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Welcome to Lindsborg, Vän Vatten, the second half of what’s left of the people of the water. Lindsborg is far more modern than its other half. Lindsborg is a commercial hub along the Viktoria River. The notable geological features of the city are the coastal region along the Viktoria, and the ending of the 2nd Fork of the Hickory River. Ferry transportation is vital throughout the city with hubs sitting on both the Viktoria and the Hickory.

As stated before Lindsborg was the second half of the region of the people of the water, the giants, the unknown, and in the end, the friendly. Not much of the history of Lindsborg stands today, except for the two main areas, St. Alexis Cathedral and the Royal Court. It is rumored that many of the nobles of this small region resided in Lindsborg. The people felt it wise to split the nobles and the government between the two cities. Their belief was if one fell, then the other could still stand without it. The nobles would carry out any issues should the city to the east fall, and obviously the government would stand if Lindsborg fell. Thankfully, as history reminds us, through peace neither came, instead bigger ideas of the future were upheld.

Lindsborg, through the times of treaties and hope was the main connection to Queensland (Hickory Grove). In the 1700’s, because of the unknown weather elements that could change in a moment’s notice, traveling by water was deemed the safest form of transportation. However, because so much water existed within the city, there was always the risk of coastal flooding, especially if the Viktoria to the north flooded. This would mean backwash into the Hickory River and its forks, causing serious issues. Because of this, Lindsborg was actually built on the land, elevated between the bodies of water. Hence why the Royal Court and St. Alexis seem to be nowhere near water.

A few things about St. Alexis and the Royal Court:

St. Alexis: By far the largest cathedral in all of Vän Vatten. Religion is a quietly, hotly debated topic throughout the region, for its age, nothing stands official for the region. However, history tells us that the people of the water were extremely stuck within their religion, brought about with daily communion, devotion to church and government, a very strange correlation between the two, and some rather large buildings. St. Alexis, it is told, has held as many as 10,000 people in one service. Granted that was before the creation of Vän Vatten, so it may forever be unknown, but the cathedral is open daily for tours as its majestic structure has been renovated several times in order to hold onto not just the history of the people of the water, but as a reminder of never being afraid to ask, “What’s next”.

Royal Court: The Royal Court truly plays on what it is, the Royal Court. RC was an area devoted strictly towards homes for the noble and clergy members of Lindsborg. The structures were rather simple, but elegant. Today, with the help of financing from Councilmember McGraw, who is fascinate with the history of the people of the water, and Vän Vatten the Royal Court was rebuilt and opened for anyone who could afford (and that limits it) the living areas, to live in them. However, with the growth of Lindsborg in the past several years, a large industrial yard has popped up north of the Royal Court. There is the beginnings of arguments within the district over moving the industrial yard, moving the Royal Court, or forming a better buffer between the two, only time will tell though.

Aside from the Royal Court and St. Alexis, Lindsborg is pretty modern, a strong commercial downtown that allows it to be number two in the north for business, number one being Hickory Gove, and it also provides ferry transport to Cresent City, Kaw City, and Deer Park.

Be warned though, if you enter from the north, from Trill Point, you will be expected to pay to cross the toll bridge across the 2nd Fork of the Hickory, its 1.50, but exact change is required.



Lindsborg Exchange


Royal Court


One of three platforms along the 2nd Fork of the Hickory


Lindsborg Unified School District


Furthest platform along the fork in northern Lindsborg, primarily all residential movement


End of V-10 at the V-10/V-4 Interchange


Industrial Sector in question next to the Royal Court


St. Olson, a smaller cathedral that only the clergy were allowed to use prior to services held at St. Alexis down the road


Front of St. Alexis


Rear shot of the back court of St. Alexis


St. Alexix; a reminder to us that without the people of the water, our history would not be what it was, our present wouldn't be what it is, and our future could not be. May we never forget the people of the water.



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