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About this City Journal

Welcome to Atlantopia, a small but proud Mediterranean island. Feel free to visit with the Royal family, enjoy the scenery, or relax on a beach with some fine wine. As the Assistant...

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All Is Not Lost...

Now, everyone who visits the UWJA site may know about this, and as for the rest of you, I guess you've had to wait till now.

Well, I've decided to end Atlantopia, or perhaps restart it. What ever you want to call it, I guess. Basically, I got tired of the landscape of the region. Not enough water, the water that was there was too low from the land, and some demand issues are just some of the reasons for this.

But all is not lost, because I'm currently making a new region, one that will be just how I want it. I'll try to get that started soon, but I want to do some work to it first. A lot of work. After it gets started, all the characters will be coming back, just with a slightly edited story. I grew attached to them, plus I've decided to write ahead this time. So now the dialog wont be as bad this time. 48.gif

Oh, and it's going to be called...

The Kingdom of Nekolidia

Now, how about some teasers of what's to come...



Until then, see you all later! nekogifj.gif



Aragorn_6.jpgRobin: I would like to declare October 3rd a national holiday. And we can use October 4th of this year as a day of celebration. A celebration for National Member of the Month Day, in honor of our writer. So let's celebrate!

Pippin.jpgPippen: Wait! You can't celebrate without us!

Merry.jpgMerry: Yea! And you can't have a celebration without music, food, and eyecandy!

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Yay! Music time!

Squall.jpgSquall: This is totally gonna go to someone's head...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Yea, it might. But as long as there's good music...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgGeddy: Just finished my work, time to party!

Rhinoa.jpgEmber: Now this is getting silly, all of us here at once.

artzidItadakiStreetSpecial-1.jpgNico: Yay! Party!

Introducing Atlantopia's favorite band; Cheap Trick!


Adrianople, The Palace.


Rolling out of bed, the Prince finally awoke. He looked at the time, it was 1:10 in the afternoon. Wearily, he stumbled over to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he emerged into the hallway, still the same tired mess. As he made his way to the kitchen, he bumped into his lovely sister...

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Hey! Watch it!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: What... Oh, it's you.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Whats that supposed to mean?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: ...I'm to tired for this.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Really? I never would have guessed. Anyway, I'm off. Liz called, so let dad know I'm going out. Oh, and you have a visitor.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Visitor? Who?

Tifa-1.jpg Andi: Your so funny when your tired! How many people actually come to visit you? Who do think it is?

Before Izzy could respond, the pair heard footsteps coming their way.

Squall.jpgSquall: You two. Your dad's meeting with an ambassador. Don't bother him. But your mom wants to know where you've been, Izzy. And have either of you seen Nico? No one's seen him all day, and your mother is woried.

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Aww, is someone getting a heart? I haven't seen him all day, and sleepy here just woke up.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Yea, um, that reminds me. Andi is going out today, so dad told me that you have to be her personal body guard for the day. Have fun!

Squall.jpgSquall: You're a terrible lier, you know that, right?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: I am not lieing! He told me yesturday. Besides, he only feels that she's safe when the best is watching her. Didn't he tell you?

Tifa-1.jpgAndi: Wait, what?!? I don't need a guard! I'll be fine...Dad would never say something like that...um...He's making it up! He has to be! He's just...he's just mad at me! That's it!

Squall.jpgSquall: Ok, so maybe you are telling the truth. Let's go Andi.

Before draging Andi away, Squall gave Izzy a look that said, "We're even."

Izzy, forgetting his hunger, decided to go back to his room. As he opened the door, he was greeted by...

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: IZZY!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Why am I not surprised?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Is that all I get? Without me, you'd sit here, all alone, just wishing you had someone to visit...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: I might even get some quiet too. How'd you even get in here?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, I walked through the door... Having a Baron's acess card to the palace doesn't hurt either.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Doesn't you dad need that?

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, not today. He's not in the capitol. Which reminds me. Let's go someplace today! Come on, let's go to Varna! I heard they just finished that really tall building, let's go to the observation level!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Yea, I think I'll just stay here.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Please! Can we go somewhere! Please! Can we just leave the city? I...uh...I've been feeling kinda cramped up here, let's just go somewhere!

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: After last time, no thanks. We could do something here though.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: NO! I mean...um...You're still thinking about that? I thought you weren't breathing! I was just saving you life... Can we please leave the city?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpg  Izzy: No, I'm fine here.

Demyx___Myde_by_Kaoru_Kinapng-1.jpgCiro: Well, I'm going, with or without you.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-1-1.jpgIzzy: Ok, bye then.

Ciro left, but didn't look to happy about it. Izzy went to his computer and popped in his favorite city builder.



Been awhile, hasn't it? Feel free to blame a Mr. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for the delay, but I had fun at least.

I also joined the UWJA: United World Journals Alliance! It's got it's own website!

Anyway, enough talk...

Merry.jpgMerry: Welcome to Iconium!


(The mountains are to the South, the city is flipped for picture reasons.)

We have seen two large cities, a suburb, an industrial port, an airport, and a military base. Time for a farm!

This is the main town area of Iconium. Many elements from it's older days still remain, as the small, Mediterranean style farms and houses are predominant.


A closer view of the town. A wind farm can be seen to the left. It provides all the power to the city.


In the Southwest of Iconium (Top right of the full view picture), there is another, smaller group of houses. It is the oldest part of the city, and contains the catherdral and town hall.


Some farms for your viewing pleasure. This highway leads through the entire town, from Tyrus Airport to the neighboring cities in the North and East. It does not lead through the mountains, but plans have been thought up to eventually make a path.


To the right, you can see the Lavender Flower Farm of Benito Glasolini, the latest on the long line of Lavender Flower growing Glasolini's. Their Lavender Flowers are considered the pure Lavender color, for anyone who's interested.


Some farms at night.


Pippin.jpgPippin: We hope you enjoyed your tour of Iconium!

Merry.jpgMerry: Feel free to spend as much time here as you want! And don't forget to try the wine!

Pippin.jpgPippin: Oh, we almost forgot. If you want to read more into the lives of Leonhart's, tune in tomarrow for the dialoge update! And possibly a region view!


Well, I just found out yesturday that The Gia Project has been dissolved. What does this mean? Not much to anyone besides me. Basically, I'm not part of a CJ alliance at the moment. The Atlantopian Kingdom will still continue, just with a few minor tweaks to it...

The old map is gone, and the Kingdom is now located on Earth. Here is the new map:


Atlantopia is located in between Sardinia and Sicily. Also, what was called WWII (for this CJ) will now be known as The Algerian War.

On a totally unrelated note, Yugoslavia has reformed.


As promised, some dialog for those who like to read.


Aragorn_6.jpgKing Robin: Welcome to the palace Alex! Now, this isn't the reason I invited you here, but why don't I introduce you to the family?

Tidus.jpgAlex: Of coarse, I can't wait!

The two walked down a few hallways when they ran into...

Aragorn_6.jpg King Robin: Let me introduce you to my wife and Queen, Ember.

Tidus.jpg Alex: It is a pleasure to meet you Queen Ember. My name is Alex, I'm an ambassador from Tropicana.

Rhinoa.jpgQueen Ember: Pleasure to meet you Alex! I'm glad you could visit!

Aragorn_6.jpgKing Robin: I'll see you later honey, lots of work to do. Come on Alex.

Robin embraced Ember and continued his tour with Alex. After some more walkways, they ran into another pair.

Baron-1.jpgBaron Westin: Hello Your Highness, pleasent weather we've been having. This must be the ambassador. My name is Henry Westin, I'm a baron in congress.

Tidus.jpgAlex: Pleasure to meet you.

Baron-1.jpg Baron Westin: Robin, you don't mind if I take Geddy off your hands for awhile, do you?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpg Prince Geddy: I haven't been to congress in ages, please can I go dad! Oh I'm sorry. Hello ambassador, I'm Prince Geddy Leonhart.

Tidus.jpg Alex: Pleased to meet you!

Aragorn_6.jpg King Robin: Well of coarse you can go! Since when did you have to ask?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpg Prince Geddy: See you later!

The Baron and the Prince continued on their walk to the main door. They got into a car, and drove to the Congress building.


Baron-1.jpg Baron Westin: It's been awhile since you've been here, how about a quick overview of Atlantopian politics?

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgPrince Geddy: What, you think I'd forget something? But it does feel good to be back, school has been taking up so much time. Anyway, there are the three branches of government, The Monarchy, The Congress, and The Supreme Courts. The Monarchy is pased down to the oldest child of the previous king, after his death, resignation, or impeachment. In this case dad hands it to me. The Monarch can makes laws, but those must be approved by the Supreme Courts.

Baron-1.jpg Baron Westin: Go on, how about congress.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgPrince Geddy: My favorite, Congress is divided into two parts, the House of Barons and the House of Dukes. Both have to run for election to their position. The Barons, like you, are elected four from each province, and serve for three years. The number of Dukes are chosen proportionally by population levels and they come from individual cities and towns. They serve for seven years. Congress can also make laws, but those are checked by the King or Queen, and then the Supreme Court. If vetoed, the law could still be passed by a 3/5's vote from both houses.

Baron-1.jpgBaron Westin: You forgot the part about how the Dukes slow down everything. If it wasn't for them...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgPrince Geddy: You could do whatever you wanted. (Smiles) And my father would have taught me that you caused all the problems. And you would never have become my teacher. But before you say anything, The Supreme Courts are a group of nine justices, selected by the Dukes, chosen by the Barons, and approved by the King. They decide whats contitutional and whats not. They serve for life or until they resign. Court cases can also be taken to them if no other court can get the case settled, based on political reasons.

Baron-1.jpg Baron Westin: I never doubted you. Come on, session is about to start and I bet the prince's advice could always help, especially when trying to get special case abortion legalized.

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgPrince Geddy: Well, it can't hurt. Unlike the time you took me here on the topic of marijuana.

Baron-1.jpgBaron Westin: I had no idea they would accuse you of using it! I know you don't! Maybe it's because of your brother...

Zexion___Ienzo_by_Organization-2.jpgPrince Geddy: My brother may be my complete opposite, but he is still my brother. He may get on my nerves but you are not allowed to talk about your prince like that.

Baron-1.jpgBaron Westin: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You know I only meant it as a... Do you hear something?



Two updates ago, we visited Varna, on the Limelight River. Now, we visit the entrance to the Limelight River, and The Atlantopian Kingdom itself, Ravenna; The Gateway City!

The full view of Ravenna, as can be seen, many passanger ships pass through its gates. Some are full of immigrants and  some with cruise goers.


At night:


Gateway Island and the Statue of Hope. Gateway Island has served as a processing and temporary staying place for immigrants over the coarse of many years. It has a small airport and boat docks on two sides, to accomodate travelers. The Statue of Hope was constructed towards the end of King Michael Leonhart III's reign and the begining of WWII, to show the strength and well-being of the Kingdom.


A larger shot of the Limelight River that divides the two halves of the city. Another major port can be seen on the lower eastern side of the city.


On the west side of the city, Mt. Marsh, a once active volcano, can be clearly seen.


Over on the east side, a group of locks, used for taking small boats up and down between the Limelight River and the canal system that spreads throughout much of south-western Atlantopia.


Ravenna Park, in the middle of two residential and commercial districts.


Although it is the entrance to Atlantopia, the city is very suburban, with some blocks of small apartments. Many of the travelers to Atlantopia, after reaching Ravenna, travel to Varna, resulting in Varna's growth as one of the largest and most wealthy cities in the country. King Michael's "Atlantopia Restoration Projects" did not affect this city too much, as he concentrated on the western side of the island. The city was also hit hard by the war.


We hoped you enjoyed your stay in Ravenna!

Before we get the replies, a few quick notes.

I got a new water mod! What do you all think of it? Like, dislike, or should I just get a new one all together?

A region shot will be shown in another few updates, some cities need to be built and some terrain and water needs to be updated.

And for those that like to read, the dialog story will be continued later today, once I get my computer back from my sister. (As in, the one with SimCity 4 on it.2.gif)

Finally, I'm going to start naming some things after people who commented, but if you want to have something in particular named after you, just let me know!



Here we go again, update 8: Tyrus International Airport!

Welcome to Tyrus International Airport! The largest and busiest airport in Atlantopia. It gets commuters from all over Gia, the planet that Atlantopia is on. (See lower in post.)

Here is a full view of TYIA (The "Y" is so it won't be comfused with TIA: Tropicana International Airport.)


Travelers are greeted be this sign.


A shot of the airport itself:


A few Terminals:


The main road into the airport and some more terminals:


The private jet of King Robin Leonhart VIII and family. There is a helicopter landing pad next to the jet, so the family can arrive quickly.


Some private jets, belonging to a few rich people who live within driving driving distance of TYIA.


The main parking lot. As you can see, it is very crowded. That big brown building is the Lord Jak Station, named after the man who attempted to stop the revolution that ended the First Dynasty. The train station takes in and out many passagers on their way to and from TYIA. The houses at the bottom will be explained in the next pic...


These are houses that were built for TYIA employees and their families. They were offered at dicount prices to any employee that wanted to live closer to work, but not all of the employees live here of coarse.


Here are a few hotels for travelers, some who are just stopping through, and others that are staying for vacations, business meetings, etc.


Around the airport are a few forest preserves, for aesthetics.


Finally, because I thought it was kinda funny, the population.11.gif



*I don't have the slightest clue how this went from 4 to seven...Probably from mini-updates...If you want to know what those were, visit the old CJ section.*


Tropicana Embassy: Varna


Merry.jpgMerry: Ello there ambassador! I'm Merry! And this is my friend Pippin!

Pippin.jpgPippin: Hello!

Merry.jpgMerry: Where are our manners Pip? I'm sorry, but what is your name again Mr. Ambassador?

Tidus.jpgAmbassador: My name is Ambassador Alex, of Tropicana. I believe I'm supposed to meet the King?

Merry.jpgMerry: Well of coarse! We're to take you there! Just step inside the limo!


Pippin.jpgPippin: This here is the city of Varna! It has such a beautiful cannal system! Don't you think?

Tidus.jpgAlex: Yes, very beautiful.


Merry.jpgMerry: This highway takes us right through this mountain! We'll go strait to the capital! Isn't that waterfall amazing!

Pippin.jpgPippin: Quite amazing!

Merry.jpgMerry: I was talking to Alex, Pip!

Pippin.jpgPippin: Well soo-rry!



Merry.jpg Marry: We're in the capital now, Adrainople!

Tidus.jpgAlex: It is a very tall city! All the buildings!


Pippin.jpgPippin: Here's the palace!

Merry.jpgMerry: Look! There's the King! Well, we're be leaving you now Alex! Bye-Bye!

Tidus.jpgAlex: Bye. But wait which one is the...

Merry and Pippin's car speed away, leaving Alex with two men, and they had forgotten to point out which one was the king.

Squall.jpg???: So, your the ambassador?

Tidus.jpgAlex: Yes, my name is Ambassador Alex, of Tropicana. It is such a pleasure to meet you!

Aragorn_6.jpg???: Pleasure to meet you too, Alex. I'm King Robin Leonhart VIII. But you can call me Robin. This is my top advisor and best friend, Squall Zander.

Tidus.jpgAlex: Pleasure to meet you two!

Squall.jpgSquall: Whatever, I'll catch up with you later.

Squall then turned away and walked back into the palace.

Aragorn_6.jpgKing Robin: Don't let him get you down, he's like that with everybody.

And so begins the dialog of this journey we've embarked on. Now, less talking more pictures!

It's taking me along time to work on, partly because of working on surrounding cities as well. In an effort to one-up Zelgadis and anyone else that had a plan for a city, and then dropped it to zone however they wanted, I stuck with most of my original plan! Now on with my largest update so far: Varna!


Here's the suburbs on the canal.


Left to right, the Tropicana and Andrewtropia embassies.


The CBD. The CACC Tower (under construction) will be the tallest building in Varna when completed.


CBD at night!


The second CBD, in the eastern part of the city. (In response to a recent topic about multiple CBD's in cities.)


Residential Development on the coast.


And the Varna National Cemetary. The burrial site of many men and women who have given their lives for their country. The largest memorial is the burrial site for King Jak Heartly I, the last king of the Heartly dynasty.


And as proof of me planning things out, here is some early zoning.


And finally, as you may have noticed, I've got a great new banner for Atlantopia, all thanks to Porter at the Simtropolis Map and Logo Servie. Thanks again!

One more finally, updates may be less frequent with school starting next week, but I promise to keep updating whenever I can!


The Atlantopian Kingdom: Part 4

Welcome to Varna!

Seeing as I've been getting comments about city-planning and terraforming, I'll ask you guys for help. Here is the full city...


Now here is it after its been painted...er..planned


Red- High Density Residential

Orange - Med. Density Residential

Yellow- Low Density Residential

Blue- High Density Commercial

Purple- Med Density Commercial

Green- Peg-Memorial Park Set

Anything not in a colorfull shape I have no clue what to do with.

So what do you think? Lets hear your ideas. Your country needs you!

*This was just a planning stage for the city, which you will soon see was completed. To keep the Parts numbered the same, this update was added to the new CJ section. This is also the last time I used this terrain mod, as you will also see. So what are you waiting for, go the the next page!*


Reporter: Hello, this is Jen Eric, reporting to you live from the Atlantopian Kingdom. I'm here today with a special interview with King Robin Leonhart VIII, the leader of Atlantopia. Hello there your highness, it is such an honor meeting you.

Robin: Likewise, but please call me Robin.

Repoter: Of course, Robin, well I'm doing a special segment for the people of the Monarchy Republic of Andrewtropolis, and I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Robin: Go ahead.

Reporter: Well, first, tell us a bit about your national anthem, does it hold some deep, patriotic meaning to you and your people?

Robin: I don't think so.

Reporter: ...Oh, um, well was it writen during some important war, or about a turning point in one?

Robin: Not that I know of.

Reporter: Oh, ok, then it must symbolize the hopes and dreams of your people? Right?

Robin: Listen, lady, we're still trying to figure out what it means exactly.

Reporter: Well then, WHY IS IT YOUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!...Um, excuse me, sorry about that...umm could you answer that, please?

Robin: Well we all took a vote, and decided we like that song best as a national anthem.

Reporter: Well, why don't we listen to it then, what is it called again.

Robin: It's called Get Off of My Cloud.

...That was never aired on any TV outside of Atlantopia, just incase your wondering. Now, on to Vexiania!

Named after King Adrian's wife, the city has always been a large port town, for trade. Now, it also doubles as a large industrial city. During the war, it was converted into a navy base, just like Celestian was. Unlike Celestian, Vexiania was changed back into a port when the war ended.

Here are a few shots of the city.


Pier One


Pier Two


The lighthouse


And some ships sailing in and out, with navy escorts (just in case).


Until next time!


Atlantopian CLASSIFIED Datalog - Celestian

Founded by King Adrian Lockheart I, it was originally used as a fishing village, because of its slopes that lead to the ocean. Many decades later, as the city grew, the fishing docks became replaced by beach-side marinas, towering hotels and highrises, and smaller beach houses. The rest of the city was filled with much of the same. Due to its location next to Adrianople, Celestian grew very wealthy with tourists and immagrints that came to its harbor.

When World War II began, King Robin had the entire city destroyed and transformed into a military base. The materials from the destroyed buildings were used to either construct new skyscrapers in Adrianople, or new military vehicles. Many of the citizens of Celestian were angered by this decision, but there was not much they could do. The base was built in only 2 monthes, and the tanks, trucks, jets, battleships, etc. were built by almost every city in the nation and transported to Celestian all in about 6 monthes, while still being of excellent quality. Even though the war has ended, Celestian remains a military base.

-End CLASSIFIED Datalog of Celestian-

Now for some images. These will be the only ones because the city hates me and likes to crash...alot. And when it's not crashing the boats catch fire and a fire landing strip doesn't look very good in the city. But anyway...(I say that a lot don't I?)

Here is the entire city of Celestian, or maybe the Celestian Military Installment?


Close up of the navy area



The air force base. And a...uh...farmer who would um... not leave and um... STAY AWAY!


And finally, some land based military structures (This first pic is before I got a new rock mod Thanks Peg!)




And the Atlantopian flag can be seen

Thats it for now, thanks for stoping by!

Next Time - The Industrial Vexiania!


Many long years ago, a group of peasants rose up against their oppressors in a terrible violent and bloody war that left thousands dead over the course of one month. The peasants, after suffering heavy losses of about 80% of their men, were forced to give up the fighting. But they had no intention of surrendering. They managed to hijack a boat and set sail for another country, one that was allied with their cause. Halfway through their journey, a storm blew their ship off course, causing it to crash on the rocks of a beach. Assuming they had landed at their destination, the wearing sailors traveled in search of civilization, but found none. After months of searching, their leader, a man called Adrian, decided that they would make this land their home, until they could reclaim their old land. He and his followers started a settlement by the name of Adrianople, in a land they named Atlantopia…

Since the beginning, the king has always listened to his people. Whether or not he acted on what was said has changed from ruler to ruler. One ruler, highly admired, respected, and loved by all of his people, a man who brought peace and prosperity to his people with every year of his reign, was King Michael Leonhart III of the Third Dynasty. He traveled around his country, met with people he saw walking in the streets, and holds the record for the Atlantopian Paradise City Surfing Cup. (12 years in a row) The biggest mistake he may have ever made, was when he was doing the grocery shopping for his royal family. He found himself lost in the supermarket, and determined that he would no longer be able to shop happily. He founded the C.L.A.S.H. a group of six people in charge of doing the kings shopping for him. At least, that’s what they do publicly. Upon King Michael’s death, the entire country mourned him for exactly 3 and a half weeks, delaying the coronation of the next king, his son, Prince Robin Leonhart, currently known as King Robin Leonhart VIII.

Shortly after taking reign, the young king found his country thrown into World War II. He acted fast, trying to think like his father would. He commissioned the destruction of many houses in the capital city of Adrianople, having towering skyscrapers built along the edges of the city that neared the water. Anti-aircraft turrets were constructed on top of many of the building to defend the capital, and the buildings themselves were viewed as a “shield” for the palace, and other government buildings too, as the king explained. The neighboring city of Vexiania, a large shipping port, was quickly converted into a naval base. The towering city of Celestian was completely destroyed, its people moved to the new buildings in the capital, and the city itself was converted into the largest military base in the country. These moves would later prove successful, although not the most welcome by the citizens.

…End Data History of Adrianople…

Well, you can’t be reading all day, we’re just finishing reconstruction from the war, and you can’t slack now.


Well, taking your advice, some suburban land was recreated in Adrianople, while many towers will remain, in case of the break out of another war.


Here current final version of Adrianople. There may be more later, but I want to develop some of the surrounding region for awhile.


Here is the return of suburban districts to the city. It's not the only one, just the only one that gets a special picture.


A close-up of the section of the top right in the last pic, this is the Royal Family's "Sanctuary Garden" and where the king gives speeches. (the tower) This garden is only acceseble via underground passage from the palace. It's available only the the Royal Family and guests as a place to relax from a stressful day.


Now, this plaza may look out of place two pictures up, but it is the original square where King Adrian I declared this land Atlantopia and held his town meetings. Therefore, it's made to stand out. The fountain with the statue on top of it, right in the middle of the plaza, is the tomb of King Adrian I. After he was burried, a statue was placed on top of the spot, but has since been moved to the museum of another city. This fountain is now his headstone.

All the pictures were taken at night because, I like the pictures at night. But what do you guys and girls, Atlantopians, like? Pics in the day, or in the night, or both? Now I have only two more jobs for all of you tonight, (it's 3 AM here and i'm tired) First, come up with a full name for the C.L.A.S.H. (this way it will be legally distinct from the band1.gif) And second, what city do you want to see next? Pick one from this map!



atlantopia.jpg-Thanks Porter!

Welcome to Atlantopia! On behalf of King Robin Leonhart VIII, I'd like to say thanks for stopping by. Now, before we go further, lets get this out of the way...

The map was made by hydromancerx

I'm using  the Italia Terrian Mod and  the CPT Italia Tree Controller

Many things by Peg, Bixel, Simgoober, Cobb and many others.

And the latest NAM and SAM

These first few pics are of the original city, don't be mean as it has been improved!

Now the moment you've been waiting for...

The full view of the Capital city of Adrianople


The Congress District (left) and the Palace District (center).


The Supreme Court Mountain


The city's Central Business District (CBD)


(I'm waiting for something to grow on the left)

And finally, a random shot


Well, let me know what you think about it so far. Any questions please ask.

And I need ideas for the western side of the city, so please submit ideas!

Oh, I'm also looking for a good custom build airport set, but can't seem to find any, so if you have one in mind, feel free to share.

Until next time...

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Would you be able to help us catch up after a bit of a shortfall?

We had a small shortfall last month. Your donation today would help us catch up for this month.

Make a Donation, Get a Gift!

We need to continue to raise enough money each month to pay for expenses which includes hardware, bandwidth, software licenses, support licenses and other necessary 3rd party costs.

By way of a "Thank You" gift, we'd like to send you our STEX Collector's DVD. It's some of the best buildings, lots, maps and mods collected for you over the years. Check out the STEX Collections for more info.

Each donation helps keep Simtropolis online, open and free!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the site!

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