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  1. Marine-Naval Air Station Newport

    Thank you everyone, Most of those lots are at least 20 tiles long, but I'll list the authors of the props next time we visit the air base so you all can lot your own. InvaderNat, I will PM you, I could use some more props. The military stuff is few and far between.
  2. Newport Harbor Marine-Naval Air Station Draft Prepared by: Wreckingball Man Item 1 Terraforming has been smooth and went along ahead of schedule. This phase is now complete. Item 2 Development of the airport is far behind schedule. Hope and motivation is in short supply among the work force. We need to finish this project soon. Detail in the lots may suffer along with the removal of certain sections due to lack of time and budget. Item 3 Custom lots are also slow to develop. Finding and procuring suitable props (military planes) has not been as succesful as hoped. Outlook is bleak, morale is low. This airfield, ladies and gentlemen, needs to be complete. Currently reaching out to new subcontractors. Leave your resume in the comments section, all criticism is welcome.
  3. Development of Newport Harbor - Part 3 Draft Prepared by: Wreckingball Man Item 1 In an attempt to speed along the process of port construction and development, I have prepared a crude visual aid. Drawing 1: Itemized and named the varying sectors of the Port and established boundaries as well as highway routes. Drawing 2: The surrounding cities' names and borders, RR routes, and highway routes (yet to be delivered). Port Sectors Marine Naval Air Station Newport Newport Harbor Container Processing Docks Newport Harbor Break Bulk Docks Blackie's Fishing LLC Vandy Shipping Company Newport Refineries and Importation inc. Newport LNG inc. Overton-Newport Power Company Legend White Line - City Boundaries. Brown Line - Port Boundaries Dark Red Line - Proposed City expansion Black Line - Highway Black Circles - Highway Interchanges
  4. Update 8: Port Adams

    I like your work, very similar to mine. Keep it up!
  5. Development of Newport Harbor - Part 2 Draft Prepared by: Wreckingball Man Item 1 A few more mods/plugins were added to add some more detail and realism. Item 2 A list of demands was developed: Decide on the water mod Decide on the beach texture More detailed ground and blank space (nature items) Replace maxis trees PEG farms and lots Marine Naval base lots Demolish center island in port Achieve road access to the Port lots so they will function Transition to RHW (likely won't see this for a while) Build power plants Parking Lots C/N Several other cities are also in development. This port city is the big project and the most time consuming. Additional Resources and Suggestions are desired. Update 1: infamousjbe - Thank you. Still haven't settled on a water mod yet lol. Casper3141 - Thanks, it's nothing to dread, just takes some patience. Update 2: Jesus_Wept - Thank you Basilins - Alright alright, I did 1024 this time.
  6. Development of Newport Harbor - Part 1

    Thank you, and yep, I can do that. They uploaded as 640 automatically.
  7. Entry One - Introduction

    If I take out the island in the middle will it be regulation? lol. All of the Port stuff is Pegasis Content.
  8. Development of Newport Harbor - Part 1

    It's been years since I've played this game, so I'm not current with all the new mods and add-ons out there. By all means leave a comment if you see something that could be added or modified, but be specific please! Especially if it's downloadable content. Thanks everyone.
  9. Development of Newport Harbor - Part 1 Draft prepared by: Wreckingball Man Item 1 Here is the Port District as it is currently developing. Item 2 There was trouble with abandonment in the port lots. The cause is believed to be no road access to the lots. A redesign is warranted to remedy the problem in order for all lots to be fully functional. Item 3 Developers are seriously considering using RHW. The Maxis Interchanges are limited, even with the NAM. Extra development time should be granted to compensate for the additional work on the RHW. Item 4 The water mod still sucks. The map behind the port. Adding Farms Growing The south side of the map Developing and Growing Developing and Growing
  10. Entry One - Introduction

    Thanks man, I agree. Added to the list.   Still lots to add to this city tile though, I'll have comparisons as it develops.
  11. Entry One - Introduction

    It's been several years since I've played SC4. In this thread I'm making a city with whatever I had in my Plugin folder from years ago, plus whatever I feel like adding to it now. I'll definitely be taking suggestions. There will be no RHW as of yet, so don't even say it. I'm just kidding, RHW takes too much time for me to build right now. My time is limited as I'm a busy University Student. I'll be constantly revising old cities and building new ones, so maybe you'll see RHW in the future. I sure hope so! The format of the updates will be progression pics, I'll show a blank region, a plan, it's development and in the next update a finished picture. So you'll see a lot of before and afters, and I'll share with you anything you would like to know. The goal of this region is to make the most realistic city I can while still "playing" the game and keeping it relatively kosher. Like I said, time spent in-game will be very brief. Every building will be grown, everything will be functional (for the most part). I like playing the game more so than I like "modeling" or making artistic scenes. So strap yourselves in, this is purely for fun. Quick and realistic cities. Alright, now to immediately contradict myself, here's a teaser of the Port that is currently in development. I'm still a newbie at taking pics by the way.
  12. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for not telling me the website went through a redesign.
  13. Corrupt a Wish Game (v4)

    You get under armor. I wish for another post to my post count.
  14. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for trying to hard.
  15. Rush Hour, Freeways and Traffic Jams

    Great Hwy system...or not... hah jk. Looks good with the traffic. very realistic of LA