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Extending Wilhelstadt



I've decided to make the one large city on the region map (roughly Mitte, the center of Berlin in the real world) into a large railroad junction. For this, I'll need a lot of railroads coming into Mitte so building rail towards Mitte will occupy me for quite a while. First I want to extend the line along the river to Berlin. I started with Wilhelstadt.

First, I extended the rail and highway to the edge of the map. I planned for the next village to be on the lake in the east. The overall plan was straightforward with industrial areas on the railroad, residential away from rail and avenues, and a mix of commercial and residential inbetween. However, after the endless advisor whining for trees, I decided to conserve some more forested areas to see if it helps. The elemetary school interestingly became an environmental magnet school in between a small forest and the lake. I used some further reward buildings, including City Hall and the minor league stadium, to help buffer the industry from the rest of the town. Here's a picture of the industrial region.


I also wanted to expand the resort area to the south. I placed a bunch of beaches along the river. Because I tend to build a mix of low and medium residential but mostly medium density commercial, my demand was mostly residential, so I built most of the village as medium-density residential - a "cheap beach" to complement the nicer area to the west. Again, I tried to conserve trees. The area developed quickly, although more heavily low-income than I expected with all those beaches. Jobs are a problem and I'm going to have to work on the transit soon.


Finally, here's a pic of the developing region



Recommended Comments

It seems likes you are preaparing the roads for a dense city :D

I'd like to see more.

But you have a little problem with pollution and empty spaces in the city, maybe you can find some mods on the STEX to solve your problems :D

I'm assuming that you don't have Rush-Hour add-on right? Because you didn't use any avenues but double roads instead :D

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Don't forget about education, hospials, water, parks and etc... to improve the city, and to make wealthier buildings growing, it would be a nice idea if you build some parks in that space between the two parallel roads in the first and second pictures :D

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Yeah, the plan is to eventually have a pretty dense city. The idea is to make the city look more organic by growing it out of less dense villages and towns instead of just plopping down a supergrid. But, I know it'll drive me nuts to have to wipe everything out when I develop so I want some regions that I can just upzone and put in mass transit. Then we'll see what I do with the rest.

The open space is to keep my options open. Some of it I'll use to put in things I need later - or just fill it. Some I hope to keep to provide some textural variation on the region map - if all the regions look similar on a big flat map like Berlin it will be boring. By keeping open space in some areas and paving wall-to-wall in others I can keep some visual interest.

I'm actually leaving some "bad" stuff in deliberately to see if that's a way to avoid the excess R$$$ problem that can show up in older cities. I'm actually noticing really low demand for dirty industry already - there's enough of it in older cities I don't have to fight it very much in my new cities. I'm also really paranoid about budgets. My education is pretty good - generally elementary schools and libraries everywhere, plus city museums. I do need more parks.

The doubled streets I'm calling "avenidas" and I want to get something of the feel of a grand boulevard with them. I'm choosing them over the avenues primarily because it gives me a place to put mass transit later without knocking down buildings. That's actually something that really annoys me about SimCity - in the real world bus stops and often even subway stops are built in the streets and roads. You don't have to knock down buildings to put in a bus stop!

Originally I had a lot of commercial zoned in the avenidas hoping for a kind of street vendor feel but the buildings I get have been too big. Parks will be a good alternative, thx.

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[quote name='ZenoOfElea' timestamp='1335296295']
That's actually something that really annoys me about SimCity - in the real world bus stops and often even subway stops are built in the streets and roads. You don't have to knock down buildings to put in a bus stop! [/quote]

That's where [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/13510-road-top-mass-transit/"]Road Top Mass Transit[/url] (or RTMT for short) comes in. :D And it even has a [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/14202-berlin-mass-transit-theme/"]Berlin theme.[/url] ;)

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Can't wait to see more then :D

Btw, do you know the money cheat lots (parks that gives like 5 000 000 000 a month or something like that) I think you can use that :D

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