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Trixie Award Results + Speech From Mayor + Important News

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15d6m83.png w1d2w.png
The recent Trixies Awards was held in the Simtropolis organisation, which is a ceremony which celebrates the members of the wonderful Simtropolis city building community. It was the first ceremony for Rooleyson and Mayor Ashley N. It was also a chance to further publicise the wonderful, bustling city Rooleyson truly is.


Runner-Up for Most Promising CXL City Journal


Runner-Up for Most Breathtaking CXL City


Mayor Ashley N (nicknamed Asheroo at Simtropolis) was nominated for Best Quality Poster


Mayor Ashley's Speech

I am very honoured to have had my city of Rooleyson be nominated for both CXL city journal awards. I am further honoured and excited to have the city become runner-up in both awards, being very close to first place. It's been hard work with hours of work dedicated to each and every single post made in the journal, and of course, days of work put into this amazing city. It's been a pleasure building this city from the ground up, watching it grow up like a child, from a tiny village to a big bustling metropolis it will become. Budgeting and designing has been very tough giving the big upgrades given to the city and the major projects, but in the end, it's well worth the stress and hard work and is rewarded with a stable economy and a stable community in the city.

I am also very honoured to be nominated for Best Quality Poster. Although being a more quieter member of the Simtropolis community, I believe in rather delivering quality to the community than quantity, that way I make sure that what I truly want to express and say comes out the right way, at the right time, in the right place. It's all part of my "Quality Over Quantity (QOQ)" philosophy that encourages people to take their time to think and right out what they are going to say as something meaningful and something that will stand out and be heard. Although being a more active member in the old CXL Monte Cristo community, I do not plan to be as so active in Simtropolis as I previously was in the MC community.

My thanks go to firstly my family and my great friends I have, not just from my hometown, but from all over the world. I secondly would like to thank all my city journal followers and city supporters. Without my supporters, there would be nothing to support this city but the buildings and citizens on top, and without support, it would only fall and crumble, of which, the journal could of had if it wasn't for you guys. I lastly want to thanks Monte Cristo for the amazing tools they have provided, of which the whole city is built upon, and their ongoing support for the late cities of Rooley and New Rooley, and for the late town of Mount Coonabarley.

Lastly, I would like to pass on a big congratulations to all those who won in the Trixies Awards for 2009. I would specifically want to further congratulate those CXL mayors who did win, especially Mayor Sam W (nicknamed barcasam7 in Simtropolis), a great friend of mine with his city of the Gold Coast, also one of Rooleyson's sister cities, winning the award for Most Breathtaking CXL City. I am not sure if he is aware as he has been present from Simtropolis for quite some time, but although I have been unable to contact him for the pass few days, I will contact him as soon as I can and tell him of his win.

See you all in the new year and new decade for a new start on the southern side of Rooleyson. Stay tuned to The Rooleyson Journal for more on this amazing city.

Important News from Asheroo

Due to problems with my computer, I will be unable to further develop Rooleyson for another week as it will be in repair and upgraded for better performance. I have also been unable to work on it for the past week due to the problems. This means that the next post about the development of Rooleyson won't be for possibly some weeks yet. The development of Rooleyson is slow, and I deeply apologise for those of impatience, but this is to have more time to really design the city and perfect it. I never zone, I always plop down every single individual building, so I can shape the city the way I want it to be. Also, I have been fairly busy with other things as well and have been dedicated to others, reducing my time to work on Rooleyson.

I also get the feeling that sometimes some posts mainly about the suburbs are a little boring due to the repetitiveness and the atmosphere. I just want to state that my main intention for The Rooleyson Journal is to truly show off what you really can do with CXL, and how much of a realistic city you can create if you put your mind with the tools and go for it, and what an amazing city you can create by doing just that. Showing off what you can do at the moment with CXL also shows what you can do with just the plain vanilla version in single player mode (with the odd few building add ons).

I ask my fellow, new and future supporters to please bear with me and the journal and for your patience to wait for the next post on the development of Rooleyson which may not be for some weeks. When it does come back though, it will go back to the normal regular updates. It will come back better than ever with development on the southern side, meaning more suburbs, more and new buildings and new projects and road networks. I know you can't wait, neither can I, but as said, patience is rewarded.

Stay tuned in and watch out within the next week and weeks after for the return of Rooleyson, with entries on Kathine Hill and the southern suburbs.;)

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Good Job, Ashley (it sounds like a girl's name to the American ear but naming conventions are different in the US from Austrailia). It does not surprise me that you got those awards and nomination because your posts are always better than most people's when you actually choose to post.

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Asheroo, A lot of people seem to like your CJ. Well, that means how many people are going to nominate you on the 2010 Trixie awards... Good luck in 2010!!!

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