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Amizmar City

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New Update:

Some fresh survivors have jsut come in and one of them has reported world-class natural fertile Tobacco soil on the island north of Columbis (Mt. Amizmar). So 2 sciencetists travel by helicopter to the area and were about to study until they found this...


An ancient city from the most recent thing being from 1567AD. The Sciencetists didn't know the name of the city so they walked around. the place was more deserted then a pine tree in the Arctic. It was lovely and they didn't understand how the place was so deserted. The sciencetists informed the Mayor and ES Vassela Jones about the place and they grabbed some boats and drove to the docklands. After walking around for awhile they found this:


It was a statue. It read: 

                                                           1457AD - 1567AD
Here lies Saviour Covejana Yukol for the defending of our humble city known as Amizmar City against the savages known as the British Empire. He is the man of Hokgaw (Amizkuku for bravery and freedom) and shall be with us forever.

So the British and his death must have something to do with this?

Anways, so they traveled around abit longer and BAM!


They find something that looks like a City Hall District. "How were the Amizkuku so farpaced and intelligent? Is this why they started settling in Penahog because of this? This place is so wonderful and brings out such good feelings."

The townhall had a plaque saying "Here is the Empire Hall which the Amizkuku were using to grow an Empire an Amiz Empire, but then siezed by the Brits.

They walked to the right from the now called Empire District  Finding...;...


A small Lighthouse. Nothing special.

So they walk to the Docklands to fly and drive home but stop at the Workers Hall.

Looks like the Amizkuku really care for their workers. It's got a bar, Staple for horses, Fireplace, Dance Club, Cigar Carts and an everlasting aroma called Maple Lash Smoke. There's two options that they could of thought of:

- They went from settlement to tribe or vice versa.

But Vassela saw something north it was fancy, pretty big and had books.


HA! Thought it was a library wasn't it? Nope, it's the Covejana Arts and Sciences College. Wanna here something special about this city? It's 100% free (Other then rooms).

Did you know that Isaac Newtons father studied here?

So now it's off to the Docklands to go back to Penahog, but there's one problem. There's an argument.

the sciencetists say to plow it down for the tobacco and world-class soil, ES Vassela Jones syas use it as a Reserve and the Mayor says to put a wall another it and make it a reserve.

So here's the options

A) Sciencetists: Plow down the city for the rich soil. (Costs alot of money, but will have more space for growing tobacco.)
B) ES Vassela Jones: Turn it the whole island to a Reserve. (Free other then a Reserve Forces)
C) Mayor Grek: Wall the city and turn ONLY the city to a Reserve but have the rest of the island for tobacco growing. (Allows the farmers to view an ancient city, Penahog gets $$$ and citizens can travel by boat there.)

it's your pick my follow readers. so pick wisely!

INSPIRED BY: Nuclear550

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