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About Us | Human Transit Corporation (HTC)

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20100911161446.pngHuman Transit Corporation (HTC)

Since 1930

About Us

Human Transit Corporation (HTC) is a public transit operator based in the City of Torbury. We are a privately-funded company (with an initial subsidy from the government in 1930 of $200,000, otherwise we receive no government funding) based in Torbury. Our headquarters is located within Torbury Centre Terminal, a major transit hub which is to be introduced later.

Our motto is (full length): To provide a human transportation experience. 

In short: The human experience.

We are awarded the contracts to operate public transit services in the

  1. City of Torbury (Population 63,000)
  2. City of Torton (Population 22,000)
  3. City of Pinecross (Population 21,000)
  4. Town of Appington (Population 12,000) and
  5. Town of Springcross (Population 2,000).
Our service population is about 120,000, with annual ridership reaching more than 1.5 million. We spent MOST OF OUR MONEY on service features of in-town commuters transport; while we GAIN THE MOST REVENUE from inter-city transport.

Currently, HTC operates approximately 40 bus routes (be it full time, rush hour, or limited services), 3 ferry routes, and 2 express bus routes in our service areas. We generate an approximately $3,000,000 annual income, with a NET REVENUE of about $1,000,000 per year.

Some stats about the HTC:

- We operate an upwards of 400,000 bus trips per annum (as of 1950), which is about a bus trip every 1-2 minutes.

- HTC operates a fleet size of about 100 vehicles, and still growing.

Enough with the text and the facts (as I'm sure you're already bored of it), here are some sneek peeks to future updates.


Figure 1. City of Torbury (1940 population: 56,000) satellite imagery.


Figure 2. List of all the operating bus routes in the year of 1940. The list has currently expanded its size, as you will discover in our next entry.

Route names in BLACK are deemed making revenue; names in RED are deemed losing money.


Figure 3. City Avenue (now named as Promenade Mezzo Vesper and Promenade Mezzo Aurora) and Main Street under satellite imagery in the year 1940. Today, the intersection is more developed and more busy, with the Torbury City Stop being renamed to MacKenzie Fields Stop.


Figure 4. Torbury Ferry Terminal across the Torbury River from the rest of the Torbury city proper in the year 1947. The terminal was still in construction in the year 1947.


Figure 5. Torbury Centre Terminal in the year 1949 after a major renovation. Until this date, Torbury Centre Terminal is often congested and is in need of a major upgrade.


And that's all for the sneak peek! 

We are online! (Along with other regions of mine). Check out http://gravenhurst.wikia.com

Currently, Torbury only has 0 articles out of the 146 articles. The other articles are about another region.

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P.S. For those who are also following the WATERSAUGA Natural + Smart Growth Journal. It is not in our plans to abandon it, but instead of WEEKLY MEETINGS we are modifying to a Bi-Weekly meeting instead. This journal as well, would be operating on a bi-weekly basis. 

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Recommended Comments

I used to play Simutrans, in fact I still have it on my computer. However, I never got quite good enough to turn a large profit on it. Great to see that you made it into a city journal! I'm excited to see where this goes.

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Very intereresting. I have never heard of SImuTrans before, and I am very curious about it capabilities. Looks very nice so far!

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First of all, thank you for all those who provided a response.

@ Baliam12: Thanks for the compliment!
@ DrumMaster: Like _marsh_ said, this is not a SimCity :), but using Simutrans.
@ _marsh_: Thanks for the compliment!
@ CTMandR: I found it easier to start with smaller buses, and connect major urban areas. Simutrans people (don't want to call them Sims as that's a SC4 term) tends to like travelling between cities. Got most of my funds that way, and then build up my intra-city commuting system. I'm currently at $10.5 million account balance right now, and I'll have to credit $7 million to my ferry inter-city service (to be introduced later).
@ Samerton: Thanks for the compliment!
@ the00guvna: Thanks! I haven't heard about it until I decided to search a game as such during the summer (I used to do this on paper for my SC4 cities), and I found Simutrans... You should try it out some time (the graphics isn't at all the best, but it's an advanced game and surely a great game for all SC4 fans...)

Again, thanks all for commenting. Really appreciate it! 

And I'll still be updating my other (Watersauga) journal if you're looking into that. Be sure to stay tuned to both!

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Where did you get that city building game??

I would like to have that city building game and play it.

Could you provide a link to another website to download this city building game??   

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