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Bureaucratic Bureaucracy

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Schulmanator: Thanks! With whats been happening recently, you may just be able to take a home without buying it!

_marsh_: Thanks for your comment! I was going for that upscale feel, the sort of "I would never be able to afford it..." type thing

lordmungus: Thanks for your comment! This update's actually got something to do with the HSR link.

Anarcho-X: Thanks! I hope they look realistic, I was sort of doubting it when I was building them


Allright, sorry its been so long. But, the thing is, there are finals coming up, and i'm getting done with projects, and everything is just a mess outside of the SimCity4 realm, so I haven't that much time to play. On top of that, my region has been developing badly. I've gotten cases where residential demand is breaking the charts, but zero houses are being built. It seems that nothing is developing. I placed a census repository and it shows that caps are far from being broken. I'm still playing the region, and hopefully I can get this sorted out soon.

However, in other news, after much Bureaucratic bickering and squabbling and such, a High-Speed Rail link from Calgary to Lexington Bay has been built! The link stretches from Central Calgary (the suburbs previously shown) all the way short of downtown Lexington Bay. I've got some photos of the stops. All of the following photos face northward


Above is the Eastern Terminus of the stop, conveniently located next to the end of the freeway, and at the biggest train station in the region. Businesses have developed well since the building.


This is the next stop, its the one nearest Lockheart, because commuters only have to switch to the southern railroad and go west one stop. It is also where the new train link to Lexington Bay begins, the northern two tracks. Here, also, there is a subway link that leads to New Downtown Calgary (the buildings in the south). In all, this hub has eight tracks.


This is the last stop in Calgary. the Station sits on a recently redeveloped area in West Calgary, and most trains do not stop here. Remember how I said that demand was high but nothing was building? This is what I mean, demand is booming for all Residential sectors, and yet any land I zone does not get developed. It has become very troubling.


This is the only stop in Lexington Bay, it has connections with the local Light Rail line, and is also the terminus for the new ground rail connection. Downtown Lexington Bay sits just west of the photo.

That being all said. I have come across a unique problem, and that is why I have created this post.

I have made sure that the HSR line has been fully connected, and the stations seem fully functional. I used the 'Drawpaths' cheat to see if there are any breakages, and did not notice any. There are plenty of high-wealth residents around the staions, and I know that people commute between Calgary and Lexington Bay. The problem is that No one takes the High-Speed Rail! No one. Zip. Nada. Nothing. I don't know if people think its too expensive, or would rather go by car, or if the line doesn't work, but it just doesn't work. I have been running the simulation for years, and don't know what to do. So I have decided to form a vote.

This is where you can vote! Since The line appears to not be working, and disregarding technical issues, I, as mayor, have decided to put up a vote on what to do with the line, and the space surrounding it.

A) Turn it into an Elevated Rail line. This is an enticing option, as I can connect it to the existing light rail lines in both Calgary and Lexington Bay, and create a better transit system

B) Keep it. The money has been spent, now its all up to (hopefully) have it fixed, or having riders start coming

C) Abandon it. The city has already thrown so much money away building it, that they can't spare more money to demolish it or replace it.

D) Demolish it. Maybe the space could be used for something else

E) Convert this into an ultra-High-Speed Rail prototype system, where trains and tracks are tested. Some money might come out of it. (Basically I will download the BTM mod and use it instead. It may work)

Thats all for this time! Sorry for so long without an actually update! Finals will be done next week, and I might actually get around to do this then. Have fun voting! And of course, I would like to know whats happening if you guys have any idea!

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Not E-It goes thru the cities. I would choose B. It always takes people a while to figure it out that they can ride it.

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Thankyou for building it. I think the problem maybe that you may have built it too early and that there aren't enough people to use it as there is also the normal train and the RHW. So I would choose B and just keep developing the cities. I hope you can resolve the resendential problem.

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Guest madmike_831


were did u get that kind of water on pics 5 and 6 ?

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