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Populus, Liberation



In the last entry Populus got invaded and captured by the Socialist Republic Of Kardakia.

Populus, Liberation

The Resistance

As seen in the last CJ entry the Noorderwijk Militairy base went Guerilla against the Occupying Kardakian Forces and formed the Resistance or as they call themselves the PFM "The Populusian Freedom Movement" the PFM first led some loses against the Kardakians due to the old and outdated equipment of the PFM. Their only advance was that they knew their territory of operations with all its ups and downs. But this led to some major "victory's" for example on 21 of June 2012 2 squads of the PFM attacked an tiny army outpost near Noma in Eastern-Populus where they stole 4 Tanks and some Trucks with Weapons and Ammo


The Noma Raid (Kardakians are the grey ones and the PFM Forces are the Blue ones)

After the Noma Raid The PFM became a great danger in the region and many families fled to New Rome were they waited till everything would return back to normal. On the 22th of June just 1 day after the Noma Raid, the PFM camp at Riverside Wood received an American and Schellings Radio signal with the coded message that an Intervention will start within 24 hours

The Liberation

In the early noon of the 23th of june a Medium NATO force landed on the beaches of Northern and North-East Populus.

the only NATO Countries who participated in this attack was the United States (the Marine Corps) and Bundesrepublik Schellingen (Marines and Airforce)

The USMC landed near Hoofddorp were they searched the area for PFM forces and Kardakian Outposts they were ordered to move west after they searched the area to make a sack around the City of Noorderwijk were there is a high concentration of Kardakian Forces.


From left to right The USS Harper, USS Peace, USS Odessa,


The USMC landing forces (these are the first squads sent to search the Hoofddorp Area for PFM Forces and Kardakians.


After the PFM forces and the USMC Squads met up they joint attacked an Medium Sized Forest Camp from the Kardakians (USMC = Green, PFM = Blue, Kardakians = Grey)

The Schellingan Bundesmarine Landed just West of Noorderwijk and also searched the Area for Kardakians and PFM forces and then moved south to participate with the USMC in the sack around Noorderwijk.


From up till down the BMS Jutan, BMS Nagaskien, BMS Suessensee and the BMS Souveraen

In the night between the 22nd of June and the 23th of June just after the coded message was sent out, a large amount of Tomahawk Ballistic Missiles were fired of Various Points on the Bundesrepublik Schellingen Coast and of the USS Peace, BMS Jutan and BMS Suessensee. Some people on Populus guessed that these "Mysterious Light Beams" were Aliens, Holy Lights from God to remove the Kardakians from Populus or Nuclear Missiles. Only the PFM knew these were Ballistic Non-Nuclear Missiles.


Holy Light or end of the world?

On the 25th of June the Kardakian Forces in Noorderwijk Surrendered and 2 days later all the Kardakian Forces surrendered due to Supply problems in Kardakia (after the Invasion all trade was stopped between other countries and Kardakia was soon not far from starvation.

Populus was liberated after nearly 2 weeks in "barbarian" hands

When the American Marines, Schellingan Marines and Populusian Freedom Movement forces marched into New Rome they were seen as heroes due to the horror's the Kardakians did to the city. Long festivities and parades were very regular after the 25th and a new day Heroes Day was placed on the 25th of June.

Luckily no Skyscrapers or High buildings were hit during the war because otherwise the death toll of 2354 would be raised over 10000 due to the slow evacuations after an attack.

So now the country is liberated everything can return to normal.

Cya Guys Soon


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