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Southern Inner City Suburbs - East

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The southern inner city suburbs is the first area being developed in the sprawling southern suburbs movement. There are many unique places and recreational areas such as parks within these suburbs. Being built right next to the city is also an advantage for the citizens living there, most of them of medium wealth. Business also fill the area with even some high tech industry towards the CBD. The Rooleyson Highway Network (RHN) splits these subrubs into two areas for the journal: Southern Inner City Suburbs East and Southern Inner City Suburbs West.


Southern Inner City Suburbs East



Crestignton (pronounced Cress-in-ton) is a suburb which is popular by many British citizens. It has plenty of nice parks to relax or play in as well as the Greenwood Anglican Church. Several medium wealth residents also live in this area, of both low and medium densities. The medium wealth houses line along the Kanga River, with great views across to the eastern suburbs. Low and medium density offices are also within the area. A few food shops are also located along the main stretch. The Eastern Suburbs Bypass Tunnel goes to and from here, with the other end being in Fernley, an eastern suburb near the airport.

The back of the Greenwood Anglican Church & Park...


An overview from the front of it...


A fast food restaurant and medium density offices...


The Eastern Suburbs Bypass Tunnel and the park on top...


A plaza surrounded by medium density medium wealth buildings, towards Greenwood...


An overview of the medium wealth residents...


Houses along the riverfront...


Within the suburbian streets...


Another fast food restaurant...


Looking down one of the many suburbian streets...


The more fancier medium wealth houses...



The original suburb of Franciston was split into two after many debates by the city council, with Franciston Slopes being the new suburb (situated on the northern slopes of the southern suburbs). The new Franciston, along with the neighbouring suburb on the west side of the RHN, is one of the few high tech centres around Rooleyson, with high tech industries of low, medium and high wealth and density. Low and medium density offices are also located around the same area. The West Suburbs Bypass Tunnel connects this area to the outskirts on the west side, which was the solution to a major financial crisis in the CBD, with many big businesses losing many due to poor passenger and freight services in the area. As well as all that, recreational areas, shops and many medium wealth houses are also located in the suburb.

Looking onto the high tech industry and offices from the RHN...


A park on top of the West Suburbs Bypass Tunnel exit/entry...


Medium density medium wealth residential buildings...


Within the high tech industry...


Medium density offices along the main road...


A small shopping centre...


A fast food restaurant...


Franciston Slopes

Francison Slopes, located on the northern slopes of the southern suburbs, is a suburb filled with medium wealth houses, as well as a few apartments, with some great views looking onto the city and the northern and eastern suburbs. A small sports complex is also located at the bottom of the slopes, which includes a swimming pool and a basketball court. A few shops are also located up and down, as well as some iconic houses along the main road, as a gift from the mayor of San Francisco. Low density offices are also located around the area as well.

The small sports complex...


A view to the CBD and hillside apartments in front, from the roof of a house...


Looking up the main road, with the iconic houses lining up the slope along the road...


The hillside apartments and a fast food restaurant...


A shop at the bottom of the slopes...


A small shopping centre on the hillside...


A view up the street, running alongside the RHN...


Another street with some houses along the hillside, view looking towards the eastern suburbs...


Hope you have enjoyed this entry, the first in a long while. My deep apologies for the wait, but it's all back now. Stay tuned for more on the inner city suburbs west, southern suburbs and Kathine Hill.;)

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Sorry I've missed an update or two, Ash, been busy! Anyway, nice planning, and it's good to know you're still being festive! 

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So all 19 pages, what a lot of work, took me 3 ours to only read the first few pages and look at the pictures, what a lot of awesome pictures:D Really, tnx to you my Cities XL spirit is higher then ever, can't wait till I can buy it. Awesome stuff:D

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