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Chrisville has grown!!!!

population--461,313 residents! and still growing!

Since the city has grown so much and there are high-rise buildings all over the city now Chrisville is broken down into sections.

North Chrisville



Factory Zone

South Chrisville

East Chrisville

Once you enter the city you enter North Chrisville which is a small section of beautiful middle-class to high-class neighborhoods, including a few nice high-rise condos. If you take a right you enter Irvine.

Far Northeast section is Irvine, which comes from a mix of Grapevine and Irving, Texas. Irvine is home to the city's most reknown tourist hotspots like the Gateland Region's only national museums, opera theater,zoo, Mountain State Park, other parks/recreational areas, Chrisville's major and minor league baseball stadiums, shopping mall, shops, parks, and even a new road that travels through the mountains into the high-tech suburb of Browntown. It now has a downtown because of the many high-rise condos and offices growing in the area. Also new neighborhoods are opening in the mountains where you can have a view of the beautiful city of Chrisville, Lake Irvine and the bustling new section of Irvine. A car/passenger ferry has opened on Lake Irvine and the city's largest police station and jail has just opened up in this section too. If you enter Chrisville from Browntown, this is the section of Chrisville that you will enter 1st- Irvine.

Once you enter Chrisville from New Beardon (the most popular way the sims use, the only other way is from Browntown) you enter North Chrisville, if you take a left you enter Irvine but if you take a right you will enter downtown Chrisville, Chrisville's main downtown. You drive through nice North Chrisville and then once you see Chrisville University you are in downtown. The university is on a hill and is the region's best university (especailly since none of the students skip classes lol) Though it's surrounded by high rise buildings and neighborhoods it still remains a pleasant university and you get a view of the whole city while going to class. The dormitories and extra parking lots are below the hill and convenient for students, while others remain on the hill closer to the university yet still remains with a reasonable price.

Next to the university is the capitol for all of the Gateland Region, the Chrisville Country Club, the region's best disease research laboratory and then the center of downtown which is home to the region's largest airport. The Gateland International Airport (it has been enlarged about 4 times). From downtown you can either go to South Chrisville or to the Factory Zone.

Once you enter Chrisville and go straight you will leave the nice North Chrisville into Factory Zone where the majority of all the factories are located. A wall has been built all around the factory zone with the words "Welcome to Chrisville's Factories." The wall was built to protect the homes around it from loud noises and possible air pollution. Once you leave the main downtown, you take a right and you will drive through neighborhoods that are still considered part of downtown, and then you come to the gate of Factory Zone and you can go in from there. Downtown is right next door to the factory zone.

If you leave downtown or Factory Zone you can go straight and that will take you into South Chrisville.

During the 80's, factory zone and south chrisville was where crime occured the most, that was during the city's Great Depression, but after the city was revitalized, this is now one of the nicest sections in the city. South Chrisville has high-rise condos and decent middle-class neighborhoods, a hospital and nice schools and people love it here because it is away from the "hustle and bustle" of North Chrisville and Downtown Chrisville. It's as far as you can go south into the city and it is comfortable living. Southeast is still being developed and is the newest section in the city to have new neighborhoods and schools. It is counted all in South Chrisville. South Chrisville is home to the 3 Towers which were found sacred by the native ancestors of the area 1000's of years ago, are 3 natural structures that look like barren trees, that are very tall yet have no branches or green on them at all and are connected by big roots and remains a tourist hotspot. Surrouding the 3 Towers currently, are nice neighborhoods, high-rise condos, a hospital and two elementry schools.

Once you leave Chrisville, you either see the woods and can camp there or you can keep going northeast and you enter East Chrisville which is also a new section of the city that is still being developed. If you leave Factory Zone or South Chrisville going East, or if you leave Irvine going south, you will enter East Chrisville. East Chrisville is one of the newest sections of the cities, so this is where a lot of the "growing" sections of the city is happening. It has most of the apartments in the city, along with new neighborhoods popping up. This is where most of the middle class homes are currently. A high school and an elementry school and another hospital is here also and some businesses are starting to call East Chrisville home. A lot of small businesses are opening up in the nieghborhoods of East Chrisville and once you drive past these businesses you enter the Northeast section of the city and that is Irvine!

From there you can go to the Chrisville ferry, you can go past the museums and parks and drive into downtown Browntown or you can take a right into North Chrisville and go to New Beardon, or if you want you can stay, and live in Chrisville and become one of our 461,000 lucky residents!

Sorry I've been so busy, I haven't played SimCity in 4 weeks but now I'm back and I have been playing!

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