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About this City Journal

A region that I terraformed. My only full region with cities that depend on each other. It has two rivers which join in an estuary which also serves as a port.

Entries in this City Journal

Wreckingball Man


Basically just some suburbs from the cities in my region. I couldn't help but post some more teaser pics.

In case you didn't know. Everything is grown in these pictures.










Wreckingball Man

Maybe Someday

Hey everyone. I was gonna wait to update later, when I got more city grown. But I wanted to show a few pics anyway.

I plan on growing everything so it may take some time to get it to my liking.

I haven't looked into Simgoobers stuff enough to know if it's ploppable or growable. But I may eventually include some those things just to add more custom stuff and less maxis buildings.

The region. I will fill it all up. This is only a tiny fraction.


The first buildings in Hamburger.


The first park in the city of Hamburger.


The new Highway in South Beach. Will replace the old maxis highways in Hamburger as well.



Haven't found any tree modds that I like yet. But if there is one or two in particular that you think would look good. Leave a comment.


Wreckingball Man

Weekend Warrior

So. what have I done aftter being snowed in this Friday?

I spent about an hour or two adding a few things.

I'll show everything I've done later because not everything is the way I want it, or complete.

This is just to show that I haven't forgotten.

I tried to make my city look realistic but it's not exactly how I wanted it. If you can help me out, please do and leave a comment.

Here is an interchange near the port.


Another interchange.


Point pleasant.


If you know of any tutorials or have any suggestions about how I can make the city look more realistic. Please leave me a comment.

Wreckingball Man


I went back to school today and it was an easy day. But tomorrow we'll probably get back into it.

You can look for an update on the weekends. But not every weekend.

So, I thought you might like a region view to compare with the other pic in my first update.2.gif

I love Simtropolis. I'll miss not being here everyday.8.gif


Wreckingball Man

I would like to apologize to the three or four people that are following my cj.

But, there most likely won't be any more updates due to the fact that tomorrow I have to go back to school to finish the second semester.

I think I might be able to sneak in a few updates on the weekend or during spring break!!39.gif but there are other things that I'll be doing so there won't be one every day.

And I have very little to show after two days. But someone, (not me), decided to use the computer to scrapbook all day and night sunday!!!!!26.gif     But I've hogged the computer before too.

Here's what litle I have.

Here is point pleasant. There will be another development on the other side of the highway.


Central Hamburger High School. It is a maxis building but it has an old architectural design which is common in my city. It has no A/C, just a heater. It is very overcrowded and has a limited budget, hence the portables. It's also soccer season. That's why the football field is painted with soccer lines.


The bridge fell down. oops. I knocked it down while terraforming the ground in order to place the seawalls.


The finished bridge.


My next update won't come until everything is in at least the first stage of development.


Wreckingball Man

Here is the first development that I am working on.

It is near the lagoon and just a short drive from the wonderfull beaches.

This is a quick update to show you how it's goin'.

Unless something drastic happens, the next update will be Sunday evening, or sometime Monday.

It will have most of the early developments and industrial zones. And maybe even the finished railyard.

"The Reserve"


South Central High School. this is the north side of campus. (a.k.a. Madison H.S. on the STEX)


S.C.H.S. south side of campus.


And of course, more beaches for your pleasure.


These are my first ever "custom" beaches along with the other beaches in the previous entries. YAY OR NAY?

Wreckingball Man

I'm basically in the Hell for mayors trying to get custom content for their city.

Dang dependencies!!! 32.gif

This is how the railyard is begining to look.

There will be parked railroad cars also.

YEAH or NAY? Please tell what you think? This is my first railyard.


The same pic as last time, but with new stations.


Wreckingball Man

Move to Big City

The economic housing chrises in the cities of 'hamburger', 'South Beach', and 'Maycomb Lake' is finally coming to an end as there are many plans for developing the region. Developers are buying up land like it's going out of style.

The region. just to give an idea of the layout of the three cities. River's Bend will be the fourth city.


The new beaches next to the lagoon. (Lagoon is to the left).


In the city of Hamburger.

The new location of Piont Pleasant.


On the other side of the hwy is Pleasent Hill.


And the railyard next to the port (not complete).


In the city of Maycomb Lake.



And Hillcrest.



Wreckingball Man

These are some more pictures of what I have planned.

There are some pictures of how the marina and beach area is coming along in 'South Beach'.

And also the port in 'Hamburger'.

ALSO THERE ARE WHITE SPOTS ON THE RAODS! It must be snowing or something? HELP!

Here are plans for a not so pleasant development right at the mouth of the port. Who would live in between a highway and a port?


A close up of the port (Notice the white spots on the road)


Another close up picture of nothing


And for Mr. Sky Guy the largest marina on the map.19.gif


There will be a beach on the right side.


I really wish I could get this done and get to building the actuall city. But I also don't want to rush things. I just thought I would make a quick update.


Wreckingball Man


These are some of the bigger things that i've worked on.

There's really no story to go along with this city.

Except for the fact that it is a product of over a week long christmas vacation. In which we visited every kind of relative immaginable: Aunts and uncles, grandparents, great aunts and unles, half brothers and cousins, and even the people who think their in your family but their not.

So, this is what I did while trying to avoid my family.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but I can only take so much.

*Some trees and small ponds still need to be added

*I will be using an RCI demand modifier. Please do not berate me because of this. I just thought i would be honest with everyone. trust me, I use it sparingly.

This is basically the entire region. Well, about a third of the entire thing. (Sorry if you don't like the icons from the game showing)


This is the southern Coast of the map with a small port at the mouth of the river.


This is the Southwest part of the map.


Thiz the northeast coast. There will be some beach development and a marina. Maybe even a pier .


This is a 17th cent. fort at the mouth of the rivers.


It has had many trees planted by the mayor to make it more attractive, and to top that they put a parking lot right in the middle of it for tourists. What were they thinking?


Here is the small port located in the estuary across the river from the fort.


As you have noticed i like PEG CDK and OWW.

Thank you for taking a look at my city. Or rather my city to be.

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