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principat d'oc

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About this City Journal

.this is a natural-growth synoecism evolving in a parallel universe that, oddly enough, resembles the southern french countryside.

Entries in this City Journal

kolnikov inc

im using the black sand mod for its inshore textures but i use ploppable sand to create variations. i also use Peg's PPond kit to carve the shorelines and its ploppable water to create the illusion of depth. if any one would like a tutorial on this shoreline method i would be more then happy to make one.

also i will be making update to this journal although i am not continuing the original idea or premise of it. if this is inappropriate or you find it annoying i can hold off making updates until my next journal has been prepared.

..lastly, a note on color correction...the original color graphics of SC4 can seem quite dull and faded sometimes. so if you use ifranview try experimenting with the color correction option, you can get some really great effects. i wish i had known this when i made my first journal. heres a pic of my default color correction tab which i now use for all of my pics.


and now my progress on the shoreline:


a beach shot:


heres a shot of the breakwater..



kolnikov inc


..yeah this journal isnt playing out anymore..

.but, in the mean time, heres some pics of what ive been working on. it deals with terrain modification.


im using 'oppies canal' water mod.

the brigantine water mod, which alot of people use, isnt what im looking for..its too photo-realistic..

i want more of a satellite imaging look..


this is basically an experiment and its definitely not a finished product...i plan on using this technique for my next journal, so if you have any shoreline sculpting tips, let me know.


the picture above uses the black sand mod which creates these whitish inshore designs. it reminds me of satellite imaging of the massive port in the netherlands.

..i study satellite images almost as much as i actually play the game..if you dont have google earth i suggest you download it.

..scrolling aimlessly though europe i often find unique treasures like this:


kolnikov inc



Welcome to the Village of Auvernhat

Unfortunately the crops aren't growing very well this year and the duke of auvernhat has drawn the plans for a new ditch system that will bring water from the nearby river to the farmers of the village. the ditch is scheduled for completion in less then 5 planting seasons. However this is not possible without the cooperation of the village of gason which lies on the opposite side of the river.

The duke of gascon knows that if the ditch is built it will deplete the sacred canals which are vital to the religious and economic prosperity of his village. The duke of gascon has refused cooperation with auvernhat and with permission of the high priests has rallied troops.

the duke of auvernhat sees that war is inevitable and begins a religious propaganda campaign in order to justify his war.


..the church..


..whole village..







...the duke of gason can be seen in the picture above at the bottom right with blue robe, he is killed minutes later...


the last of the gasconian troops can be seen here fleeing from the auvern pikemen.....it is a decisive victory for the duke of auvernhat and with the subjugation of gason the construction of the ditch will proceed on schedule.

kolnikov inc

.the village.

Basically this is a natural growth journal depicting the conglomeration of small villages into a larger united principality.

pi30.jpg       < these are the current statistics for the first two villages. (these figures will expand)


i am using CAM and i am blocking all maxis content.

i also have 1.30 gb in my plug-in folder so i will not be providing links but i will tell you what to search for upon request.

also please note that i have NOT done any custom lotting.


my main goal is to understand and control the growth and traffic mechanisms of the game.im also concerned with presenting the city as a work of art.  'photo-realism' however, does not encapsulate my objectives. instead, i'm trying to be conscious of SC4 as an art medium.

-for now i will be taking a rural approach using principles of natural growth.

i am using this map as inspiration for the names of villages but i am not recreating the region or any of the towns..im just using it as a basis.



the places shown here come from a parallel universe with its own mythological tradition. it is fictional and belongs to a realm of fantasy..

this is a typical clear night sky


..fog descends on the people of gascon..





A NOTE CONCERNING COMMENTS: questions, requests and comments are all welcomed but please do not suggest any changes in the layout or choice of buildings...because im not going to change anything..im just going to delete your comment.

kolnikov inc

..a church..

an early morning sun rises over the church and the ancient canals that locals claim were built in pre-history by the creator god known as lord sozinho.


along side the church are the sacred groves which yield mysterious substances that are consumed only by the high preists..

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