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The Atlantopian Kingdom: Part 1

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Many long years ago, a group of peasants rose up against their oppressors in a terrible violent and bloody war that left thousands dead over the course of one month. The peasants, after suffering heavy losses of about 80% of their men, were forced to give up the fighting. But they had no intention of surrendering. They managed to hijack a boat and set sail for another country, one that was allied with their cause. Halfway through their journey, a storm blew their ship off course, causing it to crash on the rocks of a beach. Assuming they had landed at their destination, the wearing sailors traveled in search of civilization, but found none. After months of searching, their leader, a man called Adrian, decided that they would make this land their home, until they could reclaim their old land. He and his followers started a settlement by the name of Adrianople, in a land they named Atlantopia…

Since the beginning, the king has always listened to his people. Whether or not he acted on what was said has changed from ruler to ruler. One ruler, highly admired, respected, and loved by all of his people, a man who brought peace and prosperity to his people with every year of his reign, was King Michael Leonhart III of the Third Dynasty. He traveled around his country, met with people he saw walking in the streets, and holds the record for the Atlantopian Paradise City Surfing Cup. (12 years in a row) The biggest mistake he may have ever made, was when he was doing the grocery shopping for his royal family. He found himself lost in the supermarket, and determined that he would no longer be able to shop happily. He founded the C.L.A.S.H. a group of six people in charge of doing the kings shopping for him. At least, that’s what they do publicly. Upon King Michael’s death, the entire country mourned him for exactly 3 and a half weeks, delaying the coronation of the next king, his son, Prince Robin Leonhart, currently known as King Robin Leonhart VIII.

Shortly after taking reign, the young king found his country thrown into World War II. He acted fast, trying to think like his father would. He commissioned the destruction of many houses in the capital city of Adrianople, having towering skyscrapers built along the edges of the city that neared the water. Anti-aircraft turrets were constructed on top of many of the building to defend the capital, and the buildings themselves were viewed as a “shield” for the palace, and other government buildings too, as the king explained. The neighboring city of Vexiania, a large shipping port, was quickly converted into a naval base. The towering city of Celestian was completely destroyed, its people moved to the new buildings in the capital, and the city itself was converted into the largest military base in the country. These moves would later prove successful, although not the most welcome by the citizens.

…End Data History of Adrianople…

Well, you can’t be reading all day, we’re just finishing reconstruction from the war, and you can’t slack now.


Well, taking your advice, some suburban land was recreated in Adrianople, while many towers will remain, in case of the break out of another war.


Here current final version of Adrianople. There may be more later, but I want to develop some of the surrounding region for awhile.


Here is the return of suburban districts to the city. It's not the only one, just the only one that gets a special picture.


A close-up of the section of the top right in the last pic, this is the Royal Family's "Sanctuary Garden" and where the king gives speeches. (the tower) This garden is only acceseble via underground passage from the palace. It's available only the the Royal Family and guests as a place to relax from a stressful day.


Now, this plaza may look out of place two pictures up, but it is the original square where King Adrian I declared this land Atlantopia and held his town meetings. Therefore, it's made to stand out. The fountain with the statue on top of it, right in the middle of the plaza, is the tomb of King Adrian I. After he was burried, a statue was placed on top of the spot, but has since been moved to the museum of another city. This fountain is now his headstone.

All the pictures were taken at night because, I like the pictures at night. But what do you guys and girls, Atlantopians, like? Pics in the day, or in the night, or both? Now I have only two more jobs for all of you tonight, (it's 3 AM here and i'm tired) First, come up with a full name for the C.L.A.S.H. (this way it will be legally distinct from the band1.gif) And second, what city do you want to see next? Pick one from this map!


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