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2 - Arriving in Breser

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Your Arrival

If you will visit Breser, you probably will arrive at Breser International Airport. It's the largest airport of the city. The airport is in the south-east area of the region Brêsla. The other 2 airports there are in the region are Sankt-Bernd Airport in Breser City it self and Baden Bröherberg Airport in Baden Bröherberg. All the international airlines fly on Breser International Airport (BIA). Also European airlines fly on BIA. Also the 2 other airports (Sankt-Bernd Airport and Baden Bröherberg Airport) have European airlines and on Sankt-Bernd Airport there are even international flights with Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air. But it's most probably that you'll arrive on BIA. The airport had just been reconstructed. The airport has 3 terminals. At Terminal 1 the European airlines have their basis. These airlines fly from Terminal 1 to their destinations:

- KLM: Amsterdam
- SAS: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen
- SAS Norge: Oslo
- Austrian Air: Vienna
- Air Berlin: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt a.M., Bremen, Dortmund, Stuttgart
- EasyJet: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh
- Ryanair: Dublin, York (other Ryanair flights from Sankt-Bernd Airport and Baden Bröherberg Aiport)
- Aeroflot: Moscow
- British Airways: London, Manchester, Birmingham
- Air-France: Paris, Marseille, Lyon
- Swiss Airlines: Zurich, Basel, Geneva
- Turkish Airlines: Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya
- Iberia: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla

Breser International Airport is the hub for the two most important and largest airlines in Brodavia: Brodavian Airlines and Brodaski Air. Those airlines fly to all kind of destinations in the world.
BIA is also the main hub for East European flights in the world. Brodavian Airlines, Brodaski Air and the airlines of the East European countries fly to BIA and take the passengers (most continental passengers) to their East European destination.

The continental flights are located in Terminal 2, that's devided in Terminal 2A, 2B and 2C. These are the airlines with their destinations:
- Terminal 2A:
- Aero Mexico: Mexico-City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Cancú, Ciudad Juarez
- Alaska Airlines: Seatle, Portland, Anchorage
- Continental: Houston, Dallas, Cleveland, Newark
- American Airlines: Chicago, Miami, New York, St. Louis, Boston, Los Angeles, Carolina
- JAL: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Naha
- China Airlines: Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Siaogang
- Delta Airlines: Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Minneapolis
- Southwest Airlines: Washington, Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix

Terminal 3 also has finished at the moment. The terminal has 3 parts: Terminal 3A, Terminal 3B and Terminal 3C. On Terminal 3B flies Brodaski Air and on 3C flies Brodavian Airlines. Terminal 3A has more than one airline. Pictures will come soon.

Flights of Brodaski from Terminal 3B, with this flights:
North American flights:
- Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Québec, Calgary
- USA:New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Detroit, Kansas City, St.Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis, Orlando, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seatle, Las Vegas, New Orleans
- Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla
Caribbean flights:
- Cuba: Havana
- Jamaica: Kingston
- Panama: Panamá
South American flights:
- Colombia: Bogotá
- Venezuela: Caracas
- Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo, Pôrto Alegre, Salvador, Recife
- Uruguay: Montevideo
- Argentina: Buenos Aires, Córdoba
- Chile: Santiago
- Peru: Lima
African flights:
- Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria
- Marocco: Casablanca
- Senegal: Dakar
- Ghana: Accra
- Nigeria: Lagos
- Tunesia: Tunis
- South Africa: Cape Town, Johannesburg
- Kenia: Nairobi
Middle East flights:
- UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
- Qatar: Doha
Asian flights:
- India: Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad
- China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shengyang, Wuhan
- South Korea: Seoul, Pusan
- Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya
- Taiwan: Taipei
- Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
- Thailand: Bangkok
- Myanmar: Rangoon
- Malesia: Kuala Lumpur
- Singapore: Singapore
- Indonesia: Jakarta
- Philipinas: Manila
Australian flights
- Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide
- New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington

Overview on the Terminal 1


Overview on the parkinglot of Terminal 1 and BIA Autobahn (BIA Highway)


An A380 starts from the landingstrip of Terminal 1


An other A380 flies above Terminal 1


Overview on Terminal 2A, 2B, 2C


Breser International Airport Transportation Station (BIATS)


World's Plaza, a luxious hotel complex, in front of Terminal 3 that's under construction at the moment.


Overview on the tower of Terminal 2


Entrance of Terminal 1


Overview of Breser International Airport


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Seems great! Hopefully we get to see pictures! And... Im looking for city's or country's that want to cooperate with Trabbuco (or the largest city: Nederstad). Please, send me a message if you want that

(Sorry for bad english :$)

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