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About this City Journal

A Pacific nation, just larger in area than the US state of Texas, The Republic of Ascadylea, is trying to make its mark on the world.

Entries in this City Journal


Every large City has a ghetto... This is Archades' "Hood", Brewster! Enjoy!



Shops along Brighton Avenue.


Some back-alley graffiti. Note the Brewster and Brighton Avenues El-Rail in the background.



The North Border of Brewster, 220th St.



The back-alley of Archades-Brewster High School


190th Street Station over Brewster Avenue. The Colorful building is the Brewster Theater.


The building of this ghetto with its negative effects sent Archades in to an uproar. My folks Rioted at every moment they had free. But they didn't riot in the Ghetto... they Rioted in the Wealthy sections....


Cardington Riots


Cardington Riots

Next update: Cardington, Picking up the pieces!


Today the ISC and the world spotlight will be on Taranobres, Ascadylea as they host the 20th ISC Session to determine who will be the next Simlympic Host!



The ISC arrive at Taranobres-Western Tiliconalopan International Airport


Black Town Cars whisk them to their Cliffside retreat, just north of the Downtown


Visitors enjoy fabulous shopping and dining on Ossining Street in Downtown


More shopping on Ossining Street


Take a tour of Rolecitiqua University. Ascadylea's most Prestigious University.

Now it's time for the ISC session at The Ketteringham Centre


Please Rise for the National Anthem of Ascadylea

Bouncy Knobbles, the winner of AINVision 2012.

We're doing the Ceremony a little differently... check out the live video below

First of all, thank you to our gracious hosts for holding the 20th ISC Session in your fair city of Taranobres. You've done a fantastic job and the ISC have thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

The ISC have completed the arduous task of evaluating each bid presented to us, and was very impressed by the quality of the bids. We congratulate all of the bidders for the Sixteenth Simlympiad, who truly are the life blood of the Simlympics. We know how much work is put into bidding and greatly appreciate the effort. We hope you gained from the experience and enjoyed bidding, even though there can only be one winner from many great bids.

When each bid is of such a high quality it makes the task of deciding a host very difficult for us. However, we have reached a decision, and it is my eternal pleasure in announcing that the Games of the Sixteenth Simlympiad will be held in the city of....


Congratulations! We all look forward to an incredible Simlympics, hosted by an incredible city!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to recognise the unsuccessful bidders. I can only imagine how hard it must be to come this close to hosting the games, but please don't be too downhearted - we encourage you to work to improve your cities and to bid again in the future.

Once again, congratulations to all and to all a good night!




Beautiful Downtown Taranobres.
A quaint Shopping District in the Borough of Alderney. The Taranobres Tram System, locally called "The T" can be seen in the foreground. The T, the only existing Tram System in Ascadylea, runs 24 hours a day.
The affluent neighborhood of Boleyn. Located to the south of Rolecitiqua University. The Mayor's Home is located in Boleyn.
Constantin Circle in the middle of the Borough of Melbourne.
This is a painting done by Taranobres' oldest resident. Luella Mae Terwilliger. Luella's work is featured in Art Galleries all over Ascadylea.
Ascadylea's most prestigious university. Rolecitiqua University.
The host hotel. The Taranobres Sheraton-Oceanview. Located on the craggy cliffs overlooking the Nova Lisboa Strait, this 5-star hotel, is one of the most luxurious in Western Tiliconalopan. The Sheraton is located just west of Downtown, on the Yellow Line tram.
Ketteringham Centre for the Performing Arts is Taranobres' premiere venue for classical entertainment. Located in Downtown Taranobres, The Kett Centre underwent a 7 million dollar renovation last year, and now it boasts a state of the art sound and lighting system, a rotating stage, complete with trap doors and harness rigging and it seats 5000.


The Royal City of Ascadylea or RCA as the locals call it, was founded on the banks of a lake that was the source of a major river nestled in a mountain cove. The natural stronghold seemed to be the perfect spot to settle and make a capital.




Ascadylea was born very healthy and lived a happy life. While she was growing up, her father and mother were busy. They had sent scouts through the new land they had discovered. The scouts returned with news of a pristine place nestled in the mountains that would be perfect for starting a settlement. They set out at once and after about a day's journey they reached a steep chasm. The bottom of the chasm flowed a river, and the scouts and natives said that the source of the river wasn't much further to the north. Following the the river to its source, Marquesas realized at once that this would be the perfect place for a city.


here are a few shots of the first city in Ascadylea, Islands of Rhodes in the State of Rhodes



Downtown Islands of Rhodes

PereguinQuay.jpgPereguin Quay Island

QuayIsland-IslandofRhodes.jpgSessen Quay Island

RhodesCenterMall.jpgRhodes Centre Mall and City Hall


Rhodes Park


The 5 Soon to be 6 Islands of Rhodes

TheColossusatRhodes.jpgThe Colossus at Rhodes Stadium home of the Islands of Rhodes Vortex





Ascadylea is a country in the North Pacific Ocean, just north of the Hawaiian Islands. It was founded by King Marquesas and his wife, Queen Charlotte in 1603. The King and Queen weren't royalty when they discovered this wild paradise, rather very learned Scholars from England who were presumed lost at sea when they didn't return from a scientific expedition to Australia.


When Marquesas and Charlotte, and the crew of their ship landed on the presumed deserted tropical paradise. They made a temporary settlement at the site on which now sits the City of Islands of Rhodes. It was on Rhodes that Charlotte fell very ill. Marquesas sent the crew onto the unexplored mainland to find anyone that may be able to help her.


The crew happened upon a native village not too far from the shore and brought the village elder to Rhodes. Immediately upon seeing Charlotte, he scooped her up and whisked her to the native village, where she later gave birth to a daughter, who she named Ascadylea.

Here are a couple of shots from Ascadylea's largest city, Sassechussetts



Downtown Sassechussetts


Home of the Sassechussetts Sentinels Football team (new SFL Expansion Team 2010)


City Hall Square


Emerald City Underground Mall/Macy's and Nordstrom. Featuring the Gay District. Sassechussetts and the rest of the country is tolerant of all races, creeds, religions, and sexual orientation. Gay Marriage is completely legal and it is no harder for a same sex couple to adopt a child, as apposed to a straight couple.


Sassechussetts Port


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