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UCBNA Origins..

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All nations have stories of how they rise.... and eventually their downfalls. This particular story started more than 30years ago. Back before JMC was a super power it was an average blood sucking corporation like any other and Canada,Mexico,and the U.S.A were still sovereign nations.

Fall of the U.S.A Empire (Yes the U.S.A is somewhat an empire due to the fact it is in more than 150nations,waging multiple wars, and have over 900bases worldwide.)

America's downfall is very complex. Multiple wars,trillions of debt and failed policies eventually brougth the downfall of the U.S. With a staggering $15trillion of debt U.S dollars, the usd lost its place as the world's reserve currency as countless countries dumped their dollar reserves. Without this simple anomaly the U.S dollar would have collapsed years ago. Not long after this occured the stock market plummeted causing the greatest depression ever to be known in the us. Martial law,nationwide curfews,and austerity measures riled americans as millions protested in the street. JMCorporations being the riches corporation of the time offered to pay the entire us debt if they promise to pay it back. The U.S gov. quickly accepted this deal but little did they realize that they will eventually ended up in the same place they are now because the U.S government failed to change it's course and continued wars, and other policies which allowed this to happen this to happen in the 1st place. With no money left to pay back JMC,the U.S started handing over infastructure, government buildings, states, and the government itself. Once JMC was in power, all corporations and most bussinesses at that time were merged with JMC.US_National_Debt_Chart_2010.gif

Annexation of Canada

CEO John while satisfied with the takeover of America was still hungry for more. In the year 2018 he declared war against Canada. The war only lasted 2months before the Canadian govenment fell to U.S troops. Canada was then split into 45 different "states". All corporations and bussinesses based in Canada merged with JMC.


(Ignore the date the paper was printed)

War in the Southwest

Mexico increasing hostility with the U.S forced the JMC gov to go to war with Mexico. This bloody conflict lasted 5months with casualties reaching 400k. The capital of Mexico was captured and the rest country fell. Mexico was then divided into 55 different "states". All coporations and bussinesses based in Mexico was merged with JMC.

With Mexico,Canada,and the U.S unified CEO John decided to call this superstate UCBNA The United Corporations and Bussinesses of North America.This final expansion of the JMC Empire was the last straw for the global community. A resolution was passed stating that if JMC expands even more Russia,China, and European Union would go to war with the JMC gov. CEO John was forced to halt the UCBNA War machine for now............

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Uh oh... If UCBNA gets greedy, China, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc. etc. etc. are in BIG trouble<img src="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif" alt=":thumb:" class="bbc_emoticon">

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[quote name='hahei' timestamp='1319442816']
Uh oh... If UCBNA gets greedy, China, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand etc. etc. etc. are in BIG trouble&lt;img src=&quot;http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/44.gif&quot; alt=&quot;:thumb:&quot; class=&quot;bbc_emoticon&quot;&gt;

Hehehe don't worry,I have no plans in invading anyone's country. I really don't want to wage war with the nations found in Simtropolis :bunny:

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