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Well, Phatafornia has increased the number of cities from three to six. Head and the other two heads of state had a meeting. They decided that each of the three county seeds will provide water and power for their county, and collect the garbage. They thought that would be very neighborly. The city Hey Hey has to very important places of interest. These would be “The Tunnel of Love”, and “Lover’s Lane.” The three county seeds have a house for the mayor, and sheriff. Phatamento also has a house for the governor. Phatifornia has three universities, with nine campuses. There also are elementary and high schools. There are a few private schools. There are libraries and museums. There are passenger and freight rail stations. The first newspaper came out. Head is so impressed with the increase of the population that everyone joined in a group prayer to thank God for such a bounty of people grace and blessings. Carne walks the beach with some of his close feline friends. They talked and went fishing. Pillsbury enjoyed embarking on a tree planting journey. As the story continues you will get to say where the story goes from here.


So after I start playing a city I play it till in game year 10 in honor of the census. Phatamento is the only that I didn’t do that because I wanted to be able to place nuclear power plants. That will be the only reason a city is played pass the target year.


With each new page and more cities check out the state information on page 1.


Today’s highlighted program is “Hanger Management” staring Lisa Candlelight.

Season 1 Episode 3 “Shirts gone wild”.

Scene:1”T’d off”

Nar:”The scene opens with Johnny looking at some T-shirts. “This looks like what I wanted.” So he walks to the cashier. Alex, “Well hey Johnny find everything you were looking for?” Johnny, “ I believe so.” Then the shirt grew a face and said, “What if I don’t want to go with him. I want to stay here. Willie was going to tell me a great joke and I don’t plan on missing it.” Alex, “Hey Willie, could you come here.” Willie walks out from the store room and says, “What? “ Alex, “This shirt said you were going to tell it a great joke, well spill it.” Willie, “Three garden gnomes go to the zoo and walk over to the llamas. Then one of the llamas says, “I’m counting goats because I can’t sleep.” The T-shirt says, “LOL. That’s the best llama joke I’ve ever heard.


Focus City

Karp City, mayor Mr. Bob Karp married 12 years to Tammy. It has a population of 92K with 14K commercial and 35K industrial. The primary is Human/Cyborg. This city has Karp Lake.


Phatamento, Casa Quesadilla, Pillsbury Town, Karp City, Wood Vill, Year Hear, Phatidious, Hey Hey, and Fletcher City


The first Phatathon. October 11th 1850. There are 4 classes and 3 stages. Stage and class1 is walking 1/2 a mile. Stage and class2 is running 3/4th of a mile. Stage and class3 is cycling 1 mile. Class4 is competing in stages 1, 2, abd 3. Bob Smoken won class1, Sally Climb won class2, Ted Smith won class3, and Zack Miles won class4.





[1] [2] [7] [13] [19]

[71] [72] [73] [76] [80] [83] [85] [91]

[231] [237] [242]

1 number

3 numbers

2 numbers

Reply to vote.

This is where you get to choose which cities are established next.

Polls close at noon Arizona time 12/12/2012 [next tuesday]

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