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On the Move, part 3

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Lyhoko Leaci


On the Move, part 3

October 2nd, 0165AL (2021)


ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Okay, there are two more guards coming this way, of the regular variety. When they open the door, I'll take the one on the left, and you take the one on the right.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: And if they don't open the door?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: In that case, we'll wait until they're out of the area, then force the door open.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: And if they stand outside the door without opening it?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Fill up the hallway outside the door with a big fireball, then force the door open once the fireball dissipates.

They took up positions on either side of the door, put out the fire, and waited. The door creaked open and before the guards could react, they found themselves smashing against the wall opposite the door, the guard on the left now missing his head and the guard on the right suffering from major internal injuries. Brad quickly bent over the guard who still had his head and wiped the blood off of a sword onto the guard's uniform, before said sword turned back into an arm.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: This way.

Brad took off down the hall, and Ayura shook her head to clear it, then followed. They ran straight though 2 hallway junctions and turned right at a third and ran down a flight of stairs, where Brad flung out an arm to stop Ayura.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: What?

Brad didn't say anything, but instead simply pointed to the window in the door at the bottom of the stairs. As she watched it, two guards walked past it, the sounds of the footsteps muffled by the steel door. After about a minute, Brad eased it open so it wouldn't creak, then the walked into the hall, and Brad closed the door again. Once the door was closed, they continued down the hall in the opposite direction the guards were going.

Things were relatively calm for the next minute, until Brad turned to Ayura without stopping.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: They've found the bodies.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: So now we have to deal with more guards.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Unfortunately.

They took a quick left around a corner, and continued on.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Incoming!

Brad immediately spun around dropped to the ground and Ayura formed a makeshift shield around herself using her telekinetic abilities, just as a blue energy pulse came shooting down of an adjoining hall to the right. The blast hit brad in the left shoulder, sending him flying into the wall with a loud crack before landing on his back. The offending guard immediately ignited in a burst of green flames, causing the two other guards behind him to scatter to avoid the forming fireball.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Are you okay?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: I'm okay for now.

Brad sat back up for a second, and ignoring the pain in his right arm, stood up and continued down the hall before more guards could show up. However, almost immediately, another guard entered their hallway right in front of them, though he didn't remain standing for long due to the fist that landed on his jaw. As the guard began to fall, brad removed his left fist from the guard's face and pulled the staff out of the guard's hands and continued forward.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: How much farther is it?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Not too far now.

They ran down another flight of stairs, this one longer than the first, that took them well underground. Brad didn't even bother to open the door at the bottom, instead he pointed the staff at it, and pulled the trigger. A blast of blue light shot out of the tip and impacted on the door, knocking it clear off of its hinges, smashing a guard between the crumpled door and the wall. The dazed second guard went down after getting bashed in the head with the other end of the heavy staff. Another shot back into the stairs destroyed the bottom part of stairs, making it very difficult for any pursuers to get though quickly.

One of the muphridians quickly showed up in the hall after the noise, and Brad shot at it. However, the blast simply bounced off of some sort of shield and hit the wall instead, scattering rock chunks all over the place. The muphridian ignored the attack, and concentrated on generating several large electrical arcs, which jumped from metal support to metal support, forcing Brad and Ayura to drop to the ground to avoid them. Ayura suddenly lifter hand into the air and rapidly dropped it, causing another one of the support beams to be ripped from the ceiling over the muphridian, who ignored it, at least until the beam hit him on the head. Due to the loss of the support beam, and the hole in the wall due to Brad's shot, a large amount of rock collapsed down on the muphridian, completely burying him. Ayura slowly got back up once the muphridian was buried, now breathing heavily.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Are you okay?

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Yes, a little tired from ripping the beam out of the ceiling, but I can continue.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Is he dead?

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Probably not, so lets get out of here before he unburies himself.

Sure enough, the pile of rock began to shift as the muphridian attempted to get up. They ran down in the other direction, and turned a corner and reached a door.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: The hangar is just past this door and a short hallway, the only problem is that there are a bunch of guards at the other end of the hall.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Lovely.

Ayura yanked the door open and Brad shot at 3 of the guards who were visible from the door, hitting one. One of the remaining guards returned fire as they took shelter around a corner, though his aim was a bit off due to his sudden movement, causing the shot to fly harmlessly over Brad and Ayura, and explode on the ceiling well behind them. They entered the hall as another shot came from the corner, blasting the wall and showing them in bits of rock. After making sure the door was closed again, Ayura shot a fireball down the hall, causing the guards to fall back again. Brad quickly aimed the staff around the corner while the guards were temporarily distracted and fired, the resultant rock explosion knocked several guards over.

The guards wouldn't give up that easily, however, and quickly shot back, cratering the wall and blasting Brad and Ayura with more rocks.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Time for plan N.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Plan N?

A bit of Brad's upper left arm formed into a lump, and separated into a green blob with four legs about the size of a hand. This object jumped down onto the ground and quickly ran around the corner. The shocked yells from the guards told them that the object definitely had their attention, so Brian fired two more shots at the guards around the corner and Ayura chucked a fireball at them, before they had to retreat again to avoid getting shot. While the nanite blob did distract the guards long enough for the attack to work, it did not succeed in doing any attack itself, as it was blasted back into the wall after the guards finally managed to hit it. The nanite blob, now looking slightly burnt, ran back to brad and re-integrated itself, after shedding the burnt skin off of itself.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: 5 guards left.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: How many were there originally?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: 11.

One of the guards, apparently an extra-brave one, got close enough to aim his staff around the corner, but as Brad could tell he was coming, they were ready for him. The guard's staff suddenly rotated back around, causing the part that creates the energy discharges to smash into the guard's face, knocking him out of the fight. Ayura quickly telekinetically pulled the staff to her, and succeeded in firing a wild shot back at the remaining 4 guards that filled the hall with dust and bits of rock. After avoiding two similarly wild return shots, Brad managed to blast one of the guards, who collapsed on top of another.

Just as both Brad and Ayura fired blindly around the corner, a loud crash told them that the muphridian had managed to unbury itself and had now found out where they were.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: I'd say its time to get out of here.

Ayura ran forward and the hallway around the corner erupted in flames, barbecuing the remaining guards. She grabbed onto Brad's staff to keep herself from falling over, and the two of them made their way though the dust and body filled hallway into the hangar. Brad climbed into the Dlarya and helped pull Ayura up and in, wincing when he bumped his right elbow on the wall. A loud crash shook the air as they reached the pilot's seat of the Darya, and Brad immediately placed his left hand on the control console. The shields activated a second later, and the muphridian ran out of the hallway dust could and into the hangar, only to bounce off of said shield.

The front pair of cannons on the Dlarya fired, practically vaporizing the hangar doors and overloading the shield that held the water out of the hangar. The muphridian didn't stand a chance at all against the rapidly expanding cloud of superheated steam and vaporized metal, and was rapidly incinerated. Ayura and Brad fared much better, most of their injuries were only scrapes and cuts from flying rocks, which had nothing to do with the explosion from the Dlarya's weapons, the Dlarya's shield having protected them. The shock wave continued outward as well, and blasted steam and water hundreds of feet into the air as the Dlarya began moving forward.


The Dlarya quickly flew out of the steam cloud and into the air, and began accelerating away from the base. Ayura looked down at a holographic display in front of her that had just activated, showing various objects around the Dlarya in 3D. She poked at the representation of the base, and the Dlarya suddenly shuddered as an energy bolt shot out of one of the cannons along the Dlarya's bottom.


The blast impacted the base and it immediately was engulfed in a massive fireball that quickly cleared the remnants of the steam cloud away as the base was vaporized.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: What did you do?

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Apparently that was the weapons control system.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Can you not do that again?

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Sorry.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: I detected a hyperspace window opening shortly before the explosion... apparently they had another Dlarya in a shielded area and they used it to escape. Or at least, some of them did.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: You can activate the hyperdrive underwater?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Apparently.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: What about your arm?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: It will heal.

Ayura tried to look at it, but as soon as she touched it, Brad yelped.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: i think it's broken. You're definitely getting it checked.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Yes ma'am.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: And are you going to do anything about your appearance?

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: What?

Ayura giggled for a couple of seconds before responding.

ayuramarec5.jpgAyura: Right now you look like my sister instead of Brian's brother.

ayuramarec5.jpgBrad: Huh? Oh.

Brad's appearance began shifting back to its normal form as the Dlarya continued flying south.



nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Hey, we're actually in Yanar for once!

Nick.jpgNick: This is the same area as last time, only this time its the southern, Yanar side of the river.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Looks like people get TPed here, too.


Nick.jpgNick: The upper area of the Yanar side is also flatter than Yintar, so there is plenty of room for large areas of development without terraces.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Shops!

Nick.jpgNick: Not again...


Nick.jpgNick: Mixed commercial and residential area near the top of the slope..


nikkitr8.jpgNikki: Waterfront, with a ferry.


Nick.jpgNick: More waterfront, with a pair of tall office buildings.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: And another ferry.


Nick.jpgNick: And here's an overview of the coastline, with part of the flat upper portion visible.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: And two ferries!

Nick.jpgNick: There is also a farm tower.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: And the ferries!


Nick.jpgNick: And this is the Yintar side again, only this time looking down the hill, instead of up the hill.

nikkitr8.jpgNikki: 61 thousand people in this area...

Nick.jpgNick: All of them living in low density housing.


Archean: No, the volcano wasn't that big... think Krakatau. 3.gif

pipishere: And more houses on a hill! Okay, the hill isn't as steep on the Yanar side...

Petrovar Ambassador: Are you talking about the river, or the lake near Lamranu?

Schulmanator: I don't think it is likely that anyone with nanites would want to sell them...

Zelgadis: Serious terracing for serious hills. And it must have been one of those cheap hotels... so cheap they don't have any beds in the rooms. Or lights, for that matter.

abcvs: It's not the first time it has happened...

Zelgadis2: So that is what that PM was for...

Hester: Siagra!

Thank You!

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