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Lyhoko Leaci



January 6th, 0165AL (2021)


As Brad Meiring looked out of the window of the Namora condo that he shared with his identical twin brother Brian, and Brian's wife Lieutenant Colonel Lillian Thobe Meiring, he though about how things have changed in the past 10 years since he joined the RDPM. The Dlorwani, while they seemed to be a major threat when Myon first met them, have not been involved with Myon ever since they lost two of their ships in a battle with the CS-2 Valmal. 4 years ago he was told that he had several powers, including the ability to read minds, by Mardon and Cormani, two Ancaron who were discovered several days earlier. The Ancaron had then also said that Brian and Major Thobe had telekinetic powers. And then 3 years ago, Tifalka vanished while DPM-6 was on a standard exploration mission. Just 2 years ago he had his left arm, part of his left leg, his chest, and the top and side of his head replaced with the artificial cells that make up the bodies of Mardon and Cormani. After taking a break from the RDPM for a year, he re-joined and became a member of DPM-2, along with Brian, Major Kharisk Zargolf, Lt. Aubrey Black, and Dr. Laur Hapsedut, a scientist.

As Brad continued to think, his communicator beeped. He opened it up and looked at the screen, which had a message saying that DPM-2 was to report to the RDPM facility on Narya. Brad closed his communicator and began to walk to the entrance of the condo.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Brian?

He heard Brian saying bye to Lil before Brian replied from a different room.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: I'm coming.

They walked to the elevator, and Brian hit the button for the parking garage.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: What is going on?

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: I don't know, all the message said was that DPM-2 should report to the Narya RDPM briefing room.


brad2ye7.jpgBrad: What do you think it is about?

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Hmmm... I think that an unidentified ship or several have been detected in the area. What do you think? And no cheating.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: I say that another group of beings has been discovered.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Why would they be calling in DPM-2 for that?

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: Maybe they're causing problems?


Brad and Brian parked their car and then went up to the top of the building, and walked into the briefing room, where Lt. Black and Major Zargolf were already sitting down.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Good, you're here.

Just then, General Yelslew walked in and sat down.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Where is Dr. Hapsedut?

ltblacktb7.jpgLt. Black: He is probably still coming, he does live on the other side of the city.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: I will start the missing briefing as soon has he arrives.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Mission?

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Yes.

The door opened again and Dr. Hapsedut rushed in

laurbl7.jpgDr. Laur Hapsedut: Sorry for being late.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Its okay, maybe someday the city will listen to my suggestions and add more transporters.

ltblacktb7.jpgLt. Black: What's the mission?

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Some sort of creature has been found in the underground, and your mission is to capture it. You will travel to Khatak's Namora offices, which is located near the part of the underground the creature has been trapped in, and has a transporter.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: We're going to catch some animal?

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: It isn't known what it is, but according to the life signs detectors, it is between a zuke and a human is size, and it appears to be acting intelligently.

laurbl7.jpg Laur: Okay.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Once you have got everything you need, report to the transporter.


They stepped into the transporter, and Gen. Yelslew began entering the coordinates for Khatak's offices.

ronulyw6.jpgGen. Yelslew: Good luck.


There was a flash of light, and they walked out of Khatak's transporters, and toward the stairs to the underground.

To be continued...

Background information on the Ancaron:

The Ancaron appear similar to humans, though they have gills slits on either side of their nose as well as on their neck. They originally lived in the Small Magellanic Cloud, but traveled to the Milky Way around 10,000 years ago, and set up a small base on the planet Narya and the surrounding area. Shortly after they arrived, they were largely wiped out by the Dlorwani, with the survivors returning to Narya, and then some traveled back to their home in the SMC, while several others created a computer simulated world on Narya, which they then inhabited. Their technology is mostly organic with metallic parts used in places where higher strength is needed.

See: Ancaron Empire (SCJU wiki)

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