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Hooked on Classics

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Hooked on Classics

In which we become a wonderful people.

Welcome back. When we last left off we had discovered that we were playing on a Pangea map against Korea, Germany, and Japan. The Great Library was underway, and we had resolved to start expanding our military. We had also expanded our empire a little, founding the second city of "Exchange".


Hi, Stockholm! Don't mind me, I'm just going exploring.


We're at zero happiness right now, and Simtropolis will be growing next turn. Looks like we'll be unhappy for a while. So, the next order of business over here is getting those gems hooked up. That'll give us a bit of a production boost too, from the mine, along with the 60 production from chopping down the forest.


Yep. We've gone into negative happiness. However, we've got ourselves a policy to choose! More production is always good, so let's make ourselves into the Republic of Polynesia.


I know that ship can't do anything, but bombarding it is far too fun to pass up. Bye bye!


Ooh, more barbarians. Such a pity the experience gained from killing them caps out at 30. Ah well, at least I get gold for raiding their camps.


Ta da! One free tech and a free library. Let's grab Philosophy.

The thing about Philosophy is that it's not an Ancient Era tech. Which means...


"Proud is the spirit of Zeus-fostered kings - their honor comes from Zeus, and Zeus, god of counsel, loves them."

Pretty classy. We're ahead of the other Civs, era-wise, and probably out-teching them by now too. The Classical Era unlocks the Piety policy tree, but I don't think I'll be going for that. I'll just fill out some more of Liberty next time a policy choice comes up.

I also finished The Wheel, which is pretty cool. I can now build roads between my cities and gain a little gold from those (minus road upkeep. Probably not worth it at this stage).


Hmm. That's not good. Better kill them off before they do any damage.


Oops. Now that wasn't supposed to happen.

I killed the one on the hill, then moved back down on the next turn. The barbarians came out of the camp to finish me off. I haven't seen that happen very often.


Huzzah, another military unit! Of course, now I don't have any melee units with which to take cities, so our conquest of Korea will have to wait a little more. While it's on hold, I think it's prime time we started another city! There's a nice spot behind the minimap next to a river, some horses, and some bananas. Plus it allows me to neatly cut across the thin point of the continent. With a few border expansions, no-one's getting through without my say-so, unless they sail around.


And here's my uber-archer, the one which used to be a scout. He's circumnavigated the world now. The only thing that irritates me a little is the fact that eventually he's going to have to upgrade to a melee unit and lose all his ranged promotions.


Ah. I think we're going to need more men if we want to remove Korea from the game. Well, should be a bit easier now that we have three cities. More production means I can get more men out faster!


Oh? I thought I had gotten rid of this camp at one point (offscreen, with an archer). Guess it just respawned in the same spot. Still, I'm not particularly happy with the fact it's there. Looks like I'm going to give one of my archers some more experience!


And there's our third city. Since the city is pretty much smack-bang on the equator of this world, we've named it Tropico. And that's not just because I couldn't think of another ST-related word off the top of my head.


Turn 150! Thanks for the heads-up, Pliny! Looks like I've definitely got my work cut out for me if I'm to have enough military might to even defend myself properly.

The Republic of Polynesia, Turn 150 (2000 BC)


Expanding outwards and pumping out some guys. We'll be rolling across the Korean fields in no time.

The state of the world, Turn 150 (2000 BC)


And the demographic state of the world. We're the leaders in a few good fields. We're also not as far behind in military as I thought - just 6,000 behind Japan, the world's leader. Perhaps our low score on the list was because we have a primarily archer army. That'll change soon enough.

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