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East Tenne: Burrville

On an island at the western end of the Tenne River delta, a small settlement began. This island is west of the national park and has very fertile land. Even in a nation of carnivores, Tenne has not been known for agricultural output; only a tiny number of farms at the river's mouth supply all of the fresh crops for the region. But, with increased demand for food as the massive capital project slowly drags on, even carnivores need a side salad now and then... So, Agriculture Commissioner Zelgadis "ZJ" Junior authorized the island as an agricultural site. When asked what the village should be called, he was answering "Purrville" but he had his mouth full of carrot, so it came out "Burrville". And so it is.

Burrville has been built by the same group working on the southern side of the regional Tenne capital, Anderson Imperial, Purveyors of Fine Cities to the Supreme Wirdle. (In case you were wondering, the north side is being built by Roane Imperial, Purveyors of Fine Cities to the Supreme Wirdle.) Before we being our tour of the island, it is interesting and worthy of note that the island does not have a ferry port. As part of a massive infrastructure plan by Roane & Anderson related to the construction of both regional and national capitals in close proximity, the district of North East Tenne is destined to become by far the most urbanized area in the nation. Multiple bridges now span the river and connect islands to the mainland.


The island in its context.

The largest building on the island is the Maters & Taters Agricultural Center, better known as M&T. The Agriculture Commission has offices on the first floor, as do the municipal government and the Bureau of Feline Affairs. The second floor is the town's guest house (The Come-On Inn) and the remaining space is apartments for townsfolk. It serves as the focal point for town activities.


The M&T has a small plaza on two sides and faces the town church. Cultivated fields extend along the rear of the complex.


Tonight, the church is having an evening organ concert. Admission is free. Kitten care is available, just check with the nursery. A potluck dinner follows.

Most of the commerce takes place on Market Street, at the tip of the island. Here, residents and visitors alike can dine, shop and generally fritter away their time and money with any number of activities. Let's go in for a closer look.


Market Street continues to the end of the island. There, the Market Street Bridge connects with the south shore of the Tenne River.


Temperate weather makes dining al fresco convenient and pleasant. There are two restaurants from which to select - the Apple Blossom and the Hammer's House o' Hamburgers 'n Hotdogs.


Retail shops include the Seivers General Store, Leech Apothecary and Arlene's Dry Goods. Arlene's took the place of The Leftorium, which was unable to secure a deposit for the space after the proprietor lost all of his money in a rigged poker game at his neighbor's house.


It's a lively place an night. I am still wondering how many candles and lanterns they use up lighting everything up like that.


The rest of the island is more sedate, given over to farming, residences and such.


As we look over the eastern part of the island, we see mostly small farms and woods.


Here, we have under cultivation catnip, potatoes, oranges and assorted greens.


By the Pyy Bridge and the schoolhouse, we have corn, wheat, sugar, cotton, and cinnamon.

ZJ and the Agriculture Commission have done a fine job on their first agricultural community. I am sure that other farming areas will appear where the need for vegetables and fruits arises.

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Recommended Comments

Beautiful job on the town!

I really liked how you used those sunken walls to make the roads, very creative!

@downtownnewcastle: They are sunken walls, but you could place  them as pathways, as Schul did. You can get them here.


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Eldado   Thanks. Those are Mickebear’s Mediterranean buildings. They are now available I believe only on the LEX at SC4D/


Downtonwnewcastle   Thanks again. The terrain is Chrisadams997’s Rural Renewal Project, also available on the LEX. It has lots of fun vegetation from which you may select. There’s also some of Pegasus’ stuff in here as well. It’s here on the STEX under his name. The cobblestone roads are actually Jeronij’s retaining walls. These are now only on the LEX.


DCMetro34   Indeed! You can find them there. Glad you like how they were deployed here.


Sc4Portugal   You have been missed in Schulmania so I am glad that you have come back to us. I know what you mean about computers; mine is  5+ years old and acts like it’s 105!


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My computer's only 2, so it shouldn't have any problems. It runs Galesfe City just fine with 1.9GB of plugins.

Yay, Leech Apothecary is mentioned in two consecutive updates!

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NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.



Leech10   Leech Apothecary is definitely one of the major brand names in Schulmania. I am going to have to get a new computer… and the laptop died while I was in Florida. But I will replace that with my brother’s old iPhone, since the laptop was mostly for internet access anyway.


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