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Ettlebrook's County Story

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Break Update #2

Ettlebrook County

A Whole New Region!

For the past couple months this city journal has been very idle, but that is about to change!

I've started a whole new region for Ettlebrook county, and using SC4Terraformer I've created a custom map, here is a little information about the map.

  • 12x12 Large City Tiles
  • Large Lake
  • Small "Mountain" / "Hill" Chain
  • Oceanside City Tiles
  • River
  • Many Small Streams
  • Islands
  • A Few Sink Hole

Now, there is a list of things I am hopefully going to include in the region, a few of them are listed below.

  • A High Speed Rail system, using the "High Speed Rail Project" MOD found on the LEX
  • A USA Style of Highways, Interstates, and County Roads, using the "Real Highway" MOD found on the LEX
  • A INTERCITY Express System connecting my larger cities
  • A very developed rail system designed after railway systems near my home town of De Smet, used both for Passenger and Freight travel. (Using the NAM-RAM Railway Addon Mod" found on the LEX
  • My #1 Goal is to have a realistic working and looking region, which means some city tiles will be just farm fields, leaving little to showcase.

​Here is the thing about my city journal, I'm going to use it as if it were a showcase of the county through time starting and staying in the idea that it is the 1990's-2000's. And it'll kinda work like every time you read an entry it's as if it were a trip to the museum of the town/city/area showcased and you were reading off an exhibit. This in mind there will also be a counterpart to the city journal where it will be a journal of what the mayor or appointed person of the showcased region would keep about what has happened to the city/town/area.


What would you add to either list I have presented to you? I want your input!

UNTIL NEXT TIME, JKRMC SIGNING OFF! (Not really, I never sign out on my personal computer.


OH, I almost forgot, I wrote this all while listening to a song, the specific song being "Shake Tramp - Marianas Trench". If you are not against swear words, you should listen to this song!


Break Update #1

Lately I've been on break from the CJ, further developing my future plans for both the City Journal and other stuff that is keeping me off my computer.

I've been really interested in sea side cities lately. Especially the bigger port cities. (Examples such as Miami, Florida, New York, New York, and Sydney, Australia. They are beautiful and have a lot of potential. I've been experimenting with many sea side plugins, mods, and lots for sea side development and I've created some really cool sea side cities. Although I have no pictures to show as I deleted the cities before I realized "OH CRAP, I NEED THOSE!".

Right now I plan on making some really cool cities with a Sea Side GLR Line and extensive Sea Side development with both boardwalks, beaches, and of course industrial/commercial ports. Currently I'm working on a way to make a branch line off a main GLR commuter line that will travel from one side of the map to the other following the coast and ports. Allowing tourist, citizens, and people who work on/around the beach to get to work in a fast, easy to use GLR system.

I think it'd be pretty nice to see a little tram running on it's little own line separating the city from the coast line.

That's all I have for now. other than the question of the entry!

(This was all written with the best song ever blasting through my headphones, Fer Sure by The Medic Droid!)


"If you had to choose between Sim City 4 or Cities XL which game would you buy and why?"


I've been given instructions on how to properly upload images. (Thanks to those who gave them!)

I plan on continuing the City Journal in the future, but in between this time right now were I'm experimenting with PLUGINS and ways of developing cities and when I decide that I'm secure with the way I'm going to operate my CJ there will be very few updates. (Yes, I'm acting like I have a huge audience... ) I plan on uploading entries of different things I'm experimenting on that I think work really well or are for sure going to be used in the CJ.

Now, here comes that part that I've been anticipating to write.

I plan on making Ettlebrook Count a relatively developed area, with one or two major metropolis(s) with many towns or small farming communities. A majority of the land will be terraformed in a sensible, realistic, but very lively manor. With a major mountains system relatively close to the Ocean Coast. along with one or two river(s). Right now my plan is to have the Ocean Coast & Coastal Lowlands & Mountains near the Eastern part of the region with lots of rolling prairies and rivers to the west with the middle of the region having many lakes and streams. I think it will be an interesting place to build a city and with it being completely homemade, no downloaded regions it'll make this CJ just that much more unique.

I also plan on slowly turning the way I operate this CJ from the impractical way of asking for suggestions to being just a city journal from the point of views of the County Council (basically what I mean is that I'll have different sections in each entry, one for each city supervisor (7 in total), they will each give their opinions and suggestions (completely made up by me). The Council are the people on the city council of the actual game, along with the extra one, me, the County Seat Chairman). I'm changing this because I realized that you everyone would always give their suggestions/comments on the city whether or not I encourage it (I thought that using the community in the story line would be a lot of fun, but it'd be a hastle and after thinking about it for a while it makes no sense). I'm still going to give a list of my favorite comments on that last entry, a "Questions of the Entry" and credits to those whose ideas I have used but instead of acting as if the community is a part of the County Council I figure this would be much easier and make much more sense. At least it makes a lot of sense in my head.

Well, that's really all I have for now, cya guys in the next entry!

QUESTION OF THE ENTRY! "I need suggestions on everything and anything, so heave 'em at me! No suggestions is stupid! I want anything you guys think it'd be nice to see in a CJ!"

As of right now credits for my CJ are 0 other than the instructions on how to upload images, which I mentioned in the top of this entry, but I'll add to this when needed.


Rilikopen - County Seat



Rilikopen was established in 1898 as a small hub of transportation. It was used as the main intersection of the East Wood Railway and the Pinestreet Cross-County Trail. With a population of just under 13,000 it is home to the County Seat of Ettlebrook. Being Ordained the County Seat in 1902, a year after Ettlebrook was ordained a County, it has slowly grown the the quaint little town of 150 to the thriving city of Rilikopen. The current serving mayor, Bill Johensen, has recently been voted one of the top ten political figures in Ettlebrook. Being a good friend of mine he has been making Rilikopen a great place to live with very little disturbances to say otherwise.


(A City Wide View of Rilikopen)


Listed from Right to Left,

Rilikopen Court House

Rilikopen City Hall

Ettlebrook County Center

This block is the Political Center for the whole city, and most of Ettlebrook. Right now it is recovering from a windstorm that had blown junk all over the city, as you can see most of the cleaned junk from the block is in the back parking lot of City Hall waiting for re-location to the City Junk Yard.


This is the Construction Lot being readied for the to-be-built Rilikopen City Center. This building will house everything from a City Pool to a Convention Center. It's currently being worked on and is set to be finished in five years. If the current plan to build this saves room a new City Hall, County Seat, and City Courthouse will be built to.


This is the Rilikopen Industrial Park. It is a new addition to the city with many zoned areas waiting to be developed. The Rilikopen Power Plant is housed here. Heavy Pollution and many hateful comments on the pollution are coming from the citizens of Rilikopen and a Cleaner-Air Ordinance is being voted on by the City Council and Air Filters are being planned to be built in hope to keep Ettlebrooks air a cleaner blue.


This is the major on ramp of Ettlebrook's interstate I-90 and Rilikopen's Herriting Avenue. The heavy traffic that comes with being a hub of transportation of Ettlebrook had annoyed the citizens living near the Interstate and highway sound-barriers were constructed about a year back. A project to renew them and expand them is being planned.


This is Rilikopen's own, SSDSC, Southern South Dakota State College. Outside of the College you can see the Plots of land used for Farming Sciences, and the Farmers Market used by both the College Farm Students and Farmers in the Rilikopen Area.


This is the Rilikopen School District, home to the Rilikopen Twisters. This School District is very well known for its size, but its reputation for Athletics and other Extra Curricular activities is that of a libraries.


The Cresent Hill Lake. A large lake nestled inbetween the Cresent Hill and Rilikopen Bay.


Rilikopen's main Fright Rail Station. This Rail station is the largest of its kind in Ettlebrook. Although even being large a new one is being planned because of over capacity. Most of the richer industrial firms in Rilikopen use the Rail way as a way of export and import of goods.


Rilikopen's Junk Yard and Recycling Center. This is where all the trash of Rilikopen ends up. Each and every little bit is either burned or recycled. Recently neighboring cities have been asking to import their waste to the city for disposal. Voting for the agreement or disagreement of the deal is being discussed now by the City Council. Most environmentalist say yes, they think it'll beautify the rest of the county, our financial officers say no, it would be more money spent in road repairs because of the high amount of trucks and burning the garbage and recycling it would cost more. Right now its a back and forth battle between yes and no.


Rilikopen's Passenger/Commuter Rail Station, this rail station is one of the smaller ones in the county because of low usage. Most people drive or take a bus through Rilikopen. Fright Trains dominate the tracks here in Ettlebrook.


Rilikopen's Memorial Tower. This tower built in 1904 is a tourist attraction and great pit stop for travelers. It's the tallest building in Rilikopen and from ontop you can see for miles and miles in almost any direction, although Cresent Hill blocks out the North-East View.


Rilikopen's Civic Center. It houses the Local Police Dept. , Fire Dept. , Emergency Service Dept. , and of course the cities Courthouse, City Hall, and County Center.


Hope you enjoyed your stay here in Rilikopen, see you next time in Rilikopen part 2, the expansion and improvement section.

QUESTION OF THE ENTRY: How do you guys like it so far? This is my second City Journal, my first serious one where I actually plan to not start over every five days and I'm really interested in what you think! Remember, you guys are part of the City Council to, so give feedback and suggestions for the region/towns.


I'm creating this city journal in a fashion that I'm the Head Adviser of the county of Ettlebrook and you, citizens of Simtropolis, are my secondary advisers. What this means is that you will all help me in making the cities and towns of Ettlebrook the best they can be. How? By giving your input in to the comments of the city journal entries. Basically, I'm making an interactive City Journal. First off, suggestions made that are used, or are altered then used will be credited. I will listen to most suggestions as long as they are sensible and not in need of a huge plugin with four hundred different dependencies.

I'm hoping this will work out great and this City Journal will be the best thing I've ever done, so far.

Oh, and at the end of every entry I will be giving a question of the entry, which is a simple question, whether its asking for a name for a new town, or just asking how long most of you have been playing, it's just a friendly question.

Background on the County of Ettlebrook!

Founded: 1901

Region: South of Brookings County, South Dakota.

County CEO: Jeremiah K.

Main Industry: Farming

County Seat: (TO BE NAMED!)

County Population: ( N/A )

County Mascot: Peggy the Pine Tree!

QUESTION OF THE ENTRY! What should the County Seat (Capital City) be named?


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