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Tarkusian Cities

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Chemeketa: Chemeketa Pkwy (Hwy 215)--Phase 4

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Hi everyone-

Well, I'm back again with some more Tarkusian Cities . . . at long last, we'll be finishing up the Chemeketa Parkway.

Chemeketa Parkway (Highway 215): Phase 4 (Ashcroft to Highway 15)

As we left off last time, with Phase 3B, the Chemeketa Parkway (Highway 215) had been built up to (and slightly past) Ashcroft Street NE, almost to its eventual endpoint at the West Oregon Freeway (Highway 15). Here's the map again for reference purposes:


This final segment of the highway will involve the construction of new interchanges at Rankine Lane NE and Highway 15, as well as the reconstruction of the 99th Avenue NE interchange on Highway 15 to minimize weaving conflicts.

What you're looking at here is the eventual "endpoint" of Highway 215. The existing highway there is Highway 15 (facing north).


This is at Rankine Lane NE, which will be getting an interchange (facing east).



In the interim, to help aid traffic flow in the area, the segment of Highway 215 from Ashcroft to Rankine has been built, but currently ends at Rankine with a signalized T-intersection (facing east).


Work on the overpass (facing north).


Work on the 15/215 interchange is also coming along nicely (facing north).


Ramp closures at the 99th Ave/Highway 15 interchange (facing south). It will be converted from a Diamond to a Parclo AB (Folded Diamond) as part of the project.


A majority of the work is now done on the 15/215 interchange (facing south). It's kind of a screwed-up trumpet: a flugelhorn, perhaps?


The Rankine Lane interchange has been built up as well . . . it's a SPUI, as the vicinity will be seeing quite a bit of development in the near future, and capacity is a must. The Rankine area is a fast-growing exurb of Chemeketa. (facing north)


This is one of the weirder aspects of the Highway 15/215 interchange: a "tail" ramp that connects Highway 215 up with Halpert Road NE. (facing west)

Work continues at Hwy 15/99th Ave (facing west).


The interchange has been closed off completely now--the overpass will be widened as part of the improvements (facing south).




The overpass is now open (facing south).


Another look at the "Flugelhorn Interchange" in action (facing west).


An even more zoomed out shot (facing west).


The completed Parclo conversion/widening at 99th Avenue (facing north). The change in design will give traffic coming from northbound 215 more space to merge onto mainline northbound 15.


Fast-forwarding a little, a look at some of the development that has sprung up along Rankine Lane at the interchange (facing north). We'll be taking a closer look at this area at some point in the not-too-distant future.


Well, that does it for this update, and for the Chemeketa Parkway project. We'll look at a few other little projects in the area and other developments there next time . . . I also have a new region or two that might sneak in--we'll see. ;)

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Recommended Comments

Great work - I really like the fugelhorn interchange. I just built a trumpet in one of my regions, with future possibility of running a road (like how you've done in this picture) in the future to improve flow in the area. The above design is about what I came up with, in principle. How the ramps intersecting and transitioning from elevated to ground level was (and still is) a little murky, though you've given me a few ideas. (Hopefuly you don't mind if I include a few of the design elements in my interchange in the future... :) )

Great work, always love seeing what construction you are up to! :thumb:

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Flugelhorn interchange... :lol: That's a pretty good way to put it. And I noticed your new SPUI has seen its first... fender bender.

It has been too long since I've last read your CJ, I'm really liking what I see here! Roadgeekery and upgrades :D

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Well 2 updates in quick succession nice! SPUI, Folded diamond, 'Fugelhorn' interchange this parkway has it all!

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[b]sim_link[/b]: Thanks for the compliments on the flugelhorn--I'm glad it proved useful from an idea standpoint, and by all means, borrow away! It was interesting trying to figure out just how that interchange was going to work out. :D Hope you enjoy the incoming batch of construction projects (the new update is up).

[b]Blue Lightning[/b]: Yeah, I couldn't resist calling it that. :lol: It's like a trumpet . . . but not quite. Chuck Mangione would be proud. The SPUI's been getting a pretty heavy traffic load since opening, so that's not too surprising. I don't think it's a familiarity issue, though (as its the 3rd SPUI in Chemeketa). ORDOT will have to take another look. Thanks for the kind words on the update, and I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the roadgeekery here.

[b]Aaron Graham[/b]: Thanks--glad the update was to your liking!

[b]durfsurn[/b]: Thanks--I'm glad you enjoyed the two updates. There really was quite the menagerie of interchanges, come to think of it. Hopefully, this next spurt fills your craving for construction.

[b]111222333444[/b]: Thanks for the kind words. And to answer your question, I've been experimenting with concrete textures for the elevated stuff.

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I really like how you show the progress of construction. I don't have the patience for that lol. I'm not much for suburban development though. I was curious if you had any updates with Transit. I am going to explore your CJ, being the NAM genius you are, I am sure it is riviting! :)

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[b]nycsc4[/b]: Thanks! I'm really glad you're enjoying the construction. It initially took some getting used to doing that, but I've gotten to the point where it's second nature now to stage things like that. As far as transit, Chemeketa currently has no mass transit system whatsoever, nor have any of my other cities--I've taken it on as a challenge to make my road and pedestrian facilities handle everything, usually with surprising results (esp. considering I'm only running a Medium capacity simulator). That said, at this stage of development with Chemeketa, I am considering adding something "new" along those lines. It's all still in the planning stages, however, but rest assured, when I figure it out, I'll be showing all the gory details of its origin here in Tarkusian Cities. :D

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I see, well maybe a simple streetcar line in a the Downtown area would be a good start. That's what KCMO is trying to do currently as they have zero mass transit as well (aside from shoddy bus service). I look forward to seeing it if you ever get there. I wish I could build suburban development like you do. Eventually I will have to build some but I think it will come out very poorly...I build WAY too urban. And use zero highways. Though I still do throughly enjoy building them lol.

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