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Celeste | Victoria's March




Update 76

grstudios:Thanks again, and no worries. I often mix SPAM and non-SPAM, depending on what kind of city I'm building. It's hard to grow stuff that isn't SPAM when you have it in your plugins though.

MilitantRadical, 10000000000, Hazani Pratama, kakado_to_save, lew1984: Thank you!

Update 77

TowerDude: I love Glass'n'Steel too!

Evillions: You have the Day'n'Nite Mod to thank for the lighting, and I think I will do a daytime overview next time we're in Aziens.

elavary, Hazani Pratama, grstudios, kakado_to_save, 100000000000: Thank you!


emperordaniel: Thank you!

MarkusJ: Thanks very much for the comment, and yes it did take a fair while but the result is what I desired.

Vivapanda: Thanks, I'm glad you liked that one.

rewright: Thank you!

sim_link: Glowing at night is exactly what that was going for.

So this interlude seems to be taking a bit longer than I expected, as I've been on holiday and busy building motorways and Celeste. But don't despair, as our Lessito journey will be returning shortly.

Today we're visiting the north of Celeste, the opposite end of the city to Aziens. Vittoria is one of the three initial districts of the capital that I built in the previous incarnation of Celeste, and now it's been made bigger, better and 100% more functional than before. Here is its smaller station, Stazione di Alberto, pictured during the late evening. It's a busy little station, with many commuter trains from Vittoria, Celeste and Calora thundering past throughout the night.


Vittoria is the northernmost district of Celeste's metropolitan area, and was one of few parts of the city not to be adversely affected by the colonisation of Cattala in the 19th century. The British governor relocated the capital to Calora Harbour, then the main port of trade with the Empire. Much of Celeste fell into disrepair as the monarchy was pushed aside and wealth moved to Jennai and Calora.


It benefited from becoming a major station on the new railway line between the two main economic cities and saw substantial development as wealthy Caloran merchants and businessmen left the crowded city and wanted a quieter life in the country or the comforts of home in the Shires. Vittoria, named after the reigning Queen, boomed.


As more and more people moved in to the new town, it drew in the Celestinian, British and Caloran middle classes and caused a further depopulation of the derelict royal city and became a sprawling settlement around the railway line. In its own right, Vittoria rapidly became independent from Celeste.


In recent times, Vittoria has continued to serve as a commuter town for both Calora and the reinvigorated Celeste. As the old city expanded northwards, it was swallowed back into the capital and benefits from the faster and more frequent railway services to all three of the country's main cities. Since the 1980s, many offices have been created in Alberto Business Park, named after Victoria's consort. With easy access to the economic centres and cheaper rent Vittoria has appealed to many companies, including DHL's Cattala offices.


Corona-Sesta was developed in the post-war years, as part of a new residential boom as Cattala adjusted to life after occupation and the emergency government tried to encourage economic growth. Located in the east of the town, it benefited from the construction of the M2 motorway a few minutes drive away and its expansion in 1990.


Vittoria continues to grow even today. Suburban development and the large number of affluent city-dwellers that move to a quieter life ensures a steady stream of new residents to the town and one of the recent waves led to the creation of Meandrati, an estate that resembles more Americanised desires of modern buyers.


One of the older areas of the town is the Borough of Hannover, named after the royal house that Victoria heralded from, with a minor change in the spelling. Hannover is the wealthiest district in Vittoria and is home to Hannover Park, a controversial regeneration project that led to the demolition of a number of old buildings and replacing them with what locals described as "blue boxes". A wider redevelopment of Hannover was stopped in the Supreme Court when the local elite joined with the province's millionaires in demanding an end to the Park plan and forced developers to back down in a landmark ruling.


I hope you enjoyed learning about Vittoria's past and present and I leave you with a Hall-to-Market mosaic stretching across the town. Thank you for visiting Cattala.



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Thomas, this is just plain gorgeous. You've completely outdone yourself! It looks very well organized and serene. I like the variety of content, houses, townhomes, food markets, rails, canals, farms, and even a maze out of hedges! Great work with the description too!

I think this is too good to rate :blush:

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Apologies for the downtime that all of my updates are now experiencing. Cattala is published on five websites all at once and, with it being featured here on Simtropolis, it has overloaded Dropbox and they have now disabled all public links from my account.

I have moved the images for this update onto other servers, but obviously this is only a temporary fix. Apologies again. [i]Thomas[/i]

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