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a Great Nations, a Great City, a Great Brotany!

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Dear Respected Simtropolians,

Today is 23rd of March 2013, it's already 8:30 pm in UTC+7 West Indonesia, Indochina, Krasnoyarsk, and Great Brotanian standard time! The Earth Hour just will be start soon. In a few minutes, some big cities in Great Brotany will coated in the dark for the next one hour.

Republic of Great Brotany consumes over 100 Terawatt-hour of Electrical energy per year. The Salasatu Nuclear Reactor, in Salasatu, Northern Sawunggalih Province just 30 km from the Province Capital, Sukapadi is the most valuable power plant in Great Brotany. It produces over 50% of Great Brotanian energy need. The rest produced by Natural Gas, Biomass, Geothermal, and Water Power Plant. Government worried with the high level of energy consumption that always increasing every year.

With the earth hour, Government can save tens to hundreds Megawatt-hour of electricity in a whole country. Government require the citizens and company owners to participate the Earth Hour, but not forced. Several landmark of the big cities also darkened.

Bandar Raya, a moment before Earth Hour:


Bandar Raya, during Earth Hour:


By population, Bandar Raya is the largest city in Great Brotany. More population means more energy consumption. By participating the annual earth hour, Bandar Raya save energy for the future. "Our child needs energy, too. If we consume all now, how about our child and grandchild?" - Eka Putri Taswita, participants of Earth Hour on Area 24 Bandar Raya Apartement.

New Jakarta, a moment before Earth Hour:


New Jakarta, during Earth Hour:


"As the largest city in Logawa, and capital of Western Logawa, New Jakarta needs Earth Hour. Less energy consumption means less pollution, means a better environment for New Jakarta itself, and for our beloved country, Great Brotany" - Basuki Widodo, Governor of Western Logawa Province on Earth Hour Festival, Fire Tower Monument Square

Sukapadi, a moment before Earth Hour:


Sukapadi, during Earth Hour:


"Less power consumption means Less power production. With less power production, we produce less pollution. Less pollution good for earth, by participating Earth Hour, we do something good to the Earth. Less energy for the nation, Less pollution for the earth" - Dr. Marta Zurfkri Zukarnaen, Mayor of Sukapadi on Balai Kota Sukapadi.

Adirejo, after Earth Hour:


"60 minutes? not enough." - said some Earth Hour participants who continue turn off their electricity more than 1 hour.


Thank you for your attention!

Critics and Praise are open!

I hope someone will delete my "Warning Points" sorry for my fault several months or years ago... :(


Long time no see, simtropolians..!!

since i bored with the slums, now i'm moving on to the Central Business District of the capital city, Brotania Capitol.

Brotania Capitol is a city with approximately 381 kilometers square in area, and home to more than 3 million inhabitants. The city is served by Tanjung Gorbo International Airport, situated in Gorbo Peninsula, just east of Gorbo city. There are several satellite city surrounding the Brotania Capitol, South Brotania, Gorbo, Gomeh, Renai, and Bangunkarta. the metro area often called the Brobomehaikarta simply Greater Brotania. Brotania Capitol consist of 4 main city part, the CBD in the center, Government area in the south, Residential area in the west, north, and east, and an Industrial area in the east. There is a high speed rail system support the city, operated around the city of Brotania Capitol. For the car, Inner city highway is built to prevent traffic congestion the highway also connected to the Trans-Sawunggalih and Trans-Great Brotany highway system. The mayor, Dr. Ing. Mayjend. (Purn.) Joko Susilo is moving onward to make this city better and better.


East Brotania Capitol, was a slum and low-rise residential area. Now, the developers and contractors are competing to build dozens of high-rise and luxurious apartments and condominium-hotels (condotel). Not only the private-owned company, government also has a project to convert hundreds of slums into a much better flats, the remaining land can be made into a city park, canals, or road.

"2 towers has been built, 2 towers under construction, 1 tower to go to complete our project" said Fadillah Lia, developer of the Green Pramuka Apartment, East Brotania Capitol. But some residents remain arrogant, don't want to give up their "unauthorized" land to the government and take the new flats. but it will not be long, they will move on its own from there.


Tens of apartments and condotel are built in East Brotania, the traffic congestion can't be prevented from the residential area, to the Central Business District. The Mayor, Dr. Ing. Mayjend. (Purn.) Joko Susilo forced to widen the Inner city highway from 8-lanes to 10-lanes. "I hope this will make the traffic congestion much lesser." said the mayor. The sound walls also installed to prevent noise from vehicles. Beside the highway, trees and flower also planted to provide more and more oxygen for the people.

This population boost in Brotania Capitol caused by the AOWN's regulation of the AOWN Free Trade Area, many multinational companies built its own branch office in Great Brotany, the strategical location in south china sea as the world's shippling line and its strong economic and political powers made this country chosen by many multinational companies.


"No doubt, Great Brotany is a pioneer of international organizations such as the Association of Worldwide Nations, the country is strong both in the economic and political power, and Brotania Capitol, the state capital, has any potential as the development of information, communications, and transportation technology in the world. For that, we are willing to build this giant building as a revolution for the PT. LG Electronics in Great Brotany" said Kim Bun Cheong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PT. LG Electronics Brotania (LGEBA) on the inauguration of the LGEBA Tower, Jl. Sumantri No. 37, Brotania Capitol Central Business District.

Just a little from me :)

any critics and praise are welcome..


Welcome to The Adirejo Regency, the Capital is Adirejo City.

Now i will tell you something about The City. The Adirejo City is the 4th largest city by population in Great Brotany. 80% of the population is Islam, 15% Christianity, and the 5% other is the combination of Buddha, Hindu, and Catholic.


That Curvy Bridge connect the Lower land to the Upper land.


There's a lot of Japanese Stores in Adirejo, that why this city also called "Japan Town" when the other countries have their "China Town"


Some stores in Adirejo don't have a parking space, so the customers park their cars in the front of the stores, in the street! but that's OK.


It's the Residential and Elementary School


Adirejo in the evening. when people back home...


Night view of Adirejo Grand Mosque, the largest mosque of Adirejo Regency (and Adirejo City, of course)


Midnight Adirejo, it's too dark.............

That's a little update, don't forget to rate and comments!


Hello, student delegation from Asia Pacific nations!

Welcome to Brotania Capitol, place for the 19th Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) International Water Rocket Competition! Last Year Champion is from Japan! who will be the champion now?

We will start from the Great Brotany largest and busiest airport, the Tanjung Gorbo International Airport!


From the Entrance gate, let's go to Terminal 1 International Arrivals!


Say Hello to our friends from Singapore, host of 18th APRSAF and Malaysia!

Then, say hello, too to our friends from Indonesia and South Korea !

They just arrived from their nation to our beloved nation, Great Brotany...


From the Airport we will go to the City of Brotania Capitol, host of 19th APRSAF.

Welcome to the Brotania Capitol Science Center! You will make your Water Rockets here and this is the place for Technical Meeting and 19th APRSAF Summit.


Of course, you can't lauch your rockets on the Indoor. After make your rockets in the Science Center, let's go to the Launch Site.

It is a Soccer Field.


Lets Launch it!


After 94 Contestants from 20 nations perform their rocket, we can announce the winner by calculating the Nearest distance from the fall-site to the center point of the target. (just like Archery) and our champion this year..... he is Andrei Nikolai Adams, from Vladivostok, Russia

and this table show the another 9 winner....



Welcome to the Capital City of Great Brotany, the Brotania Capitol! the place where the presidential palace "Palace of Great" exist. Place where ambassadors in the embassies do their task, Place where the legislative member work, Place where the Association of Worldwide Nation Headquarter stand up to keep the world stability and peace.

at last, again,


Capital City of the Great Brotanian Republic

Before go to the Brotania Central City District we will start from the Eastern side of Brotania Capitol, i will show only 4 pictures about this. Eastern Side of Brotania Capitol maybe similar with the surrounding cities like Gorbo and Gomeh. Not Much Skycrappers. But still connected with the Brotania Capitol Superspeed Train (BCST).


First Picture

The Tall Building between shops and people's houses.


Second Picture

One of the BCST elevated station, there's a building construction behind the station, you can see the Roof of Association of Worldwide Nation Headquarter in the down-left. this is the nearest BCST Station from the AOWN Headquarter.


Third Picture

a authentic-style "Gapura" in the entrance gate of the Association of Worldwide Nation Headquarter. How the AOWN Headquarter looks? wait for the next update ;)


Fourth Picture

another BCST station in the residential area, BCST is the only one MRT system in Brotania Capitol, this city doesn't has any Subway or Tram or Monorail. but the Subway is projected to be built.

that's a little CJ from me, thank you! sorry for my bad english... sorry if you confused with my sentences. don't forget to join the AOWN CJ Union at http://www.aown.tk/ we are new! starts on april 2012.



Brotania News Network



(Travel to Hometown Information 2012 Great Brotany)

At the End of Ramadan, People in Southeast Asia ussually Travel back to their hometown to meets their Family for Eid ul Fitr. In Great Brotany, People from Brotania Capitol, Sukapadi, and Bandar Raya ussually Travel Back to their Hometown using Car, Train, or Planes.


Translate: Travelers Start to Fulfill the Gomeh Sentral Station

Gomeh Sentral Station (GMS) start look crowded with the travelers who want to return to the city they live. Train Tickets for Economy and Business class for D+3 and D+4 from this station already sold out.


Translate: Return Traffic Seen on Samarang

Return Traffic Seen from Samarang, Capital of Central Logawa. both Direction unjammed.


Translate: Purwosari - Karang Asem Avenue Very Jammed

Purwosari - Karang Asem Main Avenue in Cetu, Capital of Purwosari very crowded and Jammed ends at 15 Kilometers. Opposite Direction unjammed.


Translate: Sukpadi Interchange Ramp Fulfilled by Travelers

3 Ramp in Sukapadi Interchange in Sukapadi City crowded by Travelers who want going to Karasudi Causeway and Rangkasilen Highway.


Translate: Tanjung Gorbo Crowded by Travelers and Tourist

Tanjung Gorbo International Airport, Gorbo filled by Travelers and Family who want to Holiday. Aeroplane still the most favourite transportation type for Holiday and Travel to Hometown.


Translate: Main Gate of Tanjung Gorbo Airport Crowded but unjammed

Main Gate of Tanjung Gorbo International Airport Crowded but unjammed, but the Traffic Volume still increase.


Translate: Adirejo Toll Road Exit crowded but unjammed in both direction

Adirejo Toll Road Exit 1 Crowded but Unjammed cumulation of vehicles not occured.


Translate: Adirejo Prujakan Station Still Quiet

Adirejo Prujakan Station still lonely this afternoon, predicted Station will Crowded at the top of Return Traffic.

that's a little CJ from me, thank you! don't forget to join the AOWN CJ Union at http://www.aown.tk/ we are new! starts on april 2012.



Welcome to Salasatu Regency. a small town in northwest coast of Great Brotany. in this town you can see the beautiful panoramas between south china sea and brama mountain. You can go there directly via the National Route 1 Jalan Tol Rangkasilen. or if you a Bayanese who live in Jayabaya, Karang Asem, or even Pasir Putih, you can go there via Karasudi Causeway then enter the Jalan Tol Rangkasilen by Sukapadi Interchanges at Sukapadi City.



One night at Salasatu, very calm, quiet, dark.


Another night, that is a party in Pizza Hut! the only one Pizza's restaurant at Salasatu, much more in Sukapadi City.


Another party, people watch football match together.


Industrial Spooky Night. almost all industries in Salasatu are a dirty and manufacturing industry.


Exit 206 Jalan Tol Rangkasilen. at night. the Trucks and Containers will go to Tanjung Ilen Seaport the biggest Seaport in Great Brotany, specially Sukapadi Province.


Exit 207 Jalan Tol Rangkasilen.


Exit 206 in the morning.


Another Screenshot with sunlight available. the Salasatu Regency in afternoon.

that's a little CJ from me, thank you! don't forget to join the AOWN CJ Union at http://www.aown.tk/ we are new! starts on april 2012.

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!


Hello simtropolians and everyone who watch this! after 2 days climb the Montain of Gunung Gede, West Java Triangle Mountain Ranges, Gunung Salak (place where sukhoi fall in :P), Gunung Gede, and Gunung Pangrango. but,, I will not talk about it. I will talk about AOWN New Website at www.aown.tk! did you remember aown.progoo.net?


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this is some screenshot of AOWN New Website:


Homepage - www.aown.tk


Forum - forum.aown.tk


Blog - blog.aown.tk

Best Regards,

Administrators of AOWN.


Hello simtropolians! since last month i didn't update anything here, because of the Final Exam and Busy designing a new website, now i have an update. this is my second try in CitiesXL. sorry if this is bad.

Kertanaga - is a quite big city in the province of pasir putih, southern great brotany. divided into 2 part, Kertanaga City and Kertanaga Regency.


Girls walking in the street of kertanaga city




Kertanaga Trams.

Just it :D this is my second try. thank you for see this!


The AOWN (Association of Worldwide Nation) has a new website, you can join here


Ranah Suri

hello meet again with me and this is a new update for Republic of Great Brotany. the Ranah Suri! city in the Province of Sukapadi.. green and harmony! looks same with the Kingdom of Lenora in AOWN, because i inspired by that.


Windmills! the only power sources in Ranah Suri..


Ranah Suri downtown...


another pic of downtown

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This is the Kartanaga Regency in the Province of Pasir Putih, was made by CitiesXL. The Kartanaga Regency was an archipelago with approximately 20 Islands. Located in the Pasir Putih Province also a archipelago with approximately over 120 islands. the Capital of, Tanjung Remah located at South Baya Mainland together with the Capital of the Province of Jayabaya, Bandar Raya.

There's the picture of Kartanaga Regency:


Late morning in Kartanaga


a shopping plaza (Bazaar) in Kartanaga's downtown.

Some island - almost all! in Kargatana connected with the Kartanaga Archipelago Bridges. and connected with the Karok (Kartanaga Archipelago Road Network). not only 1 bridge, there's many bridges with the variation of 2 or 4 lane. this is some pic of the Bridges.



Bridge Multi Level Intersection:



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okay today i will realese the second update of the big project of Brotania Capitol city, a capital city of Great Brotany, located at the Province of Brotania, in Sawunggalih Island. maybe if you want know more about the great brotany first, you can checkout the Great Brotany wiki files here: http://aown.wikinet....i/Great_Brotany

Okay lets begin the CJ.


The Shinkansen now become the Become the BCST (Brotania Capitol Superspeed Train) units.


The BCTS (Brotania Capitol Tram System) Intersection goes underground to prevent the traffic jam and traffic danger.


Cikani Raya Blvd. with the Classic Apartements and Condominium Panorama


the BCST running in a street


Night at the Brotania Capitol, and there's a BCTS!


BCTS station at night, and look at the avenues there. a very busy intersection! big traffic jam!


BCST at night


Wonderful Night at one of the BCST station


Rush hour at Brotania Outer Ring Road part at Brotania Capitol, people from Becation, Gomeh, and New Johar are back to home.

BORR (Brotania Outer Ring Road) is a part of Trans Sawunggalih Island Highway and Trans Great Brotanian Highway.


Rush Hour again at BACE (Brotania capitol - Airport City Expressway)

okay that finished. i hope you enjoy my City Journal.

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The People of Brotania Capitol proudly presents... the High Speed Rail of Brotania Capitol... still unfinished.. but i will update it + map it if already finished.


behind the pencil tower


near the elevated station


at city centre... Skycrapper everywhere


Street Zoom...


farer street zoom



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another update from me :) the Brotania Capitol, located at the Brotania Province, Southeast Great Brotany. also known as BroCap the Capital and Second Largest City in Great Brotany..


Earth Roundabout, 6-way Intersection....


Jalan Tol Lingkar Brotania/Brotania Artery Ring Road (BARR) in the 5 lane inner part and Jalan Cepat Brotania Capitol/Brotania Capitol Expressway (BCE) in the 2 lane outer part.


The High Speed Rail, People's Favourite MRT System.


Random Pics.


Another Random Pics.


Palace of Great, President's House.

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Hello there, simtropolis People! I will tell you a megaproject from Great Brotany. the 45,6 km Karasudi Causeway (read: K'r'sudi Cozway) that connect the Province of Sukapadi and the Province of Karang Asem in Great Brotany via Ruka Isle. Longest Sea Crossing Bridge in the world!

the causeway will be built by PT. Protania Highway and some sponsors. this is the map:


The Construction


Development at 18 km. 27,6 km to go..


a Half Causeway finished, the causeway now connect the Province of Sukapadi and Ruka Isle.


Sunken Gate in the Province of Sukapadi


Causeway Gate at Ruka Isle, next will be continued to the Province of Karang Asem

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The Republic of Great Brotany (AOWN)



Name: Republic Of Great Brotany / Republica Alle Brotannien

Nick Name: Great Brotany

Capital: Brotania Capitol

National Anthem: Our Great Brotany

Major Languages: Indonesian, English, Dutch, and Germany

Major Religion: Islam (48%) Christ (35%) Buddhist (15%) Others (2%)

Number of Province: 18

Number of Cities: 275

Largest Province: Jaya Baya

Biggest Province (Area): Logawa Tengah (Central Logawa)

Smallest Province: Ujung Negeri

Tiniest Province (Area): Citile

Largest City: Brotania Capitol (capital of Brotania)

Second Largest City: Sukapadi (capital of Sukapadi)

Third Largest City: Bandar Raya (capital of Jaya Baya)


North: Vietnam

East: Malaysia (Serawak), Brunei Darusallam

South: Karasem

West: Malaysia, Thailand

see this map (GBN):


National Fact

Population: 45,738,300 (2011 census)

Population Growth: 2,5% / year

GDP: US$.1,136,394,922,384 (2012 est.)

GDP per capita: US$.24,845 (2012 est.)

HDI: 0,869 (very high)

EI: 0,800 (very high)

Unemployment Rate: 6%

Currency: Brotanian Dollar (BR$)

Convertion Rate: 1 US$ = 5000 BR $

Invlasion Rate: 1,4 %

Import(s): Rice, Fish, Automotive and Cow

Export(s): Oil, Coal, Gold, Train, and Planes

Timezone: Major Brotanian Time (GMT + 7)

Some Screenshot of Great Brotany


Gomeh Island, one of the tourist destination


Intersection at becation city, one of the metropolitan city in western brotania (brotania is a province of great brotany)


Tram at the Eastern Brotania, yuu-huu! tram stops outside your house


Still at Eastern of Brotania, tramways on the avenue... fantastico!


BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) on the Province of Sukapadi, North side of Great Brotany.

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