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Penahog City

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The mayor did it! He got enough votes and the Amizkuku Refuge Station is now Penahog City. (Amizkuku for "by the big blue sea and tall faithfull hills.") It's now 2103 July, 1st and it's now declared "The Day of Rescue and Freedom, or Survivor Day."

Shall we get started on the Updates?

City Population: 1,580


This is Duplex Rows the houses are owned by the Super 8 Motel (Bottom of pic.) It houses over 50 residents and is has the lowest pay per/month then anywhere in the city.

Wanna know the pay/month? $145p/m


This is the St. Gratiot Catholic Church. It's 2650sqft.

3% (47) of the city attends the church while 10% (158) are Catholics/Christians


Atheistic/Agnostics/Athiestic Religons (Buddhist, Shinto etc) 53% (837)

Amizaka: 25% (395)

Muslim: 11% (174)

Catholic/Christian 10% (158)

Other: 1% (16)


As you can see R$$ is now a majority as Manufacturing and Commercial is allowing for R$$. Mid-wealth Residential now generates $431,500p/m and the neighbourhood your currently looking at is the safest holding virtually no crime (Ony serious crime was attempted burglary.) It's called Becou [bay-coo] (Amizkuku for "by the sand and trees') The majority of this neighbourhood is actually Amizkuku with only 30% being white and a 4% being black and other races.


This is the Main District holding the Penahog City Hospital. Desernia Truck Factory and the Super 8 Motel. This district generates $456,000p/m in taxes and renevue.


This is the PUF Project (Penahog Urban Forest Project) by Enviromental Supervisor Vassela Jones and accepted by Mayor Grek Jokakulo.

Now.. Welcome to Naturalia!!!


Isn't what you we're expecting was it? It's because due to CEO Greg "Greedy" Banks of the Penahog Power Plant he put in poor housing and infrastructure for the benefit of extremely short commute time and cheap rent ($269p/m). it was formerly supposed to be a Nature Reverse but Greg Banks offered the city $1.6M in money and benefits for housing in the area, the most commom crime is Assault and the least common is Burglary (Because Greg Banks implanted top-notch security systems to save money because of the Replacement Insurance).

The new income of the city?

Income: 1,670,320p/m

R$: $74,212 (4%)

R$$: $431,500 (26%)

Power: $6,000 (0.3%)

Industry: $730,500 (43%)

Commercial: 228,100 (14%)

PUF: $8p/m (0%)

Tobacco: $132,400 (8%)

Other: 77,600 (4.7%) 

PS: Fellow Canadians: HAPPY CANADA DAY! 39.gif39.gif39.gif

PSS: The GM Retrovision sold their 1,000 UNIT!

That's $26.3M for GM in a city of 1,580!

INSPIRED BY: Nuclear550

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DCMetro34 (Reply): Thanks
Wakita_OK_Boy (Reply): No, it includes Sciencetology, Judaism, Pastafarian, Sikhism, Bahai, Jainism etc...
B3Rm47 (Reply):  Appreciate It! :)
Guibanez_ (Reply): Thank you very much!

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