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Residential Population: 11,069,863 | Commercial Population: 6,397,692 | Industrial Population: 4,381,738

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Port Jebel Ali

Welcome to Port Jebel Ali, the shipping headquarters for the region! To start, the Port Authority Headquarters:


Click image for larger copy.

Next we have a slice of the business district. A super cluster of skyscrapers surround the Port Authority Headquarters and the Port Authority Bridge.


Click image for larger copy.

Just north of the business district is a cluster of posh supertall condominiums to house the local executives. It's reportedly just as expensive to live here as it is on most of the islands.


Last, but certainly not least, is a portion of the port itself. This is the largest and principal container shipping port for not only Dubai, but the region as a whole. It has more gross tonnage than all other ports in the nation combined.





Welcome to the district of Ajban! This is a small low-income industrial work camp. It has about 126,000 Sims and extensive industry. Due to the nature of this settlement, it is on the far inland edge of Dubai. Out of sight, out of mind for the wealthier coastal Sims. The Mosaic above shows a nice cross section of the industrial, commercial, and residential.

Here is a closer look at the living quarters for the labourers.



Palm Jebel Ali

I have decided to start working on the Palm Jebel Ali.


It is encircled by the Waterfront. At this time, only the trunk has been developed. The majority of the islands will contain low density residential in medium and high wealth with some hotels/commercial. I have also taken note of a previous mention of there being too many American buildings, so I have combed both the STEX and LEX (as far back as 2004). Unfortunately, there is still a severe lack of Middle Eastern buildings but I was able to turn up a few. I will continue to look and would greatly appreciate any pointers in finding new appropriately-styled buildings! With that out of the way, here is an overview from the Region Census. Here is a closer-in image of part of the trunk. Mostly high wealth villas with a library and a couple small offices.


Here is the trunk with some of the palm fronds. The image is a little jerky because the Palm covers 4 large city tiles so I "stitched" the lower two so we can see the entire developed portion in a single frame.


I would welcome input from anyone who has ideas on how the fronds should be laid out. All the decent Middle Eastern-style residential lots I could find are either 5x5 or 4x5, which isn't easy to use on narrow diagonal fronds. If I can learn how to re-lot and make them functional and growable I may do that, but I doubt I will have the time. It would be nice to have each of the units shown in the closer shots as 1x2 lots.


Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is mostly a residential and commercial hub with just a small dash of industrial. It has an approx population of 1.6 million Sims.


Here we have a small portion of the Sheikh Zayed Road corridor. The most notable landmark is of course the Burj Khalifa. Below is the same area at night.


Below is the Dubai Media City. This is a small subdivision within Emirates Hills. All the major television networks have their international or regional headquarters in this area due to it being declared an "Economic Free Zone" for media companies. This means significant tax breaks and increased operating freedom for the companies. To the right is the ring road Emirates Freeway.


Below is another section of coastline along Sheikh Zayed Road. The coastal area has many luxury villas with large open spaces. Because it's a narrow strip and its proximity to the business centres, a lot of executives call this area home.




Waterfront is a large artificial archipelago this is designed to be a self-contained "city within a city".


One can theoretically live, work, and play without ever leaving the islands. Our first image is a general overview of the islands and the intended purposes of each. Green marks residential, blue commercial, and yellow industrial. Unmarked areas are still being decided. The green zones are referred to as the Residential Ring and the chain of blue islands near the centre comprises Commerce City. The industrial zones have yet to be named. The waterfront includes the crescent and all the islands closer ashore. The Palm Jebel Ali and the mainland are not included.


These will be approximate due to the fact that I am not using the square city boundaries the game dictates. The Waterfront is comprised of several large tiles.

Residential Population: Approx 1.8 million | Commercial Population: Approx 1.1 million | Industrial Population: Approx 600,000

A Closer Look


This is the Nakheel Centre. It hosts a football stadium as well as the headquarters of Nakheel Properties. Nakheel Properties is the company that has developed several of the islands including the entire Waterfront System.


We call this the Spaghetti Interchange (Interchange No 2). It links the principal coastal highway - Sheikh Zayed Road to the Waterfront Parkway. This is also the principal road and rail link from the mainland onto the crescent.


Here is a cross section of the Residential Ring (top left) and one of the Commerce City Islands (lower right). This area is still under heavy development.


Some more of Commerce City and Airport Island. Also a small corner of the Industrial Islands (a name is still being decided - feel free to chime in with suggestions). An aside, I cannot get my airport to upgrade. It's at 245,000 of 287,000 capacity and I still don't get the option. Ideas?


This is a region that is inspired by the real-world city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have used a map that includes all the current artificial islands (e.g. The Palm Jumeirah) as well as the many proposed islands (e.g. Dubai Waterfront). This city journal will not be chronological. Instead, each district will have its own category. This introduction page will be regularly updated with most recent regional image, statistics, and map. I will also keep a table of contents with links to all entries here. If you click on the "Districts" category, it will take you to each of the individual entries as well. If you click on the "READ ME FIRST" category, it will of course take you back to this entry.

I also want to stress the point that this region is inspired by the city of Dubai and is not a recreation. I am using a terrain that includes all the current islands as well as many more that are still on the drawing board. In addition, I have many BATs and landmarks from the real city. The layout of the region (roads, infrastructure, zoning, building placement, local names, etc) are entire my own invention.

Table of Contents

Regional Image and Statistics as of 25th March, 2011

Residential Population: 11,069,863 | Commercial Population: 6,397,692 | Industrial Population: 4,381,738



I will have a better map once I can dig up the cool photoshop tutorial that was posted in the forums a long time ago.



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