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5 - Breser - Breser Zentrum/ Austritz

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Breser - Breser Zentrum/ Austritz


Breser Zentrum/ Austritz (Breser Centre/ Austitz) is the oldest part of the city. We split the quarter in two parts: Romänisch Breser (Roman Breser) and Breserplatz (Breser Square). Because it's the oldest part of the city, the oldest buildings of the city are here too. I'll tell you something now about the most important buildings of Breser Zentrum/ Austritz.

Overview of Breser Zentrum/ Austritz


Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall)


Romänisch Breser

Romänisch Breser (Roman Breser) is the ancient part of the city. There are temples, the Galiasseum, the Sankt Maria Kirche (Saint Maria Church) and the Sankt Johan Kirche (Saint Johan Church). The Roman temples are of gods Mars and Jupiter. The Galiasseum is an ancient amphitheatre. It's called after Brodavus Galiassus, the emperor of the province Brodavia in the Roman Empire. The churches are not built in the same time like the temples and the Galiasseum. 

Overview of Romänisch Breser


Close look on the Galiasseum


The Sankt Johan Kirche (Saint Johan Church)


The Sankt Maria Kirche (Saint Maria Church)


The Temple of Mars


Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape)

The Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape) is the home of the Pape, the leader of the Brodavian church. The Pape was installed by the pope in the time that king Jan IX was the king of the Kingdom of Brodavia. The Pape should cordinate the expansion of the church in the kingdom. Nowadays, he's only the leader of the Brodavian church and he is very popular with the religion people in Brodavia and other christians in the countries of the old Kingdom of Brodavia.

The Papisch Schloss (Palace of the Pape)


Breserplatz (Breser Square)

The Breserplatz (Breser Square) is the square where you can find the main buildings of the city. Important churches and other important buildings could you find here. Firstly, Sankt Martin Kirche (Saint Martin Church) had been built for Saint Martin right after his death. However, he isn't buried in the church, but in the cemetry behind the church. In the Saint Martin Friedhof (Saint Martin Cemetry). Also a lot of other important persons are buried in the cemetry. The first cathedral in the city was the Rotes Kathedral (Red Cathedral). The cathedral had been called like that because the tower of the cathedral is red. The cathedral hasn't got any other names, for example after a saint. It isn't the largest cathedral in the city, but it was the first. The next building is Mozart Opernhaus (Mozart Opera House). The operahouse had been called after Mozart. It had been built by king Jan IX. Mozart played a lot of concert in the house and there is a statue of him, in front of the operahouse. An other important building on the Breserplatz is Heinrichgedenkstätte (Memorial of Heinrich (the name is in Breser-German). The emperor who conquered the most countries for the Balkan Empire, Heinrich, was buried here. His grave is right beneath the dome. The old main trainstation is also on Breserplatz: Bahnhof Breser/ Sankt Martin Kirche (Station Breser/ Saint Martin Church). It's a building in style of the late 19th century, when Breser became an important city on the railroad lines to cities like Vienna, Milan and Prague. Also the university of the city Breser in on Breserplatz: Austritz Universität (Austritz University). Called after Franz Austritz and it is one of the best universities and oldest in whole Europe. The last building on Breserplatz is Haupt Kaufhaus Breser (HKB, Main Storehouse Breser). It's the biggest storehouse in whole the city and Brodavia. You can buy the most expensive products that are avaible in Brodavia, like famous Brodavian fashion and cosmetica. But you can also buy more general and cheaper products in HKB. 

The Sankt Martin Kirche (Saint Martin Church)


The Rotes Kathedral (Red Cathedral, middle), Haupt Kaufhaus Breser (Main Storehaus Breser, middle above), a small part of the Austritz Universität (Austritz Univesity, right above) and a part of the Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall, right down) 


Mozart Opernhaus (Mozart Opera House)


Heinrichgedenkstätte (Memorial of Heinrich), with the grave of Heinrich right down the dome and his statue in front of the building.


Bahnhof Breser/ Sankt Martin Kirche (Station Breser/ Saint Martin Church), which is built in the style of the late 19th century. Right of the station is the HIZ (Höhesnelheit Intercity Zug: Highspeed Intercity Train) train station.


The Austritz Universität (Austritz University) with its gratuaded students.


Remaing buildings in the quarter

There are still two buildings remaining now. Firstly, the Olympia Stadium in the west side of the quarter. It's the baseballstadium, that was (before the construction of the Breser Arena and the Sankt Bernd Stadion) the largest stadium of the city. Nowadays, it's used by the baseball club of the city: Olympia Breser. The stadium hosts also a lot of concerts during the year, like the one of U2 5 years ago. Now the biggest concerts are held in the Breser Arena. The other remaining building is the Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall). The building had been built in 1963 and is till now the office of the sitting mayor.

The Olympia Stadium


Breser Rathaus (Breser Cityhall)


~Images resized, please keep all images within the 800x600 or 600x800 pixel limit. Thanks! - Chptrk

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