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Update 5: Escaping Danger (Mature Content Warning)

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Update 5: Escaping Danger

Willow Place Shopping Mall, St. Krist City


A winter wonderland turned into chaos just as quick as the first metallic bullet shell dropped onto the powder. Heavily armed men covered in pitch black dress walked methodically down the central artery of the mall, gunning down scared, panicky civilians running out of shops on either side, trying to flee.


Some of the assailents aimed through the glass of shops and riddled the inside with automatic fire. As the gunmen advanced toward the entrance, a police officer of the SKPD rushed around the corner, sidearm drawn.

cop.jpgSKPD Officer: FREEZE!

The unshaken gunmen just opened fire on the cop, tearing up his torso, making him shake and recoil back before falling. The gunmen just continued on.

Near the entrance of the mall, may ran screaming across the road and as far away from the mall as they could get. Tessa and her friend Jensa ran down the sidewalk along the avenue, heading east. Tessa, having read and reread reports and accounts of battles of the 29 Hour War was never ready to handle the real life sounds of screams and gunshots. Jensa was even less ready.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Run! Run!!

jensa.pngJensa: *Pants and Cries*


Just behind them, the gunmen appeared from the entrance and shot as a man behind the two girls, collapsing onto the white snow which then turned red. Then above the screams, Tessa's heart sank and basically shriveled at what she heard.

Gunmen: There she is! Don't let her escape!

Tessa then bolted. Sprinting as fast as she could, and using her inherited abilities of her Nekoleeri mother, Tessa kicked up snow as she ran faster down the sidwalk, sidestepping to avoid the bullets that she instantly assumed would be coming for her. What she didn't realize was she left something behind her.

jensa.pngJensa: T-TESSA! Don't leave me!!

Jensa then tripped on a rock that was hidden by the snow, and she fell to the ground. Tessa, using her ears heard her best friend's screams and turned, only to widen her eyes in terror. It was too late.

She saw her, trying to crawl toward her. One of the gunmen slowed to a walk, took a few steps right up to Jensa, pointed his rifle down and, just as quickly as blinking, fired. The single shot went straight into the back of Jensa's head, and then stopped moving.

The gunmen then continued their run toward Tessa, however not raising their rifles. Tessa didn't run. She stared at the lifeless body of the young, barely fourteen year old girl, and then slowly raised her eyes up to the black figures running to her. Her eyes narrowed, and then started to growl. Something in her snapped, releasing as much energy as a fusion reaction. Like breaking the barriers of a dam, her nekoleeri instincts, her animalistic instincts took her over, and she turned into a blur.

The men suddenly slowed, surprised to see her running at them. One began to raise his rifle but the other stopped him.

Gunmen: We need her alive!

But before he could get another word out and then refocus on the young neko girl, Tessa jumped up into the air, her endurance spiked due to her mixed blood, and jumped the closest man, grabbing hold of his neck and clenced down, breaking the skin. Her nails tore at the flesh and ripped it apart, letting his own blood spew instead of the innocents around him. The others, now shocked tried to run at her, to stop her, but she was too fast. She dodged punches and went for the next guy's neck, instinct kicking in for the kill. The second man's neck too tore apart under the pressure of Tessa's nails. After the second body dropped and gurgled blood, the others stared at her for just a second before running back to the mall, fearing for their own lives.

Tessa wanted to chase them, chase them down and kill them like they killed Jensa, wanted to rip their necks open one by one. But suddenly caught sight of herself, and restrained. Standing there, amongst the bodies of the gunmen she had killed, and the body of Jensa who was murdered, Tessa began to cry as she went to Jensa, kneeling in the snow. She grabbed hold of the girl's clothes and shook her, wanting her to come back. But the hole in the back of her head made it clear, she was gone.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: NOOOOO!!!

As she cried, the sounds of sirens soon filled the air, and just as there was no sight of the gunmen anymore, the SKPD rushed in, unfortunately.


Blue cruisers rushed through the intersection.


And Metro Police dropships flew overhead, carrying security teams. They easily secured the area in and around the mall, but were too late, to do anything about the body count.

The worst blow to Follomer since the 29 Hour War, just happened.

Capital Building, St. Krist

As he walked outside with everyone else to find out what was going on, the sirens wailed through the air. What unsettled him the most was that the sirens origin, was the Willow Place Mall. And there were many sirens. Too many to not be worried.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: ...my goddess, what's happened?

Even though he didn't know why, the center of his chest began to ache.

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Somewhat reminiscent of the Mumbai attacks.  And I don't think anyone in Follomer is going to take this lying down any more than India did.


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