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This is Deepwell, Vän Vatten, the northeastern town of the Vän Vatten region. A small place, packed with sorrow and despair with an outlook on what could be.

Earliest indication is that Deepwell was here longer than many know. Because of how isolated it was from the other six charter cities, Deepwell had no say in affairs of Vän Vatten. Most of them weren’t too worried about it either; Deepwell was a small farming community that kept to itself and its own business.

Then the North Central Line was built. Around the turn of the century, the North Central Line was granted by Queen Viktoria Elmsburg in 1825, a short five years before her tragic end. The rail was completed in Deepwell near 1864 amongst civil unrest. Deepwell for the most part had no idea of the problems in urban Vän Vatten, for it was too far away. That changed when the North Central Line came in.

Instantly, mail, newspapers, propaganda of all sorts started to flood into the city of Deepwell. The people, unknowing themselves of what tragedy had taken place were easily persuaded by the writing of the journalist of the west. The people of Deepwell were now part of Vän Vatten’s problem, and sadly, part of the solution. Deepwell originally was settled right on the North Central Line, prior to the line turning south. A small community, a small downtown, a depot, and plenty of farms and families lived across the land. Summer community picnics, winter celebrations downtown, and other community gatherings were consistent of Deepwell for most of its early life. When the Queen was assassinated, the group who claimed responsibility for her death, the Blue Ambassador’s, fled Queensland and ran east, straight into Deepwell. The Ambassador’s knew they were safe in Deepwell, no one knew them, few knew of their involvement, and there was no community more caring then Deepwell.

August 23rd, 1883 Daniel Spurman, a leader of the Blue Ambassador’s was feeling the pressure of Deepwell. Over the years, thanks to the North Central Line, photos and articles of these dastardly individuals started to move about the town. A local by the name of John Williamston noticed Daniel as an individual of concern. However, John’s mistake was that he felt it was his duty to eliminate Daniel Spurman. John walked up to Daniel on Main Street, just out of the depot and shot him point blank. Daniel died instantly, and the rest of the Blue Ambassador’s could see that if Williamston wanted to fight, then a fight he would get. The Ambassador’s laid fire to the town of Deepwell, torching the crops, murdering the children, and taking hostage anyone they could. By August 26th, news had reached Queensland about the unrest in Deepwell. The Queen’s Royal Army traveled via the Central Rail to Deepwell. Once out, August 28th, they stepped into a true battlefield. Buildings were crumbling, houses were burning, the dead and dying laid like rag dolls throughout the streets. For four more days the battle continued with the Queen’s Army eventually killing each member of the Blue Ambassador’s. The final tally killed: Queen’s Army-5, Blue Ambassador’s-24, town’s people of Deepwell-131. The town was devastated from the event. So the people picked up and moved south.

When the originally VV1 highway was built, it was to go through the new Deepwell, and the main street of New Deepwell flourished with life all over again. People felt united with the growth of Augusta to their west. With electricity, roads, and rail the town was alive. Farms were created, children were born, and life came back to the town so overrun with death.

The new VV1, completed in 2003 does run on the north side of Deepwell. Some, because of historical significance have traveled back to the original Deepwell to rebuild. Now Deepwell, as a municipality is split into two sections: Deepwell and Old Deepwell. The old depot is running again in Old Deepwell, the old Main Street was rebuilt, and even though tourism isn’t great, the people in Old Deepwell live there to this day. A few hundred live in Old Deepwell, while the core of the population lives in Deepwell. A new subdivision was created in 2007 north of Deepwell along Lake Augusta named Sunrise Ridge. The hope of the people is that one day, both towns will merge as one Deepwell once again and its bloody past may be put to rest.



Old Deepwell Depot where Daniel Spurman was killed by John Williamston


Old Deepwell


Farms along Old Deepwell Road


Intersection of VV1/VV16 (two lane)/and the end of Old VV1 that ran with VV16 until this intersection. It was made a flat, smooth intersection because all plans for a larger interchange would result in the moving of the North Central Line, something that VV Regional Lines didn't want to mess with


Deepwell Rail Park, new depot in Deepwell to your right, industrial depot to your left


Intersection of Old VV1 and VV16


Main Street (Old VV1) of Deepwell


Sunrise Ridge Residential Development



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@avrelivs Oh those farms...yeah...'bout those...they're SPAM (Simpeg Agricultural Modification) over at Simpeg.com They're still under development and in beta (as I am one of the tester's), but I'm hoping within the next few months they'll be released.

@Reikhardt RURAL GOODNESS INDEED! Not going to lie, a lot of the rural settings you see are straight from the environment I grew up with.

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