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About this City Journal

My new Cities Skylines CJ, where we watch me try and playt he game!

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Benedict: Thanks, I really like city overviews hence why you see them quite often from me!

mb1.0.2: Welcome back! Really glad your still enjoying the journal and my playstyle!



 Entry 27: Comples roads are complex


Hey guys and welcome back to Gabtoria. Today were going to try and fix the screw up that is my wives attempts at mayoring.


Namely in the way that she seemed to completely ignore any part of the job that she didn't have a major interest in which happened to include traffic which, as you can imagine led to a few issues like this.


Yup, turns out that having a single road into a rapidly expanding town isn't such a good idea. Still, traffic issues aren't exactly uncommon in Gabtoria so I'll just let them deal with it for a bit while I go and find Harry and pester him till he comes up with a solution!



Fast forward several weeks and Harry has a plan (or at least he says he has, he may just be bluffing it to try and stop me pestering him).


N ow luckily we had this bit of land that we hadn't filled in at the top of the town, rather handily next to Prenston Junction. Apologising to the people who were expecting houses to built here for them we quickly got to work laying some roads in preparation for our solution.


Fast forward some more time and we've made a start on the solution, namely turni

ng the top T-junction on the Prenston Interchange into a stack junction via some questionable additional roads.



Another couple of months on we have this. A functional and effective traffic relief for the bottom Nomyton junction!



Also, as a side note. Remember we mentioned that people complained about us building a huge road on the land they'd expected us to build them a house on?


Well we still managed to come up with some housing solutions for them! Not sure how fond of them they are though but were not that bothered, it's a home isn't it?


Anyway with the new expansions to the interchange done lets take a look at how it currently looks from above.



Well it's definitely not getting any less confusing, so many roads going everywhere. Still it works so let's not mess it up trying to tinker with it. As you might also notice, we gave them some trees to hopefully mask some of the noise of the road. No idea if its worked I've had any mail from that neighbourhood redirect to a shipping container in Gabtoria Harbour.


Anyway finally for today, here we have a overview of Nomyton as it stands pretty much completed as of now with much less traffic issues than several months ago.



No idea what we'll be looking at next time but hope this suffices for now.


Till then.


Crown Prince James





Michea95l: Thanks, glad your enjoying the pictures and the writing with it!



 Entry 26: Mayor in training!


Right lets see, last time we left off Nomyton was quickly becoming its own centre of trade and commerce (albeit in a small form) as my wife decided to pretty much try and give her citizens everything they wanted.


Well this entry isn't any different. Basically while my treasurer looks on in slight horror, my wife has continued to try and provide her little piece of Gabtoria with everything it could possibly want.

New from last time is this marvellous (though slightly smaller) hospital, annoying the mayor of Nielton as his area has almost four times the people and has to rely on local clinics, still at least they now have a choice when they do need a hospital between this one and the Central Gabtoria one.



The next new addition is, surprisingly enough, the largest single shopping structure in the whole city. Yet my shopoholic wife has given her town the largest shopping centre in the entire city. Figures.



Oh well at least that should keep her happy, or it would have, if she'd actually realised before hand that she was building her favourite place in the entire city on the other side of the city to our actual home.


And no were not moving it.


Silly woman.


Still, despite her lack of any sort of organisational and management skill the centre of the town does look pretty nice with its church and shops.



Hell even the freight yard makes for some nice photos (if you like trains or infrastructure anyway).



However despite this there were some rather major flaws in her plans this below being one of them, what with the industry so close to everything else in the town (and it's not like its the not so polluting forestry industry either).



Anyway the other major issue will have to wait for next entry as my wife has just informed me that she's bored of being the mayor and has swapped the national treasury credit card for my personnal one and is going shopping...




Anyway here's a overview of the growing town (where you may be able to figure out what the next big issue might be) for you to all look at while I go and find Harry.


I may need his help.



Till then


Crown Prince James





Schulmanator: Thanks and don't worry we intend to keep on rocking!

Kim Sunwoo: Thanks and don't worry, there was still a road cut off but I didn't need to redirect the traffic just slightly re-route the road hence why there wasn't loads of screens. I'm still a good mayor though, stop spreading slander!

Entry 25: Of course you can use the National Treasury!

Right lets see.

Remember Nomyton?

Well neither does anyone's else (unless you live there though even that's not the case sometimes).

Well anyway, the thing is my wife is the Mayor and, while she's always been happy to have the title hasn't exactly done much in the way of mayoring over the years. As such we'd pretty much forgotten about the small town on the outskirts of the city, shown here to jog everyone's memory.


Anyway with all the growth that's going on around the city it's only fair I suppose that some of the more whiny people in Nomyton were a bit put out that while the rest of the city is receiving high rises and monuments they hadn't received anything in, well, ever besides it's initial settlement.

Now this complaining soon begun to give the mayor of the town a bad name which, as you can imagine my wife wasn't best pleased with. So, rather stupidly on my behalf granted, I gave her access to the national treasury to try and improve the town a bit (or at least shut them up) and let her get on with it.

This is how things went

First up was the rail network that used to have a rather speed denying bend in it and was generally slowing down the trains a bit too much (OOC: Basically this used was the track following the edge of a tile). Needless to say this was changed first, with the track now following a more direct route.

Below you can see the towns first attempt at creating some local landmarks in the form of the old railway bridge, now left to ummm, be observed by rail enthusiasts.


Anyway, with the only chnegs I wanted to make out of the way I left Emilia to it and did some political visits to various countries (all were much needed I assure you).

Upon returning however it would seem that Nomyton has changed somewhat.

First up is this whole freight and passenger station thing. Yup folks, apparently a small town of a few thousand people needs a rail and a freight station. Not at all a waste of money, not to mention the large bridge that was needed to reroute the freight trains.


Anyway after some words with my wife where I kindly suggested she didn't build huge infrastructure projects that her town didn't really need I was surprised to return a few months later to find out that she'd built a rather large church and a shopping precinct that contained a rather large amount of high end women's clothes shops (which she obviously swear she had nothing to do with).


Ah well at least it's bringing more people into the area so tax income is going up.

Anyway this is as far as my wife's project has got so far.

Now with promises that she won't continue to build extravagant things with the tax payers money, we'll return to Nomyton next time to have a look at any further changes (plus I'm feeling lazy so happy to let her do some of the work and it keeps her quiet).

Also in completely, but not entirely unrelated news we have replaced the nations trains with our own Gabtoria owned ones (the old ones were either coming into the city from Norway or loaned from them so you'll still probably see a few of them around). These are old underground rolling stock that we've managed to acquire from various cities and re-purpose for our use.

In the following photo, you can see both of the passenger rolling stock you can now find Gabtoria.


We've alos replaced the bus stock with our own owned ones but I forgot to take a photo of them. I do however have these completely random photos that I've no idea why I've taken it to make up for it!



And finally a overview of the growing city, you can see the new downtown area and the growing Nomyton as well as the various areas that have grown since the last overview was shown.


Anyway that's it for today's entry.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Just to let you know I didn't actually let my wife play the game. Basically I wanted a back story to explain why I may have done some things that didn't really make much sense like the stations (hey there's a track running through the town, may as well have a station, though it did get a bit out of hand) and also the fact that due to the way the town has the industry in the middle of it, it was never going to be the most conventional part of the city.






Kim Sunwoo: You sure were looking at the same CJ, I'm not sure I would say they were top level photogrpahs lol but thanks, I'm really glad your enjoying them and the story behind it!


Entry 24: Top floor please!

Right then, Prince James back again this time with a much more positive entry for you all! This time without any imminent social, financial and (probably somehow) environmental collapse!

Instead today, we'll focus on how the newest part of the city has quickly risen (literally) to be the place to be in Gabtoria.

Anyway lets actually start showing you what I'm on about rather than continue to randomly sprout phrases. First off you may (or may not, it was a couple of days ago) remember that I had shown a picture that had what looked like the beginning of a CBD in the background in the last entry (the one with the port in it in case anyone is confused right now). Well this is the how the area looked at that point in time.


As you can probably tell this area was a rather desperate attempt to bring some people back into the area while we had our massive land value disaster. Well rather luckily, it would seem that either the businesses situated here bought the land just before the crash happened and decided to stay on in the hope that it would recover, or that they were just stupid and oblivious to the fact that the country and city may well have been about to go the way of the Dodo.

Either way we ended up with this nice area of shops and offices on the cliffs and coastline of the Gabtorian Bay (you can see the port in the background and a ship taking lumber goods out of the country).

Now when the land value disaster suddenly recovered and people actually wanted to move to the city again, it was safe to say that this area became rather sought after in terms of location and as such many of the businesses took advantage of this and either sold up at a very nice profit, or rebuilt with larger premises.


As you can see in the above image, higher density buildings started to pop up for both residential and commercial use, beginning to give Gabtoria an actual downtown area. Meanwhile, I decided that we needed some recreational areas in all this urban environment so bulldozed some commercial buildings (I'm sure they were going out of business anyway) and built this park.


As you can see this wasn't a half bad idea (unless of course you owned one the buildings that I demolished, in which case you might be a bit annoyed at this point.

Did we even give them some sort of financial compensation?

No, and we conveniently forgot to retain their contact details?


Oh well I'm the Crown Prince, I'm sure they'll forgive me at some point!)

Also of note is that people started seeing the benefit of some greenery around them and apparently pine trees in the middle of the blocks became a thing. Ah well as long as their all happy and paying taxes who really cares.

Now, as exciting as all this upwards growth is, it would be unfair to ignore what is happening in the rest of the city. We also apparently found the people who's businesses we may have ruined so we can pop in and see how their doing!


See told you they would be enjoying their lives in the ever growing affordable housing projects!

Nothing like a good old mobile home and it even looks like they've begun to invest in some neighbourhood tree planting. Bonus!

Also of note is increased traffic issues that still keep emerging, this time on the Prenston Industrial State highway and the Prenston Interchange, where as you can see from the following photo's, The ever growing, widening and convoluted Prenston Interchange still has nothing on the the confusion and general screw up that is the entrance to the actual industrial estate.



Oh well at some point I'm sure we'll probably have to sort this thing out properly but for now the tailbacks have cleared so its all good.

And with that lovely news and wanting to leave this entry on a actual high rather than pushing my luck until we nose dive again, here are a couple of random images of our growing city showing both the narrow, hemmed in streets that are becoming the norm in our downtown and a sweeping panoramic of it.



Anyway, that's all for this happy, positive entry so join us next time where hopefully it'll continue!

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: So yer, I've decided to add some height to the city rather and give it a actual centre. Not sure if it's actually got the height to achieve that goal yet but were getting there.





Ln X: Thanks and I have no idea. I just used the level tool as normal and it seemed to work for me. Not sure why it doesn't work for you? It did take quite a lot of fiddling around though.

Entry 23: And we thought death waves were bad!

Well as you can probably tell from the title this entry isn't exactly going to be a bed of roses for us. Apparently death waves have a much meaner cousin!

Read on to find out more!

Collapsing infrastructure: A happy bedtime story!

Well it all started off well enough. Our engineers had recently decided that being able to build tunnels was a useful feature and had wasted no time in improving the roads with them. Below you can see some lovely images of these new tunnels in use firstly by the new port (which allows people to leave the industrial area without having to actually go through the port.) and the second on the entrance into the centre of Gabtoria to help relieve traffic that was building up.



Anyway, this was all lovely and the Gabtorian's all rejoiced.




Well ok, it would be safe to say that the Gabtorians that were left rejoiced.

Unfortunately, this is what the latest reports were showing us.


Well....... ummmmm. ….....Yer I don't even know......

Apparently taking a closer look at the situation reveals that the culprit is everyone suddenly realising that there land value apparently isn't high enough to actually warrant the upkeep of their homes.

Apparently this also recently become a big deal (and by recently I mean overnight) as about a third of our population has abandoned us.


Also as you can see in the above image this has led to a rather large drop in our income. As it was I'd rather luckily been a bit frugal with the treasury and we still had quite a stash of cash to fall back on as our city and economy basically collapsed in on itself.

Several months later and we were beginning to look like a certain city in the US.


Also I have no idea what happened to it but apparently at some point my house disappeared along with a lot of the parks that were outside it.


Luckily though, we still had the money to replace my house and its grounds/city park (screw the whole money loss thing, I have to live somewhere).

Anyway, safe and sound in my rebuilt palace it was time to actually try and sort this thing out. Apparently though although the mass abandonment had slowed down it had created even less desirable places to live as everywhere was abandoned.

As such we had to take drastic action and demolish every abandoned building in the city.


As you can see, we weren't kidding when we said we were gutting everything. Ln'xham (seen above) was one of the better preserved areas too. On the plus side though this has provided tonnes of reclaimable resources to continue our low cost housing projects (which amazingly enough lived perfectly happily in the city through this whole crisis. In fact there were even some new ones built, some which had some rather familiar looking red bricks used in them!)

Please note: At this point I would also like to apologise for the several hundred citizens that arrived home from work to find out that we may have accidentally signed a demolition permit on their perfectly good dwelling. My bad!

Anyway with the city gutted, our population started to head back up as cheap land became available. This apparently also encouraged companies to to move back into the area as shown by the tallest building in the city (and nation) being built in the recent boom after the collapse.


This boom came just at the right time as well as we were beginning to look a little light on cash as you can see in the next image which, also shows some obviously warranted and expensive changes to the port that were carried out in this cash tight times (why the hell do I not read planning propositions?). You can also see our attempt at drawing people back to the city in the background but more on that in the future.


Anyway with this all done and the city recovering again it was time to take a look at the cost of it all.

Taking into account the stupid amount spent on the port changes (someone's getting fired for even subjecting the planning proposal for that!) and the fixes we had to do in some places.

The total cost of the whole city wide collapse was around 3.5million.


Anyway with it recovering again I think I need to take another holiday to relax.

Till next time

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Ok so I have no idea what the hell happened here to be honest. Basically I updated the game with the official patch, opened up the city and the land value on most residential buildings went through the floor and took ages to recover.

I seriously did think at one point that the city was finished and we'd have to start again or something, but luckily it seems to have recovered. The only thing I could think of that might have caused it is that it seems that when the game updates, it deletes a number of custom parks that I had built around the city.

All in all though I think that it's the only issue that I'm having with the update. All of the mods seem to be working fine (including traffic++ that I know some people were having issues with) and there didn't seem to be any menu lag at all.

As such (and added to the fact that now Gabtoria is filled with low level residents again which was the idea all along), with the tunnels added it seems to have been worth the hassle to have the update features.

Anyway with you all probably knackered form having to read this text wall I'll leave you to have a look at the pictures.

Hope you all enjoyed the crisis!






Kim Sunwoo: Lol nah its all good

:P. No this is only 7 of the tiles I have up to 25 unlocked so it can get a lot bigger.

Entry 22: Hard to Port!

Right Crown Prince James here and as you can all probably tell this entry has a rather singular focus (or at least it's meant too) and that is on our brand new port!

Yup, you read that right, were moving up in the trading world!

So anyway lets get right into it shall?

Firstly we need to choose a place to actually build the port. Luckily there is a rather nice cove just next tot he Gabtoria Sands Industrial Estate (handy huh, almost like we may have planned it). Initially we did have a bit of resentment form the locals in regard to removing the beach but hey, money and some gentle persuasion saw to that.


Right with the area chosen it was time to do some serious digging (on account of the fact that the beach itself was fairly steep and therefore useless for a actual port as it was).


Several months and a huge amount of later and we have this huge hole cut out of the landscape (OOC: Seriously this cost me like £1million in terraforming lol). Luckily, environmentalists make up a rather small amount of the Gabtorian population.


Next up we have the actual ports installed and the railway track brought down to the area. Some serious progress is being made at this point and eventually the area looked like this.



Now with the actual port made it was time to add some more industrial in Gabtoria Sands to actually make use of the new port.

-Breaking News!-

Half of Gabtoria today was struck with a random flu that seemed to kill off a large part of the population and cause widespread panic!

Seen below is a statistical overview of what areas were affected by the virus!


In light of this tragedy we have a fun game for all you viewers!

See if you can find anywhere not affected by the virus!

(OOC: Remember kids, when doing large projects keep a eye on your actual city or things like this happen!)

This however caused some traffic issues. What with the new industrial traffic trying to use the port from around the city rather than travelling to the Prenston Freight Station this interchange (which was a bit of a bodge job in the first place) was getting a bit overwhelmed.


So a upgrade here was in order and pretty quickly if we wanted the port to not grind to a halt and be a complete waste of money. So, let me introduce you to this (probably even more bodged) interchange. I'm not really sure what Henry was thinking with this but it works pretty well so we'll just roll with it.


Also speaking of traffic issues. With the new port and its rail transfer being used to ship stuff tot Prenston Freight Station from the new port we also had issues with traffic in Prenston. (dammit knock-on effects!) As such the traffic flow has been improved with the implementation of a skybridge thing.


Right well that's all the improvements out of the way le.....

What do you mean we need to change the actual ports layout due to crippling tailbacks?

For the love of ports!

Fine, whatever, give me what I need to sign to fix it.

-Several months later-

Right, as you can see we've had to expand the port and add a rather dubious highway connection to relieve the traffic congestion. Oh well at least everything is working now!


Finally to end this rather large entry of port shenanigans and the problems it caused here's our latest low cost housing estate, this time in Nielton Heights where as you can see in the picture after the low cost housing, it seems they've built a new Orthodox church there for people to worship in!



Anyway that's all for today. Join me next time where we'll take a look at the next brilliant scheme here in Gabtoria!

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: There we go, hope you all like my overly expensive and rather problematic port! Lets hope it'll be worth it in the long run.





Kim Sunwoo: Well the trouble is that it's Norway that's a bit worried not really the citizens of Gabtoria (as you said they're pretty oblivious to everything).

slickbg56: Thanks, glad you like them both, there pretty important parts of the growing city!

Tonraq: Thanks and maybe, it should be good for a while though.

Entry 21: Flaming Traffic!

(OOC: Right then guys, I'm pleased to say that my new laptop has arrived and can handle CSL amazingly well which means I can get back to updating Gabtoria for you all!

So lets get on with it!)

Right then Crown Prince James here again to bring you more news of the development of your favourite Principality (by which I obviously mean Gabtoria, as there is no way that Monaco or Lichtenstein is more illustrious than Gabtoria!).

Anywy today's entry is a boit of a catch all of everything, due to some exciting news for the residents that occurred recently in thew way of tax reduction!

Yep you heard me correctly, I've decided that my personal cut of the tax payers money was a little bit on the large side so I've used the cut to allow the tax rates to decline to about 10%rat across the board! As you can probably guess this has led to a even larger amount of people wanting to come live here (which has had the happy side effect of bringing my cut back up again!).

Also we had a slight error last time with the naming of our little son. Apparently due to concerns rasied by my loving wife, the name is now Henrik as its much more Norwegian than the English Henry (plus my advisor may actually stop bragging now after realising that we didn't name the Prince after him).

Anyway with these issues out of the way lets start the actual pictures with some breaking news in the form of someone attempting some pagan rituals at the Cathedral (silly Pagan the cathedral is for Christian worship), needless to say something went wrong as you can see.


Nevermind though, the firemen were on the case pretty quickly (not that I threatened to fire them or anything if they failed to put it out). Also as the building, although looking old really isn't replacing the damaged parts were cheap enough.


We have, from now on consigned any pagan fire worship to areas that are devoid of any actual structures and vegetation.

Anyway, with that breaking news out of the way it was time to start taking a look at a rather large problem that was beginning to emerge outside Central Gabtoria. Namely this woefully inadequate junction that served the rapidly growing Gabtoria Industrial Estate.


As you can see this needed some work and pretty urgently. As such we got to work without fail, with below showing the usual process that should by now be familiar to most Gabtoria regulars.

Step 1: Create worse traffic issues with re-routing


Step 2: Design the interchange and upgrade the roads.


Step 3: Reconnect the roads and realise that the rather expensive interchange may not have helped the situation at all.


Step 5: Panic

Step 5 (I panicked so much I couldn't count): Add additional roads until the traffic clears, completely undermining the whole minimum impact goal we had going as we had to demolish several neighbourhoods and a office block to sort it out.


Step 6: Breathe a sigh of relief as the citizens seem to forgive the rather messy job we did as they can actually get to work again now.

Right next thing then. With the whole traffic issues solved for the time being we moved onto the next issue, housing the new citizens that want to live here. With this in mind we came up with a foll proof and cheap plan.

Introducing the Gabtoria Economical Housing program where we provide the electricity and water and some basic roads and then you buy the rights to build in one of the plots and provide the actual materials yourself, of which there are plenty to scrounge or borrow including shipping containers from the rail yard for very reasonable prices.

This is one such neighbourhood from the pilot program in Sunwooton.


As you can probably tell, from the above image there are a lot of caravans used as permanent homes here as well as a few shacks, you also can't always get a plot that allows you to park outside your new home but oh well, we had to cut costs somewhere.

(OOC: Basically my new laptop is a hell of a lot better than my old one and has a SSD that I've put CSL on. As such load times are a hell of a lot faster than they were on my old laptop so I can afford to go a bit mad with the whole mod download thing including the Traffic++ one used in the above images.)

Right, with all the important things out of the way lets take a random look at the highstreet in Nielton which is getting a bit busy (not really surprising as its the main route to the river and therefore half of Nielton). Anyway it looks nice so here's the photo.


And finally for this entry we'll take a look at the whole city as we near 50k population. Its definitely growing!


And now I'll leave you all to revel in the marvel that is Gabtoria!

Till next time!

Crown Prince James

(OOC: SO yer, this new laptop is a bit of a beast so hopefully I can pick back up on the pace of the entries from now on. Well, that is if work lets me but we'll have to see. Hope you all enjoy the better quality images anyway!





Kim Sunwoo: Pah worrying's overrated, what harm has nuclear waste ever done to anything!

Entry 20: Baby and Education!

Hey all and welcome back to your favourite Principality!

We have some exciting news for you all today from the Principality and that is that apparently, the rumours about the Princess's pregnancy were true (I know I'm as shocked as you are!). As such we've now welcomed our newest member of the royal family into the world, Prince Henry!

In light of this wonderful news we decided to celebrate and do something extravagant with the tax payers money. As such we'd like to present the Prince Henry University of Gabtoria


As you can see its pretty small but at least now we can finally educate people to work in the Nuclear Power Plant (apparently not being educated and being in charge of the Nuclear Power Plant is a bit dangerous and Norway seemed to be pretty worried about it. I'm sure it's still perfectly safe though). Anyway as you can see we it is on the small side so although we now have the university there's still a pretty small chance you'll actually get into it. On the plus side though it is free education!

Anyway here's a look at the main building on the campus where you can take classes in city planning (some of which are taken by me!), medicine and several others that will benefit the Principality in the long run.


You can also see the building where a Norwegian lecturer will teach you about Nuclear Physics (and how to safely run a NPP) on the left and the campus football pitch on the right.

Anyway below we can see how the university students live (if they can't be bothered to travel the 10 miles or so by train to actually get here from anywhere in the Principality) with a total of four of these dorm hubs in the university grounds.


Other than that there are a couple more buildings where you can learn about other stuff (I have no idea what I just signed the paper and they looked nice on the plans), a football (not soccer, football) pitch and some smaller learning buildings (OOC: If you can't tell, I didn't go to university so I have no idea what on earth they call the buildings where you go for lectures).

Anyway other than that we've just seen a influx of citizens into the city so I'll leave you with some of the images of the growing city.

Starting off this is what the centre of our nation with the palace (aka my home) and the St James Cathedral with the university just about visible to the right slowly being surrounded by residential growth with the train station and industrial estate in the distance.


(OOC: As some of you may also have noticed I've downloaded the tree change mod thingy and changed all the trees to pine ones to make the whole city look a lot more cohesive. Not sure why I didn't do this a while ago to be honest.)

Next up we have a closer look at the Train station and the growth that's occurring around that at the moment. As you can see the people brought in by the trains have made this area fairly desirable to commercial enterprises and so a number of them have sprung up around it.


Fianlly I'll leave this 20th entry for our illustrious nation with a look at what we would call our skyline, looking from the shores of Gabtoria Point across the river to the centre of Gabtoria where you can find the palace, cathedral and the brand new university (in fact if you look closely you can just about see the spires of the cathedral in the distance).


Anyway, that's all we have for this entry, sorry it was a bit short but I hope it was also sweet!

Till next time where I think we'll have to try and get a flag designed seeing as we now have a university that I'm sure has a art department in some part of it.

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Well guys as you've probably noticed my entries have become a bit more spread out and I'd like to apologise for that. I think may laptop has come to its limits with what it can run concerning this game as the lag at the moment in Gabtoria is pretty bad. Don't worry though I'm planning on getting a new laptop this week so will be able to continue with the Journal.

We've also finished our move so now all I've got to do is wait for my job to settle down and I'm good to go!

Till then though I think I'll concentrate on looking at the lovely journals that you guys have created and work on my maps some more.






Schulmanator: Thanks, I hope they are too!

Kim Sunwoo: Thank glad you like the new transit options. I changed it a few entries back. Can't remember the name for the life of me though, I think its a mountain one or something, I'll have to a have a look.

amazona: Thanks, I'm glad you like the style!

Entry 19: Going Nuclear is perfectly safe right?

Hey guys and welcome back to our lovely little city. Bit of a all over the place entry today but hey, such is life.

Anyway we'll start off where we left off last time with the continuation of our lovely transit re-haul with the next transit hub being this one in Nielton Heights.


Here, as you can see there is another integrated bus hub with a blue line that takes you through half of Nielton on the way into Sunwooton and then back again and a white line that takes you around Nielton and into L'nxham before taking you back. As for the other two bus pull in's I may have overestimated the amount of lines we'd need slightly so there we go. Still I'm sure we can use them for something in the future.


Moving on we get to show you the completed and redone railyard in Prenston (OOC: where I took a leaf out of L nx's book and used the filler pieces to create a much nicer looking railyard). As you can see we've had a bit of a overhaul up here and covered everything in gravel! It does however make the area look a lot nicer which is the main thing. Also here you can see the implemented bus lines. One for the Prenston Industrial estate and one to get people from Prenston Grove. Also just next to the Oil Power Plant here is where the bus line from Gabtoria Point and Riverside terminates (sorry if you live in even of them places, it was easier to use a bus than to try and fit a train line in at the moment).

We also got this lovely shot of a bus from the Prenston Grove line pulling in to pick up or drop off some busy Gabtorians where you admire the industrious beauty of the freight yard and smoke stacks of the many factories in Prenston!


Anyway moving back to Nielton, the increasing population and bus traffic were taking its toll on this single lane bridge that marked the only way by road into and out of Nielton Hieghts.


As such it was time to add some more bridge connections to try and alleviate this issue. This was the solution.


As you can see we've built another two bridges, one to the south and another to the north of the current bridge. You can see that we also took the time to actually upgrade the roads leading to the bridges so that traffic flow wasn't impeded by the dirt roads. As you can see these roads were immediately used as, and have helped relieve traffic on the main bridge (see, I'm a traffic genius!). Also you can see the expansion of Nielton Heights being halted by the new railway (Yes, take that Nielton! No more expansion for you!).

Anyway shortly after we finished the bridges this happened!


Yay we grew again! What's more apparently, for some reason Norway has decided its safe to let us use Nuclear Power which was a bit of a bonus really as this happened next.


Fine whatever, I've got a new plan that means you won't even need natural resources! Yes you guessed it were going to have to suffer several months of rolling blackouts while I have the old coal power plants blown up and a Nuclear Power Plant built!

What do you mean we can't blow them up?

Can we set fire to them then?


Fine, you suck Harry just dismantle them then and incinerate everything that's not useful.


Anyway that's our shiny new Nuclear Power Plant. I mean no one knows exactly how it works as apparently you need a diploma or something and we don't have a University but I'm sure there just being over cautious. What can possibly go wrong with a uneducated staff and no actual security for the place?

Anyway finally for this entry we leave you with a overview of how the city looks now that we've hit 40k population.



Right join us next time where hopefully we would have thought of a cool way to celebrate our 20th entry!

Until then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Sorry about this entry taking so long to get up. Were currently moving at the moment and everything is a bit hectic at the moment. Add to that the fact that I'm trying to keep on top with my map thread while trying to research new laptops and hopefully you can understand why the entries may be a bit slow for the next few weeks.

So a big thanks for still checking out this CJ and I hope to get back into a more normal rhythm soon.






Schulmanator: Maye not as much as we'd hope. Read on to find out what I mean!

Mymyjp: I can't fire you, I'm not even sure what you do lol!

Entry 18:

Buses go Choo Choo!

Right people it would seem that I should have hired someone to do my bus system rather than thinking I could figure it all out myself (I swear I can really, someone must have tampered with my plans. Harry!).

Anyway our buses sucked.

Like really sucked as evidenced by this photo here where, despite having a dedicated lane thingy for the bus stops congestion with all the buses was horrendous.


Add to that the fact that all the bus lines had no return route and were all circular meaning that it took ages to get anywhere (unless you wanted the next stop or two)

So back to the drawing board.

Several months later we had drawn up plans to implement new bus lines and were busy implementing the brand ne.... oh screw it this happened.


Back to the drawing board again, where Harry continuously yelling PASSENGER TRAINS at me made me decide to upgrade the interchange that sends you into Nielton to improve the flow.


At which point I had a excellent idea!

A rail line and bus catchment network!

(Harry: I give up)

Anyway this plan would be flawless and would revolve around rail stations in Prenston, Nielton Heights and Central Gabtoria and then a catchment bus network for each one to bring passengers to the station!

Anyway we got right onto it and soon had this multi platform station in Central Gabtoria with attached Bus Depot


As you can see in the next photo of the same area just fast forwarded a couple of months, we've used this as a test area where, apparently its working a hell of a lot better and growth has begun around the station


As for the actual lines we have the Red sight seeing buses, the Blue residential line which picks up people from around the town to take them to or from the station and the Green line which takes you to the Gabtoria Sands Industrial Site and all of them are operating as two way lines this time!

Anyway with this system working so far we've started installing the system at the other places we mentioned above.

Here's the Nielton Heights station with the bus lines waiting to be implemented


And the Prenston Industrial station where the rail-yard is currently undergoing a large expansion and is a bit of a mess at the moment but hey, progress and breaking eggs and such (does kind of suck if you live in that part of Prenston Grove though).


Anyway even without the buses the train connections were hard at work which, given that we'd been lazy and put several of the crossings at grade meant we ended up with some slight traffic issues.


Yer that needs sorting. Luckily though tunnelling under the track was easy enough and relieved the traffic.


Now finally for this fairly long winded entry we have a random image of the variety of building styles in Central Gabtoria. You can literally see the CBD like 100 metres away from this lovely shack. That's diversity for you!


(Hopefully this image will also mitigate some of the anger from this entry being yet again nothing like I said it would be. But then again, when life gives you Bananas you throw them away because Bananas are horrible. Or swap them for apples!)

Till next time where I've given up pretending to have the faintest idea what the entry will be about!

Crown Prince James

(OOC: As you can see I've taken into account the comments on my failed bus line and then tweaked them to come up with this. Hopefully it'll work better this time round and thanks everyone for the advice!.






Kim Sunwoo: It was all Sunwooton's fault anyway (or specifically the industrial estate. That was causing all the traffic lol).

As for disconnecting the highway at least I provided some alternate routes while the work was happening.and the good thing about being a Crown Prince is that they can't really unelect you lol.

And I'm glad your enjoying the journal despite the fact that some of my methods may be a bit questionable lol.

Mymyjp: Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying my efforts at fixing stuff!

Entry 17: Then two come along!

Right, today we finally have a entry about public transport. After saying we need to install one for the last like 7 or 8 entries we finally have one running. As for what this entry is going to entail it may be a bit boring for non transport minded people as its just a look at the various routes that we've set up throughout the city.

Anyway let's make a start at the actual Bus Depot here in Central Gabtoria. This is the only dedicated ummm, bus place so far. The three bays that you can see serve the Gabtoria Central line, Gabtoria regional line part a and Central Gabtoria to Prenston line all of which you'll see in a minute.


As for the actual system basically were working on a series of town services and then several city wide ones that link the various town ones together. Please also note that the bus lines at the bottom are to give you a idea of the number of stops rather than the actual stop names. I really need to fire the guy that we hired to do that, they don't really make much sense. (OOC: I'll try and remember to rename them at some point.)

Anyway let's have a look at the various lines in number order.

Line 1


Line 1 is the Central Gabtoria line starting at the bus depot and doing a loop around Gabtoria before returning to the depot.

Line 2


Line 2 runs from Sunwooton to Nielton (or the other way around, I can't actually remember, it definitely passes through each of the towns though)

Line 3


Line 3 is the longest line running around the entirety of Nielton, starting and ending on the highstreet and running through a number of stops around the town.

Line 4


Line 4 runs from Gabtoria Point to the Riverside industry area. At this point you can also see that the lines are getting a bit crazy and overlapped but oh well, you can still make out the yellow Line 4.

Line 5


Line 5 is the Prenston line which takes you from the centre of Prenston Grove, into the neighbourhoods and then out to the Freight Station and around the industrial estate,.

Line 6


Line 6 is part A of the Gabtoria Regional Line where you go from the bus depot in Central Gabtoria,, into Gabtoria Industrial Estate, then through L'nxham and Sunwooton before making a loop in Nielton and finishing in the centre of Nielton where you can get a transfer onto the part B line shown next.

Line 7


Part B of the regional line takes you from Nielton, into Gabtoria Point and Riverside before swinging into Nomyton and then heading to the Freight Station and Prenston.

Line 8


Line 8 is pretty much a express version of Line 6 + 7. This line take you straight from the bus depot in Central Gabtoria to Nielton highstreet then straight through to Prenston Freight Station and back, allowing a quicker journey if your going from the two main points of population (Central Gabtoria and Nielton)

Right, that's shown all our lines so finally for this entry we'll let you take a look at the city books. I mean hell, if I'm going to provide some public transport for our citizens then I'm sure as hell going to make some money form it (someone did mention that we should make it free but I fired him for stupidity).


Anyway now all we have to do is wait and see how it affects our traffic (hopefully in a positive way) so until next time.

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Sorry if you found this entry a bit boring but I thought it would be a good idea to finally actually introduce the public transport. I'll try and do a entry about looking at the city to offset it next time.





Schulmanator: Ummm, I have no idea what to do with the tux. I would advise against burning it though!

As for the invitations don't worry we didn't invite anyone really, they just turned up! The wedding itself was a kind of quick paced thing though it had nothing to do with a pregnancy.

Kim Sunwoo: Glad you like the GIF and see above for the explanation about the invites!

Entry 16:

A not-so-simple interchange!

Right minions, I'm back from my honeymoon and ready to get back to work (and also make sure that Nielton hasn't tried some shenanigans while I've been away.) Anyway sorry for anyone wondering where there invites were, we may have had to rush things a bit though this has nothing to do with pregnancy rumours, honest!

Anyway with us back the last thing I wanted on my desk when I got back was traffic issues. Of course this was what I got. Stupid traffic.

Right screw it, if were going to have to change up things we may as well get it done with. Where's the issues to this time?


Fair enough, given that this is on the way to Central Gabtoria and it's growing industrial area we should probably sort this out quickly.

Right time for a simple interchange and road widening fix.

Firstly let's reroute the traffic again and disconnect the old highway. Unlike last time this definitely didn't help traffic flow out.


Anyway, with time now of the essence due to the horrendous traffic issues caused by the re-routing lets get to work. First thing let's decide on a actual interchange type (given that we want this done quickly some prior planning may have been a better idea). Anyway after some head scratching we decided to just wing it and try to make sure that all the roads were connected.

Several months much concrete and some digging later we were at this stage.


I think we may have thrown the whole simple interchange idea out of the window. It's also pretty large for the area but what the hell, I'm sure we'll appreciate the capacity when the town expands.

Anyway fast forward another couple of months and we have a finished simple 4 stack interchange!

(OOC: Damn these things are complicated to get right!)


Oh well, at least it's fairly compact and works well which is the main thing!

Looking around however it seems that we have other smaller traffic isuues in the city (this time they really are smaller). First up was a road widening for the rather ugly interchange that links the oringial part of the city, Riverside and Gabtoria Point to Nielton and the Prenston Interchange.


At some point we will have to rebuild this thing, for now though it's staying (I'm sure continually putting it off can't cause issues right?)

Anyway the other issue was in Sunwooton Industrial Estate where some of the crossing were getting a bit jammed up. This was our solution though were not sure how long it'll hold out.


And finally for this entry we actually named the buffer zone between Nielton and Gabtoria. Welcome to L'nxham. Apparently it also managed to slip in some pretty serious planning applications that I approved as it seems that a rather large portion of the small neighbourhood is office space and I'm pretty sure they're putting in more applications all the time (note to self: Keep eye on L'nxham as well as Nielton, it may be a conspiracy!)


Anyway that's all for now. I've got to go and mark all Nielton and L'nxham planning applications as suspicious and take a look at some buses finally in an attempt to stop Harry yelling at me constantly.

Till next time!

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Turns out my wimple interchange idea wasn't so simple in the end. Still I really like how it turned out anyway so it's all good. Also sorry for the small entry but as previously stated things are a bit hectic in real life at the moment.

Also apologies if you hate traffic entries. I'll try and do some more non traffic ones soon.

Also sorry for saying sorry so much.

Shut up James)



Entry 13:

Kim Sunwoo: Nah we just stopped all services, don't worry its all good now!

Entry 14:

Mymyjp: Well at least with the blackouts we won't be able to see the failure half the time! See the bottom of this entry if you want to request a map complete with waterfalls (or whatever you want really!)

As for the job, fine you can be our resident homeless person! Is that better?

Kim Sunwoo: I'll remind you of that when Sunwooton needs a road upgrade lol. Don't worry though the budget cuts were temporary. Were back on track now!

Yer I have been busy over the last week. 3 entries and 2 map releases but I'll probably have to slow down now (see end of this entry for why).

Entry 15: Royal Wedding and oddities?!

Well Harry here for a change! Prince James and his new bride are currently on a state funde... private honeymoon somewhere (apparently they were gonna play eny meany mino mo with the departures board to choose their destination).

Now I know your all thinking that we haven't even heard that the prince had been dating and that would be true, no one had. Were also not meant to know that the new Princess may have been pregnant before the wedding but apparently half of the town did as they decided to through them a baby shower after the wedding service in the cathedral (not sure why a bunch of English people threw a baby shower anyway but hey, maybe its a tradition in Norway or something seeing as quite a few of our citizens are Norwegian nationals including the new Princess).

(OOC: Wait damn she needs a name hmmm. Right got it!)

Anyway speaking of the cathedral that Prince James and Princess Emilia got married here it is. Of course, given that these buildings are nearly always named after a St the obvious choice for our Prince was St James so here we have it, St James's Cathedral (that wasn't built, using the tax payers money, just for this wedding. Honest).

Anyway here it is in all its glory, making up the north most point of Gabtoria Park, behind Château Gabb.


Other than that we haven't seen that much in the way of growth though this did happen for reason s no one can quite work out. No one was more surprised than poor old Mr Kirby when he went to leave his house (luckily he wasn't hurt too badly).


As we don't have much to talk about this entry here's a photo from Nielton Highstreet, one of the busiest places in the whole city (you can tell it me and not Prince James doing this entry can't you), and another image showing one of our lovely low wealth neighbourhood's complete with knock off Ferrari's or just really bad financial decision.



And finally to finish the 15 entry we thought it would be cool to have a GIF of the overviews from the previous entries so you can see how we've grown up to this point (OOC: I think the timings are ok on it. I'm not sure how to fix the fact that the last image seems to reset faster than the others seem to change but oh well, I still think it works!).




michea95l: Thanks, I'm glad I inspire you and I hope you enjoy the game!

Mymyjp: Thanks though I don't remember building any industrial plaza's lol. Were glad were surviving as well, let's just hope it can continue.

Fine then you can have a job as ummmm, a incineration plant worker? Is that better?

Entry 14: Gabtorians are strange.

Well I'm going to jump straight in today with this image.


Yup, as you can see we may have a more slightly pressing issue than the industrial abandonment. You see apparently, the Gabtorians working at the Prenston Freight Station have some weird ideas regarding resources prioritization as they point blank refuse to send any of the Oil or Ore imported into the area to the Power Plants (both the coal and the oil ones) until they are apretty much out of feula nd therefore running at like 20% energy production.

As you can probably guess, this doesn't really help the city out that much and as the above image shows it's not so much rolling blackouts and a blanket blackout now. This required some drastic action!

Luckily, some bloke from Norway offered to help us out by selling us some high tech wind turbines. Now naturally with our near enough entire reliance on burning stuff throughout our history, you can imagine that some people were rather sceptical about making power from nothing but hey, at this point I'd try anything!

However first of all we need to actually make some money to fund these new turbines. This required what is probably the most insane stunt ever when it comes to city management, given that our taxes are already at 13% which is the highest we could get them before they started complaining.

A complete cut in public spending!


Yup that improved our income a bit and amazingly enough, didn't kill the population. In fact it started going back up. By a huge influx. So there we go! If your city is failing then cut all spending and it'll improve it's attractiveness!

Anyway, with income flowing in from somewhere, we went ahead and built the wind farm off the shore of Gabtoria Point. These eight turbines provided the energy needed to kick-start the city again and with the extra power provided by them, we could remove the useless power plants that weren't working due to fuel shortages and replace them with more incinerators which will never run of resources!


Incineration for the win as can be seen here in Sunwooton Industrial Estate where the old Coal Plant has been replaced with incinerators.


Anyway while this was happening Nielton had apparently slipped in some planning applications that I had signed without reading as suddenly they started popping up offices in Nielton Heights and stealing all the Central Gabtoria high school graduates as can be seen here.


Well we can't have that now can we so, as such I then quickly passed some zoning applications which may have had some significant tax incentives to get Central Gabtoria into the office scene.


Which brings us to the present, which is where I leave you all.

To ponder the whole intelligence of the average Gabtorian!

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: So yer, I have no idea why the whole no public services enticed them to come back (what with all the rolling blackouts) but there we go, CIM's are weird lol and I'm not going to complain. Entries may be a bit slower from now on as well as I want to start up a custom map thread so if you guys have any requests please drop by (when I've actually started it lol) and ask away!






Kim Sunwoo: Glad your enjoying the growth but what is this blaspheme., Gabtoria park is glorious. Public service duty for you!

Mymyjp: Fine you can go work in a sweatshop then or something. Can't employ Sun he's currently on Public Service.

Still were happy your enjoying the growth!

Schulmanator: thanks and don't worry we hopefully won't stop anytime soon (though the game may have something to say about it).

Sexysark:P: Thanks glad your liking it!

Entry 13:Traffic, the least of our worries!

Right then, for this smallish entry were actually going to concentrate on what we said we would last time (a rarity I know). Namely this.


Yup, it would seem that we didn't really take into account the actual amount of traffic that we'd need to handle on this road when we made it a dual carriageway. With this in mind its time to upgrade this to a actual motorway, so this is how the new M3 (M! Is the main highway to Gabtoria Point and the M2 is the branch through Nielton) looks


As you can see though. The lovely semi roundabout interchange isn't all that efficient. Add to this the fact that there's heavy usage of traffic between this interchange and the Nielton one and we need to do some work on it.

Anyway several months of necessary traffic disruption later we have this.


As you can see we made the interchange a normal t junction therefore killing the whole back ups due to merging on the old half circle thing. We also added a 4th lane to the Nielton bound traffic which has gone a long way to relieving traffic on the rest of the motorway.

Meanwhile, as we tried to relieve the congestion Gabtoria continued its inexhaustible growth outwards, starting with the need for more industry. Now although I don't particularity want a load of noisy industry right next door to my house, there's a little cove up there that I have big plans for which requires some industry (yep, were actually going to try to plan ahead with something!) so here we go with our new industrial area.


Now with that area set up to mostly cut down the trees (who needs trees anyway they just spoil my view of the ocean!) we had a bit more residential growth occur in Gabtoria and the still unnamed town next door to it. As you can see though, especially on the far side of Gabtoria, planning definitely wasn't big on the agenda here.


Unfortunately all this led to more power issues so the Oil Power Plant was expanded in size. We may however have some slight issues with our oil supplier but hey, we'll worry about that when severe blackouts happen.


So now, at this point you can imagine we were all sitting pretty happy. Growth everywhere and money rolling in. Which of course meant that something needed to go especially wrong again.

Queue another city wide exodus and death wave. God dammit not again. Anyway this is what our balance and population currently looks like. It was at like 34k before it crashed but hey at least it seems to be levelling out. Industry might not be the happiest about it though. Apparently sweatshops aren't really sweatshops without workers.


Anyway screw it, we'll try and sort it out and then hopefully get back to you without everyone rebelling!

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Well hopefully I'll be back with another entry and this won't kill the city lol. I also tried a new filter out so let me know what you think!






Mymyjp: Lol it's not too hard copy and paste is a great tool :P

Yer I was a little bit tired lol. Kinda dropping off while trying to post it but oh well, the entry got posted so it's all good!

As for the industry thing I didn't know no, they do go away though when the population comes back so I'm sure it has some link to that but I'll keep the park thing in mind for sure. May have to make you a governmental advisor some day. No pay and no holiday though.

Kim Sunwoo: Nah I'm too lazy to do all that approval thing so I'll just have to put up with you


Nah the fire was due to ill educated citizens apparently, stupid people can't even burn rubbish right!

Entry 12: Glorious Gabtoria!

Right then let's see. For today's entry were actually going to stay true to our word and concentrate on expanding the marvellous town of Gabtoria. With this glorious area as our planned centre to the principality and city it was time it got some serious expansion. First however, as with any great area of planned cultural and scientific importance we need to provide some lovely education to our residents of Gabtoria (screw you Nielton you don't deserve education!). Anyway as such we built our first Secondary School.

And here it is in all its glory (we'll just ignore the fact that we put it right at the edge of our actual city as it currently stands. We'll just have to expand some more). You can also see the Gabtoria Guard Police Headquarters in the background (or GGPH for short). The centre of our crime fighting attempts (who are now preparing to actually be educated to a higher level than primary education.)


However this did come at the cost of the smoke detectors that we'd distributed to several areas in the city and the recycling policy. However who needs to recycle when we can just burn everything right and surely education will help people to stop burning everything down!

Apparently however they must be doing some really ambitious experiments in the new Secondary School as the we started getting some more rolling blackouts. As such we decided to construct another power plant in Prenston. Now given that the old Coal Power Plant doesn't actually have anymore room to expand we built a newer more advanced Oil Power Plant!


Screw the environment we need to power the city somehow, plus we need to burn more garbage. Not like Prenston Grove were ever my biggest fans anyway.

Now with power out of the way it was time to go full steam ahead with the whole expansion of Gabtoria starting with this growth int he city limits!


Then moving straight into the building spree starting with a new palace all for m... I mean for the prestige of our great principality! (it does operate as the government offices as well honest) As you can also see we tried to design it with a actual CBD feel and we also had our first national park thingy

Welcome to Chateau Gabb and Gabtoria Park!


Anyway with this national treasure now finished at the expense of the tax payers it prompted some further residential development and the apparent complete abandonment of our new more organised approach and a return to our old build wherever the hell you want as long as it ends in a cul de sac.


Also the riverside development took on a rather unique (which is probably a good thing looking at it) nature. It even got named as Shackleton Shores!


Anyway this is all for the expansion so far. Don't worry though, people who aren't fans of Nielton, we will continue Gabtoria's expansion soon. However the monster that is traffic has apparently reared its ugly head again so we will have to fix that next time. However for now we'll leave you with this overview.


Till then!

Prince James



Kim Sunwoo: Thanks, I agree that the last image looks really nice, overviews for the win and I'm glad the pictures are working now.

Alos how dare you insinuate that I'm not loved by everyone, of course people enjoy living here, there too ill educated to know better!

Entry 11: Growing some more roads!

Hey subjects, James here! Well for this entry I did have a plan!

Unfortunately I then went to sleep and had forgotten the big plan when I woke up.

So anyway I've decided on the second best idea and approach and that is to just wait to see if any problems arise to give us something to talk about that requires no brainpower on my behalf to come up with.

Lazy city planning for the win!

Anyway, rather luckily for you guys (not so much for the people that like in Gabtoria), we didn't have to wait long, unfortunately, if you don't like traffic entries then you may be slowly losing interest in our lovely (based on your point of view) city, but don't despair, I promise, I'm 99% sure that there's a 55% chance that the next entry won't be about traffic!

Anyway initially this happened.


Yay awesome we grew again and now have ports. I mean we don't actually have any body of water connected to a shipping path, or any money to build a port (or any actual need) but we can and that's the important thing.

Unfortunately growth comes with problems like this trashy problem.


And this.


Dammit random abandonment!

Anyway these required sorting out first of all (notice how despite saying that this was about traffic I haven't even shown you any traffic issues yet and its like half way through the entry). Anyway we also had some electricity issues so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and built Sunwooton Refuse and Power Plant (sorry Sunwooton but coal is cheap and trash is technically free)


Ironically enough though this happened.


Anyway we can now actually get to the traffic issues as the increased garbage and industrial traffic may have caused some traffic jams at this roundabout (the on that connects Neilton to Gabtoria, the still unamed place and Sunwooton) so let's do another road upgrade (I mean we need to make Gabtoria bigger than Nielton anyway so we'll need to upgrade this road at some point so we may as well make that now).


Right so same idea as last time. First we install temporary roads like so and then remove the old roundabout. The plan here is to make that dual carriageway extend (nearly) all the way to the actual settlement, Gabtoria.


Anyway, with temporary measures put in place we went ahead and made a new diamond interchange with a small addition to help ease industrial traffic flow (stops them having to make a tight turn at the end of the road and keeps the traffic flowing) and then extended the dual carriageway through towards Gabtoria. Here's the new interchange.


And that's also all for this entry, told you it was a bit of a short one.

Now I want to try and expand Gabtoria to try and catch up with Nielton so that may be the focus of the next entry but, seeing as its me, that'll probably change.

Anyway till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: Right just a small entry for you all today. Apologies that it's about traffic and city issues again but I like showing the upgrades to the road system and I hope you guys do to.






kenyanpunk01: Yup looks like a game mechanic that we'll have to overcome.

Kim Sunwoo: Hope the pictures are working for you now as they don't seem to be broken for anyone else. Glad you like the immortalization in my city lol.

NielsC007: Thanks and not a horrendous one yet, just badly planned in the most cases.

Mymyjp: Lol your mental! (in a good way though!).

Entry 10: No more crisis!

You heard me folks, apparently solving the whole deficit criss was pretty easy. All I had to do was take away everyone's smoke detectors and stop enforcing the whole recycling policy (more garbage to burn and make energy from anyway) and hey would you look at that were making like 8k a month which is more than we've ever made before. Success!

Anyway with this success and cash influx, today we'll take a look at this mess of a road.


Long overdue a overhaul, we decided it was time to actually make it easy to transport goods to and from the cities main source of work and production, Preston Industrial Estate. Also this keeps happening which isn't brilliant due to the whole traffic issues around the freight yard and trunk road.

People apparently don't enjoy rolling blackouts.


Anyway let's get right down to it, were going to show you are full process of road upgrading here in Gabtoria.

Step 1.

Build a termpoirary relief road and then disconnect the old road from the network. Amazingly enough this temporary relief road handled the traffic better than the road we had before. Go firgure.


Step 2

Right with the traffic flowing in some sort of fashion its time to start rebuilding the roads. First off make sure one of your workers doesnt accidently bulldoze the power pylon and cause a city wide blackout like this.


Step 3

And then, build a new temporary junction connecting the relief road to the highway. Don't worry a strict speed limit was enforced on the highway at this point (40mph) so the junction wasn't as dangerous as it looked and we didn't have a huge amount of accidents. Only from the idiots that ignore speed warnings.

You can also see the beginnings of the road upgrades here as well. We went for a dual carriageway as it would be enough for the traffic that used the road.


Step 4

Next up was tackling the interchange. Basing it on some design I'd seen back in the UK this is what we ended up with. It's not as high capacity as a traditional trumpet but it works and as most of the traffic through here is lorries anyway the speed restrictions aren't too much of a issue.


Step 5

Rebuild the connections to the actual industrial area. Now this may look confusing but don't worry, it handles the traffic really smoothly and allows us to get stuff to where we need it in the quickest time possible.

(Also, you can see one of our outgoing trains leaving the station to take goods to some place in Norway).


Step 6

Yes Harry?

Wait what?

What do you mean it should have been a cloverleaf and not a trumpet?

Why did you wait till now to tell me?

You've been on holiday? Oh I hadn't actually noticed. Nevermind then I'll just fire someone else.

Now, what you don't want to do is to now realise, as you sit back to admire your hard work, that you've forgotten to make the intended cloverleaf interchange an actual cloverleaf. Right well, given that the existing interchange is now being heavily used I guess we'll have to just have a two trumpet staggered interchange instead. After some head scratching this is the finished interchange


May not be as efficient as a pure cloverleaf would have been but it sure looks cool and works a treat at the moment (plus it has plenty of squirrel run tunnels too but only for the red ones. Stupid grey squirrels).

Anyway with that done the traffic is all flowing again, we've got no more power outages, growth has been steady all over the city and finally a positive income and entry as well!

So I'll leave you this overview of the city growth so far as a nice way to end our 10th entry and to show you the aforementioned growth!


Till next time!


(OOC: SO there we go, a little insight into my traffic developments. Probably should have been a bit more careful with the actual building of the interchange lol but I like the interesting layout as opposed to a bog standard clover anyway. Hope you all enjoy it though I know traffic entries probably aren't everyone's thing.)



mb 1.0.2: Thanks, organically growing is the most favourite aspect of the game for me. I love watching cities grow from the overviews!

Kim Sunwoo: Thanks glad you liked the image and yes the traffic issues are fun to deal with.

Also I hope you don't mind but I may have butchered your username to make a name place lol. Sunwooton sounded nice in my head. I'll change it if it bothers you though.

Mymyjp: Yup it sure does. It's on the list of things to try and sort out. We are slowly replacing our sewage outlets with water treatment places though so it's all good!

Entry 9: Crisis management Part 5: Famous last words.

Well they tell you to not tempt fate and it turns out they may well be right.

You see if you can remember the last thing I'd said in the last entry was that we might be back on track.

Turns out that the city had other ideas. Big big other ideas.

Apparently we got some sort of plague going on as half the city died in a very short amount of time (OOC: yes it happened again and no I have no idea why lol).


Damn you bird flu!


Oh Jesus that's a lot worse than last time. A hell of a lot worse.

What is it Harry?

Well damn I can't possibly think why our income has gone the way of the Dodo. Why don't you do something useful like get us some bio hazard suits or something and fast.

Several months later

Well thank god that's over, living in a bio hazard suit has certain complications and such.

Anyway enough of all that, apparently half the city was immune to the whole disease thing and therefore didn't die which was good as it meant we actually had a country and city left at the end of it all.

Also somehow we became some sort of phoenix (or all the people that no one liked died or something) as the city rebuilt larger than it was before the whole bird flu happened and we got this!


Yay money boost (screw the rest I'm 99% sure that your going to have to be more educated than a elementary school to run a Solar Power Plant, what's wrong with coal anyway)

Speaking off which, it would appear that for some time now we've been shipping in coal so that our mines can dig it back up again.


Yup that would be absolutely no coal left under our mines. Seriously why did no one mention this?

Screw it turn the mines into forestry we'll use the profits from actually having the raw resources to buy the coal off the Norwegians to power the city.

Anyway with traffic up around the mines still being a bit on the, well gridlocked side we decided to go ahead and bring some trains in. It would probably also be a good time to point out that we were running in the red and at like -30k when we decided this (was probably drunk again) so it required us to borrow a rather large sum of money from Norway and then several smaller sums of money from England.

This had better work.

Anyway several months of trying to figure out how the hell we were going to make the money to pay the banks back and this is the freight yard.


Which it's safe to say has killed all incoming freight traffic for the area. The outgoing traffic however is still chock-a-block and that weird interchange thing looks, well, awful so will have to be changed at some point.

Speaking of traffics and weird interchanges. Just thought I'd show another area of weird roads in the form of the expanding Nielton Interchange. This will also have to be cleaned up and streamlined in the future.


For now though it'll stay as we have renewed interest in the city again which is good. As such we needed to expand again so took this area of land as you can see for its wide open spaces.


And with new lands come new villages/towns. Seen here from left to right are the new settlements of Gabtoria (because Neilton was beginning to dwarf Gabtoria Point and seeing as how the main area of the city should be named after me and all we had to start a new Gabtoria elsewhere. Tip: Don't build your planned CBD hemmed in with mountains, rivers and roads, it makes expanding it hard!).

Then after Gabtoria you have the village with no name (yet) and then you have Sunwooton and it's industrial estate which is being encroached upon by the ever expanding Nielton (need to surround it with other towns to stop it expanding lol).


Anyway we've reached then end of another entry where the economy is starting to stabilise, ready, no doubt for its next nose dive into oblivion!

Till then


(OOC: So yer this entry was a bit of a weird one. I have no idea why half my population like died all at once and then half my city got abandoned. The only thing I can think of is that because I play at the first speed everyone moved in at roughly the same time then all died at roughly the same time. I have no idea if this is true or not but hey, the only other thing that I can think of that may affect it is the low education levels of my city.

Anyway screw it, we'll sort it out somehow and at least now we've got some rail in the city along with my favourite project so far in the form of the freight yard.

Oh damn I forgot about the buses again.

Stupid trains)




Schulmanator: I'll try lol and you should, It's really fun.

Mymyjp: *points towards other journal for reply*


Kim Sunwoo: Thanks, I'm glad your liking the narrations there fun to write!

Entry 8: Crisis Management Part 4: Road to success!

Right James here and as you've probably guessed by the title name I've got some good news for this entry (finally, its about time really). Anyway were going to jump straight in with the whole traffic issue in Nielton. Well I'm happy to say that it all solved now as we've replaced the roundabout with a nice diamond interchange.


It would probably also be a good thing to point out that although that smaller slip lane may look a bit stupid it stops the whole thing from becoming congested as, due to the fact that the actual interchange bridge is one way (traffic uses other bridges to get around Nielton and back onto the highway).

Anyway with that problem solved the whole population influx started up again and we were back in the game!

Or not.


Nope definitely not.


Luckily however this wasn't as bad as it looked. The rubbish issue was thanks to grid locked traffic meaning that the dumps and incinerators didn't seem to see any point in wasting fuel sending trucks out but soon got their act together when we cleared the traffic u9p and maybe threatened to fire them all (OOC: I don't really know what happened here. The garbage buildings just seemed to stop sending out trucks despite not being full or even anywhere near capacity. It also just seemed to clean itself up over time and start working again. Weird). As for Prenston Grove it was the same old story as last time. Still, moving one of the water towers away from a source of ground pollution helped clear that up.

Which meant we started growing again and rather quickly. This led to more demand for industry to help provide employment for all the new citizens meaning that Prenston Industrial area was expanded and now takes up all the space previously occupied by the town of Prenston Grove (before it was moved due to health concerns)


As you can also see the previous entries traffic solutions around here didn't really work very well. As such were still trying to come up with solutions to this problem (hence the weird road layout).

The other place that saw some industrial growth was an attempt at providing some of the food that the principality needs (currently we import most of our food) here in the new town of Nomyton.


Unfortunately this isn't working at all. The land wasn't arable at all and it was costing a hell of a lot more to actually import all the fertiliser to actually make the ground usable than it was to import the food so the idea was scrapped after getting this far.

As you would imagine, with a large increase in the amount of goods being produced there was a large increase in places that wanted to sell them. As such (and due to a accidental road laying incident) we came up with this little CBD (emphasise on the little) in the newly expanded area of Nielton Heights


I must have been drunk though when I signed for this development as I even allowed them to have a large park in the centre of the CBD. Not something I do all that often, who needs parks this large anyway. Also why on earth did I approve this in a area that's got no population. It isn't exactly the centre of anything.

Anyway screw it, what's done now is done. It did seem to cause some issues though namely this on the otherisde of the bridge that leads to Nielton Heights.


God dammit not more traffic issues!

Right screw it lets change the roundabout into a crossroads.

Did that work?


Fine I'll change it into a bridge.

Which of course causes more traffic jams at the roundabout in the middle of Nielton.

Well we've spent the money on the bridge now so I'm not rebuilding that which gives me a idea. Lets turn the roundabout in the centre of town into a diamond interchange.

Yes for a single lane road

No I don't care if its overkill Harry, you don't seem to have any better ideas now give me that contract so I can sign this thing and we can get it sorted it.

Several months later

See told you it would work Harry. Goes to show what you know.

Here's a image of the completed traffic upgrades with the diamond interchange in the distance.

(OOC: Also my favourite image so far and the one that I think looks the most realistic)


Anyway were out of money and time again so let's finish with another overview. This time showing the city at 18k people. We also now seem to be out of the the whole crisis zone which is good. Were getting there slowly but surely.







Kim Sunwoo: Not unless North Korea has annexed part of Norway lol. Thank my stupidity for that rather large blunder lol.

Mymyjp: Wow that's some high praise being the most interesting journal. I'm really glad you are enjoying it and keep coming back! It definitely isn't all clean and pretty (and isn't going to get any more so in this entry lol) and I'm not sure if finding solutions is the correct term. I think it's more along the lines of duct taping it up int he hope that it doesn't break again!

And don't worry Harry definitely isn't dirty Harry and I haven't killed him anyway.


mb1.0.2: Thanks masked, glad your enjoying it and don't worry, the issues to deal with definitely keep on coming!

Entry 7: Crisis Management Part 3: Why traffic why?

Right well were back and after the last entry you'd imagine we were on a high here, all go and everything, riding the wave of success.

Well we were.

Then it started to go a bit awry again.

Anyway lets read on and find out why.

Well it started off well. I hadn't killed Harry and the city continued to grow leading to this.


Which then meant that we hit 10k quickly so took it as a perfect time to get this overview image for you all.


So we had a lovely growing city having overcome the previous entries issues with flying colours.

Which is when the flying and the colours turned into a nose dive and a blackout of the traffic kind.

You see it would be safe to say that while we'd been happily expanding we may have forgotten about the whole traffic network. Which led to this.


You see having rebuilt a new Prenston Grove a little distance away from Prenston Mines and Industrial Estate but still connected it to the road to the Industrial sites the traffic was pretty horrendous on the single lane road so we had to upgrade the road to a 4-lane to help try and alleviate some of the issues which, as you can see below kind of helped though the intersection just out of the picture is still al little bit jammed up'


Now with that problem solved the traffic issues turned into some sort of frustratingly large Whack-A-Mole and we ended up with nightmare here which is even more of a issue than the last one.


Now given that this leads to a rather large part of the cities industry (Riverside Forestry Area) stagnated traffic flow would be a big issue indeed so we had to sort this out. As usch we decided to upgrade the roads through the area too try and handle the traffic better, which led to this.


How? Why? What is this?

How did this create more traffic issues?

About this time, it appeared the Whack-A-Mole decided to get a bit more difficult as this then also popped up.


For the love of God, why me.

Anyway screw it lets try and sort out the Riverside issue first. Well desperate times call for desperate measures so here's our solution to the problem (well at least for now). Basically we took the Nielton Interchange that existed at the other end of the Riverside Forestry Estate and added a couple of slip lanes to it to try and help with the traffic by giving it another way in. Doesn't exactly look pretty but it does do the job (the traffic is from the last image you saw. Yes it is that bad).


So that's two out of three traffic issues worked out for now. Don't worry though we do have a plan for trying to sort out the huge mess that is the Nielton exit roundabout but at the moment we don't really have much in the way of city funds. Mainly thanks to the fact that a rapidly growing city brings more than one issue, this time in the form of trash and power.

May I therefore present the lovely Riverside Incinerators and Presnton Powerplant both of which are greatly needed by the city (though definitely not in a environmental or beautification sense, that's for sure). Still seeing as we mine coal in Prenston Mines, there both pretty cheap sources of energy (and the incinerators are slowly getting rid of the landfills as well as a bonus).



Anyway as I said that's all we have time and money for today. It's now time for us to sit back and try and make some money while deciding on a way to solve the remaining traffic issues in our city which has apparently grown again.


And we now have the option to expand again meaning we can spread the problems out even more (this is entirely likely as I'll probably forget about the traffic and get signature happy with planning proposals in the new area (OOC: I get distracted easily lol))

Anyway, let's hope I can make the next entry a bit more positive and less of this road to nowhere nonsense.

Till then

Crown Prince James

(OOC: See kid's this is why when you have a plan it's best to stick to it and not get carried away expanding. This was not what I intended for part 3 at all lol. I assumed we'd everything back on track by this point.

Boy did the game prove me wrong!)




Kim Sunwoo: Not to my knowledge, pretty sure I would have to sign a form to build a Palm Island or something, apparently their just shipping goods out of a metric tonne of factories.

Mymyjp: Hmmm the LUT didn't seem to be the issue as the loading times have dropped significantly with that mode still installed. Dunno what the issue was to be honest but it's solved now so we'll just forget about it lol.

Yay private club!

Entry 6: Crisis Management Part 2: Hey it worked!

Right then lets see. Prenston is,let face it, screwed b ut don't worry we have a plan (or rather I have a plan everyone else doesn't seem that keen on it for some reason).

What plan is that I hear you ask (probably while grimacing and not really wanting to hear the answer.)

This plan!


Yup, your seeing it correctly. Basically I've decided we need to move the entire residential area of Prenston to the area on the opposite side of the river to Riverside. A slightly crazy and drastic idea admittedly but we have bit of money to afford it and we cant afford to keep losing people and my tax money so desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Anyway despite having a bit of money saved we still had to cut costs in some areas such as this new T-junction interchange where we couldn't afford anything more expensive than a one way two lane road leading to the new settlement Nielton.


Anyway with the new road built people started moving from Prenston to Nielton meaning we could move onto another issue that had popped up in Gabtoria. Apparently some developers had decided to develop over some of the parks in the area (OOC: side affect of removing all my asset downloads lol). Anyway thanks to this, this happened.


God dammit can't something just go right for once. Predictably this had knock on effects such as a large swathe of industry going out of business thanks to a loss of skilled workers but oh well Nielton was going strong so it was all good. Plus more people wanted commercial anyway as you can see by Nieltons commercial strip here.


So yer, apparently I think it's safe to say that my plan worked rather well seeing as this happened shortly after Nileton was built.


Yay success and with this comes the decision to expand the are around Nielton with these high tech expansion plans.


Anyway with this we continued to expand. As you can see in the final image below we decided to move people back into the area near Preston Mines. Just like before however they started to get sick. Actually listening tot he residents and reading the letters very quickly revealed that they were suffering from dirty water (OOC: I learnt how to read a tooltip lol).

As such we replaced the water source and disconnected it from Preston Mines.

Which worked!

Which also means we probably only needed to do this to have solved the problem in Preston Grove in the first place.

SON OF A.....!

Oh well, whilst I try and find Harry so I can bang his head against a wall or something here's a overview of the area so far. From left to right you have Gabtoria and Riverside Conurbation, Nielton and then the new Preston Grove.


Join us next time for part 3 of the who recovery thing where hopefully, I won't have killed Harry.

Crown prince James

(OOC: So yep, it turned out after having moved all the residential population from Preston to Nielton all I had to do was seperate the water source in the original Preston Grove. Oh well live and learn and all that.)




Mymyjp: Thanks and yes the death at the school was pretty bad lol. As for the whole tutorial thing you may not feel that way after this entry lol


Kim Sunwoo: Lol buy the game don't even think about unfollowing me lolz


ggianfra: Thanks, glad you like it!

Entry 5: Crisis Management Part 1: Oh Dear God!

(OOC: This entry may seem a bit weird in places but bear with me and I'll explain everything at the end)

Right everyone James here. For reasons that will soon become clear I've decided to take charge of things from the muppet that you guys have been hearing from up until now.

Why you all ask?

Well let's just say the we've had a rather major issue come up here in Gabtoria. Also this time I'm not even exaggerating.

Anyway, carrying on from last time we've got a picture of the continued growth of the area around Gabtoria point. This growth now means that Riverside is now a part of Gabtoria Point as continued spread has bought the two settlements together.


As you can also see in the above image, we changed the rather odd highway stub to a roundabout which is (apparently) safer and everything (I still liked my old stub but hey). I may have to admit though that it looks better.

And then things continued to get better with a town upgrade as you can see below.



And then things took a rather severe nose dive. Take a look at this picture below.


Yup that's a severe garbage problem right there. You see my esteemed assistant had a little while decided to empty the full dumps into the other dumps that were a bit further out of town. Sounds like a good idea right?

Well it would have been had he remembered to give them the memo to start working again when they'd finished emptying. Instead they emptied into the other dumps, filling them up and then just sat there not working themselves leading to this.

However this was quite easily recoverable once I'd got back from my important diplomatic meetings and ordered the dumps turn back on again. What happened next wasn't so recoverable.

Take a a look at this picture below.


Sure there's some smoke belching factories in the background but overall it looks like everything is ok right?

Wrong, very wrong.

Firstly this road started to be a issue. The dirt tracks couldn't handle all the lorries (especially when wet) and traffic was at a standstill but a simple road upgrade, although costly, fixed the issue.


Secondly and definitely more importantly, while this issue was being resolved my assistant had been burying other issues that were arising including this one.


Oh dear god.......

As you can imagine this wasn't the best thing to ignore (Dammit Harry!). You see, the pollution generated by the factories and the coal power plant hadn't exactly been too kind to the people of Prenston Grove. The complaints from the doctors in the area were rather unwisely being ignored by my wonderful assistant which meant they went from bad to worse and fairly quickly.

So much so that eventually the doctors in the area shut down their clinics due to overworking and stress thanks to the huge amount of patients they were having to see (OOC: See below for more on this).

This then resulted in a rapid decrease of population in the Preston area and due to this, a rapid decrease of tax income so much so that the bottom line currently looks like this. (OOC: Again see below for details on this)


Yes, as you can see the city really isn't in that good a state. Prenston is slowly emptying and although it hasn't hit the industry that much yet if we keep losing population like this its definitely going too.

Luckily we have a contingency plan in place but you'll have to wait till next time to see if that actually has the desired affect that we want it too (mainly due to us not having the faintest idea if its going to work or not).

Till we hopefully have some better news.

(Crown Prince) James

(OOC: Right time for a explanation as to what the hell has gone on in the city since you've last seen it.

Well basically somehow or somewhere a mod or asset(s) I installed had somehow slowed the loading of my game down to a crawl. So much so that it would hang up half way through loading and would just freeze for like 2 or 3 minutes and if I tried to click anywhere it would freeze and crash the game.

As you can probably guess this was a bit annoying so, after verifying all the files in steam and still not solving the problem I did a clean reinstall of the game, clearing all the assets and mods.

Unfortunately I didn't really think this through very well as when I then loaded up the game, a ;arge number of buildings had disappear including all the medical facilities that were located in Prenston which, as you can see in the above entry, had some rather bad side affects. Taking into account that a number of custom houses I had installed we also lost a large portion of the population and this is why, were now in this siutation.

But don't worry, we'll sort it out, maybe, ok there's a slight chance our idea will work so lets just cross our fingers.)




SimWarrior: Thanks! I'm glad your enjoying the uniqueness and small scale of the CJ. Hope you will continue to enjoy it as the towns grow.

Entry 4: It's all mines!

Right I'm back and am happy to say that this happened pretty much immediately after we left off from last time.


Which you guessed it, means we can actually try and fix that bodged highway interchange that we managed to screw up last time!

Right let's get to it!


Excellent this will work well.

Wait what do you mean a traffic planning official has deemed it dangerous?

We have to redo it?

Couldn't he have mentioned this before we built the damn thing


Several more months later and we then have this.


Does this roundabout suit you better?


Thanks god for that.

Right anyway next up we have some more industrial expansion courtesy of our citizens complaining about a lack of jobs.

(OOC: blame Neilsc007 for the boatload of interchange images, he kept telling me my interchanges were too dangerous.)


Though we do now seem to have a slight issue with providing jobs to our people, in our power plant running out of coal (OOC: At least I'm pretty sure this happened) for a little while which as you can imagine is a bit of a issue. Apparently they were having a bit of a problem receiving the coal imports from Norway.

Now luckily out prospectors (eg some kids playing around with a spade) have found deposits of the black gold further up the highway so were gonna set up a mining operation there.

First however, we had a little bit of a more sombre issue to deal with in the form of our first death.


Yes it's in a school (OOC: dammit Colossal Order that's pretty morbid of you lol).

Apparently they wont move the body until we have somewhere to bury it either which is a bit of a issue given that it's in a Primary School and all.

Anyway we have this lovely place where we could fit the needed chapel and graveyard located in this nice new neighbourhood of Gabtoria Point.


Excellent, now that's taken care of lets get back to our coal problem. Where are we?


We have to re do the interchange again?

Oh for the love of god why did no one think of making the interchange accessible from both incoming and outgoing traffic in the first place.

Oh well, several more months of headaches and several tonnes of Superglue and we have the final design for the interchange done.

Seriously I'm not changing this thing again alright?


Right with that done we could now begin our mining operations. Several years later and this is what the small mining town of Prenston Mines looks like. Quite probably the most uninviting place to live for several hundred miles but hey its all good. You might notice we also had to construct another coal power plant in the area,. We also plan on moving the other power plants here eventually but were kind of broke at the moment and we owe Norway a fair bit of money again so that'll have to wait. Anyway here's the current state of Prenston Mines.


And that's all for now. As usual though we'll leave you with this perfect example of class divi.. I mean the overview of our growing towns, from left to right the nice pleasant neighbourhood of Gabtoria Point with its shopping and suburbs and also a new roundabout interchange coming off the end of the highway which is frankly a lot safer and looks a lot better, Riverside which is slowly cleaning itself up but still has a rather working class feel to it thanks to the industry present and then Prenston Mines which you should probably avoid if you can help it.


Anyway till next time.

Harry Blogs

(OOC: You may also have noticed that I accidentally changed my filter at some point between the entry 2 and half way through this one but don't worry, we've got he drab filter back!)




Mymyjp: Hmm sell the prince you say? No must not do it, hes a good chap if a bit idiotic really lol. Glad you like hamlet and are looking forward to its growth, speaking of which here you go.

KimSunwoo: Than ks and yes they do seem to like to complain all the time lol. Seems this filter is here to stay as people seem to like it quite a lot.

Entry 3: You did what!?

OOC: Just a quick word before we start this entry regarding how I'm playing the game.

Basically I'm not using and money cheats and playing the game on Hard mode. I do have a number of mods installed though and are adding more as they're released. None of these however are in any way cheats, so far just being a camera mod and the unlock all 25 tiles mod.

So anyway I'm back with some more growth to report form our lovely (bit of a strong word bute'll get there I'm sure) town. Starting off where we left off though we get to see that people have have suddenly decided that sickness is a thing as this occurred.


This would have been a perfect time for our prince to actually try and help out but he'd just left again on another diplomatic visit, this time to Copenhagen so again I was left to sort out the mess ( so much for never leaving the Princes side what with being his Aide and all, I think workload donkey would be more suitable as a job title)

Anyway with health being a rather big factor in, well living, I quickly had a clinic built to try and contain the issue before we became a ghost town.


Well it solved one problem at least. Anyway as I was trying to come up with a solution to the rolling blackouts I received a e-mail from our prince with some good news.


Looks like were growing again which is just what our power supply is doing as well as I've just commissioned a new Coal power plant. Windmills are great and all but they don't really do that much in the way of providing energy and I mean we have a industrial sector pumping out pollution anyway so a power plant isn't going to hurt too much.

Or so I thought.

You see at this point our lovely prince returned and declared that the town would follow a forestry approach to industry. Brilliant. And your demolishing all the factories to make way from the new businesses.

Ah then the power plant may stick out a bit.

Oh well I'm sure the surrounding forestry plots will suck up some of the pollution. Anyway here's the redeveloping industry with the power plant in the back and lovely rolling hills without wind turbines.


Also apparently the prince has decided that we need to start a new village at the end of the highway that actually uses that stub (as this actually makes sense you see). Anyway this is the are we mean.

(OOC: Finally I get to stop the game trolling me and get the tile I wanted in the first place.)


First though, before the prince gets carried away with building a new town at the end of the spit of land we've got some slight crime issues in the newly named town of Riverside. Also judging by the fires that have just started getting a bit bigger than your neighbour with a bucket can deal with, the crimes may be arson related.



Oh and the other issue is we don't really have any money left as the prince just spent it building a road to the end of the spit. Luckily the Norwegians were happy to lend us some money at a extortionate interest rate. Oh well beggars can't be chooser's and we need some police and fire fast.

Anyway with these issues being taken care of thanks to the money influx we had a little traffic issue to sort out. Basically while cars could get from the newly developing Gabtoria Point (the area at the end of the spit) to Riverside (where all the industry and therefore most of the jobs are) they couldn't get back.

This was the solution......


Oh dear god something went horribly wrong here. Should really not have left the prince to design this. Where do we start in explaining the cock ups.

Right upgrading the exit road to a actual road makes sense seeing as the traffic is going to only increase over time I suppose. As for the whole bottleneck on the incoming highway, that was a major mess up. Basically someone got the wrong post it note and started demolishing the highway (OOC: I misclicked while trying to delete a mess up overpass lol).

Fortunately someone stopped them in time before they demolished loads of the road.

Unfortunately we haven't yet got the resources to replace the stretch of highway (OOC: My town isn't a high enough level lol) so we had to make do with a two lane one way road.

Rather luckily however, this causes traffic to slow down so that the hairpin exit lane that was accidentally created on that side of the road by the prince forgetting to tell the workers to make it one way, isn't a dangerous. Needless to say sorting this out is going to be a headache but oh well, at least some good news came in the form of a further grant from UK (for the prince being a good boy and staying away and all) which meant we could at least pay the Norwegians back and try and plan on how to sort out this before we end up with a huge accident.

Right anyway that's all I've got for this entry so let's finish up with a overview of the whole growing town(s) so far.


Right, hope you'll all join us again next time.

Harry Blogs (you know the drill by now)

OOC: Bit of a bigger entry here as quite a lot of things happened fairly fast. Hope you enjoyed watching me screw up the interchange lol



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