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Lyhoko Leaci




Name: Lauren Ahrns

Age: 63

Species: Muphridian

Siblings: 1 twin sister, separated at birth

Occupation: Leader of her base on P3R-791

Profile: While she may be a smaller (relatively speaking) Muphridian, Lauren can definitely be forceful when she needs to be, and is not afraid to fight. She also likes to do things her way, even if this may cause some new problems.


Name: Lieutenant Aubrey Black

Age: 28

Species: Human

Siblings: 1 brother

Occupation: Member of DPM-2

Profile: Aubrey may be the newest member of DPM-2, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what is going on. She is getting used to having some leadership, but until she gets promoted, it isn't much.


Name: Doctor Laur Hapsedut

Age: 41

Species: Zuke

Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister

Occupation: Scientist on DPM-2

Profile: Laur is very curious, but knows not to go too far, and he is also usually quiet unless he finds something interesting.


Name: Daniel Jackson

Age: 32

Species: Human

Siblings: None

Occupation: Archaeologist on DPM-14

Profile: Daniel's home planet was devastated by Mloret, and after having lost everything that he knew, he is having trouble truly opening up to other people.


Name: Brad Meiring

Age: 33

Species: Genetically modified human/Ancaron

Siblings: Brian, Tiffany, Michael, Nikki, Nick, and Larissa

Occupation: Member of DPM-2

Profile: Brad is more serious than Brian, especially after all that has happened to him, (such as having about a fourth of his body replaced with Ancaron nanites) though he still has a lighter side... as well as a somewhat darker side that can show up from time to time.


Name: Brian Meiring

Age: 33

Species: Genetically modified human

Siblings: Brad, Tiffany, Michael, Nikki, Nick, and Larissa

Occupation: Member of DPM-2

Profile: Brian likes to mess around, though he can be serious when he needs to be.


Name: General Ronul Yelslew

Age: 59

Species: Zuke

Siblings: 1 sister

Occupation: Commander of the RDPM

Profile: Ronul is the 3rd commander of the RDPM, and is slowly getting used to the new responsibilities of his job.


Name: Major Kharisk Zargolf

Age: 33

Species: Gremlin

Siblings: None

Occupation: Leader of DPM-2

Profile: Kharisk likes to be in the action when he can, though he also enjoys watching if he can't join in.


Name: Cormani

Age: 39

Species: Ancaron

Siblings: none

Occupation: Scientist

Profile: Cormani likes to keep working at a problem until she has solved it. When she relaxes, it is usually because there is nothing to do... or Mardon convinced her to.


Name: Mardon

Age: 36

Species: Ancaron

Siblings: None

Occupation: Scientist

Profile: Mardon likes to relax when he can, and has a tendency to mess around, but he is overall very dependable.


Name: Captain Marori Vashuri

Age: 45

Species: Zevinowa

Siblings: 2 sisters

Occupation: Captain of the Valmal

Profile: Marori has lots of experience in her position, from being the 1st officer of the Valmal for 6 years before she was promoted 4 years ago.


Name: Mloret

Age: 157

Species: Dlorwani

Siblings: Nlorum

Occupation: Leader of his empire

Profile: Mloret is a very strong leader, and likes to keep his immediate surroundings simple. He has a tendency to be very ruthless against any major enemy he has.


Name: Vala Mal Doran

Age: 35

Species: Human

Siblings: none

Occupation: Amanzan pirate 

Profile: Vala can be sensitive, but she usually hides this away from everyone else.


Name: Michael Meiring

Age: 31

Species: Human

Siblings: Brian, Brad, Tiffany, Nikki, Nick, and Larissa

Occupation: Scientist on DPM-7

Profile: Michael likes to relax, but he knows when it is time to get working. Michael specializes in al'Hasiq technology.


Name: Valira Muchi

Age: 63

Species: Muphridian

Siblings: 1 twin sister, separated at birth

Occupation: None, really. She does what she wants to do.

Profile: Valira likes to do things on her own whenever possible, and is no stranger to using force to get what she wants.


Name: Wrixi Lemmis

Age: 52

Species: Lagomorph

Siblings: Dozens

Occupation: Is "vagabond" an occupation?

Profile: Lagomorphia was considered a myth by the Nekominzoku.  Recently, they started to once again explore the galaxy and several, like this character, set out on their own with their own ship.  He has an adventurous spirit and is looking to meet interesting new species.  In other ways, he's still not much different than other Lagomorphs.  He dresses crazy (by our standards).  And like all Lagomorphs, he is also extremely vulnerable to addiction (drugs, and whatnot).  They tend to avoid addictive substances, knowing this, but there could also be trouble if encountering such a substance and not knowing what it is.

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