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The Next 50 Turns

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The Next 50 Turns

In which we explore and expand a little.

Welcome back to another 50 turns of Civilization V. We're playing as Polynesia, and right now are trying to meet the other two civilizations on our map. We're either playing on a continents map or Pangaea map. We'll discover which it is in this set of turns.

So, just a few turns after loading up again we're greeted by this fellow:


Aww, how nice of you to say that! I'll kill you last.

So, two down, one to go. We've got Korea and Japan, what are the odds the last one will be China? We're still looking around with our scout when we run across another ancient ruin! I hope it's a good one this time.


But before we can find out, we discover the last civilization on the map!

It's not China (the odds were 21:1, by the way).


Hello, Bismark. You didn't praise me enough. I'll take you over before Japan. So, Korea, Japan, and Germany, and me as Polynesia.

Back to the ruins. Let's find out what we get, hmm? Oh, there's where the Germans were. Hah, no goodies for you!


Woohoo! Military upgrade on the scout. Not quite as good as a free tech, but it does mean I can keep the awesome terrain-cost-ignoring properties of a scout while being able to upgrade the unit properly. If all goes well I could end up with a mechanized infantry that can go everywhere at maximum speed.

I'd like an upgrade paths for scout in Gods and Kings. It doesn't seem likely though. Right now they just sit around and be more or less useless for a while once you discover everything you need to. Usually I stick them in a city if I decide to take the Honor policy tree at some point. Otherwise, just sell them off. An attack power of 4 is next to useless against anything other than a wounded warrior or archer.

Also, we finished writing. Let's see if we can't get the Great Library built.


I always go for the Great Library. Being ahead in science helps you lead in everything else.

And soon after we discover Writing, we can choose another policy.


It was either going to be Collective Rule or the other one that gives me a worker. I'm going to want a second city soon if I wish to remain competitive, and making it easier to train settlers in the capital is going to help a lot with expansion, so Collective Rule it is. I can get a worker later. And expansion is something we're going to want to do. The game before this I tried to play with one city only. I got out-teched fast and it all went downhill from there.

Anyway, where to put a city... this looks nice, next to a river and some dyes. Rivers are always good. You get one gold per tile next to one, and once you research civil service every farm tile next to a river gives you an extra food. It also allows you to build the waterwheel and, later on, the hydroelectric dam, which are both good to have.


Guys, we're not calling any of our cities Honolulu. Hmm... what goes well with "Simtropolis"...


Ahh, much better.


Not so good. We're a tech behind everyone else. I'm not particularly worried at this moment though, we should be able to catch up quite easily. Everyone else might have just filled out the first row of techs (Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Archery, and Mining) while we went for one a little higher up (Writing). Everyone starts with Agriculture, which accounts for the fifth.


Bismarck, you know what I said about killing you before Japan? I take it back. You're a cool guy. You can be the last one I kill. Hey, I might even go for a different victory so you stay alive at the end.


We're not going to produce a worker anytime soon. May as well shell out the cash and get one now so we can improve the tiles around us a bit. Especially those horses. We may need those if we're to take Korea anytime soon.


Found Berlin.


Found Kyoto.

That's the second set of 50 turns.

The Polynesian Empire, Turn 100 (2500 BC)


It's so small and pretty.

The state of the world, Turn 100 (2500 BC)


We're going to need more soldiers if we're to take Korea. Expanding our forces is going to have to wait until next time, though. First things first, finishing up the Great Library. See you next time!

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