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New SorGun

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Replies to Name That Fort

nedal2001: I guess I'll go first - I'll say Fort Green Hope - the area is so green and the feel is so positive. Especially after the war, people would have been looking for that.

Thanks for contributing – I like the way you were going with this, and I’m going to put that name in the ‘future names’ folder :)

Blunder: Fort Sunset.

The nation has expanded to meet the shores of the pacific, and standing here on the western edge of the world the nation's self proclaimed destiny is finally manifest. Time to grow.

Well said, and congratulations, the Army has selected Fort Sunset.

dubaidude303: Look's great! How about Fort Timberwood?, think it sounds cool lol

A strong and sturdy name indeed – The Army will consider the name for future installations.

Evillions: Fort Chamberlain? Its named after Colonel Chamberlain's leadership in the Battle of Little Round Top (Battle of Gettysburg).

That is an excellent suggestion, and he was an amazing individual. The Army decided to go with a slightly less controversial name, considering the nation is still struggling to reunite after such a bloody conflict.

Ggamgus: This is frigging beautiful!

Thank you.

Robertmccoy: Great Work! Good to see what an imagination can create when put to work. A+

Thanks – SC4 is a perfect medium for the creative folks in this community.

Schulmanator: Camp Levieux... on the opposite coast from Camp Lejeune...

Aaaaah – very clever… I like the whole new vs. old angle. You have very creative mind Schulmanator… very creative indeed.

Jacob Guajardo: Nise Fort.

Thank you – Pegasus deserves all the credit for that though.

westy177: This takes me back to when I could play empire total war. How about The Eternal Fort not really relevant name for a 19th century american fort, im just obsessed with Roman history lol

Roman history is very fascinating. I’ve always wondered what it was really like to be alive back then – I’m sure it would be far different than any Hollywood impression.

AcaCZV: Fort Firewood

LOL – well, we all know gunpowder and dry wood do not mix…

Hahei: How about Fort Sunter? The 'sun' part of it represents a rising sun, having awoken from the dark night of the civil war, and looking out at the wide Pacific, full of hope and opportunity.

Very clever and great description – although the Army tells me they do not want to revisit the early days of the Civil War just yet, and that name is just too similar.

NMUSpidey: West Point. Oh, that's taken? Well then, Fort Wild Coast, because the area is still being settled and is still quite, well, wild. Also, word has it that at times, those stationed in the fort have a tendency towards occasional lawlessness, giving the Fort's official name a clever double entendre.

Unfortunately the Army would not like to encourage soldiers toward that type of behavior – but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make an interesting storyline…

Jephonesewarrior: ‘Evillions said: Fort Chamberlain? Its named after Colonel Chamberlain's leadership in the Battle of Little Round Top (Battle of Gettysburg).’

I Loved That MOvie!!!

Gettysburg is a great movie.

Replies to A Blacksmith in Porthaven

Ggamgus: Dang that Lincoln and his Republicans!! Great work.

Thanks – The problem with a corrupt government is it doesn’t always stay corrupt in your favor.

Kinderly: I always love seeing the growth of a city from its starting point. Great work!

Thanks – I too enjoy CJ’s with a natural growth story.

Mithrik: Great work, just like always, I see you took the time to detail more the shoreline of the creek too. I think Porthaven is becoming too dependent on that sawmill, if the logging industry goes kaput, then I assume they will end up in serious trouble. Anyways, we can never know what will have.

You are very correct… a bust in the logging industry would spell disaster for Porthaven at this point.

Blunder: Sweet, my name submission got picked! Thanks <checks the illium link> Man, i need to go check out the CJ section of the forum more often.

Yep, Illium has it all – great story, great SC4 images. Two thumbs up from me.

Hazani Pratama: Very Amazing!

Thank you.

nedal2001: Man what an entry! All the pictures are simply amazing, but the one with the overview of town showing how it has changed over the years simply blew me away. Business seems to be picking up in the center of town - I wonder what is going to spur on the next wave of immigrants to SorGun?

I enjoy making those .gif images, so they will continue to show up in future updates. Immigration will play an important part in SorGun, just as it did across the entire western US.

IL.: Very nice, I enjoyed the story and views

Thanks for you comment.

mystic_destiny: -------------- Sorry I just fainted...

Hopefully you were sitting down J


That was (wait for it)...





Sensational. Seriously, your skills with the ploppable flora are such that only a very select few of Simtropolis' finest are in the same league. Another amazing entry, and I'm pretty happy with the name Fort Sunset. It makes a lot of geographical sense, too!

I wonder how Barney Stinson would have survived had be been alive in New SorGun… And that is a very kind comment regarding MMPs – thank you.

MilitantRadical: Love those gifs where you show the expansion of your town, really good stuff SimCoug.

Thanks Militant, I enjoy making those.

dubaidude303: WOW!!! This is amazing!! Great work!

Thank you!

Ricky112233: First comment on this CJ--Love it! Absolutely love it! It looks soo real and lifelike. You, have caught my attention, and I will continue following this CJ! Good Job!


Thanks, glad to have you aboard.

KHRYSTOF: beautiful screems thank you

Thank you.

Hammysonata: Oh, so incredible! You have such a mastery over the mechanics of the game and graphics. I also love how you're intertwined history with your city journal.

Thanks Hammysonata – The history of the region is a story I enjoy telling.

Woodnava: i'm so like u do this! pictrue ''.gif'


hotChocolate: "0 views"?! How can something this amazing have 0 views?!

Well, I know you had a look, so that’s ‘1’ view in my book J

StephenPullen: Cute

Thanks. I don’t know if that’s exactly what the lumberjacks were going for…

Harbin91: Sometimes I look at some city journals and think, no way can something this awesome be created in a dated Sim City 4.

I think that all the time – we definitely owe a debt of gratitude to the generous BATers who have kept this game alive all these years.

Hamaccabi: how could you do that??? Im new at simcity 4... and how can u make all that???

Well, the short answer is… I didn’t. I just searched the different SC4 sites for custom BATs and went from there. The long answer might take a while…

Grstudios: Great job! A great collection of your fist work. May porthaven grow, and rise to a great city some day! Have a nice day

Thanks Guy!

ThomasSimpson: What a truly stunning piece of art. It's practically real, I can't believe you made that with the humble game Maxis gave to us.

As I mentioned before – I merely used what all the generous BATers have shared with us. But you are correct – I’m sure Maxis never envisioned their game could be taken to level that it has. Modding may not be profitable, but it sure does bring a community together.

Whew... After all those words you deserve a picture :)

Now, a little preview of what's to come...

It's 1870! A new decade! And that means... Census time. We'll travel the entire region and get caught up on all the stories, characters and developments. Stay tuned!



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