Goban Sakab

Independence from Qajar:  1794 - 1899

Independence from Great Britian:  1947 (Take over from Britian was only about 120 years due to rebellions and overpower agianst Bristish troops.)

Mainly influenced:  Abarbic culture / Indian

Reglions:  59% Muslim, 40% Indian, 6% Chistain,  4.5% Jewish, 0.5% Other

Country:  Al Qutar, Kuwait

Delvopement:  Coastal,  Flat Land


The pictures will speak for themselves.  No need for a description really.








All of Regions....

For those who like looking at regions, this update you would like the most.

(Note: All these regions are unfinished.  Although terraforming is complete, pretend that its undisscovered land.)



Middle Eastern




I'm afriad that's all I have since of the unstillation on late August.  Other than that, I would I had more regions for sure.


Well, have you ever downloaded that demo called Cityscape 1.7 and its price is over 19,000 USD? Well this program is THE best city building experience you can possibley obtain. For example, you're able to adjust and create roads to your exact requests and everything, and you can import / export buildings into this program which would be called, custom content. Since this is a demo and not the real thing, I was only contained in a 1km by 1km building space, and was slashed out of airports, seaports, buildings, etc.  But this little size city took me over 3 hours just to complete and you can't save. 8.gif

(NOTE: This is a demo, NOT a reference of Cities XL's Planet Offer!)

Enjoy them!

A close up of a car in a low rise downtown.


Just at a major road intersection.  If you look closely, you can see the street name and the car's make.


In this photoshopped version, its about to rain.


At the highrise hotel / office building. As you can see, that cul-de-sac is included in the game, so I didn't need to download any other things such as NAM and what not.


Bunch of neon and clouds here....


And same thing here, BUT.... What do you see and what does it look like. To me, it looks like HK for some reason.

(NOTE: If you noticed the water refections, I didn't have to photoshop that either. Its a graphical toned-down of Cities-XL, but then agian, this is a REAL simulator of real life cities.)2.gif


What do you think?

And I'll be using this program to create more towns and cities out of the demo. And you can keep the demo and it doesn't expire!


Driftmaster07: Well here's the new update2.gif. Also, I check your teaser, waiting for more.


Welcome back to Kuwait! And this time, I've finally completed this city with extra features to show you!

Kuwait 2

Due to the large space of this vast desert. The government decided to zone and build more housing projects next to the airport. But don't worry about people going through the airport without paying. There's always the militry on patrol around the airport the limit off unpaying customers.


For those who remember this port.  I've added an inner conner instead of that blank desert ruining the port's works. As you can see, more warehouses have been added to reduce stress and time to point A to point B.


Remember the CBD? Well its bigger and better than before with more towers and tall apartments.


While you were gone. The government decided to add a marnia hotel along the banks of the shore.


The transportation department also added an intercity - highway. This should reduce traffic and mass-transit lines just enough so it won't overcrowd over 101%.



As of August 20, 2003


As of July 29, 2010



Just no descriptions and all that.... Just all pics and maybe a short sentence or two.

Welcome to Kuwait!

You're now entering the Middle East and here's another take at it.

Runway for the airport:


The seaport and maybe the second one built..


The oil refinery and one the many ones around the region.


A small residential aera next to the gleaming airport.


Above is international gates. Below is national and regional flights.


And the monmental skyline in night-time. Bunch of different colors..


And of course... There's always there's going to a ghetto of some sort. But at-least this ghetto looks urban to match everything else.


And the roadtop termial...



Romesa / New Euro 2

Well just for those people who wanted a more of a Roman/ Italian look. Here's your moment, but I was generous and added farms.

Please keep in mind I'll do descriptions when needed. So bare with me. Also, this is a pretty small update but normal for me. Just keeps expectations up a bit.


Our rural village and farms.


Transition of farms to city center.



The chatheral of Romesa. Built by the first settlers in 1527, mainly this chatheral was for praying and such. But later on, it was used as soup kicthens for the poor or homeless citizens.


A difference between the two roads. Notice the curveness of the top picture compared to the bottom picture.


Now lets get things more interesting here. Here's a voting for you (citizens of Romesa) that will predict the future of Romesa. Here's the options below.

A. More buildings, less farms!

B. More farms!

C. Equal amount of growth.

D. What do you suggest?

E. Keep it! More natural growth!


 Well I'm back from a week of school. And now its time to show my lastest project....

Paris and Italy!

To start things off. Lets start things off.  For now, I really don't feel like doing large discriptions as I usually do. So bare with me.







Rome, Italy




Thanks for those comments people!


Well I'll be doing Koi Shu for a long time now. So enjoy this twist of an update. 2.gif

(Warning. This is a pretty small update in gerneral. So bare with me with this. Don't worry. Koi Shu is the long city updates I've ever done in all of my CJ experiences.)

Well You've been waiting a long time for the constuction workers to complete the heli-pad. After a days. You came to the bare minimal of a heli-pad.


Soon the heli-pad was a bit ghetto and small for the city's needs. Therefore, you have upgraded the exisiting heli-pad to serve more helicopters, sort of.


After a few days laters. Hotel "Housing" started to devloped around the new helipad. To at-least give vistors a stay. Well until one comes, but for now, those customers are boaters or fishers lost.

(Sorry! I forgot to edit this pic! Darn myself! lol)


You were very VERY lucky that the mayor of Kwollon decided to bail out Koi Shu. Thus, with that money the mayor gave you was enough to build your first mid-rise commerical disrict!


It gets more juicy here, but this is something you don't want to read.

Dear Mayor of Koi Shu,

      It's been at least four years that you didn't return the government of Kwollon money back. Therefore, this is resulted a pillage of your town's money. I mean all of it since you didn't meet the terms of our deal. I hope you're in somewhere safe. This pillage isn't like those euro pirates or similar to it. This is modern times and you're going to pay the price for it.


Mayor of Kwollon

Crunch Time

You're pretty much ******-up now. You probely figured that the people who going to rob your town's money. Has machine guns and rockets. So you hope they don't kill you alive. You hide in your house basement and looked for a hiding spot where no-one will ever look. The lumpy sofa that seems that no-one will ever look. You heard some military boats docked on the town's shore. The squad lit the citizens boats on fire for no return to Kwollon or anywhere else. After that, the squad rushed towards the town's contential bank and shanghaied the bank and kill everyone who was a witness of some sort. More squads come to Koi Shu and this time. They lit houses on fire, blew them up as if you puched a tower of blocks. Then the last mintue, all the squads rushed towards to your house and searched everywhere to find you and kill you. The last search check, one of the officers tumbled down to the sercet basement where you were hiding in that lumpy sofa. All of the personel rushed towards the basement and serached everywhere. And one officer checked that lumpy sofa. And before you knew it, you're dead in a split second. All of the officers pulled out their Desert Eagles and shot you all at once. And Koi Shu is now officaly dead.


The end of Koi Shu is just beginning.

Well that was a good story for you. That was the fake or story version. You see, my game crashed before I was about to save so much work done. Luckly, I did manged to get all those pictures so they can be edited and ready to go. Foruntely, I still had Koi Shu before that park was created. I worked a few things up and here's a teaser of the new Koi Shu.


Thanks for all those wonderful comments of the current comments and possibley future comments. Enjoy! And don't forget to stop by here to comment or at least view.

On other news. This CJ has about 12,000 views! Thanks for those views people! I really hope this becomes one of those top CJs in the web.


Continuing from the first part....


Koi Shu was same as always. A rapidly expanding village that just turned into a town recently. A population of 1,200 people and growing accroding to records. A city hall is soon to be constucted as soon it pass the test.

(Sorry about the zots, arg!)


After a few months later. You decided that for a better future. You contracted some constuction working to build a school and a cinic for the town's needs.


(Fast fowarding time to a more recent one......)

You started to look around the town. And just observing the sites and everything, you spotted some signs of modernisim in Koi Shu.

(After a few pics later. You'l see.)


Years later. Expandsion is growing rapidly in Koi Shu. Since the town's spending is more than income. As you act quickly, you're going to regret this, but you decided to build a heli-pad. Hoping to find someone to bail-out Koi Shu or at-least help them in these times.


This is the current and final plans for the heli-pad along with house-like motels. This plan better work for you or else you're going have to do something that you'll never ever want to do. Cut on fundings and rasie taxes.


Please leave a comment or two while you visit.


Let's rewind things here a bit to a more historical style. 

(This is all colored so don't worry.)

Koi Shu


This village was started by a group of individuals who wanted a better place to live where its more quiet and peaceful. These people sailed through the rough rivers of Qui Wollon and overcomed tough terrains. But now they made it through and at-least they brought some basic tools and supplies to start their village.


Soon after a hard working but rewarding day for those settlers. They started to chop down several amount of trees in order for them to start building their homes. Currently their homes is those boats.


After a long week of chopping trees and gathering enough material to start building their first road. Its somewhat unappeling but it will do for now. And yes they still live in their boats.


After that road was completed, they used those logs they chopped from the trees and some other laying around and built their first village. Enough for people to not complain about certain issues.


Soon after, those settlers started mailing letters to the citizens of Kwollon to start living in the newly established village. This resulted to more boats coming into the new village. Usually couples or even families moved in and pitched in helping out the village to succed.


Since those boats can't hold everything. They complained that there's no temple in sight and the only temple is in their home! So the newly formed concuil formed by the very first settlers of this village decided to build a temple manily to worship their god(s) and a public social aera for some people.


To be continued! Stay tuned for more!


(Picking up where we left off.)

The whether is the same as yesterday, sunny and bright. But you decided your stay at that hotel is over due to the conditions. And you did get a re-fund for some reason and some extra cash.


You find out that there's more to Kwollon than you thought since you arrived from an Inter-regional bus. So you decided to go south of Kwollon.


But you find that most of it still needs devlopment and such. Anyways, you at-least get a view of something at-least.


But before you want scope the aera out. You recivced a call from your girlfriend / boyfriend (two options if you're a boy / girl. Makes it easier for the reader.) that you need to pick them up the airport.


Your girlfriend / boyfriend plane has landed and now able to exit the plane and pick up their luggage.


Now its night-time and you're now able to check out what's there. You decided to go to the muti-cutural center to learn about music and art.


After that, you decided to tour around the city.




Then you're back at main Kwollon along with your boyfriend / girlfriend and booked a better hotel for a few days.



Well after a few days tweaking and adding the "must-have" downloads for asian cities. I've finally accomplished this!

(The real intro)- Remember a few few months ago that I first started an Asian region as you might call it? Well just from looking it from now, it looks like a repeating jungle of buildings! So from observering all the Far-Eastern CJs this website currently have, I took those ideas and combined them into what you're about to see after this intro.

*Note* Some of the buildings you're going to see is made in the lot editor by me. So don't ask this: "Where did you get that building?" So this will be clearer, I used mainly the HK/Asian BAT's, LBT ,and SOMY's BATs.


Welcome to Kwollon!


Well you must be a tourist, right? Well you must be using those old buses since our transportion department can't afford to replace every bus with newer, fuel effifcent buses.


Going down the highway and listening to your I-pod.


Now you're at our average hotel which is usually a Motel 6. Trashy, very bare entertainment, and when you look at those motel rooms under an UV light, you're bound to discover such "stains" which you don't want to know.


You just picked up your rental car from the regional rental center. You're just touring around and looking at that giant jungle. Good thing you live in the surburbs!


Just a tremdous amount of skycrapers you're just observing.


Now it's night time! Time for you to go to those clubs and start partying your *** off!


Just looking at those trashy apartments at night just makes a perfect place to pull off a murder or two along with those dogs barking so loud that you can't go to sleep until 6 in the morning,


While checking the city for some hot-spots. You came arcoss to a few tall offices that seem to have something in common. Most of the lights are blue.


Just driving along, you find a club and party there til' mightnight.


Before you want to go to that nasty-*** motel. You still want to tour around the city to find something decent.


Sooner or later, you find a bright light at a apartment. You didn't go towards it since you're still alive and not dead. Although you were beaten up by a thug. Nothing seroius of the matter, but just a tad bit injured.


Just your last point of interest worth visiting at night. Which turns out to be a jungle of skycrapers.


Please leave a comment or two.

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