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About this City Journal

The largest city of the country Brodavia. The city has many suburbs. The official language in the city is german, though in Brodavia the official language is Brodavian. I would like to...

Entries in this City Journal


New photos of Terminal 4

Overview of Terminal 4


A closer look on the control tower


The Main Entrance and the Terminal Hall


The runway of Terminal 4 (the Westliche Bahn (West Runway)


An overview of Terminal 4 (without text)


I will update the other terminals of BIA also, so I expect a new entry about it and an update of page 2!

I appreciate comments!


Terminal 4 on Breser International Airport

Terminal 4 opened

The largest Terminal on Breser International Airport is opened today by the president of Brodavia. Thanks to this terminal the airport will almost double their capacity. The terminal will be one of the world's largest airport terminals. The capacity of the terminal is 84, so 84 airplanes can stand on the terminal at the same time. The terminal has got lots of retail stores and restaurants and other special features.

Airlines and their destinations

The following airlines fly on terminal 4, also their destinations are given:

- Singapore airlines: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

- United Airlines: Chicago, Denver, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles

- Northwest Airlines: Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis

- Cathay Pacific: Bangkok, Taipei

- KLM: Amsterdam

- Virgin Airlines: London

- British Airways: Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, London

- PanAm: Miami, New York


- The terminal has a capacity of 84 airplanes

- The terminal has 8 piers, pier 1 and 2 has got a capacity of 6 each and 3 till 8 has got a capacity of 12

- The terminal has got a new hall, which was not on the map on page 11 yet. Actually the terminal's design is whole else.

- The terminal was designed by the Brodavian architect Brodovan Warçtutski, who is one of the most famous architects of Brodavian.

- The Brodavian architect Warçtutski said about the building that it is 'krablisknov', which means in Brodavia something like 'overwhelming', that's why it's written on the roof in the new receiving hall.

- There are only Boeing 747's on Terminal 4.

- Mc Donald's is the most built restaurant in Terminal 4.

An overview of some piers, with NWA, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific airplanes


The main entrance of the terminal with the Breser International Airport Mass Transportation System Station (BIAMTS)


An overview of the the last piers, the Control Tower and the runway, with KLM, PanAm and British Airways planes


More photos will follow soon. I appreciate comments!


Update of Terminal 4 on BIA

Waiting on the opening

The construction is going well at the moment. However, it's not ready yet for the passengers to use. On the top of that, the CEO of the BAO, Heinrich Kaiser, said today that the terminal will not get a name if there are not enough votes. He pleased the people to vote for one of the 3 names on page 9 of this CJ.

For the opening of the terminal BIA is working on a new brochure for the airport, that will be revealed on the opening if the terminal. That means that the terminal will not open today, but on saturday, as Heinrich Kaiser said today. He apologized for this.


New map

Although BIA and the BAO can't reveal and open the terminal today, it has made a map of the future terminal. The group hopes it will give a kind of inducation of the final terminal. In the new brochure we want to add some new and other maps too. We hope it will give enough information of the airport.

The Breser Airport Organisation (BAO) for Breser International Airport Terminal 4



Breser - Donau-Ännamarkt


The next part that I will show now is the Donau-Ännamarkt. It's the most important commecial center of the city. Around the Ännamarkt is the residential part and around the Donaumarkt is the commercial part. Important Brodavian companies have there headquarters in this part of the city. Companies like Brodaskii Bank (Brodavian Bank), Inner (airplane makers), Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air (airlines), BZ Group (newspapers) and Srilâ (cars).


Around the Ännamarkt you can find a lot of residential buildings. But not only that. Also things like the Ännamarkt itself, the Old Harbour and the new Central Trainstation. On the Ännamarkt there is everyday a market which is famous of there Brodavian agricultural products. The herbs on the market are the most famous. The Old Harbour is reconstructed and is a museum now. The most famous thing is the replica of a ship of the Brodavian fleet: the Jovinç. The new Central Station is also in the Ännamarkt. At the moment there are ideas to renew the station.


The Donaumarkt is the most important business-part of the city. A lot of skyscrapers are built in the part. The most important buildings of the Donaumarkt are the Breser Messe (Breser Confention Center), the Breser Börse (Breser Stock Exchange) and the Breser Arena.

The Breser Messe is a world famous confention center in the middle of the Donaumarkt. The most famous confention of the year is the well-know TIUW-confention (Technologie In Unsere Welt: Technologie In Our World). A lot of companies show their products here. The Breser Börse is the most important building for the economy of Brodavia. The building is right on the Donaumarkt. The most famous building of the Donaumarkt is the building in the south of the city: the Breser Arena. The Breser Arena is the football stadium of Dinamo Breser, the best football club of Brodavia at the moment. The stadium has a capicity of 72.500. In the stadium are held a lot of concerts of famous bands and singers too, like the last years concerts of Phil Collins, Greenday and Beyoncé.

An overview of the Breser Arena


An overview of the Donaumarkt


The Ännamarkt


The Dunâ-Tower/Donau-Tower (Dunabe Tower)


The National Bureau of Bureaucraty on the Donaumarkt


The Breser Stock Exchange on the Donaumarkt


A closer view of the Donaumarkt, with on the right side the National Bureau of Bureaucraty


The Breser Messe (The Breser Conferention Center)


A view of the south side of the Donaumarkt quarter, with on the top a part of Sankt Bernd International Airport Donau-Ännamarkt, the Breser Arena, the Breser Messe and the Donaumarkt it self



Breser International Airport East: Terminal 4
The Breser Airport Organisation (BAO) announces expansion for Breser International Airport:
Breser International Airport East within Terminal 4 

The new expansion plan
Today the BAO announced a new expansion plan for Breser International Airport (BIA). CEO of the BAO, Heinrich Kaiser, presented the new plans in the Breser Messe at the Conference of Brodavian Tourism. The new plans will consist of a new terminal (Terminal 4), a new runway and a new commerce- or hotelpark. The new terminal will be the largest terminal of the airport and will almost fill all the possible space of BIA East. Only intercontinental flights will arrive and depart from the new terminal. An update will come soon, which in I will put the new photos, facts and a map of the new terminal.

The name of the new terminal
The name of the new terminal isn't chosen yet. For choosing the name I ask you to choose it. So, if you have read this, please comment the name you want. You can choose one of these names:

A: The Franz Austritz Terminal (Franz Austritz, a hero in the city, who made the city this rich and important)

B: The Mark Prinz Terminal (Mark Prinz, the current president of Brodavia, after he was the mayor of Breser)

C: The Brêsla-Dunâ Terminal (The south-east region of the city Breser (Brêsla-Dunâ means Breser-Danube in Brodavian) where the airport is)

On saturday I will pick the name that had been chosen the most, so I hope you all comment a lot!  


The terminal under construction


The main entrance of the terminal under construction



Brodavian languages

Daily communication words and phrases

Here follows a list with communication words and phrases which are easy and important to know for the communication in Brodavian:

- I'm sorry.

  Icki sias scuso.

- It doesn't matter.

  S njet sia rliçokov.

- I'm glad to meet you!

  Icki sias klia do trivar ti!

- Glad to meet you too!

  Klia do trivar ti ak!

- Excuse me, could you do me a favour?

  Vouzni scussan mi, to cani mi mackar uno flavo?

- Sure!

  Djorçl ti!

- Cheers!


- Where can I find the police station?

  Wu icki can prolar li station do poliçe?

- I'm hungry/thirsty.

  Icki av hunr/setç.

- I want fries/coffee.

  Icki wourl patato/kafâç.



The standard to make regular verbs:

Want - wourlar

I want - icki wourl

you want - to wourli

he/she/it wants - il/el/s wourla

we want - nouca wourlson

you want - vouzni wourlsan

they want - sil wourlâ

some other verbs:

to be - siar

to do - mackar

to have - avar

to can - canar

to go - getar

to find - prolar

to live - unar

to ask - dremar

to take - taçar

to give - givar

to forget - se mrlansar

If you've read this page please comment something about what you think about the language.


Breser - Wasserhof


The next quarter I will show is Wasserhof. Wasserhof had been built when Franz Austritz began the revolution against the Republic of Brodavia. The first building that was built was the Haus der Revolution (House of the Revolution) and the Revolutionplatz (Revolutionsquare) in front of the building. It was the first building where the government of the Balkan Empire settled. It's the most prestigious quarter of the city, with world famous museums and important buildings.

Haus der Revolution (House of the Revolution)

The building that had been built to lead the Balkan Empire in. Built by Franz Austritz, firstly to propagate his revolution and after the successful revolution to settle the parliament. However, it was a dictatorship, there was a parliament in the Balkan Empire. The parliament was settled in the Hause der Revolution for only 7 years, after which it moved to the Regierungshof (Court of the Government), some meters away of the Haus der Revolution. After the parliament moved to the Regierungshof, the Haus der Revolution became the cityhall of Breser. In front of the Haus der Revolution is the Revolutionplatz (Revolutionsquare). It's the square where parties were celebrated, for example after conquering a country by the Balkan Empire, or where well-known criminals or enemy leaders were executed. To remember Franz Austritz, Franz Austritz himself created a statue on the square which shows the remarkable victories of the Balkan Empire. The Haus der Revolution hasn't got a function now, but it is to be visited by people.

The front side of the Haus der Revolution



The Haus der Revolution and Revolutionplatz with the Sticke



The Regierungshof (Court of the Governement) was built to serve as the headquarter for the governement of the Balkan Empire. After first the Haus der Revolution was the headquarter of the governement, the governement moved to the Regierungshof. It's a big building with a huge hall which the governement of the Balkan Empire settled. At the moment it isn't in use for anything, but it is to be visited by people.

The front of the Regierungshof


A closer look on the Regierungshof



The most museums of the city (the most famous too) are in Wasserhof. The first museum and the largest too is the Lieber Museum. The museum has got a lot of famous paintings and other art things. The museum was founded in 1821, after the building stopped to be a palace for the royal family. The most important time for the museum was when the Balkan Empire existed. Then there came a lot of art statues from Greece, when it was conquered by Heinrich I. He adored the Greek art and moved a lot of the statues to the Lieber Museum.

The Lieber Museum and the Lieber Garten (Lieber Gardens) behind it.


The other important museums are the National Natürlich Historisch Museum (National Museum of Historical Nature), a museum with historical nature pieces, where you can learn a lot of the daily and historical behaviour of the nature. The Gugenheim Breser Museum, which is the Breser's Gugenheim museum with modern art. The Palast der Künste (Palace of the Art), which is a collection of famous modern and old art. The Städlich Museum (the City's Museum), which is the oldest museum of the city and has art from the middle ages from the city itself. The last museum in Wasserhof is the Karl-Heinz Museum, which is the official Museum for the Modern Art. It's named after Karl-Heinz Mirrenthauer, the most famous modern artist of Brodavia at the moment. He has a lot of his paintings in the museum, but other artist's paintings are in the museum too.

The National Natürlich Historisch Museum (National Museum of Historical Nature)


The Palast der Künste (Palace of the Art), which has an own lake and park.


The Gugenheim Breser Museum


The Karl-Heinz Platz with the Karl-Heinz Museum, the Gugenheim Breser Museum and the National Library. Around the Karl-Heinz Platz is the Karl-Heinz Park.



Sankt Bernd International Airport

The newest airport of the city Breser is Sankt Bernd International Airport (SBIA). The airport is, which is in constrast with Breser International Airport (BIA), in the city it self. BIA is like 20 to 30 km outside the city and Sankt Bernd International Airport is on the north of city. Although the airport is nearer the quarter Plage than the quarter Sankt Bernd, it has got the name of Sankt Bernd, because this quarter is more important than Plage, and in the past Plage already had a airport with the name Flughafen Plage (Plage Airport). The airport is reconstructed, because the large demand of another international airport in the city. The airport didn't get a lot of land, because there was not a lot of ground in the city. So, the transportationsystem around the airport is not that well organised like in BIA. However, it's still good. The reconstruction consisted of the construction of a new highway (new connection to the A20 (the highway around the city), the old highway connection to the A20 became the new A220, that connects SBIA with the A20), new terminals, 4 landingstrips (2 for large airplanes and 2 for smaller airplanes), a new connection with the HIZ-rail (Highspeed Intercity Train) with HIZ-station and a connection with the O-Bahn (Elevated Railway) and a O-Bahnstation. There are parkinglots next to the A220 and you can reach the airport by bus from the HIZ-station, O-Bahnstation and the parkinglots. The airlines that fly on Sankt Bernd International Airport are:

- Aer Lingus: Dublin, Belfast

- KLM: Amsterdam

- Lufthansa: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Munich

- British Airways: Glasgow, London, Manchester, Edinburgh

- North West Airlines: New York, Chicago, Atlanta

- Iberia: Barcelona, Madrid

- Malev: Budapest

- Atlas Air: New York

The Brodavian airlines don't use SBIA yet, because of the little amount of ground and terminals. Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air fly only on BIA at the moment. However, the CEO's of both companies announced that they maybe would fly on SBIA in the future.

There are more future plans. Because the two airport organisations fused and because of the high demand of passenger flights, the new company, the Breser Airport Organisation (BAO), wants to build a new other piece of the airport on the south-west side of the city. A whole other side than the SBIA at the moment. Through a highspeed metro system the two airports pieces should connect, so that the passengers could transfer as easy and fast as possible. But this are still future dreams, though BAO wants to start as soon as possible. 

Overview of Sankt Bernd International Airport


HIZ-station and O-Bahnstation with busstops and metrostation which connect it with the mainentrance of the airport


An airplane lands and the new A20 and HIZ-rail right next to the landingstrip


KLM, Lufthansa and Aer Lingus airplanes on the terminal


Main entrance of the airport and the control tower


The parkinglots next to the A220


Lufthansa airplanes and on the rightside the Donaumuseum, now very close to the airport.


SBIA devided in 2 parts now

Sankt Bernd International Airport is devided in 2 parts. The second part is ready and there are 3 terminals there now. Terminal 1, 2 and 3. The Highspeed Passenger Transfer System (HPTS) transfers passengers from the north-east side airport (now called SBIA Plage) to the south-west side (called SBIA Donaumarkt). So, passengers flying with Aer Lingus, for instance, that need to go with JAL to Tokyo, need to transfer from airport-sides. The HPTS will transfer them. The rail is an unique system, that will transfer 5 km in less than 1,30 minutes. It has a topspeed of 360 km/h. The following airlines fly on SBIA Donaumarkt:

Terminal 1:

- Pier 1: - JAL (Gates 1+2)

Terminal 2:

- Pier 1: - United Airlines (Gates 1 till 6)

- Pier 2: - Singapore Airlines (Gates 1+2)

               - United Airlines (Gate 3)

               - Trans World Airlines (Gates 4 till 6) 

Terminal 3:

- Pier 1: - NWA (Gates 1 till 5)

- Pier 2: - Pan America (Gates 1+2)

               - Cathay Pacific (Gates 3+4)

Overview on SBIA Donaumarkt


Control tower of SBIA Donaumarkt


Terminal 2 and 3


Please put some comments if you want to say something about the airport!


Breser - Breser Zentrum/ Austritz


Breser Zentrum/ Austritz (Breser Centre/ Austitz) is the oldest part of the city. We split the quarter in two parts: Romänisch Breser (Roman Breser) and Breserplatz (Breser Square). Because it's the oldest part of the city, the oldest buildings of the city are here too. I'll tell you something now about the most important buildings of Breser Zentrum/ Austritz.

Overview of Breser Zentrum/ Austritz


Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall)


Romänisch Breser

Romänisch Breser (Roman Breser) is the ancient part of the city. There are temples, the Galiasseum, the Sankt Maria Kirche (Saint Maria Church) and the Sankt Johan Kirche (Saint Johan Church). The Roman temples are of gods Mars and Jupiter. The Galiasseum is an ancient amphitheatre. It's called after Brodavus Galiassus, the emperor of the province Brodavia in the Roman Empire. The churches are not built in the same time like the temples and the Galiasseum. 

Overview of Romänisch Breser


Close look on the Galiasseum


The Sankt Johan Kirche (Saint Johan Church)


The Sankt Maria Kirche (Saint Maria Church)


The Temple of Mars


Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape)

The Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape) is the home of the Pape, the leader of the Brodavian church. The Pape was installed by the pope in the time that king Jan IX was the king of the Kingdom of Brodavia. The Pape should cordinate the expansion of the church in the kingdom. Nowadays, he's only the leader of the Brodavian church and he is very popular with the religion people in Brodavia and other christians in the countries of the old Kingdom of Brodavia.

The Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape)


Breserplatz (Breser Square)

The Breserplatz (Breser Square) is the square where you can find the main buildings of the city. Important churches and other important buildings could you find here. Firstly, Sankt Martin Kirche (Saint Martin Church) had been built for Saint Martin right after his death. However, he isn't buried in the church, but in the cemetry behind the church. In the Saint Martin Friedhof (Saint Martin Cemetry). Also a lot of other important persons are buried in the cemetry. The first cathedral in the city was the Rotes Kathedral (Red Cathedral). The cathedral had been called like that because the tower of the cathedral is red. The cathedral hasn't got any other names, for example after a saint. It isn't the largest cathedral in the city, but it was the first. The next building is Mozart Opernhaus (Mozart Opera House). The operahouse had been called after Mozart. It had been built by king Jan IX. Mozart played a lot of concert in the house and there is a statue of him, in front of the operahouse. An other important building on the Breserplatz is Heinrichgedenkstätte (Memorial of Heinrich (the name is in Breser-German). The emperor who conquered the most countries for the Balkan Empire, Heinrich, was buried here. His grave is right beneath the dome. The old main trainstation is also on Breserplatz: Bahnhof Breser/ Sankt Martin Kirche (Station Breser/ Saint Martin Church). It's a building in style of the late 19th century, when Breser became an important city on the railroad lines to cities like Vienna, Milan and Prague. Also the university of the city Breser in on Breserplatz: Austritz Universität (Austritz University). Called after Franz Austritz and it is one of the best universities and oldest in whole Europe. The last building on Breserplatz is Haupt Kaufhaus Breser (HKB, Main Storehouse Breser). It's the biggest storehouse in whole the city and Brodavia. You can buy the most expensive products that are avaible in Brodavia, like famous Brodavian fashion and cosmetica. But you can also buy more general and cheaper products in HKB. 

The Sankt Martin Kirche (Saint Martin Church)


The Rotes Kathedral (Red Cathedral, middle), Haupt Kaufhaus Breser (Main Storehaus Breser, middle above), a small part of the Austritz Universität (Austritz Univesity, right above) and a part of the Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall, right down) 


Mozart Opernhaus (Mozart Opera House)


Heinrichgedenkstätte (Memorial of Heinrich), with the grave of Heinrich right down the dome and his statue in front of the building.


Bahnhof Breser/ Sankt Martin Kirche (Station Breser/ Saint Martin Church), which is built in the style of the late 19th century. Right of the station is the HIZ (Höhesnelheit Intercity Zug: Highspeed Intercity Train) train station.


The Austritz Universität (Austritz University) with its gratuaded students.


Remaing buildings in the quarter

There are still two buildings remaining now. Firstly, the Olympia Stadium in the west side of the quarter. It's the baseballstadium, that was (before the construction of the Breser Arena and the Sankt Bernd Stadion) the largest stadium of the city. Nowadays, it's used by the baseball club of the city: Olympia Breser. The stadium hosts also a lot of concerts during the year, like the one of U2 5 years ago. Now the biggest concerts are held in the Breser Arena. The other remaining building is the Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall). The building had been built in 1963 and is till now the office of the sitting mayor.

The Olympia Stadium


Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall)


~Images resized, please keep all images within the 800x600 or 600x800 pixel limit. Thanks! - Chptrk


History of the city

Breser has been founded in 828 by the holy Saint Martin. He founded the city and the city immidiately became one of the most important tradingpoints on the Donau. The markets in Breser became the largest in Middle Europe and there were all kind of products from all around the world. The habour of Breser grew incredible fast because of all the trading in the city. After the death of Saint Martin, the constructions of the Sankt Martin Kirche (Saint Martin Church) began, that was constructed for him. Also the Rotes Kathedral (Red Cathedral), opposite the Sankt Martin Kirche, had been constructed at this time.

After the birth of the city it went well with the city. It became the most important tradingcity on the Donau. In 1539 the city became the capitol of the Kingdom of Brodavia, of king Jan IX. He gave the city a new face. He wanted more art in the city, like in Italy. He followed the examples of cities like Florence and Venice. Practically, the city was not more than the little area around the city Breser, but king Jan IX strived for expansion of the kingdom. This was very good for Breser. At that moment it had got an economic and political function. 

In the 18th century the Kingdom of Brodavia was taken by Austria. Vienna had more power than Breser, and Breser became less important. However, Breser was still an important tradingcity and kept his function yet.. After the French had taken Austria, a group of revolutionists took the authority in Breser. They founded the country and made Braja the capitol instead of Breser. This was because the leader of the revolutionary group, Marc Donli, thought that the inhabitants of Brodavia shouldn't speak German anymore, but only Brodavian. The country didn't live long, because some years later Napoleon came with his army to Breser and conquered the city, and because of this actually also Brodavia. Brodavia became a province in the empire of Napoleon and Napoleon made Breser the capitol of Brodavia.

The most important time for the city was the time of the empire of the Balkan, with Franz I, Heinrich I and Friedrich I as leaders. In 1908 the mayor of that moment, Franz Austritz, became revolutionary. He pretended Breser independent and that was the birth of the new empire, the empire of the Empire of the Balkan. Franz I conquered a lot of countries from the Balkan and made Breser the capitol of the empire. He built right after the revolution the Haus der Revolution (House of the Revolution). From this building he reigned the empire. In this time the Wasserhof has been built as well, that consist of Schloss Wasserhof (Castle Wasserhof) and the Regierungshof (House of the Government).   

In the last century the buildings grew more into the sky. The most importants quarters are Donau-Ännamarkt and Kralingen. Ook Sankt-Bernd had been reconstructed. On the Donaumarkt the buildings grew espacially in height. Some skyscrapers had been constructed in the last years. Also the Breser Arena, the stadium of Dinamo Breser, is one of the most modern buildings. In Kralingen you can find the largest park of the city: the Kralingenpark. In the park is the Fernsehturm (TV-Tower). Wasserhof-Nord and Sankt-Bernd are the two quarters that have been reconstructed most recent. Wasserhof-Nord has a lot of new and old museums and Sankt-Bernd has a lot of commercial buildings.

If you read the history, please comment what you thought about it. 

The Austritz Universität (Austritz University) is called after Franz Austritz, first leader of the Empire of the Balkan.


The Sankt Martin Kirch (Saint Martin Church) built for Saint Martin right after his death.




Partical information

The languages which are spoken in Breser are German and Brodavian, but German is the official language in the city. However, around 30 % of the inhabitants speak Brodavian, but all the inhabitants speak German. Also the level of English of the inhabitants is good. In Brodavia Brodavian (a fictive language) is the official language.Here I'll give you a list of words in Brodavian and German.

English - Brodavian - German
hello - hallo - hallo
How are you? - Wri s geta? - Wie geht's?
good - djorliç - gut
I'm good too - Mi s geta djorliç ak - Mir geht's auch gut
beautiful - bej - schön
Brodavia - Brodaski - Brodavien
large - grand - gross
important - rliçokov - wichtig
Where do you come from? - Wu to comi-â? - Wohin kommst du?
I come from the USA - Icki com â loo Stato Unito do Amerika - Ich komme aus den Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika.
I'm 17 - Icki sias sev-din anno - Ich bin siebzehn
This is the most beautiful city of Brodavia - L sia li plussa beju citta do Brodaski - Diese Stadt ist die schönste.

The official currency of Brodavia is the Krunâ do Brodaski (KB). The currency rate of the KB is 1 KB = 0,821723846229 USD. There are coins of 0,05/0,10/0,20/0,50/1,00 and 2,00 KB and banknotes of 5,00/10,00/20,00/50,00/100,00 and 200,00 KB. It isn't possible to pay with the Euro in Breser and whole Brodavia.

Breser is in the timezone of Rome, Amsterdam, Paris and Stockholm. That means +1 compared to England. 

Bradavia has a good communicationsystem. It's possible to phone on a cell phone everywhere in Breser, the connection is good everywhere. The largest communicationcompany of Brodavia is Brodaski Telecom (BT). 

If you read this page, please write a comment about what you thought about the Brodavian languages.


Your Arrival

If you will visit Breser, you probably will arrive at Breser International Airport. It's the largest airport of the city. The airport is in the south-east area of the region Brêsla. The other 2 airports there are in the region are Sankt-Bernd Airport in Breser City it self and Baden Bröherberg Airport in Baden Bröherberg. All the international airlines fly on Breser International Airport (BIA). Also European airlines fly on BIA. Also the 2 other airports (Sankt-Bernd Airport and Baden Bröherberg Airport) have European airlines and on Sankt-Bernd Airport there are even international flights with Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air. But it's most probably that you'll arrive on BIA. The airport had just been reconstructed. The airport has 3 terminals. At Terminal 1 the European airlines have their basis. These airlines fly from Terminal 1 to their destinations:

- KLM: Amsterdam
- SAS: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen
- SAS Norge: Oslo
- Austrian Air: Vienna
- Air Berlin: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt a.M., Bremen, Dortmund, Stuttgart
- EasyJet: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh
- Ryanair: Dublin, York (other Ryanair flights from Sankt-Bernd Airport and Baden Bröherberg Aiport)
- Aeroflot: Moscow
- British Airways: London, Manchester, Birmingham
- Air-France: Paris, Marseille, Lyon
- Swiss Airlines: Zurich, Basel, Geneva
- Turkish Airlines: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya
- Iberia: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla

Breser International Airport is the hub for the two most important and largest airlines in Brodavia: Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air. Those airlines fly to all kind of destinations in the world.
BIA is also the main hub for East European flights in the world. Brodavian Airlines, Brodaski Air and the airlines of the East European countries fly to BIA and take the passengers (most continental passengers) to their East European destination.

The continental flights are located in Terminal 2, that's devided in Terminal 2A, 2B and 2C. These are the airlines with their destinations:
- Terminal 2A:
- Aero Mexico: Mexico-City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Cancú, Ciudad Juarez
- Alaska Airlines: Seatle, Portland, Anchorage
- Continental: Houston, Dallas, Cleveland, Newark
- American Airlines: Chicago, Miami, New York, St. Louis, Boston, Los Angeles, Carolina
- JAL: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Naha
- China Airlines: Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Siaogang
- Delta Airlines: Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Minneapolis
- Southwest Airlines: Washington, Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix

Terminal 3 also has finished at the moment. The terminal has 3 parts: Terminal 3A, Terminal 3B and Terminal 3C. On Terminal 3B flies Brodaski Air and on 3C flies Brodavian Airlines. Terminal 3A has more than one airline. Pictures will come soon.

Flights of Brodaski from Terminal 3B, with this flights:
North American flights:
- Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Québec, Calgary
- USA:New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, Kansas City, St.Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seatle, Las Vegas, New Orleans
- Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla
Caribbean flights:
- Cuba: Havana
- Jamaica: Kingston
- Panama: Panamá
South American flights:
- Colombia: Bogotá
- Venezuela: Caracas
- Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo, Pôrto Alegre, Salvador, Recife
- Uruguay: Montevideo
- Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba
- Chile: Santiago
- Peru: Lima
African flights:
- Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria
- Marocco: Casablanca
- Senegal: Dakar
- Ghana: Accra
- Nigeria: Lagos
- Tunesia: Tunis
- South Africa: Cape Town, Johannesburg
- Kenia: Nairobi
Middle East flights:
- UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
- Qatar: Doha
Asian flights:
- India: Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad
- China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shengyang, Wuhan
- South Korea: Seoul, Pusan
- Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya
- Taiwan: Taipei
- Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
- Thailand: Bangkok
- Myanmar: Rangoon
- Malesia: Kuala Lumpur
- Singapore: Singapore
- Indonesia: Jakarta
- Philipinas: Manila
Australian flights
- Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
- New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington

Overview on the Terminal 1


Overview on the parkinglot of Terminal 1 and BIA Autobahn (BIA Highway)


An A380 starts from the landingstrip of Terminal 1


An other A380 flies above Terminal 1


Overview on Terminal 2A, 2B, 2C


Breser International Airport Transportation Station (BIATS)


World's Plaza, a luxious hotel complex, in front of Terminal 3 that's under construction at the moment.


Overview on the tower of Terminal 2


Entrance of Terminal 1


Overview of Breser International Airport



Welcome to Breser!

Breser is the largest city of the country Brodavia. Brodavia is a country that's fictive, with their own language: Brodavian. Brodavia is in the south of Austria and in the north of Croatia. Breser is in the north of Brodavia. In Breser people speak German, because it's near Austria. The city is well-known by his historical monuments in the centre and Wasserhof. Monuments like roman and medieval can be found every where in the city. Also more new monuments exists in the city. In this journal I will show the city Breser, tell about its history and I will show you all the suburbs too. I hope you will enjoy it. Please, add comments if you want to say something about the city!

Please vote a name of the new terminal on Breser International Airport on page 9


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