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About this City Journal

Lessly is my first city journal i tried using realism in making my city, it is a wonderful island city with just over 500,000 resedence

Entries in this City Journal



This is New City, the city was founded in 1941 and later after the West Acer Village Shopping Center compleated in 1990 was built the city grew. The citys growth was mainly in the mid 90's, major suburbs and track housing make up most of the southern half of the island, New City also houses many warehouses for the surplus products shipped into and onto the island.

left: Reanam Storage Corporation                       -built in 1994

center (left) Richmen Insurence Plaza                -built in 1999

center- KSIM Studios                                              -built in 1980

center (top) the New City Hilton                            -built in 1982


her is another view of downtown of the KSIM building Richmen Insurence plaza and Hilton hotel.


This is the hotel section of downtown, most of these built from the mid 90's up to very recently. the smaller buildings in the center were the city's original inns and bed and breakfeasts that are still localy owned today.

Left- The Raddison                                         -built in 1997

Center-The Hyatt                                              -built in 2002

Lower left-New City plaza                               -built in 2001

Lower center-Sharadon 4 Star                      -built in 1999


This is Lessly Cancer Instatute it was built in 1970 and now serves most of the Pasifics major health issues. It has a capasity of over 12000 and is also the training ground for many of Lessly's young new doctors.


This is the smaller canal bussiniss district it hold a few law offices and the canal headquarters


This is West Acer Village Shopping Center it is Lesslys southern mall on the southern half of the island, it was compleated in 1990 and is the largest shopping center on the island, the mall sparked much of New City's downtown development.


This is the Lessly "Flow Project" it was an idea to keep wather flowing through the thin section of land on the southern half of the island, it was compleaed in 1950 and is also used for irrigation and fresh water generation, the two towers on the lower left side of the picture purify Lesslys H2O


To the left is Lessly's most proud high school, New City High where almost every year the city's unstoppable Sharks take home the cup in the islands annual football games. And to the right Franks Water Amusement Park which opened in 1997, it is one of New City's most fun attractions, It has 8 slides and a wave pool.


These are the warehouses that hold most of the sufplus's produced on the island.


This is New City University that was bulit in 1941 and it is the only university the southern half of the island, It is famous for it doctors that are trained in some of the highest professions in the world.


Finally this is the Jordan Library it was built in 2003 , the money needed to build the building was donated by 3 of the largest companys on the island in the Lessly Education Act of 2001



Burnshalvee is the second largest city on the island of Lessly. Burnshalvee is the main shipping sector on the island and has most of the port on the island. Most of the island inport and exports go through Burnshalvee's ports. Also several Pasific shipping companies choose Lessly to put their headquarter on. This is the downtown district of Burnshalvee.

Lower Left: Lessly Shipping Headquarters Building                    -built in 1941

Lower right: Oakalah Shipping Industry's Headquarters             -built in 1968

Center right: Pasific shipping Industry's Building                          -built in 1980

Center (right building) Lessly Manufacturing Headquarters      -built in 1972

Center (left building) Lessly Municipal Court Building                -built in 1974

Top left- Lessly City Hall                                                                    -built in 1976


This is another view of downtown

lover center: Pasific Stock Exchange                                 -built in 1971

lover left : Grand Pasific Hiltion                                           -built in 1991

center: Georkey Stadium                                                      -built in 1965


Over view of all of downtown, you can also see the 101 loop downtown tunnel that runs dirictly under the downtown district.


This is the shipping district these are mostly high tech manufacturing industrys.


These are the two manufacturing plants of ANZ corporation which were both built a few years after ANZ was established on Lessly


This is the Russels Lighthome built in 1785 it was for a little over 200 years the light beacon for the ports of Lessly but in 1985 newer and more effecent radar systems built in the newer cargo carriers put the lighthouse out of commision, but today it stands as an island lankmark and can be visited by the public.


Another view of the ports and some apts on the north side of Burnshalvee


This is the manufacturing sector of Lessly, most of the islands major producers in Lessly such as Pasific Cork incorporation, and Lessly Steel Industeries are located in this district just southwest of downtown Burnshalvee.


This is the Lessly International Communications tower it was built in 1959 and had been used ever since as the main communication tower that connects Lessly to the rest of the west and east coasts of the Pasific Ocean,


Finally a second look at the Lessly International Air-port located on the southern end of Burnshalvee.


This is the capital city of Juno it is the largest city on the island and was the firsr established town on the island, it now has 206,932 resedence. This photo was taken of the capital:

lower right: Lessly Chamber of Congress                          - built in 1834

upper center: Matthew Beckman National Memorial        - built in 1872

upper right: Lessly international trade center                     - built in 1992

center: Gateway of Pasific Peace                                          - built in 1962

This is one of the two profesional education districts in Lessly, three universities were built in Juno supporing most of the northern island higher education

upper left: The Juno Instatute of Architectual Design and Engineering                           -built in 1871

center:UL Universtiy of Lessly                                                                                                  -built in 1909

upper right: The university of Criminal Justice of the Central Pasific Islands                 -built in 2001

This is the eastern downtown business district just east of capital hill, Lessly also has a major league basball team the Tikii's that were established in 1962 by coach Don Travison. The business district also contains many of Lessly's large banking firms and insurance companies.

Left: National Bank of Lessly                                                -built 2004

upper right: Tikii stadium                                                       - built in 1991

lower right: Lessly Auto and Home Insurance building   - built in 1981

This is the Liverpool Stadium finished in 2007 builts for the 2020 World cup.

This is the Western Arts district, it hold most of Lessly's high rise higher wealth buildings.

This is the ANZ Assoation of National Zippersbuilding - built in 1977

This building is the office of the Assoation of National Zippers, its company holds and distributes

over 80% of the worlds zippers (all on the island of Lessly)

Their two factories are located in the city of Burnshalvee just south of Juno


This is the Pasific international Peace Organization. built in 2002

This is the tallest building on the Island of Lessly it reaches a little more the 70 stories,

the organization was founded 3 years after WWII and it organizes families affected by WWII

And today it helps and contributes to funing for afforadable housing throughout the Pasific


This is a second view of the Juno International Gateway Bridge it spans nearly a mile and a half over the Vertigo bay and a large portion of downtown Juno.


This is the beach on Juno's north side, people flock to the beaches in Lessly's beautiful 85 F summers thery were built in 1931 for the fun of Lessly's resedence.


These are some homes and apts built just south east of downtown, these homes go for around 500 k, also you can see one of Lesslys radio communication towers built in the early 80's


A Final view of some apt's built just under the bridge in the early 70's



This is the island and i will be showing you the 6 largest cities on the island:

1.     Juno                    pop: 206,932

2.     Burnshalvee      pop: 128,163

3.     New City             pop: 96,803

4.     Wealdworth       pop: 31,408

5.     Oakland             pop: 22,738

6.     Fairbanks          pop: 20,489




There is one looped interstate that links the island together I-12

Also a second loop (101 loop) on the west side of the island connects the shipping district and Lessly International Airport  to the rest of the island


The Fairview Bride links the I I2 interstate loop on the North Eastern Half of the island, It was oraginally built in 1946 to tra

nsport crops from the eastern side of the island to the west. But in 1971 the bridge was re-designed to fit for the I I2 interstate to finish the loop around the island.


The Juno International Gateway Bridge is the main artery connecting the capital of Juno to the southern half of the island, the bridge was compleated in 1975 and was the kick off start to the construction of the I I2 interstate system.


This is the 101 loop, I 12 intersection that links the shipping dictricts and Lessly international Airport to the rest of the island


This is Lessly International Airport, it was built in 1961 and is now a main stop for flights between Japan, China, and North America. It is connected to the 101 loop and on the western side of the island.


This is the Lessly's shipping district it was built shortly arter the island was established, Most of the islands inporst and exports on the island come through these ports locaated on the west side of the island just north of Lessly International Air-port


This is Lessly, it has a population of 594,410 residence, The island is aprox 500 miles west of the Hawaiian Islands. It was founded in 1653 by explorar Matthew Beckman sailing west in search for Japan, once the island was settled as American after WWII a large population traders from both eastern and western coasts in search of a new life style settled on the island.   


Weather in Lessly is usually has a temperate climate not usually rising more then 90 F in the summer or less then 40 in the winter.

Crops until around the mid 1980's were the main export of Lessly.


Juno International gateway bridge overlooking the Lessly international communications tower rise far above any of the other mid-rise buildings on the island


2 malls in Lessly were built on both the north and south end of the island: North Juno shopping center compleated in 1996

and West Acer Village Shopping Center compleated in 1990.


To the day Lessly's ports that were opened in 1908 still support the inport and export of products for the citizens on lessly.

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