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About this City Journal

A normal US city located on a river...

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Bangor has its commerce, bustling streets, and tall skyscrapers, but it also has a fun side. Aquariums to parks and stadiums to eating. These are the places where sims can relax, hangout, and spend their hard-earned simoleons.

This is Delta Stadium, home of the Bangor Deltas. On the riverfront, but facing the city.


This is the local Sean M. Ellis Aquarium, near the waterfront, east of downtown.


This is John Wells Park, a park just west of downtown across I-40. This is a popular biking destination, because its the start of the LaSalle Watershed Trail. Bangor-Oct172171315785433.png

What do we have here? A military demonstration from Walker AFB...


The St. Shaun Cathedral was the first church built in Bangor, and the tallest structure for 11 years. Now it is the tomb of Priest James Shaun and one great tourist trap.


The Toyota Center is the only place for basketball in Bangor. Bangor-Jan182171315783005.png

This and the nearby hockey rink bring in allot of customers, so small businesses are taking advantage. Bangor-Feb242201315791346.png

The waterfront (Not to be confused with riverfront, which is a boardwalk along Front Street) is the place where families can come and eat over the water or play at the park. This is the home of the annual Taste of Bangor. Also, a small freight station sits and ships out goods by rail from the few remaining factories from the 1800's.


This is one of the two massive arenas of the civic center. I would let you guys name it, but I am afraid HSBC pays rights to the name. :read:Bangor-Apr12171315783686.png

If you have any questions I will answer them with an entry. ;)


PART 2: Downtown Bangor

This is downtown Bangor, the heart of all commerce. With freeways flanking from three sides and skyscrapers aplenty, whats not to love about this?


At night...


From the west...


Little closer look...


Shopping District...


This is City Hall. It is flanked by municipal buildings all surrounding a central plaza. The Bangor Museum of Fine Arts is also right across Market Street.


This is the Bangor Police Department. It houses dispatch, administration, detective offices, and more.


This is the Sam Rhodes Bridge. It is a cable-stayed bridge and carries I-40 across the LaSalle River. Its is named after the designer, Samuel Rhodes, who fell from one of the towers with a strong gust of wind. RIP Sam.


This is the main library in Bangor. Its is on bustling 14th St and has a wide variety of old to new books. It has a section of books for how to be a Simtropolis administrator. Essential for the sim mind.


The Bangor Convention Center, right on the riverfront for an easy picnic after a long day of "business".


A simple map of the Bangor Metropolitan Transit light rail system.


Hoped you liked. :thumb: If you have any questions or concerns or image requests, I will create an entry answering these. 8)


PART 1: Ellis (Suburb)

This is Ellis, a suburb directly south of downtown Bangor, across the LaSalle River. it features its own light rail station, a power hub that feeds into Bangor, and a sizable downtown. Bangor-Oct202201315793185.png

This is downtown Ellis, from the north. Bangor-Apr152201315791942.png

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