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Pics of Dianna

Dianna has fallen to the 5th largest city because of New Bearden and South City. The population is 147,000 right now, a little over that.

Here's some pics-


Below, is South Dianna, where the region's best beach can be found, but also all the record labels, and tv and movie studios are located here, close to downtown, the condos, and the beach. It is not in this picture, but there is now 2 bridges that goes over the water and connects Dianna with Jellyville. All the celebs hang out in Dianna all the time. Dianna the entertainment city for the region where the dreams along with the celebrities go.


Northwest section, close to the Ciudad de Los Volcanos border. This is the nicest section in town. There is never an abandoned building here!




I was with the Mayor and Ciudad News KHTV5 this morning, flying over the city of CIudad de Los Volcanos and took a quick pic of the cityblogentry-443749-0-07657900-1350936303_t from the helicopter.

Ciudad de Los Volcanos- 417,014 residents here. Only the 2nd largest city in the Gateland Region.

Here's some pics we took later, I hung out with the crew all afternoon. Considering how big the city is, its definitely a beautiful one-


And a night pic I took-



Move down New Beardon. The new city in the region, South City is now gained the spot as the 3rd largest city in the region right behind the 2 powerhouse cities of Chrisville and Ciudad. Only 15 years of existence and the city has now more than 180,000 people living there. The city is the latest addition to the suburbs of Chrisville and has surprised everybody.

I knew a lot of people would move here but I always thought we would be a small city around 80,000 maybe, we shot past that in a year," syas Mayor Jameson. The city was created when people of South Chrisville wanted more land and decided to push for it and moved south where they had to create their own city and called it South City. The city is known as the only city in Gateland Region's history to never have any factories. It did have some industry in its early years, they were several farms, but once the city started growing more, the farmers left and homes took over. There has never been factories in the city's history at all. The city is based upon commercial and residential, no industry at all in the city.

Lately the city just added a major and minor league baseball team in the city and is voted the most beautiful city, the 2nd fastest growing city (behind New Beardon) and the coolest city to live in. Like they all say, they border the largest city in the region (Chrisville) yet they feel far away. The city of the trees as it is known is definitely one of the most beautiful!

pics coming soon!

The Latest Gateland Rankings-

1. Chrisville- 480,000

2. Ciudad de Los Volcanos- 417,000

3. South City- 180,000

4. New Beardon- 152,000

5. Dianna- 147,000

6. Browntown- 138,000

Filipo and Jellyville will forever be at the bottom around 23 to 28,000 population. Filipo has its history and museum and some high tech jobs while Jellyville just have a jelly factory to supply to the region. Both are also known as retirement cities. They like to be left alone from the other cities of Gateland.


South City

The new suburb south of Chrisville is called South City. People who were living in South Chrisville never have to leave the south because it has become one of the fastest growing sections in the city and everything is there, yet their demand for more land was also growing and so many have moved South and created their own city of South City. They still think of themselves as Chrisvillians, there is no hatred or dislike, they just wanted more land and so created this new city.

South City pop. 72,000 currently and growing. It has zero factories or industry. None at all. The city is based upon commercial and residential. Everyone body there works and live without the worry of factories and crime. There is one small mountain right on the border of Chrisville, and the city has plenty of trees and flat green land. Many people are considering living in South City as it the nicest city in the region that is not currently bothered with horrible traffic and industries.

The city is home to neighborhoods and businesses and also the South City Air Force Base.

"It's peaceful, it's pretty, and its away from the big city. We border the largest city in the region yet it feels like we are so far away," says resident Tomayo.

"We had to take out one loan for this city and had some earlier financial problems but now we are okay and the future looks bright," says Mayor Jameson.


Gateland Cities Rank

1. Chrisville- 480,013

2. Ciudad de Los Volcanos- 417,004

3. New Beardon- 152,000

4. Dianna- 147,300

5. Browntown- 138,010

6. South City- 72,000

6. Jellyville- 28,000

7. Filipo- 23,000

All of these cities, with the exception of Chrisville, are experiencing major growth. Population has slowed a little bit for Chrisville but it is projected to speed up in the next few years. More cities are planned for the region also.

Ciudad has now past the 400,000 mark and is now 417,004 people, still remaining the 2nd largest city in the region yet competing with Chrisville!



Dianna, a city that is now the 4th largest city in the region has now opened up 2 bridges that leads into Jellyville. So now there is an even more connection between the cities as more people are visiting back and forth for entertainment and family reasons. Jellyville is only known for its jelly factory yet they are proud of that. That is why they even asked to be left out of suburbs and metropolitan records. Jellyville and Filipo have always wanted to be left alone. But Jellyville has expressed their happiness and connecting with a major city and its benefits.

A lot of people like it, because it feels like we live far from the major cities because we are so small and the only thing we have to worry about is if someone doesn't make it on time to work, yet now we have a bridge where we can easily drive over and get our errands done and get back home. Before this, we had to drive down into Browntown but this is a lot closer, its right in downtown Jellyville. Plus now we are now closer to the region's best beach since the beach a few yards from the bridge of the Dianna side.

Dianna still remains a hotspot for celebs, dreamers, and tourists alike because of the major TV and Movie studios and record labels and the region's best and cleanest beach, Dianna's Beach and its steadily growing, competing with its twin city of New Beardon. It's a suburb and southern neighbor to Ciudad de Los Volcanos, the 2nd largest city in the region (pop. 371,000) , If you leave Ciudad or you're coming from New Beardon, you can catch the Chrisville Avenue and that will take you into Downtown Dianna and this road will turn into a bridge and you will cross over into the peaceful little town of Jellyville.


New Beardon has now grown to 152,000 residents while

Dianna is at 147,000

Browntown is 138,000 people!

If you are in Chrisville, just head Northeast into the section of Irvine where the Chrisville Mountain State Park can be found. Once you drive on the Browntown Road, it will take you through the famous Mountains of Chrisville and out, into downtown Browntown, voted the cleanest and most beautiful city in the region. Like New Beardon and Dianna, it has noticed a fast population growth. In the early 30's it was stuck around 123,000 residents for years but just within the last few years it has grown at a rapid pace to a little over 138,000 residents.

Browntown was founded by high-tech companies who wanted to the leave the city of Chrisville. Since Chrisville began growing at an unbelieveable rate and most of the Factory Zone was used up, they decided to move north and run their companies without the hassle of the big city. In this new area, north of Chrisville, they started creating nieghborhoods for the workers and temporary homes for investers and company big-wheels, From neighborhoods they created schools, police force, fire fighter force, and before they knew it they finally decided to turn this area into an actual city. Many people started to move in before this event but once it became official and Browntown was an actual city, many more people started to move in and as Chrisville grew more so did Browntown. And then Dianna and New Beardon started growing and more people from around the region began to move to Browntown and now its steadily growing.

The Tourist trap is just one of the latest installments to the city. Some say this city is a bedroom community to Chrisville and for some it is, for others its an independent city that has grown on its own and continue to grow on its on, says mayor Whoyabi. Though the city is considered a suburb of Chrisville, since it is only separated by mountains from Chrisville, the city was considering to be a part of their own Browntown Metro but that is no longer an issue since Jellyville and Filipo have been awarded the honor of having their own metro area. Jellyville is 28,000 people and Filipo is 23,000.

Now the main Chrisville metro holds- Chrisville, Browntown and New Beardon and with these good size cities, the population of the metro area is 773,000 residents.


The Browntown Metro?

The ideas of wanting to separate from the metropolitan areas of Chrisville and Ciudad are growing as the three towns of Browntown, Filipo and Jellyville consider the idea.

"Right now, the Gateland Region is considering the idea of making a 3rd metropolitan area and call it Browntown Metro, these are smaller cities yet with a strong progressive city like Browntown, they should be able to hold their own."

Browntown Metropolitan area would consist simply of Browntown, Jellyville and Filipo and future cities to come.

"The region is definitely going to expand, more cities are in the works right now."

Currently Browntown is part of the Chrisville Metro area and the Chrisville Metropolitan area is voted most progressive and successful than Ciudad de Los Volcanos Metro who only have one other city in its region and thats Dianna.

Due to the national parks, national museums, top notch schools (including the best university in the region), the region's only opera theater, zoo, 3 Towers, high tech companies, a connector city of the whole region, and having a city that is voted the most beautiful cleanest city in the region, the Chrisville Metro has no doubt to be the most progressive metropolitan area right now.

Jellyville and Filipo has voiced their opinion several times about wanting to be taken out of any metro area. So we will see how it goes!

more pics coming soon!


Chrisville and Ciudad de Los Volcanos have witnessed population growth a little slow lately and that is thanks to New Beardon, Dianna, and Browntown. Medium-sized towns with a big city feel yet without the big city problems.

"People are leaving our major cities and newcomers to the region are avoiding the major cities because people are beginning to realize to peacefulness of the medium size cities," says Gateland regional expert Johanna Llama.

Studies show that many people are, in fact, leaving or not even thinking of moving to the bigger cities right now and are more attracted to the medium sized cities because of the city feel yet without the big city hassles, horrible traffic and fast pace lifestyles.

Other than studies, population is also evidence. New Beardon has recently taken the spot as the 3rd largest city in the region now, beating Dianna who stayed at a 140,000 population for years.

New Beardon- 143,000 residents and growing. The city is now home to a major/minor league baseball team, and a decent university and still remains the connection of the whole region. Recently as the city has grown at a fast rate, they have opened more connections to Browntown, Chrisville, Jellyville, and Dianna.

Dianna- 142,000 people, right behind New Beardon and is part of the "Twin Cities," Dianna is still a vacation hotspot for celebs and all Gatelandians, the region's nicest beachfront (right next to the bridge leading into Jellyville), the only city with several different major record labels, tv and movie studios, dreams, and Ciudad's neighbor, it attracts tourists daily. Lately more parks and recreational areas have opened. It is now growing at a fast rate.

Browntown- 133,000 people! The city that was founded and created by high tech companies who left Chrisville, is voted the most beautiful and nicest city in the region beating Ciudad de Los Volcanos who is now number 2. Browntown, is a city that is split by the Filipoian River, on the south side is all of downtown and some residential while on the Northside is where all the residential areas are with some small businesses and its own downtown with a few high rise condos here and there. It is voted the cleanest and most beautiful city and when you go there, you see that they were telling the truth.

A big tourist shop, called the "Tourist trap" has just opened downtown, in front of the Browntown airport and connections to Chrisville has also opened downtown, that will lead you into Irvine, (the newest section of Chrisville.) The tourist shop is the only tourist shop in the region and also Browntown is home to some of the best high in demand high tech companies and still remains the high tech hub in the region.

The city's population was 123,000 for years but lately it has grown to 133,000 and still growing.

These three main cities are taking over right now and are growing at a fast rate.

Jellyville and Filipo remain the 2 smallest cities. While Jellyville is currently counted as the Ciudad Metro, both Jellyville and Filipo are wanting to be on their own. While Filipo is known for its Native Gatelandian museum, many artifacts and relics of the Filipo tribe, a retirement city and also home to high tech companies, who left Browntown, it remains small and very independent. It is the smallest city in the region with a steady population of 23,000.

Jellyville is also a retirement city but is home to the jelly factory that supplies the region and currently it is growing and has a population of 28,000 people.

New Beardon, Dianna are twin cities

Jellyville and Filipo are twin cities

Chrisville and Ciudad are the two big major cities and are rivals at times

Browntown is sometimes associated with Chrisville, Filipo, or Browntown.


Chrisville population- 480,013!!

A little over 480,000 people!

Chrisville's growth has now slowed down . Ever since it hit 480,000 people, it has now slowed to a snail's pace. It's good that the city has grown to such a big population but now it has slowed down. New businesses and homes are still popping up and it still remains the region's hotspot for everything yet the only thing that is different, is the population growth. It is a record for the biggest city the region has ever seen yet now it has slowed down.

It still remains a tourist hotspot/field trip city/and a nice family city with low crime , great education, good healthcare and nice neighborhoods.

The capitol of the region still remains the destination for many!


Ciudad's population--371,000.

Population has slowed down as Chrisville's marched ahead but now it has grown a little faster. After a revitalization process, and the opening of more jobs and neighborhoods, they city has grown at a decent rate.

As remembered, Ciudad was the fastest growing city at one time, and finally claimed the spot of the largest city in the region with a population of 359,000 people... Since then, it has slowed and Chrisville took the spot but now its growing again.

Many Sims say that Ciudad is more beautiful than Chrisville. The dormant volcanic mountains, the canyon rivers, the region's only casino, and two large downtowns (both bigger than Chrisville's 2 downtowns) make the city a little more exciting, unique and beautiful to the residents of the Ciudad Metro. From 359,000 it has now finally grown to 371,000 and is now growing once again.


Chrisville has grown!!!!

population--461,313 residents! and still growing!

Since the city has grown so much and there are high-rise buildings all over the city now Chrisville is broken down into sections.

North Chrisville



Factory Zone

South Chrisville

East Chrisville

Once you enter the city you enter North Chrisville which is a small section of beautiful middle-class to high-class neighborhoods, including a few nice high-rise condos. If you take a right you enter Irvine.

Far Northeast section is Irvine, which comes from a mix of Grapevine and Irving, Texas. Irvine is home to the city's most reknown tourist hotspots like the Gateland Region's only national museums, opera theater,zoo, Mountain State Park, other parks/recreational areas, Chrisville's major and minor league baseball stadiums, shopping mall, shops, parks, and even a new road that travels through the mountains into the high-tech suburb of Browntown. It now has a downtown because of the many high-rise condos and offices growing in the area. Also new neighborhoods are opening in the mountains where you can have a view of the beautiful city of Chrisville, Lake Irvine and the bustling new section of Irvine. A car/passenger ferry has opened on Lake Irvine and the city's largest police station and jail has just opened up in this section too. If you enter Chrisville from Browntown, this is the section of Chrisville that you will enter 1st- Irvine.

Once you enter Chrisville from New Beardon (the most popular way the sims use, the only other way is from Browntown) you enter North Chrisville, if you take a left you enter Irvine but if you take a right you will enter downtown Chrisville, Chrisville's main downtown. You drive through nice North Chrisville and then once you see Chrisville University you are in downtown. The university is on a hill and is the region's best university (especailly since none of the students skip classes lol) Though it's surrounded by high rise buildings and neighborhoods it still remains a pleasant university and you get a view of the whole city while going to class. The dormitories and extra parking lots are below the hill and convenient for students, while others remain on the hill closer to the university yet still remains with a reasonable price.

Next to the university is the capitol for all of the Gateland Region, the Chrisville Country Club, the region's best disease research laboratory and then the center of downtown which is home to the region's largest airport. The Gateland International Airport (it has been enlarged about 4 times). From downtown you can either go to South Chrisville or to the Factory Zone.

Once you enter Chrisville and go straight you will leave the nice North Chrisville into Factory Zone where the majority of all the factories are located. A wall has been built all around the factory zone with the words "Welcome to Chrisville's Factories." The wall was built to protect the homes around it from loud noises and possible air pollution. Once you leave the main downtown, you take a right and you will drive through neighborhoods that are still considered part of downtown, and then you come to the gate of Factory Zone and you can go in from there. Downtown is right next door to the factory zone.

If you leave downtown or Factory Zone you can go straight and that will take you into South Chrisville.

During the 80's, factory zone and south chrisville was where crime occured the most, that was during the city's Great Depression, but after the city was revitalized, this is now one of the nicest sections in the city. South Chrisville has high-rise condos and decent middle-class neighborhoods, a hospital and nice schools and people love it here because it is away from the "hustle and bustle" of North Chrisville and Downtown Chrisville. It's as far as you can go south into the city and it is comfortable living. Southeast is still being developed and is the newest section in the city to have new neighborhoods and schools. It is counted all in South Chrisville. South Chrisville is home to the 3 Towers which were found sacred by the native ancestors of the area 1000's of years ago, are 3 natural structures that look like barren trees, that are very tall yet have no branches or green on them at all and are connected by big roots and remains a tourist hotspot. Surrouding the 3 Towers currently, are nice neighborhoods, high-rise condos, a hospital and two elementry schools.

Once you leave Chrisville, you either see the woods and can camp there or you can keep going northeast and you enter East Chrisville which is also a new section of the city that is still being developed. If you leave Factory Zone or South Chrisville going East, or if you leave Irvine going south, you will enter East Chrisville. East Chrisville is one of the newest sections of the cities, so this is where a lot of the "growing" sections of the city is happening. It has most of the apartments in the city, along with new neighborhoods popping up. This is where most of the middle class homes are currently. A high school and an elementry school and another hospital is here also and some businesses are starting to call East Chrisville home. A lot of small businesses are opening up in the nieghborhoods of East Chrisville and once you drive past these businesses you enter the Northeast section of the city and that is Irvine!

From there you can go to the Chrisville ferry, you can go past the museums and parks and drive into downtown Browntown or you can take a right into North Chrisville and go to New Beardon, or if you want you can stay, and live in Chrisville and become one of our 461,000 lucky residents!

Sorry I've been so busy, I haven't played SimCity in 4 weeks but now I'm back and I have been playing!


History of Chrisville

Chrisville was La Ciudad de Las Montanas, as many would say. The Native Gatelandians that lived here centuries before present day citizens, lived here and thought the mountains as protection from Northern invaders. The early Gateland people first settled in what is today, Chrisvile for that very reason. There was no protection from the south yet that was no problem since evidence shows that the people of the south were related and worked together as one and eventually decided to move into Chrisville also. Recent evidence shows that Ciudad de Los Volcanos was the first civilzation in the region, which is contrary to the idea that Chrisville was. The early natives left the city due to civil wars within tribes, foreign invaders, but what made the final decision was the big volcanic eruption that occurred and people left the city for good. Ciudad did not become an official city until centuries later. So the main Gateland tribes moved south and while some moved into what is today Filipo, Jellyville, and Browntown,the majority of Gateland's early native tribes moved and finally settled down in what is today Chrisville. The mountains, the beautiful fresh green flat land that was used for growing crops since the soil was very nutrient. The nice weather. They spread out within the city,while the warriors lived near the borders of the city, everyone else lived within the city and prospered for years. The city became the biggest settlement in the region and then many of the tribes living in smaller communties in the Filipo area decided to venture out.

They went to even modern civilizations outside of the Gateland region and told of Gateland to many people and that was when non-Gatelandians began visiting Gateland and it became a wonder for the world. Many poeple flocked here but found no big civilazations and then they heard about Chrisville and once they visited Chrisville the non-Gatelandians fell in love with the city.

Once they decided to live there, they worked together and lived among the native tribe until they finally wanted to rule the city for them and so they arrested the leader, Xanoc, and took control of the city. Through many uprisings and small battles, the tribe lost, but other tribes heard about the fights and fought alongside the native Chrisville tribe and actually was close to winning a war until the non-Gatelandians put together a treaty saying that they will remain in control but will be open to the tribe with love and care and so it was for years until a generation later when Zack Newbie tried to be a dictator in the city and discriminated against the tribes with unfair laws and treatment. He was ousted and for the first time a Gatelandian tribe member became ruler of Chrisville by the name of Tulmec Xanoc, a grandson of the once-leader Xanoc the 1st.

That was when they further expanded and witnessed the 3 Towers which is located in southeast Chrisville where the new middle-class neighborhoods and schools are in the present-day. The 3 Towers are three natural land trees that are as tall as a 7-story building. They are not common trees because they do not have the branches or leaves on them, they are very unique and is another stop for tourists that travel through the city. The natives thought the bare trees to be some sort of communication device to the heavens. Some also believed it to be a portal to other "places" and to the "star people." Many dances, and ceremonies occurred here. They say the tallest tree, on each solstice, aligns just right with the Sirius constellation.

Old tales tell of how the star people actually came down and spoke with the old ancestors and that life started here centuries ago...

Who knows, but you can visit this spot, and also drive through the biggest tree and go to the gift shop there.

This was about the time many non-Gatelandians began settling all in the Gateland region, into Ciudad de Los Volcanos all the way down to Chrisville! and remained there to the present day! That is also why Chrisville remains the most diverse city in the region also.

Once Chrisville hit the 163,000 mark , in more modern history, they went through a great depression and many people left the city and the city also lost its charma and popularity. Mayor Gatropolis of Ciudad de Los Volcanos stepped in and helped Mayor Ulibarri and together tehey revitalized the city into what it is today.


Chrisville makes history as the biggest city the region has ever seen.

Chrisville population- 408,010 residents with no signs of stopping. Steadily growing, the city is attracting people from all over the region with its fun-filled activities, low crime, great schools, national museum, good libraries, movie theaters, the region's only opera house,the zoo and more. It fits well as the capitol of the region and is steadily expanding. People love the city and the nice neighborhoods and low crime rate that the city has. There are only 2 ways into the city right now and the main way is coming in from New Beardon, which is a good size city of 133,000 people. After you leave New Bearden you enter the city of Chrisville , into the nice well kept nieghborhoods and if you take a left, you go into the downtown area that has the Chrisville main library, university, airport, national disease research center, the main drag- central avenue!

If you take a right, that will take you more into the high class residential areas, also where the Mountain State Park/ movie theaters, zoo, shopping centers, the major/minor league baseball stadiums, parks, opera house and more are located and if you keep straight it will take you into the factory zones.

The factory zones are in the middle of the city and the number is 57,000 factory jobs in the city. There are a few factories next to the stadiums and most of the factories are right in the middle of the city and in an attempt to eliminate a possible pollution problem (which, thanks to a lot of pollution-free air filters and plants, the pollution is not a big problem) the whole factory zone is now mainly high tech industry, because a lot of dirty industry was bulldozed. Of course, i always keep some dirty industry because it brings in jobs and revenue and not enough to cause an air pollution problem.

Even Southwest Chrisville is now building up, it used to be one of the low-class sections of towns that always had black abandoned buildings, even that area has now built up and looks nice.

The 2nd way to get into the city is to leave the growing high tech city of Browntown (123,000 residents with a nice downtown) and take the road through downtown Browntown into the mountains and you will come out in the National Mountain State Park area...welcome to Chrisville!

Pictures are coming soon. Ive saved them on the computer, i just have to upload them now but i have been busy with school and all.

I also have a citizen telling me all about his opinions on the city and his name is Bob Newbie, you have probably seen him around town lol.

People are content with the city too, and are constantly moving to the new city on the map, Chrisville.


Chrisville is now the largest city in the region once again. Years before Ciudad was created, Chrisville was the biggest city until they hit a "Great Depression" and at the same time, Ciudad grew strength but now it

's the over way around. 90 years later Chrisville has once again become a progessive city. Not too long after Chrisville became the most progessive city in the region, the population grew even more.


Population- 402,000

The airport expansion, Opera house, the national museum, the Mountain State Park, the capitol, the main library, more schools and nieghborhoods, and the 3 Towers just opened up including more shopping centers too.

Chrisvile is taking shape and is quite a nice city. With 147,000 commercial jobs compared to 57,000 industry job, the city is also trying to keep the skies pollution free and breathable.

The crime remains low, and the citizens are content. Chrisville is now the biggest city in the region!

Pictures coming soon!


Chrisville- The city of the theaters---

Chrisville, the city that once was falling apart as it stuck around the population of 156-163,000 for years. People began leaving the city and buildings were black. The city was going downhill until the mayor started a revitalization process and created a completely opposite city.

With the biggest grand opening of any event in the region's history because of the region's 1st zoo, the new capitol building, and more jobs, Chrisville is now the most progressive city in the region, even beating Ciudad.

Chrisville population- 321,300 people!

Theaters, museums, parks, and neighborhoods are growing all over the city.

There 124,000 commercial jobs compared to 52,000 industry jobs.

The National museum of Gateland has just opened!

The city is now the capitol of the region and has just opened the capitol building

The zoo is now open

The cinemas are opening all over the city.

Mountain State Park is now also open in Chrisville.

Mountain State Park is next to everything.

When you enter the city of Chrisville you enter the pretty nieghborhoods with mountains of both sides. Take a right and that will take you into Brown Oaks Estates, the new high-class section of the city and that is where the new mall and other shopping centers can be found. In Brown Oaks, that is also where the newest museums and parks can be found. The National Museum has just opened there, many parks including Mountain State Park has just opened. Where you can climb, hike, bike, and travel inside the mountains of Chrisville. Not too far from the area is the region's only zoo and the major and minor league baseball team stadiums. Further southwest is the new middle class homes that are currently being built too.

Pictures coming soon!


The Chrisville Zoo!

The oldest city in the region. The city that suffered an economic crisis and population loss. Where black abandoned buildings lined most of the streets. Now is the 2nd most progressive city in the region after Ciudad.

The city, whose population was stuck around 156-163,000 for several years, is now at 262,000 people and steadily growing. High-class and middle-class neighborhoods are in construction, factories and more commercial jobs are also coming to the city as the city is now experiencing a big growth surge.

In the midst of this growing city, Chrisville has now opened the gates to the entire region's 1st and only zoo. The city of Chrisville is also now the capitol of the Gateland Region.

This is big news because the entire region of Gateland has never had a zoo in its history and now in the midst of its growth and capitol status, a zoo has been opened.

Right outside of downtown, next to the new Gatewood Manor Estates (high-class section) and the minor/major league/ baseball stadiums is where the new zoo is.

People are so excited about this event that the city is allowing the first weekend, entirely free to go to the new zoo. People are expected to come from all over the region to visit this zoo for its grand opening and on.

Chrisville will be celebrating its population growth, capitol status, and the opening of the new zoo this Saturday afternoon at 2:00 with a block party downtown not too far from the university. There will be boths set up from the streets near the University of Chrisville leading down to the new Chrisville zoo.A concert series will follow into the night. There will be a parade also Sunday morning, starting from UC campus to the zoo!

That means that hotels in the city will be packed, (reserve your room while you can)

New Beardon-Dianna-Browntown-Filipo-Jellyville

New Beardon and Dianna are getting ready for heavy traffic because of the opening of the region's 1st ever zoo in the 2nd largest city of Chrisville.

New Beardon, known as the connection, is the only city that connects 4 cities together, in other words, it connects the region together. SO traffic coming from Ciudad de Los Volcanos/Dianna metro and traffic from Browntown/Filipo/ and Jellyville will be coming.

Though Dianna is used to its neighboring city of Ciudad and it's traffic, they are still going to be extra prepared also for the traffic.

(Thanks to the new road in Chrisville, that goes out of the city into the woods and mountains, it also connects the Chrisville metro together. So the road will take you into Browntown and Filipo and as far as Jellyville. The city is very small so it will be easy to catch the road that leads into Filipo/Browntown and Chrisville or the New Beardon road that leads straight into Chrisville. (The New Beardon road will just be a little more hectic, thanks to its neighbors of Dianna and Ciudad de Los Volcanos)

Chrisville is steadily growing and hoping for more. "Yeah Ciudad is 351,000 people, we're 262,000 strong right now, before you know it, we'll be competiting with them!" says mayor Ulibarri.


New Beardon

What was planned to be the farming town of the region is now the complete opposite.

New Beardon was created to model off of the non-existant but very nice farm town of Beardon. Beardon was a city of 48,000 people, mainly consisted of nice neighborhoods, farms, very little factories, some commercial, the region's best state fair, a nice university, and a great radio station. People left the city for Chrisville and those that came back for Beardon, and some that remained in Beardon, changed the name to Dianna and it became a major city for the region as it was the nieghbor to the largest city in the region, Ciudad.

So New Beardon was created to be a farm town, though it remains the only city in the region with farms, it is now a growing city. The population is 133,000 people surpassing Browntown's population of 123,000.

It is called the connection, because New Beardon is where the region connects. There's an avenue that begins at the border of Dianna and continues through downtown New Beardon and ends in its southern neighbor of Chrisville. The city also connects Dianna, Chrisville with technology hub- Browntown and the quiet community of Jellyville. Population has boomed because its away from the big city yet connects the region together and maintains a pretty decent population itself.

The city claims to have the most hospitals and schools in one city also.



The two largest cities in the region have seen a huge population growth.

Ciudad de Los Volcanos is now 351,000 people

Chrisville has now grown to 260,000 people.

It still remains the 2nd largest city in the region and a newer high class section near downtown is being constructed right now.

A road that leads into the woods for outdoor activites have just completed and a road that will take you out of the city of Chrisville, through the mountains, into the bustling city of Browntown is being constructed right now.


Population growth has exploded. The population of the Gateland region is now over 1 million people! Let's break it down with the latest news for each city.

Ciudad de Los Volcanos-

Population- 351,200 residents.

The Ciudad de Los Volcanos National Museum Is Now Open!

The biggest city in the region finally has opened its 1st and one of the world's most unique museums in the world. Details of the city's unique history of volcanos, tribes, and young settlers are displayed through exhibits, reenacments and many different volcano "activities" and contests will be in the museum daily. Loads of fun and also food choices and movies will be shown there. Located in North Ciudad, 15 miles out from downtown North Ciudad in the new Gatewood estates sub-division on Lincoln Road.

---Other Ciudad News--

By far the largest city in the region, it recently was close to becoming bankrupt but thanks to a surge of population, commercial, and more job growth, 2 small loans, and reduction on certain costs, the city has now grown even bigger. More neighborhoods, libraries and the Ciudad de Los Volcanos museum and sub-divisions will begin to sprout up in the next few months which will also increase the population. For years, the city stayed around 334,000 people until lately more jobs and beautiful neighborhoods brought more people to the city.

It still remains the largest city in the region and talks of a new neighboring city is in the works. Its southern neighbor is still growing also with a population of a little over 140,000 people.

The Gateland region is broken down into 2 sectors-

Ciudad de Los Volcanos Metro-

Chrisville Metro-


Ciudad de Los Volcanos- 351,000


Chrisville Metro

Chrisville- 260,000

New Beardon-133,000



Jellyville- 17,000

(Since Chrisville is the oldest city in the region it still has a bigger metro area also)



A city that have not be created yet but will be another border city for Ciudad de Los Volcanos and it will mainly be a factory-driven city since many factories are in Ciudad but need more space as Ciudad is adding more space for homes and commercial and not as much for factories.

It is not intended to be large but will have a vital role in the region!



Browntown is Chrisville's Dianna. Browntown was a neighboring city and quite like Dianna is known for its relaxed lifestyle. The other things that this city is known for is that it is the city for a lot of retirees and the last thing- the technology capitol for the Gateland region!

Much like Silicon Valley for California, Browntown and even parts of the small city of Filipo have most of the high tech industry for the region. Lately Dianna and Ciudad de Los Volcanos have been bringing in a lot of high tech industry also but Browntown and Filipo will forever be known as the center for technology for the region. Technology and high living describes these two cities.

Browntown was created as a nieghbor for Chrisville and it eventually turned into a very succesful city. With a river that splits the city, North Browntown is the commercial/technologly/downtown area where the south is mainly residential area with very nice nieghborhoods and paths into the woods that will take you into the big city of Chrisville. Within 10 years, the city grew to its current population of 115,000 people and is steadily growing. Since it is far from the progessive cities of Ciudad de Los Volcanos and Dianna and closer to a big city that is losing half of its population it is commonly forgotten until technology or a city for the retiree is mentioned.


Many people who wanted to move away from Browntown, once Browntown grew to such a great population, started a small town next door to Browntown and named it Filipo after the Filipo tribe that used to live in the area. It became a twin city of Browntown as more high tech jobs loved the area of Browntown but needed more space decided to move their headquarters into Filipo and so Filipo became another retiree/high-tech hub yet it never grew as big Browntown and remains one of the smallest cities in the region with a population of 28,000 people.



Once Ciudad de Los Volcanos was created, I wanted to create a nieghbor city and that was when Dianna was formed. Dianna began 30 years after Ciudad de Los Volcanos and right away many citizens moved out of the big city life to the small town life. Yet over the years Dianna grew and now is also a major city in the region.

Dianna's population shot to a little over 140,000 in only 40 years of existence. The current population remains 140,133. It still is a getaway but also the city of entertainment and dreams. In South Dianna the beach, solar plant, and small farms still exist from its small town days (yet the stock market exchange is now nestled there also) and that is where many people go on vacation. South Dianna. North Dianna is right on the border of Ciudad de Los Volcanos so you can imagine that that is the most busiest section of the city. Central Dianna is where the downtown hub is and that is where the major movie studio, tv studio, convention center, record labels, the best research labs, schools, even a university (something Ciudad de Los Volcanos never had) and the best music venues are. Hospital ratings are also good in this city. It's funny how in Ciudad de Los Volcanos , i have 18 firefighters yet in Dianna, with a city its size, I only have 3 haha!

West into Northwest Dianna is the quiet residential and commercial area where the nicest neighborhoods in the city can be found, it is also where the airport is located.

Dianna has two big downtown areas but the main downtown hub is the one that stretches from South Dianna (with the beach, condo, convention center etc.) up to Northeast Dianna, which is right on the border of Ciudad de Los Volcanos.

Dianna plays a mjaor role in the life of Ciudad de Los Volcanos and the region of Gateland. It's the city where liesure and dreams become one!

The pictures here the Northwest section of the city showcasing one of the quiet residential areas next to the airport at night.

The other picture is the whole land mass of the city.

Then the last picture is of South Dianna, the liesure/relaxation section of the city with the farms, condos, solar plant, and the beach, right on the border of the smallest town in the region, Jellyville.


Ciudad de Los Volcanos-

The largest city in the region of Gateland is Ciudad de Los Volcanos. A city that was founded near dormant volcano mountains. A volcano erupted centuries ago to form the canyon river that now "splits" the two parts of the city. El viejo Ciudad and Nueva Ciudad. Old City and New City. Lately the city was close to becoming bankrupt but with another surge of population growth and commercial growth the city has now grown even bigger.

The city grew at a fast rate. Ciudad de Los Volcanos' population is a little over 351,000 residents and steadily growing. The city has a 5-star casino, a ranger station where you can visit the volcano mountains, seaport, ferry system, beach, a major and minor league baseball stadium and plenty of jobs including a lot of factories. Other than the dormant volcano mountains, the city is mainly known for its jobs. The city has grown, thanks to the abundant amount of jobs yet it does encounter problems elsewhere like education/healthcare/ and even entertainment. That's where its southern bordering neighbor of Dianna comes in.


The one picture of the lone road is the road that goes into the dormant volcano mountains and connects both sides of the city. The only actual land mass that connects the two part of the cities. It also can take you into Dianna. This was where the city was started. Right in the factory zone and the mountains and once Nueva Ciudad began really growing they thought it best to build a road on the one small piece of land that connects to the two sides.

The Volcanic Mountains

The mountains are very grand and unique. Now they have built gift shops and winding tunnels inside the mountains and is a hot spot for tourists. When you travel on the road that goes inside the mountains you will see the gift shops and tunnels. THere are also specials determined by the holidays.

One tunnel will take you outside where you find yourself ontop of the tallest mountain and you can see out as far as the eye can see, the whole city of Ciudad de Los Volcanos, the river, the woods, and turn around and you can see all of surrounding cities including the city of Dianna. You can also hike down or go back through the tunnel and once outside, you are back on the ground! But you can walk through the natural woods, that is still kept from the beginning of the city, visit a petting zoo and have fun at the lake.

There's so much to do in the City of the Volcanos!

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