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About this City Journal

My First Journal :D: The journal of Survivors that formed a nation in 2100 due to the Massive land wipeout of the 2098 Global Shift Disaster.

Entries in this City Journal


Garbage was building and people were pissed while mayor had no choice but to build a dump, people displeased and Jones upset  but he had an idea "WE'LL  MAKE ANOTHER CITY!" As the citizens applaud and shout with glee he stands firm and still as he thinks about the other city.

So after that Dr. Seuss poem there let's take a bright look. The garbage was buidlnig and citizens were upset about the area looknig liek it was a dump. so the Mayor decided to create a city on the other side of the island. Problem? How would they get there? So he came up with an idea. The CIR (Columbis Island Railway) it'll ship goods, garbage and people there. The city will be a tranportation hub for Tobacco and cars from Penahog. What woudl this city be called? While we can't call our new safest neighbourhood (Duplx Rows) a city so they took the richest which is Becou and it's called Becou City.

Wanna helicopter shot of Becou?


Main Industry: Dirty

Main Housing: R$

Main Employer: Trade and Garbage.

Notice the rail in the cities centre. That's the CIR that stops at Becou and comes from Penahog (It will go north in the future) the Railyard is in Penahog which will be centre along with the future airport and Industry there (for short commute).


That's what the railyard looks like in Penahog Southside

BTW Due to mass amonut of Penahog Power Plant workers Naturalia went from houses to apartments and is now called Banks for misunderstanding of the name.

Here's Naturalia before:


This is it now as the Condo District:


The price of an apartment is $230/m but at a benefit of perfect security and suprisingly low crime. (Second lowest in Penahog) the con is low-level 1 (L1 outta L15) Acidic Rain levels (not enough to even do minor damage but can irrate the skin if overs 6G lands on your skin).

BTW The city has a Main St. now and a area called Rail Rows:


This area alone creates $356,000 of the cities $$$ and has a reputation of cleaniness and diversity.

so on to the TU (Tobacco Update)

Citizens used to have to make their own Cigars but not anymore!

Welcome to the biggest employer in the city and home the world's best cigars.


Cubana Culumbo Cigar co. Factory Plant home to 829 employees!

Now welcome to the most dangerous part of Penahog:


Avena Block. It holds 67% of Penahog's crime and gives the least money. Looks nice. But the Columbo Mafia want's ownership of the land so they will kill anyone who dares live there. But likely the Penahog Police Force is helping lower crime.

The GM Retrovision is now 5yrs old and has sold their 4000th Unit!

That's $105.2M for Gratiot Motors and the company is still growing strong.


Amizmar City

New Update:

Some fresh survivors have jsut come in and one of them has reported world-class natural fertile Tobacco soil on the island north of Columbis (Mt. Amizmar). So 2 sciencetists travel by helicopter to the area and were about to study until they found this...


An ancient city from the most recent thing being from 1567AD. The Sciencetists didn't know the name of the city so they walked around. the place was more deserted then a pine tree in the Arctic. It was lovely and they didn't understand how the place was so deserted. The sciencetists informed the Mayor and ES Vassela Jones about the place and they grabbed some boats and drove to the docklands. After walking around for awhile they found this:


It was a statue. It read: 

                                                           1457AD - 1567AD
Here lies Saviour Covejana Yukol for the defending of our humble city known as Amizmar City against the savages known as the British Empire. He is the man of Hokgaw (Amizkuku for bravery and freedom) and shall be with us forever.

So the British and his death must have something to do with this?

Anways, so they traveled around abit longer and BAM!


They find something that looks like a City Hall District. "How were the Amizkuku so farpaced and intelligent? Is this why they started settling in Penahog because of this? This place is so wonderful and brings out such good feelings."

The townhall had a plaque saying "Here is the Empire Hall which the Amizkuku were using to grow an Empire an Amiz Empire, but then siezed by the Brits.

They walked to the right from the now called Empire District  Finding...;...


A small Lighthouse. Nothing special.

So they walk to the Docklands to fly and drive home but stop at the Workers Hall.

Looks like the Amizkuku really care for their workers. It's got a bar, Staple for horses, Fireplace, Dance Club, Cigar Carts and an everlasting aroma called Maple Lash Smoke. There's two options that they could of thought of:

- They went from settlement to tribe or vice versa.

But Vassela saw something north it was fancy, pretty big and had books.


HA! Thought it was a library wasn't it? Nope, it's the Covejana Arts and Sciences College. Wanna here something special about this city? It's 100% free (Other then rooms).

Did you know that Isaac Newtons father studied here?

So now it's off to the Docklands to go back to Penahog, but there's one problem. There's an argument.

the sciencetists say to plow it down for the tobacco and world-class soil, ES Vassela Jones syas use it as a Reserve and the Mayor says to put a wall another it and make it a reserve.

So here's the options

A) Sciencetists: Plow down the city for the rich soil. (Costs alot of money, but will have more space for growing tobacco.)
B) ES Vassela Jones: Turn it the whole island to a Reserve. (Free other then a Reserve Forces)
C) Mayor Grek: Wall the city and turn ONLY the city to a Reserve but have the rest of the island for tobacco growing. (Allows the farmers to view an ancient city, Penahog gets $$$ and citizens can travel by boat there.)

it's your pick my follow readers. so pick wisely!

INSPIRED BY: Nuclear550


Penahog City

The mayor did it! He got enough votes and the Amizkuku Refuge Station is now Penahog City. (Amizkuku for "by the big blue sea and tall faithfull hills.") It's now 2103 July, 1st and it's now declared "The Day of Rescue and Freedom, or Survivor Day."

Shall we get started on the Updates?

City Population: 1,580


This is Duplex Rows the houses are owned by the Super 8 Motel (Bottom of pic.) It houses over 50 residents and is has the lowest pay per/month then anywhere in the city.

Wanna know the pay/month? $145p/m


This is the St. Gratiot Catholic Church. It's 2650sqft.

3% (47) of the city attends the church while 10% (158) are Catholics/Christians


Atheistic/Agnostics/Athiestic Religons (Buddhist, Shinto etc) 53% (837)

Amizaka: 25% (395)

Muslim: 11% (174)

Catholic/Christian 10% (158)

Other: 1% (16)


As you can see R$$ is now a majority as Manufacturing and Commercial is allowing for R$$. Mid-wealth Residential now generates $431,500p/m and the neighbourhood your currently looking at is the safest holding virtually no crime (Ony serious crime was attempted burglary.) It's called Becou [bay-coo] (Amizkuku for "by the sand and trees') The majority of this neighbourhood is actually Amizkuku with only 30% being white and a 4% being black and other races.


This is the Main District holding the Penahog City Hospital. Desernia Truck Factory and the Super 8 Motel. This district generates $456,000p/m in taxes and renevue.


This is the PUF Project (Penahog Urban Forest Project) by Enviromental Supervisor Vassela Jones and accepted by Mayor Grek Jokakulo.

Now.. Welcome to Naturalia!!!


Isn't what you we're expecting was it? It's because due to CEO Greg "Greedy" Banks of the Penahog Power Plant he put in poor housing and infrastructure for the benefit of extremely short commute time and cheap rent ($269p/m). it was formerly supposed to be a Nature Reverse but Greg Banks offered the city $1.6M in money and benefits for housing in the area, the most commom crime is Assault and the least common is Burglary (Because Greg Banks implanted top-notch security systems to save money because of the Replacement Insurance).

The new income of the city?

Income: 1,670,320p/m

R$: $74,212 (4%)

R$$: $431,500 (26%)

Power: $6,000 (0.3%)

Industry: $730,500 (43%)

Commercial: 228,100 (14%)

PUF: $8p/m (0%)

Tobacco: $132,400 (8%)

Other: 77,600 (4.7%) 

PS: Fellow Canadians: HAPPY CANADA DAY! 39.gif39.gif39.gif

PSS: The GM Retrovision sold their 1,000 UNIT!

That's $26.3M for GM in a city of 1,580!

INSPIRED BY: Nuclear550


The city is brighter and getting better. The city has reached 1,455 residents. Low-class roams most of the city unfortunately, but R$$ is racing up and hopefully with take majority. The Mayor Grek Jokakulo has been updating the Station and is considering turning it from a Refuge Station to a City. 


The Duplex Zone as you can see, is mostly low-class American class. Why? Well, most of the cities industrialists and carpenters are from Poor Europe and the poor parts of Southern USA.  


Lucky due to the nearby Cuban Survivors, the local tribe and NA Industrialists the city created the ARS Tobacco Fields and Processing Plant.

The tobacco fields brings in $5000 per month at a cost of $250 for maintenace each month. (That's $4750 income per month)


The ferry which brings in survivors and rescue boats [(AKA the ARSS) Amizkuku Refuge Station Ships].


Thanks to Harry Gratiot too, for bringing in 720 jobs in the city and being one of the best Car Makers in the world of TODAY! GM is currently working on the GM Retrovision


Nice car isn't it?

200km to the gallon,

Uses minimal battery power with Dual LED Lightbulbs. 

Uses all-terrain recycable rubber tires and.....

Looks Retro!

Cost: $23,500 plus the 12% recovery tax that  the mayor implanted.


That makes the car $26320.

Last but not least...


As you can see thanks to GM R$$ is starting to move it and thanks to Enviromental Supervisor: Vassela Jones we are laos adding beauty to this city! 

What generates the most money for the city?

Cities Income: $980,000 per year.

GM: $257,000 (26%)

Duplexes: $53,410 (5%)

Power: $62,550 (6%)

Industrial Park $255,700 (26%)

R$$: $2,340  (0.2%)

Taxes: $335,750 (34%)

Gas$: $15,250 (2.8%)


The survivors have landed and are creating the Amizkuku Refuge Station (ARS), (In name of the local tribe)


The ARS Industrial Park (ARSIP)



2 days ago it was home to mostly Hispanic and South Americans, is now housing North Americans.

Population: 744

Hispanic: 275 (37%)

White: 231 (31%)

Asian: 34 (5%)

Black: 51 (6%)

Other: 153 (21%)

Total:  744 (100%)

Last but not least:


The Amizkuku Power Plant.

Energy Source: Natural Gas

Note: I know this was a fast update :P


One of the only areas in South America to survive due to the 2098 Global Shift Disaster [(209/GSD) Worldwide Tsunami] caused by the August 2097 10.0 SA Fault Earthquake. Now being formed as a nation for survivors and people already living there.

Here's a picture of Desernia


You can't see any houses because the people already living there are the tribe members of Desern Amizkuku (Des-ern*A-Miz-ku-ku) tribe.

The two islands are:

- Mt. Amizmar (A-miz-mar) Island (Small Island)

- Columbis Island (Large Island)

It's your choice now should we build on Mt. Amizmar or Columbis?

Next up: Survivors say "LAND HOOOO!"

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