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Short pics and city glimpses of the human world.

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Note: It is what it says. Welcome to the new version of World Alphabet. If you want to see the past two updates to this old CJ, click on the bottom of the post for the previous page. The main concept here now is to show you glimpses of particular areas of a city. It may depict more than one area of a given city, but that depends on what I've got made at the time. Enjoy this refreshed City Journal!



B is for Berlin, Germany


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Willkommen in Deutschland! We're now in the world renowned Berlin, capital city of the Federated Republic of Germany. It's a city that boasts history, elegance and world renowned landmarks, a city in itself which is full of such qualities. In this update, I'm going to take you on a tour to some of Berlin's local landmarks, most of which are of familiar sites to many.




In this image, the prominent Fernsehturm Tower stands as a major landmark in Berlin City. A Television Tower in the approximate center of Berlin, built between 1965 and 1968 by the former German Democratic Republic Administration.

It was built to be a standing symbol of the city of Berlin, and lives to that standard, even as of today. It stands at a height of 365 meters or 1,198 ft, and is Europe's fourth tallest free-standing structure.



The Rotes Rathaus or Red City Hall is Berlin's, as stated, City Hall. It houses the office of the governing mayor of Berlin, as well as the Federal State of Berlin's Senate. The building was built between 1861 and 1869, and the name simply

derived from the structural appearance of the hall.



The Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral is the common substitution for its official name; the Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. It is the parish church of the Evangelical congregation Gemeinde der Oberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin. Though the building itself has never been able to be fully referred to as "Cathedral" as it has never housed a bishop. The building's sections were completed during 1451 (first building), ca. 1345 (2nd bldg), 1750 (3rd bldg), 1905 (4th bldg), 1993 reinaugurated after removal of war destructions.



Berlin's Reichstag is home to Germany's Federal Parliament. It was officially opened 1894, housing the Reichstag until 1933 before it was severly damaged in a fire, allegedly caused by Communist Party affiliates. The structure was even more severely damaged, if not almost destroyed during World War II. Though the building was eventually refurbished by the 1960s onwards, leading to the current architectural design in which is partially modern and of an 19th century sense.


The Berliner Dom from a different angle.


The Zeughaus, Bertelsmann and the Kronprinzenpalais, across the river from the Berliner Dom.


The Fernsehturm by night.


The Rotes Rathaus by night.


The Berliner Dom by night.


Thanks for viewing!

Done in Simcity 4 using Google Maps Data.

Those who really live in Berlin, please give personal criticism

on the pictures and accuracy of the locations!


Oh, and for those wondering why I didn't do the Brandenburg Gate;

it's because I can't log on to the official SC4 website (Sucks a lot) cause I lost

my account for it about 5 years ago. If only there were other places to download it


Watch out for the next update and location!


Okay, so this is a new City Journal to replace Port Hamilton (Lost due to Absent-mindedness)

Hopefully, this is going to be equally good...I'll leave it to all of you to decide!



Abemama Atoll? Where in the world is that?


(Source: Wikipedia)

Abemama (also Abamama, Apamama, Dundas, Hopper Island, Roger Simpson Island or Simpson Island) is an atoll in the central part of the Kiribati (Gilberts) Group located 152 kilometres southeast of Tarawa and just north of the Equator.

- So essentially, you're looking at a place that isn't generally known to the outside world. I'll be doing this quite frequently, to make

things interesting, putting you in places you probably didn't know existed, but I'll be looking into famed cities and capitals, so it

doesn't get too over unfamiliar.

Here, we view a small part of the atoll, in an area within the settlement Binoinano, a part of which is called Kariatebike.

Though the area we're looking to starts with a "B" (or "K"), I was looking more into the general Abemama Atoll area

which is pretty small, and could be mentioned as one entity (disregarding settlements).







Thanks for viewing

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