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1944-1950 Years of War

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Forestville City Badge

             Hello, and welcome to Forestville. Sorry for the really long wait, summer just got in the way of my laptop time. Anyway, World War One just started, and war supplies were in short supply. The nation soon engulfed into total war. Penguennia was being bombed almost nonstop, and demand for wood skyrocketed, becoming almost as valuable as oil and coal. In fact, oil and coal were in such short supply, wood gasifiers were being used in cars. Penguennia's massive natural resources were being stretched to the limit. The emerging corporations in Penguennia were fueling the Penguennian War Machine. Below is Penguennia in 1944.


            What first came were simple offices, branches of larger corporations based elsewhere. Also were the other small businesses who made the Valley Pine into paper products, and other various tree by-products. Lower environmental restrictions in Devils Valley also brought other polluting industries to the area, like toxic gas factories, massive copper and iron smelting facilities. small chemical tanks and warehouses were also built to house the materials made by the emerging economic power.


Later, the small businesses became larger, or were bought, making the owners filthy rich. Huge mansions were now being built, to be owned by oil refinery owners, paper company CEOs, and mustard gas factory owners. This attracted wealthy businesses, such as printing firms, law firms, and the like.


In 1945 a new road would be built between Forestville and Austreville, a city 126 miles away. It would be a simple, two lane road. However, it would make the city less isolated.


In 1946, a landing strip would be built, opening economic opportunities even more. 


In 1947, and industrial pier would be built on the Devils River, making the small community even more open to the world.


The below picture is the Big Mike, and was built in 1943. The ship would haul over 14 million tons of goods during the war,  and was sometimes called The Treasure Box, because it hauled the fate of the nation on it's back, carrying goods that would rebuild the country, it was invaluable, and made the Evergreen Logistics Company filthy rich.


Here is The Treasure Box being loaded with goods in 1948


            Wallace Petroleum was a huge factory built in the industry boom, and the first refinery in the region. The demand would skyrocket for refineries in the region later in it's history....


Finally, Forestville in 1950. Industry boomed in the area, of course, but there was some residential and commercial growth too. 


            To get the real picture of industry growth, you have to view it from a very high altitude. A massive amount of the Forestville region would be cut. Below is Forestville, again in 1950.


            The resources in the area were not yet completely discovered. In 1951, however, a 15 year old boy hiking in the woods in July would discover a resource that would revolutionize the world.


            Finally, on the subject of the war. On November 12th, 1950, the nation of North Backhairistan surrendered to General John Carther, of Penguennia, at the capital of Pengen, after a relentless 38 day bombing mission against the North Backhairistian capital. The allied forces had won, and millions of soldiers would flood back to the new industrial power.


Next Entry: 1951-1955: Explosive Growth


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Recommended Comments

You might want to keep a bit more consistancy in the story and pictures'... one minute it's the greatest super power, the next it's an emerging one. And the photos' go from grainy to clear every now and then.

But other than that, good work!

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ScarcticCG- Thanks for the constructive criticism! It is actually is the greatest superpower, but it is still exploding in growth. And the photos, they are "from archives", all taken by different cameras, and others are stills from films. They all look somewhat different.

Blakeway- There is a Forestville near where I live in Wisconsin, USA! Actually, there are several, I think.

Keep Commenting! 

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Flamerunner14: Thanks! I live in Green Bay. Actually I live south of it, in De Pere.  I'm pretty sure Forestville is up near Sturgeon Bay.


Keep up the comments! I appreciate them! Remember: Constructive criticism, comments, and questions are more than welcome!

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