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Welcome to Örebro, Vän Vatten. A town in north central VV that is nearly as old as time itself. Before Queensland, before VV, there was Örebro. As stated before, the history of Vän Vatten was lost with the turmoil following the assassination of Queen Elmsburg. However, through recent years a strong uprising has gripped the nation, the desire to learn, to understand where we came from, what we are, and what we can learn from the past in order to establish a brighter future. Remember, one of the three main principles of VV is education. This doesn’t mean just regular schooling through the years, but never denying the ability to learn something new.

Here is what we know about Örebro:

Örebro was a small village, along with its neighbor Lindsborg. Both were based strictly on an agricultural society with Örebro being the social capital/political capital, with Lindsborg being the commercial and trade capital of the land. We do not know what the country was referred to as prior to Vän Vatten.  Örebro has a unique structure to the city. As the city grew there was constantly a perimeter wall that stretched across the city limits. As the town grew, a newer wall would be constructed. The reason for this wall was unknown, though it is believed that since the wall was primarily from the west to the north that enemies in the north threatened the small communities. Eventually there were two sets of walls stretching through the city. Örebro sat at nearly seven thousand people for decades upon decades. They traded and traveled to and from Lindsborg along a single route. Life was peaceful for the small towns. However, they were aware of the city’s growing to their north.

It is believed that these walls were indeed built to keep the people of VV out of the city. Whether the origins of the northern people were indeed hostile or not, depends on the people you speak with. It is said that they came with the western wind, spreading and populating. Eventually, through ways of Kaw City and of course Queensland, people started to find themselves in Lindsborg and Örebro. The people of VV were amazed by the people of this small region. They were huge in comparison of the people of the north. The stood a foot taller than many, the majority had a nearly completely bleached blonde into white hair, their backs mighty and wide, their shoulders stretching across the horizon, and their eyes a piercing blue, dark like the waters of the region, but friendly like the sky.

Both sets of people groups feared one another; they had for years, mainly because people tend to fear the unknown. Rumors had gone on for years that the people of Örebro were monsters, giants, barbarians that destroyed anything unknown. The people of the north were seen as seekers, conquers, those who desired to colonize the world. While it was true that the people of Örebro were indeed giants compared to northern people, and the people of the north did enjoy the concept of spreading themselves out, both were mystified by one another.

By 1750 talks had started about Örebro and Lindsborg entering into the union of cities. With pressure coming from Cresent City, Deer Park, and Holly Grove, the people of the water, as many of northern people started to call them, were feeling land locked. They were surrounded, their walls were no match if battle came to them, and if northern people decided to invade, they’d have no choice but to surrender.

It was Klas Johans that did the unthinkable. On cool spring morning he started out on foot, walking to Queensland, the capital of the union of cities. When he arrived he was amazed by the size of the city, the parkways, the transportation, and the people. The people in the streets were struck in awe as the man of the river walked among them. When asked what he was doing, to those who dared to speak to them, he muttered on word:  “ledare”, or translated, leader. The people had no idea what to do, so they did the only thing, take him to Queen Josephine at the capital.

At the footsteps of the royal manor in Queensland, Klas, with help of pictures, animations, and translations tried to demonstrate to the Queen his fear of being overtaken, losing his land, his small country, his life. Josephine, lost in his eyes, was moved by the large mans plea, or at least was moved by something. She agreed to a peaceful negotiation. Örebro and Lindsborg would be kept safe by the powers of the union of cities, and in return the ways of the union of cities would be allowed into the cities. Klas agreed, seemingly mystified by the perfect, smooth black hair, the bronze skin of the young queen.

Peace came to the region.

Some years later, Klas and Josephine would marry, forming a never-ending bond between the people of the water and people of the north. In 1765 they would give birth to their only child, a daughter to carry on the royal position. They named her in honor of the ways and words of the people of the water, Viktoria Vatten Elmsburg. When Viktoria became Queen in 1790 she decided to name the region, a bond between the people of the water and the people of the north: Vän Vatten, or in other words, “friendly waters”.



Downtown, note the the road on the right and bottom of this photo. This is 1st Wall Road, in the mid 1800's, with fear of the Blue Ambassador's turning this small town into a fort, the walls were taken down and replaced with roads that tend to encircle the town.


Modern day crossing of VV13/VV6 near two of the chaples in the town


Modern subdivisions growing in the west of town


Lindsborg Extension freight yard in Örebro. The extension line is strictly a freight line from Lindsborg, to Örebro, and south into the industrial complex of Cresent City


New ideas being tested in Örebro. Because of the mass amount of air pollution from the industrial fields of the town, the Syv, the Vän Vatten Council of Transportation, and the man behind the plan, Vlad Chatten have developed air tunnels. Large filters that have been placed throughout the industrial area for freight trucks to drive through. The theory is that the tunnel acts as a buffer: 1. The filters inside convert the CO2 from the exhauts into clean Oxygen. 2. The outside surface of the tunnel is made of scrubbbers bringing air into the filters from the outside and converting into Oxygen as well. More tests throughout the town over time will determine if more of these will pop up around the region.


Passenger lines moving between Holly Grove and Cresent City, heading through town. There is no passenger terminal inside Örebro.


Major interchange at VV10/VV6. VV10 continues west into Lindsborg.


A possible future southern loop. Traffic along this section of road has become quite congested for the town. The Council of Transportation is looking into a possible three lane, limited access highway that'll form a southern ring around the town.



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@radiovolume Thank you for such kind words! I truly enjoy this CJ, it's my second, the first was primarily over at Simpeg, but this one I felt strong enough to show the 'world'. Whether it is underrated or not, I have no idea, it's hard to rate what is 'good' in my eyes. However, thank you for being supportive and showing enjoyment (not to mention the vote), I hope more that comes your way will be just as enjoyed!

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