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Discoveries, part 2

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Lyhoko Leaci


Discoveries, part 2

January 6th, 0165AL (2021)


majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Night vision goggles on, and lets go.

Lt. Black entered the code to open the door, and DPM-2 walked over to the opening, with stunners ready.


Almost immediately after the door opened, the creature appeared at the end of the hallway

creatureys5.jpgCreature: Khurrrr...

Lt. Black and Brian fired at it, but the creature took off down one of the side hallways before the shots reached it.


As they ran after it, they heard a splash, and a quick check of a life signs detected showed it was now traveling down another, lower passage off to the right of the one they are in.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: Fast thing...


majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: This passage is blocked off on the other end, so the creature should be trapped.

Suddenly, a grinding noise coming from the end of the passage.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: I mean this passage was blocked off. We're going to have to get wet.

laurbl7.jpg Laur: What type of water is it?

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Just regular ground water, nothing bad.

They jumped down into the water, or at least Brad, Brian, Lt. Black, and Laur did, while Major Zargolf hovered over the water, and headed down to the other end of the passage.

brian2gk4.jpgBrian: I though you said we were going to get wet, not everyone but you.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: I can fit in the dry spot.


Just as they got to the entrance to another room, the lights in the room came on, eliminating the need for the night vision goggles.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Lt. Black and Brad, you will go up this passage, while Brian, Laur, and I will go the same way the creature did.

ltblacktb7.jpgLt. Black: Yes, sir.

They saw the creature up on a walkway next to the pool, and they fired several shots at it, which the creature avoided, before it took shelter behind a control console.

Laur launched himself into the air, drenching Major Zargolf in the process, and fired off another shot at the creature before landing on the walkway. The stunner blast, however, stopped over the console, and then shot in the opposite direction, hitting one of the lights in the back of the room. Major Zargolf got out of the was before Brian jumped onto the walkway, sending water flying everywhere. A side door then opened, and Brad and Lt. Black came out, aiming their stunners toward the console where the creature was hiding.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Careful, it has telekinetic powers.


A part of the console suddenly flew out from the creatures hiding spot, which landed in the pool, and a loud sparking sound could be heard coming from behind the console.


briansoakedfi6.jpgBrian: I think it has more than just telekinetic powers... Hmm...

He aimed his stunner up toward the ceiling above the console, fired it, and then waved his left arm down, causing the stunner blast to come down behind the console. There was an even louder zapping sound, and then a thud, and then silence.

briansoakedfi6.jpgBrian: I think that did it.

ltblacktb7.jpgLt. Black: Yes, the life signs detector shows that it has been stunned.

brad2ye7.jpgBrad: And I see that you are now wet, Major Zargolf.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: That was Laur. I think he got about half the room wet when he took off.

Major Zargolf then grabbed his radio and contacted the Narya RDPM.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: The creature has been captures, he, or at least I think it is a he, seems to be a young muphridian, but he has no biometric chip, so it is unlikely that he is a Myonian citizen.

blankqw1.jpg Gen. Yelslew: Bring him to the Namora Space Force Base.

majzargolfne1.jpgMajor Zargolf: Yes, sir.

To be continued...


Schulmanator: Now you know what they will find.

Zelgadis: The storyline has to be started somehow...

bbfan02, crazyarchitect, cleaner475, Mike the Mayor, jacqulina, OffTopic, Simfan34, Smarty218: Thanks for the comments!

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