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 Important Notes:

                This city journal is not a replica of the existing Island of Mindanao in the country Philippines. Hence, SC4 photos and videos presented in this journal do not necessarily reflect what is in Mindanao in the real perspective. Moreover, this is my own recreation of Mindanao and an expression of my desire for a change.


This is my first CITY JOURNAL in Simtropolis (obviously!). I have published this CJ on this day because this is also the day that I first play SIM CITY 4. In short, I have been playing SC4 for 1 year... I think this one year is an enough time to build several cities based on my own perspective. So much for that... let me start with my first CJ.

On the first entry of my journal, let us talk more about the type of government that the Island had adopted. But before anything else, please remember that all facts presented here are just fictitious…

The island had adopted federal democratic type of government. As a federal government the island has six great regions which are independent to each other in terms of economic activities. 



These means that the annual income of each region goes to the region itself, so several projects for public purposes is not a problem since the region utilizes its own money. However, in order to uphold unity as one nation, each region allocates 10% of its annual income to the central government as funding for the national treasury. These funds would be used for the National Defense, Armed Forces of Mindanao, Mindanao National Police, and other agencies concerning national projects.


The government is subdivided into three branch of equal power namely the Legislative, Judiciary and Executive Department. Let us not talk more about the Legislative and Judiciary Department since that topic is too broad to discuss. So let us focus more on the Executive Department since this department is the most useful in this City Journal. The organizational structure of the bureaucracy is presented below. The Department of Foreign Affairs will be established as soon as the country is ready to open itself to the international arena. But for now, what is important is the Seven Departments who will work for the ongoing development of the country.



Officials in the office of the Federal Government and City Mayor are elected by the people for a period of eight (8) years. The rest of the officials are lawfully appointed by the Governor with an approval from the office of the Prime Minister.  

With this unsophisticated type of government, the Island have prosper and lived in harmony with only few areas considered as underdeveloped. Each region has significant contribution for the national development and was truly challenged by the fact that they should live by their own efforts and legal means. Still, Mindanaoan believes on the spirit of brotherhood and because of that each region aims to help one another in different ways.

With that… I proudly present to you my DREAM NATION…





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ADDITIONAL: I know all the facts here are fiction facts and not really facts, but actually, Cagayan de Oro is a city, not region. the "Cagayan de Oro Region" is actually Northern Mindanao, minus North Cotabato. The Cotabato Region is actually divided, the northern half belongs to Northern Mindanao, the northern half of the southern half belongs to ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and the southern half of the southern half belongs to SOCCSKARGEN. Also, the "Agusan Region" and the "Surigao Region" is actually one region, called CARAGA. And some of the small islands off the Mindanao Coast designated as part of "Agusan Region" is also part of ARMM. "Zamboanga Region" is not called Zamboanga Region, it's called Zamboanga Peninsula. Davao's map and the fact that it has 6 regions are already ok and correct. The six regions are: Zamboanga Peninsula, Northern Mindanao, ARMM, CARAGA, SOCCSKARGEN, and Davao Region.

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 Thank You so much for a very detailed information... I hope you were just trying to make a statement... 

Anyway, please don't take seriously all information that is presented here since they are all fictitious... I was just trying to build an SC4 country named after OUR own home place... After all, this is my journal...   

OH!    I think you forgot something??? The island was not actually named "Queen Island of Mindanao".. isn't it??? Actually, I was the one who created that title. 

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