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For the previous update, I will be counting votes in my head, so...

naftixe: Thanks for voting!

_marsh_: Thanks for voting!

gotsomemilk: Thank you for voting!

Mars250: Thanks for voting! and I'll try to keep that in mind as I go on, but for now, I don't know...Calgary is an awfully large swatch of land.

simcitymasterman: Thanks for voting!

Paul5: Thanks for your vote!

K50dude: Thanks for your vote! I'll keep all those little suggestions in mind, too, when I build the areas!

Anarcho-X: Always good to hear from you! I wonder if you like the new kind of style i'm adopting, since that may have been a one-time sort of deal, since its rather complicated. Thanks for your vote as well!

In Other News: the public voting on all the issues as follows: B, B (Originally, it was a tie, however due to a small beaurocratic quibbling, the descision came to B) A, B With a little A, and B. Phew! That was quite a handful of votes for me. However, there are the results!


Ok, So this update is a little different, i'm going to be covering everything that has been voted on in the last few posts, and then some results as well, so lets get started!

Also, I'm awfully sorry for those of you who waited so long! I've been run down from a whole load of tests, driving, and all sorts of knicks, however, the next update will be soon to come, hopefully! I beleive i have time to finish this weekend.

From Update #23Lexington Bay's brand-new Tram system!

This tram system starts out north of the docks, where a new neighborhood was just constructed!


From there, the tram makes its way down into downtown Lexington Bay....


In the photo above, there is a tram stop, as partially indicated by the sidewalk and the two red signs. These are the tramstops I use, and most of the time they may appear a little hidden.


The tram makes its way into downtown Lexington Bay, where I have provided a helicopter veiw of the area, and how the new line has affected business. Apparently, a whole lot. The Largest tower is on the left, and is the Royal Bank of Brentt. To the right, the second tallest is T-TV news station, a regional news station.


The line makes its way south, and has a station right in front of the Equitable Building.


Finally, the line terminates just short of the suburbs. This, however, is not scheduled to be the last stop, and a second, smaller phase to go into the suburbs is getting started within the next month.

Update #24: Trenton's New Trams!

As voted on, here is the Docklands Light Rail design, there'll be just a couple of photos:


One of the busier parts of Trenton


The new Tram-in-Street has come in handy!

Update #26: Development in Gertmond

As you all voted to put in a camp ground and have the smaller mesa developed, I have since finished the campground! Here are a couple photos.


The entrance speaks volumes! A large swaying bridge always turns away the squeamish campers!


Situated at the top, a small Ranger Station is always there to help. (I just realized...its supposed to go on the trail! oh no!)


Among the best places of the campsite, a lookout over the large farms in Gertmond!


Finally, an overveiw of the area.

Update #27: New schools in Tavlon!

A host of new higher education schools have come about, including:


Central High School, and


Kentmore Elementary. While these schools boosted EQ levels, the city got to work on cleaning up the area surrounding industry, and in the city as a whole. The next photo is pre-vote trash levels:


And, Post-vote trash levels:


Big Difference! Also, the city got to work on water pollution levels, before:


And after:


Major differences as well!

However, the biggest changes weren't either of these, they were the population and development boom that followed all these, changes.


This is an overveiw of a completely new neighborhood and commercial sector that was built following these improvements! Gertmond can now boast a healthy population of 15,000.


Also, BrookStone now boasts a population of 106,000 Residents! I believe that when this CJ first started there was around 10,000 residents, so we have certainly come a long, long way! Hopefully this region will hit 1 million residents! Well, thats all for this update, It was rather short, and late, yes. But, hopefully you all liked it, and it brought back memories of the days when you voted on these pressing issues.... Anyway, next update on Spokane, so look forward to that in the next couple of days!

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 Really good as always, been waitin for calgary or lexington bay to become a commerce center also love the way you have laid it out.
Also where did you get the Equitablebuilding? and where do you get the lines on the roads at junctions/intersections?


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