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Crateris Port

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This is the second city that I builded. His original name is Puerto Cráteris, but I wanted to translate it to english and its short name is Crateris. This city is located in the District I, at the east of Valles Marineris Base 1.

Here is where all this polis started. In this stretch of land was founded by coloners from Tharsis. They founded the city with the building of this two squares and the Cathedral of Crateris. There's no old building, because the conditions and the ambient of the sea damage the buildings. Build in this city is hard, It's a lesson learned.


The territory of Crateris is a perfect square, like other cities in the region, where the 70% is water, 30% earth. In that portion of earth, 50% of the terrain is occuped by industries, 5% for parks, 2% for infraestructure,10% for services, 10% for offices and 23% for residences. Now, the population of Crateris is not more, not less, than 79,000 inhabitants and growing (80,000 for the 1.5 years) . The city is starting to have several problems of traffic, principally, just take a look at the metro, some convoys have around 10 wagons only. This picture is misleading, there's not a train of 15 or 20 wagons, There Is A Bottleneck of Trains!!!!!!


The problem of urban movility is really seriouslly: accidents, bottlenecks (including metro), and contamination is taking this city to a slowly collapse.


1, 2, 3, 4, ... 20. There is 20 skycrappers in this picture. Karmecac is one of the busiest areas, its skyscrapers produce sound enclosure, some people have started to have hearing problems because this problem. This is because all the buildings of Crateris, by law, must have sound absorvers, If a building doesn't have it this, is declare unsafe.


After Karmecac is Rozet, an area where despite the traffic the noise enclosure doesn't exists, this makes Rozet  a quieter place. But oops, there is an accident in front of the park.


Some years ago, Rozet was only a small town with a church and a small port, too far from central Crateris. Now to go fast to this zone is necesary take the metro, and the skycrappers share the look with the church and a new por have been builded.


This is a jewel of Crateris. The por of Rozet has communication with the port of Rogries Island by peatonal bridges.


Rogrides Island is a small zone, a speciall zone with too many small height buildings. This is the reason because in this island is hard build skycrappers, it's a little piece of peace. It have three ports, with another special zone.


"If 70% of the territory of the city-state of Puerto Crateris is water, and land space is running out, so why not start to colonize the water?" When the draft of Floating Crateris was presented these were the words of Mayor Josef Exels. Floating Crateris is a big complex of ports and buildings in the water, near Rogrides island. There lives around 6% of the population, and have all the requierements to live.


95% of the roads in Crateris are streets and roads of two senses (?). Only there is an avenue: Tesla Boulevard, in the continental zone.


A metro convoy crossing the bridge to the continental zone.


The continental zone with some part of the industrial zone. There can see the distributive Y of the metro, the industrial port, and the Tesla Boulevard.


More photos later... I have to go.



Another look over the industrial zone. There is the industrial port, with a ferry port in its ends. The elevated rail of the metro cross this zone in the middle of Tesla Boulevard, from this perspective the passengers looks at the skycrappers of the east. In this picture appears two skycrappers, the Industrial Tower, and the CiStAWETCP Tower (City-State Administration of Waters, Electricicy and Trash of Crateris Port) or simply Cista Tower. Near of Cista there is the power plant of Crateris.


This is the skycrappers of the east, in the continental zone, almost of the skycrappers is offices, residences and touristic services. Also there is the two stadiums.


This is the airport, its located in an island and it have communication with two bridges, a monorail bridge, and 3 ports of ferries. The airport looks like another city, with buildings wich brings touristic services. Also there is the Transit Administration of Crateris Port.


A nocturnal perspective of the city, in the past the roundabout of the Angel was the enntry to the city; now is just simply a reference point. Crateris never sleeps, and in this photo appears two accidents and 3 bottleneck.


But the night in the ports are peacefull: "Enjoy the little paradise that we have while we can, as the city goes to the hell. It is absolutely inevitable that we start in a few years to live in the midst of a decaying city, with problems from the center of his heart to the floating port builded. Let us therefore clear what will happen to us later is the product of our fast paced, growing economy. It is law What goes up must come down! And of course, we're going to the bottom of abyss without exit."  This words of the Planning Commission had resonated in all the city.


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Excellent choice of custom content there.....and I really like the EL train skin, may I ask where you got it?


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 Your city is based on realistic logics and I like it.
And for the first time ever I've sen two of my buildings in a CJ. I'm so happy, you made my day!

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DCMetro34: the model of EL-Rail you can found here: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc&descarga=196  , just click in the word "Descargar" located at the bottom of the photo and install it in your plugins folder, you don't need registration for download from these site. Also Thank's for the Comment!
Vlasky: the city is based in my own city, Guadalajara, Jalisco, only in the traffic problems because the city doesn't look like Crateris. Thank's for the Comment!

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