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Entry 10: No more crisis!




kenyanpunk01: Yup looks like a game mechanic that we'll have to overcome.

Kim Sunwoo: Hope the pictures are working for you now as they don't seem to be broken for anyone else. Glad you like the immortalization in my city lol.

NielsC007: Thanks and not a horrendous one yet, just badly planned in the most cases.

Mymyjp: Lol your mental! (in a good way though!).

Entry 10: No more crisis!

You heard me folks, apparently solving the whole deficit criss was pretty easy. All I had to do was take away everyone's smoke detectors and stop enforcing the whole recycling policy (more garbage to burn and make energy from anyway) and hey would you look at that were making like 8k a month which is more than we've ever made before. Success!

Anyway with this success and cash influx, today we'll take a look at this mess of a road.


Long overdue a overhaul, we decided it was time to actually make it easy to transport goods to and from the cities main source of work and production, Preston Industrial Estate. Also this keeps happening which isn't brilliant due to the whole traffic issues around the freight yard and trunk road.

People apparently don't enjoy rolling blackouts.


Anyway let's get right down to it, were going to show you are full process of road upgrading here in Gabtoria.

Step 1.

Build a termpoirary relief road and then disconnect the old road from the network. Amazingly enough this temporary relief road handled the traffic better than the road we had before. Go firgure.


Step 2

Right with the traffic flowing in some sort of fashion its time to start rebuilding the roads. First off make sure one of your workers doesnt accidently bulldoze the power pylon and cause a city wide blackout like this.


Step 3

And then, build a new temporary junction connecting the relief road to the highway. Don't worry a strict speed limit was enforced on the highway at this point (40mph) so the junction wasn't as dangerous as it looked and we didn't have a huge amount of accidents. Only from the idiots that ignore speed warnings.

You can also see the beginnings of the road upgrades here as well. We went for a dual carriageway as it would be enough for the traffic that used the road.


Step 4

Next up was tackling the interchange. Basing it on some design I'd seen back in the UK this is what we ended up with. It's not as high capacity as a traditional trumpet but it works and as most of the traffic through here is lorries anyway the speed restrictions aren't too much of a issue.


Step 5

Rebuild the connections to the actual industrial area. Now this may look confusing but don't worry, it handles the traffic really smoothly and allows us to get stuff to where we need it in the quickest time possible.

(Also, you can see one of our outgoing trains leaving the station to take goods to some place in Norway).


Step 6

Yes Harry?

Wait what?

What do you mean it should have been a cloverleaf and not a trumpet?

Why did you wait till now to tell me?

You've been on holiday? Oh I hadn't actually noticed. Nevermind then I'll just fire someone else.

Now, what you don't want to do is to now realise, as you sit back to admire your hard work, that you've forgotten to make the intended cloverleaf interchange an actual cloverleaf. Right well, given that the existing interchange is now being heavily used I guess we'll have to just have a two trumpet staggered interchange instead. After some head scratching this is the finished interchange


May not be as efficient as a pure cloverleaf would have been but it sure looks cool and works a treat at the moment (plus it has plenty of squirrel run tunnels too but only for the red ones. Stupid grey squirrels).

Anyway with that done the traffic is all flowing again, we've got no more power outages, growth has been steady all over the city and finally a positive income and entry as well!

So I'll leave you this overview of the city growth so far as a nice way to end our 10th entry and to show you the aforementioned growth!


Till next time!


(OOC: SO there we go, a little insight into my traffic developments. Probably should have been a bit more careful with the actual building of the interchange lol but I like the interesting layout as opposed to a bog standard clover anyway. Hope you all enjoy it though I know traffic entries probably aren't everyone's thing.)

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Now I can see the pictures :-) The last one is truly amazing, by the way.


Don't know if your citizens are happy with your methods (they problably don't enjoy accidents and blackouts as much as we do) but the results are indiscutible.

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